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Licorice Store For Licorice Lovers People like to judge without trying. So they do with licorice. The problem is that most people judge licorice products that actually do not contain any licorice. Solution: Convincing haters to try REAL licorice before judging. Insights through mobile entertainment TimeZapp lets smartphone users answer entertaining questions in a very simple and convenient way. Users learn more about themselves and others. ZappChoice allows companies to get answers from mobile users very quickly and efficiently. Analytics and marketing for the real world Minodes offers a unique platform of in-store analytics, marketing and iBeacon services that enable retailers and location owners to maximize the potential of their offline locations. A learning platform built for everyone. At Allversity we offer free online learning materials about basic life-skills and understandings. We focus on materials about health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and rights and target these materials at young people using Community Knowledge Centers across Africa. ... As Europe excels at deep tech, we highlight 20 start-ups to watch in 2018 in the areas of AI, enterprise and SaaS technology. With the business world hurtling towards greater digitalisation, the.

Springboard offers users in-demand job skills that can support them in advancing their professional careers. Since these courses are available online, one can easily learn at any time.  Springboard is offering courses on data science, design, analytics, marketing, and security. The motto of the company is A new approach to education. Luis brings ten years of startup experience in product management, operations, strategy, and business development. Luis led 10x growth post startup acquisition by a public company. 3x entrepreneur. Mick Halsband. CTO and software architect. Two decades of key roles at startups and multinational leading tech firms

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  1. Tallinn   101-250   $91,203,107  
  2. Snap secret - Login and pay without typing text and without QR Login or pay with a snap or an image instead typing and using a code or password or QR Code payment The image is the key to everything. Remember your name and a few photos. The server gives an access token in a cloud based service back. Use the image as key ...
  3. It is a tricky task for startups to raise funding. Editor's note: Make sure to bookmark this page to follow the latest startup accelerator programs deadlines as we keep updating the list. Want to suggest a startup program? Fill in this contact form.. Luckily, there are more emerging startup initiatives in Europe that aim to promote entrepreneurship and nurture more successful company.
  4. Based on the edge of Berlin's trendy Mitte district in bright, open offices, Simplesurance is yet another InsurTech startup seeking to transform insurance. It is also eyeing the U.S. for future expansion, possibly in 2018. Simplesurance began in 2012, employs more than 150 people, and its cross-selling software operates across Europe
  5. Connecting objects has just got easier. With Nodle, you can now connect anything from home appliances, smartwatches, to air sensors, fitness trackers, etc.
  6. London   101-250   $54,000,000  

Alan is a digital health insurance platform with a focus on user experience with an excellent price-quality ratio health plan. iPad Point of Sale for Retailers MyLane provides urban logistic solutions. As eCommerce marketplace it delivers orders within 90 minutes after ordering. We bring the lifestyle of the Stars to everyones doorstep! We are LIVE with our Version 1.0 of Starify. Come and check us out on --> www.starify.de Starify brings the lifestyle of the rich and the famous to everyones doorstep. Starify offers a unique and content driven online shopping experience in the mega vertical of ... Geomarketing + CRM = "GeoCRM" is GeoCRM, which can be described as an innovative combination of Geomarketing and CRM-(plus ERP-) data. Empowering Kids Through Games | >100K downloads | http://j.mp/itoywheel Toywheel makes games and tools that empower future generations to develop creativity, curiosity and courage. Our first mobile app, Toy Car RC (free version) / Toy Drive (paid version), uses the latest augmented reality technology to enable kids aged 6+ to follow ...

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Discover the world from the photos you take. Incorporated in February 2011 with its HQ in Berlin, Germany, EyeEm is a camera application for smartphones that let's you share & discover topics, places and events from the photos you take. The founding team around Florian Meissner, Lorenz Aschoff, Gen Sadakane, ... Directly traded specialty coffee combined with direct development aid We see ourselves as a movement, as pioneers of a new form of trade. Every year we select the best coffees of the harvest and sell them mainly through our online shop to private and corporate customers. For every kilogram we sell, we invest one Euro in development ... Virtual Reality beyond games The age of Virtual Reality is here. But is it just games and visualization? In the early VR sci-fi, it was everywhere, used to communicate and for all kinds of work. In recent movies like Minority Report, Iron Man, or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it's the only UI. ProVR ... Use HIGH MOBILITY to access data from BMW, MINI and Mercedes-Benz cars through a single API. Elevate your insurance, charging or fleet management service Berlin   251-500   $467,820,688  

We produce, deliver and conversion track product videos We produce product videos for brands and etailers that help them sell more. We offer an end-to-end solution that includes the video integration in onlineshops, the lightning fast delivery over a content delivery network and performance tracking. Our integrated ...Before Snackpass, the restaurant owners were worried about the customers not collecting their orders. With Snackpass, they don’t have to fear anything. As soon as a customer places an order, the app automatically deducts money from his wallet. Simple, right?

Retail Analytics 2.0 Tracking will be the basis of all decision making in the future of retail. Billion dollar budgets will flow into the future of physical retail. 42reports data is at the center of retail decision making. We are offering the same data and analytics to traditional ... Combining Data Analytics and Mobile to accelerate sales processes. Sales teams today are overwhelmed by exploding volumes of data inside and outside their companies. Plus, customer needs become more and more demanding and complex. Customer relationship management (CRM) software, business intelligence and sales tools don’t help ...

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Movie search engine JustWatch - the movie streaming search engine JustWatch is a free movie search engine which connects movie fans with their favorite content worldwide. Search in just one place to find all the providers that are streaming the program you want to watch. You don't ... GetJob connects low tech job seekers with local SMB's. The Problem: Nowadays SMB's find it very difficult to find workers in the low tech sector. For example I used to work at restaurant and we were always looking for a new waiters, cooks and bartenders. So we posted ads on Facebook, in the local newspaper or even ...

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TransferWise is a money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges. M2M IoT Gateway and Software for remote infrastructures Founded in 2006, with corporate and European headquarter in Berlin, azeti also maintains subsidiaries in UK, South America and the Middle East. Today, more than 700 companies in 35 countries depend on azeti technology to monitor both their IT and physical infrastructures. azeti’s ...

Building companies and investing in Startups Force M creates digital values, that help people and connect globally. Force M is Online Marketing specialist Force M invests in Startups Meet like-minded people. On the road or in your city. hikewith.me is an app to make new friends, see your city with fresh eyes, and wander around a new destination with locals. We founded hikewith.me because our travel and re-location experiences have taught us that meeting like-minded people is still very hard; ... flux - the messaging client for all networks Simplify your communication. flux is the messaging client for all networks. It brings together all your contacts and messages across all your networks in one trusted place. Unified messaging, seamlessly. Easy and powerful. All messages. All contacts. All networks. ... Eliminates the need for e-mail or post. Papel eliminates the need for e-mail or post. Papel organises personal and official communications, invoice payments, service notifications and events. Papel is a decentralised service using an open source protocol that prioritises privacy Papel handles Invoice ...

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  1. The Music Network For Creative People Coomposer is an existing website, designed for music-oriented social networking. The current functionality includes artist profiles, forum-based interaction and integrated music sharing options. It has since moved out of beta-testing and built a solid community ...
  2. Techstars Corporate Partners add powerful industry expertise by offering hands-on mentorship, business development opportunities, and access to resources to help accelerate startups. Partner with Us. Video Spotlight. Founder Stories: Isaac Saldana, SendGrid - YouTube. 7.8K subscribers. Founder Stories: Isaac Saldana, SendGrid
  3. Yacht Charters & Boat Rentals Booking Engine YACHTICO.com is considered the "booking.com" for boat rental and yacht charter worldwide. Our international base of new/existing clients can find and book a boat in numerous locations throughout the world using our search engine. Continual development on the search ...
  4. London   501-1000   $407,655,000  

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G2 Esports is a world premier esports club representing some of the absolute best players from around the globe. OpenSynergy hat die Software-Plattform COQOS entwickelt. COQOS kann in Head-Units und Kombiinstrumenten, Connectivity- und Fahrerassistenz-Systemen eingesetzt werden. We're here to bring choice, simplicity and excitement to online flight booking Flyiin will build and grow an Air Travel Marketplace where leisure and unmanaged business travelers will be able to find the “right product at the right price at the right time” directly from airlines. Flyiin will use the latest XML-based data transmission standard ... Save the world from bad presentations Presentation Hero Academy is an online presentation course made of engaging video lessons linked to a community of presentation learners and experts where you will learn how to create presentations with one powerful, universal blueprint. Go from motivating ...

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Find great places and events nearby Townfrog is a content curator helping people discover and select the best local entertainment places and events. Our mission is to simplify and enhance the search for mobile users and give local businesses a cost-effective acquisition channel to reach highly targeted ... We make perfume unique! With more than 88,000 customers, MyParfum is the global market leader in individualized perfumes. By means of our innovative and award-winning MyParfum scent system, we are changing the perfume market. Online or in stores, our customers may take the role of the ... Mobile Expat Community Marketplace: Solutions, Events & Members Premier Expat "Community Marketplace", making international living easy by connecting expatriates with recommended service providers online and at local events. Supporting the growing trend of mobility for professional expatriates (+56m worldwide) by connecting ... Ljubljana   11-50   $17,397,517   tv data api tvib collects comprehensive data around tv. Our 'watchaholic' servers monitor tv stations 24/7 and detect which ad is airing in realtime. We know the exact ad airing times and enrich our data with media prices, tv program information and audience data. To increase ...

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momox is the leading reCommerce company - particularly for books, cds, dvds, games and fashion. We operate acquisition platforms in Germany (momox.de), Austria, France and UK and shops for books and media products (medimops.de) and preloved fashion (ubup.com). The search engine that plants trees Ecosia lets users plant trees by searching the web. In donating 80 percent of its surplus ad revenue, the search engine has raised over $3 million for rainforest protection and reforestation since its founding in December 2009. Ecosia's mission to cultivate a world ... Your travel PA, a WhatsApp away We make all your travel arrangements & assign expenses correctly while you are on the go. Travel is taking up a bigger part of peoples lives, while the line between professional and pleasure travel is blurring. WhatsAhoy allows this new group of digital nomads ... Wunder Mobility is a tech platform that enables companies and cities worldwide to provide clean, convenient, and accessible mobility. London   251-500   $2,950,000,000  

Performance Marketing, DSP, RTB, travel industry travel audience was created in 2011 as a joint venture of TravelTainment and MAIRDUMONT. Both companies rank among the market leaders in their fields in Europe and with travel audience they combine competence in travel offers and travel environments. In June 2013 ... Mobile application for fun challenges and dares Create unforgettable moments with friends in a ‘One vs. One Klash’ or prove yourself in a ‘Me against the World Klash’. Get the support of your friends and share the excitement. Prove your success instantly with pictures from wherever you are and win the “KLASH”. Check ... Doodle for splitting group expenses. Kittysplit simplifies sorting out expenses among a group: no registration, free of charge, with an easy 3-step wizard to walk you through creating the event, and a link to share with everyone who was there.

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mobile user acquisition challenge Advertile Mobile is a Berlin-based start-up solving the mobile user acquisition challenge. We help app developers to reach the right consumers through our mobile discovery and rewards community. Our apps are available on both iOS and Android and have several million ... Istanbul   1001-5000   $3,219,595   Amsterdam   501-1000   $170,000,000  

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UK Startup Jobs: Job board tailored toward UK candidates looking for startup jobs in product management, software development, business development design and more at growing European startups. Work In Startups : Launched in 2011, Work In Startups has provided team members in all startup industries through their site MessageBird is a cloud communications platform that connects enterprises to their global customers. IBM Watson for Legal Industry Kelsen is a learning algorithm that computes valuable answers to legal questions in real time by combining big data and machine learning technologies. Kelsen learns from existing cases and human curation to provide automated, reliable answers over time. Our algorithms ...

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Great speech recognition and speech synthesis frameworks for your app OpenEars (http://www.politepix.com/openears) is the most popular free offline speech recognition/speech synthesis framework for iOS, and the core of the OpenEars Platform (http://www.politepix.com/openearsplatform), a plugin system letting you drag-and-drop new ... INNOVATIVE PAYMENTS FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE - EVEN WITHOUT MOBILE OR INTERNET CONNECTION PAYMEY is disruptive, simple and secure payment for your smartphone. A solution that enables users to pay online, offline and within third party apps. Reinventing storytelling for children. TechSpaghetti is reinventing storytelling through game based learning apps that enable children to bring their stories to life. The Story Make-a-tory creative studio enables children everywhere to create, enhance and share their unique multi-media stories, developing ...

Digital Employee for Hotels We develop a platform that finally helps hotels to get in touch with their guests while they are in their rooms. We do that by replacing common hotel hardware like guest directories, telephones and feedback forms with tablet PCs. At the same time we increase ... mint.com online banking for contracts mobinco deals with the idea that all contracts and policies can be managed online, paperless and centrally in one application, automatically without the intervention of third parties. For the Parties of KISS this digitization mean significant cost savings, because ...

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Craft Beer software startup taps Austrade's Berlin expertise LANDING PADS CASE STUDY Craft Beer software startup taps Austrade's Berlin expertise. For some Australian startups, exporting is a core part of the original business plan. To succeed, however, they need to hard-wire global market needs into a product that is still in development Wearables-Heated Garments for Cold Enviroment Copertura vest is a specially designed heated vest for inner and outer use to ensure maximum thermal protection against cold. Most of the heated jackets manufactured nowadays are heavy, look bulky and oversized, and feel awkward when worn. Copertura vest offers ...

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Germany's first payday lender + data driven small business loans provider Vexcash.com is the first and only PayDay lender in Germany since 2011. PayDay loans are called "Kurzzeitkredit" in Germany. Vexcash overcame and adjusted to several regulations and started a cooperation with the fully licensed German net m - Privatbank 1891 in ... We love carsharing! We at CarJump love car sharing! Founded in the vibrant heart of Berlin we are here to make car sharing available for everyone. With the CarJump app users can reserve and book cars across several car sharing providers like DriveNow, Car2Go, Multicity and more – ... THE NEW PLATFORM FOR CONTACTING ENTREPRENEURS WORLDWIDE Discover new start-ups which complement your company profile and share your experiences and business needs with them. Make new connections outside your own country and distribute your products and services to new international markets without the need for third ... Paris   501-1000   $531,773,722  

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  1. Two years ago, we announced an ambitious goal to become the leading enterprise cloud for B2B startups in the world. Called Microsoft for Startups, we launched a founder-first program that delivers the technology, go-to-market, and community benefits needed to catalyze startup success. Thousands of startups from more than 140 countries have.
  2. Helps the world’s best companies speak with one voice Acrolinx technology helps the world’s best companies speak with one voice – with content that’s more findable, readable, and engaging. Our content optimization capabilities help companies like Adobe, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens align, enhance, and ...
  3. Billing and Factoring for freelancers Pagido provides bill generation and factoring services for freelancers in Germany. Service and features: - Payout of 80% of each bill immediately after validation - complete insurance for freelancers - Formally perfect invoices for the freelancer’s clients - Automated ...
  4. Price-comparison-platform for repair services The Berlin, Germany based Internet company refixo ( www.refixo.de ) is a price-comparison-platform for online-offered repair services. With refixo's innovative comparison-engine, that factors in variables such as special deals and customer reviews, consumers can ...
  5. Forget the community! I want a pro language teacher. Fluento offers online language lessons via skype video with professional teachers. Customers get individual language lessons online at home or from the office with native speaking teachers at a suitable time. The teachers are professionals and ensure outstanding ...
  6. Marketplace for Wedding Dresses Leading marketplace for new and used wedding dresses in Germany. A woman can find her dream wedding dress on our site. She can choose, if she wants to buy it online or walk into the store to try it on.
  7. London   101-250   $122,300,000  
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Mimecast is a SaaS-based email management platform enabling companies to administer business communications and data. Cazoo has made buying used cars simple. It is an inspection-cum-car selling store. It has a comprehensive 150+ point checklist that every car has to go through. Moreover, once you have placed an order, the car will be delivered at your doorstep in the next 72 hours. If for some reason you didn’t like the car, you can always return it for no extra charges.When we needed Pitch, it wasn’t there. So we built it. We rethought presentations from the ground up: how we create them, how we use them, and how we share them. Pitch is answering years of frustrations about how hard it is to bring ideas to life, easily and in style.

The main focus of the organization revolves around convenience, intuitiveness, and adaptability for agricultural retailers. The digital ecosystem includes a free agricultural application, available on both mobile and desktop and integrated with advanced premium modules, an analytical dashboard dedicated to professionals and a line of IoT sensors selected, optimized and connected by xFarm. Leading the Way in Transport Technology T Dispatch create cloud-based solutions for fleet management. The latest web technologies are used to offer dispatch system for taxi, private hire and passenger transport fleets worldwide. We have an Open API which allows us to integrate with any existing booking ... Online Marketing and Branding Full Service Agency all in one online marketing solution agency for medium sized businesses The easiest way to create your own online learning website to sell courses online Patience is a Berlin-based learning technology provider with the mission of enabling virtually anybody to teach online. Our customizable platform makes it possible for educators around the world to easily build and manage their own online learning applications ...

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  1. Social commerce platform for deals and special fan offers nextsocial offers a simple self-creation tool for social commerce apps as a software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Fansite operators can easily sell exclusive and limited Fan offers directly on Facebook and therefore spread virally. Thus, the interaction rate on the Facebook ...
  2. Find healthcare abroad MEDIGO is a curated platform that helps patients to find and book affordable high-quality medical care worldwide. We are passionate about improving access to high quality healthcare, patient empowerment, and price transparency for medical treatments. MEDIGO is ...
  3. Gets Your Body Running Better Körperwerkstatt (or Body Mechanics) is focused on increasing the health and well-being of individuals and companies through massages, personal training, yoga and pilates. No matter what your goal in life, having a healthy body will get you there more effectively.
  4. Paris   251-500   $293,434,612  

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Next generation job market The NExT generation job market. A specific combination of current technologies changes the rules of job and head hunting fundamentally. The job hunter for the first time get’s control and offers the head hunter valuable information. A two component construct consisting ... Event discovery and community building platform CouchJumping(alternatively “EventJumping”) is an event discovery and community building platform. Users to find and meet with others in real-world events (similar to meetup.com) however we focus on easily allowing users to continue the interaction online after ... The average salary in Berlin, null is €48k. Trends in wages decreased by -100.0 percent in Q1 2020. The cost of living in Berlin, null is 100 percent higher than the national average Arsalan, a Digital Marketer by profession, works as a Startups and Digital Agencies Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves all things entrepreneurial and wakes up every day with the desire to enable the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs through his work! live booking turn key solution gigmit - makes live better. Discover and book thousands of successful live acts. From all over the world. From every genre. For your event. Makes your event a success gigmit offers you the best possible service. Our promoter support team will help you find the ...

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Next gen data driven publishing house Inkitt is rethinking how fictional stories are shared with the world. We believe that: + Great stories with the potential to become blockbusters can come from anyone. + Co-writing creates better stories. + Artificial intelligence can make better decisions than ... Content and Advertising network for Latin America MT Performance operates a network of online magazines across Latin America with a focus on the female and fashion sector, i.e. www.calcados.com (Portuguese for Shoes.com). Readers can not only find the latest tips and trends but also purchase the products they ... A three-day Interdisciplinary Technology Festival Tech Open Air Berlin is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival.  Our mission is to connect, grow and inspire the human spirit through knowledge exchange and collaboration on the intersections of tech, music, art & science.  By bringing together ...Getting beer in the US is no more difficult. With TapRm, a new ecommerce store, you can get your beer delivered right at your doorstep. As of now, the service of TapRM is only available in New York. The company has received approximately $1.7 million in funds for scaling the service to other US states. Forums haven’t changed since the 90ies. kuups addresses this anachronism. More than 30% of internet users still use forums that haven’t changed since the late 90s. Forums contain enormous amounts of content but lack effective filters and user-friendly interfaces. We started kuups to address this anachronism. kuups builds networks of ...

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  1. NUIA Software Suite is a platform agnostic middleware with a main focus on gaze/eye tracking, gestures and speech recognition. It combines the inputs of all sensors to allow a human like communication and revolutionize the computer interaction
  2. Waymate makes booking travel simple and fun. Waymate lets you compare and book your trip by train, bus, ridesharing or plane quickly and easily, all in one simple elegant interface.
  3. We offer advertisers and publishers the best products and services to boost their online business on a performance basis. Optimise your ROI. Join zanox!
  4. Agile Software Project Manager at Educational Music-Tech Startup Skoove Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2 days ago 31 applicants
  5. Musical Interaction Coire invents a new technology to wirelessly synchronise music softwares across different devices and operating systems. Our technology enables musicians to interconnect music softwares on their mobile devices and computers wirelessly with each other in a groundbreaking ...
  6. Paris   101-250   $40,550,000  
  7. Discover what you'll wear tomorrow. Ondango is a social commerce platform for women. Focused on fashion & accessories, we present products from hundreds of online shops, curated by selected trendsetters. Follow the brands and shops you love to get personalised recommendations. Create collections ...

Business intelligence for apps. The most advanced app download tracking tool available. Mobile marketing just got smart We are an intelligent mobile analytics company, built from the ground up to enable publishers, developers and app marketers understand and optimize effective campaigns in real time. The adjust.io analyzer goes beyond tracking clicks ... Munich   1001-5000   $1,010,132,753   According to the company, education is no longer a one-time investment, it’s a lifelong pursuit. And, the company aims to develop courses that can help its students thrive in their respective fields. Stockholm   1001-5000   $2,585,424,678  

Booking.com for courses More and more people are searching online for courses or seminars. But it is very difficult to find an appropriate course. The offer is overwhelming and intransparent. 95% of schools and instructors do not have a proper website with online booking and payment possibility. ... We build together. Startup Nomads is a platform that builds in a collaborative way new ventures and offers crowdsourced services to tech businesses around the world. Kickstarter for meaningful travel. http://GoLibre.co Where people help each other travel more. A crowdfunding platform for travellers, explorers and adventurers. People can raise money for their meaningful trip from their family, friends, the community and even companies, in return the supporters ... L'ArcoBaleno is the ultimate destination for exploring, discovering and shopping for the most extraordinary design from around the world. The only sports nutrition you'll ever need. The idea There are hundreds if not thousands of shakes for athletes but none is configured to match the individual needs, objectives and training habits of every individual athlete. shake fit is revolutionizing this here and now! With shake fit, every athlete ...

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Stockholm   1001-5000   $1,234,713,450   The 3D eye-tracking software senses depth through cameras, and allows gaze tracking in 3D remotely – all this is done with consumer 3D cameras. It helps capture real-world interactions, user attention, intention, motives, and interests. Crowdbased equity investments Innovestment is Germany's first auction-based crowdfunding plattform supporting SMEs to acquire capital

Babylon Health aims to provide accessible, affordable healthcare by combining AI with doctors. London   1001-5000   $635,313,243   PHP as a Service New software as a service or mobile application startups are founded every other day all over the world. Their problem: build their product, get it to the market and grow. Sophisticated developers to do the building are hard to come by - or are they? The PHP community ...

The auction marketplace for rental- and buy properties. 1. Find your favorite real estate online at Condaro.com All flats, houses and commerical units are selected by Condaro.com. The digital experience of the units will be so terrific, that you might even don't need to visit them in person. Be inspired und place your ... Schibsted is a Scandinavian media group with approximately 6,900 employees spread across 29 countries. All online video sites in one place At mixd.tv we are dedicated to let users find Online Video Data that matters to them. Our team of Online Video Data Specialists is working hard on fulfilling our mission to bundle Online Video and surrounding data in one place. We are providing state-of-the-art ...

Berlin   101-250   $111,216,635   Web Development in Berlin web development berlin, application development berlin, web developer berlin, seo company berlin USB key to secure your digital life The Crypto Stick is an USB key which lets user's to securely encrypt data and e-mails, sign documents and authenticate to local computers and web sites (e.g. Google). It allows users to get rid of all their passwords and to change to a more secure authentication ... Crowd funding for friends Friendfund.com enables friends to pool their cash online. Create a pool in three simple steps by determining the recipient, occasion, and gift. Then invite friends through Facebook, Twitter or email to share the costs. friendfund makes the process of chipping into ... Signal AI is an artificial intelligence company that transforms the world’s information into accessible, actionable business knowledge.

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A new way to combine mobile content with mobile advertising On mobile devices there is not enough space for the traditional banner ads well known from the good old desktop web. We think it’s time for a visually attracting mobile platform where consumers and businesses alike love to express themselves. Think of a portable ... Online Discount Coupon Codes We offer discount coupons and voucher codes in Spain and other strategic markets.Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of startup companies and neither is any startup placed in any ranking order. Be Active, Be Rewarded Pedl is a customer engagement tool for sport & fashion online shops. Our shop plugin enables shops to provide a cashback reward for achieving a physical activity goal (e.g. 20 km running). Shop customers can sign up to Pedl right after he/she made a purchase. Pedl ...

Pre-fund group activities with peers. GroopDoo is a platform to pre-fund group activities – with people you like. You organize by starting a funding campaign or join in by co-funding it. Get friends and peers to join activities, which you don't want to do alone or if you need more people.With each passing day, we are inching towards an AI-first world, and this is a great time for tech startups to make their mark. As we all know, AI and robots will rule the future, many Venture Capital firms and tech investors are having a bird’s eye view of the tech industry for all the novel ideas that you can turn into reality. It’s time to DREAM BIG, ACT NOW – is the new motto. Connect instantly with anyone, anywhere regardless of language. We're changing the way people connect with each other globally. ChatLingual is a web-based, instant messaging service that enables you to communicate in any language instantly through chat. With that said, we're not building a chat company; there's a bigger ... All your data in one place. Combine and explore data from popular software and your own applications in one central place. Simple eBook creation and one-click publishing for everyone. Liberio is the easiest way to create and publish high quality eBooks for everyone. No more complicated software and failing ePub exports. Liberio enables everyone to publish books, tell stories and share knowledge through eBooks for free. We're redefining how the ...

Cambridge   501-1000   $230,500,000   Master your play Passionate gamers by heart, we are a team of eSports veterans building next generation tools that help gamers master their play. Our technology-driven products solve real issues gamers and community are facing every day. We hail from Berlin, where startup culture ... London   10001   $250,000,000   secure. handsfree. access. KIWI.KI provides secure, hands-free access for large multi-tenant buildings. Consumers enjoy the safe, simple, and convenient comfort of just walking through their doors with our transponder “Ki” in their pocket or our mobile app. Service providers – like post ... Create free legal documents and consult lawyers via secure video. Legify makes legal services affordable and accessible. Consumers and SMEs create free legal documents and consult lawyers at the best rates through secure video and our collaborative text editor. The global professional driver service Every day Blacklane connects thousands of passengers with a vast network of licensed and insured drivers. We offer the most reliable global professional driver service at the most competitive rates in 50 countries. Blacklane’s five-star service combines multi-lingual, ...

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