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  1. They start dating at the end of season 4, after a long season of debating whether her feelings for him are real because she was sired to him. They take a break in mid-season 5, I think because Damon feels like their relationship was fated to doom.
  2. Damon is in danger. As Elena fights to save him she starts to realise a few things about herself. And about him. Language: English Words: 8,758 Chapters: 1/1 Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore (1197) Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore (262) Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson (116) Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore (105
  3. A place for fans of Damon & Elena to view, download, share, and discuss their favori images, icons, photos and wallpapers

Damon and Elena's relationship is super hot between the sheets, but it's also super sweet when they talk like a regular couple. They aren't perfect, but they love each other no matter what Vampire Diaries (Damon & Elena) Playlist Emma Papania; 180 videos; 33,023 views; Last updated on Jun 27, 201 Damon Saves Elena In The Bath Fanfictio This is just a short one-shot set in 2x08 of the vampire diaries. After Stefan and Damon save Elena and kill Elijah, Elena hugs one of them, but instead of Stefan its Damon. He'd done it, he'd saved her again and now Elijah hung staked to the wall by a hat stand. He really didn't expect it to be that easy, he smirked The relationship between the Original Vampire Elijah and the cured Vampire Damon Salvatore. They first met in an old house when Elena was kidnapped by Trevor and Rose. Elijah and Damon had always been at odds with each other. However, they put aside their somewhat-negative feelings for each other and protect the Mystic Falls Gang. Since Elijah left to help his brother, Klaus, in New Orleans.

After all, it's not just Elena; Damon won't leave her, so Bonnie has to save them both. But Ric is done saving the day. He tells Caroline it's time for her to leave town and to take the. This Damon & Elena fan art might contain portrait, headshot, and closeup. givememore_ likes this. MiracleZak Very cute adorable. 11. LJ Smith officially ships Bamon -read this and i think u will agree that she ships them-posted by inuyashagirl82. Someone tweeted this. apparently a bamon fan emailed her saying why BD belong together.. He and Elena get into a fight. In the season three finale, he kisses Elena. In the end, Elena chooses Stefan over Damon, but when Rebekah causes Matt's truck to drive off Wickery Bridge, she is trapped underwater. Stefan barely gets there in time, but Elena makes him save Matt first and she drowns I need to find Elena unlike Katherine I don't hate her i want to help her. I may toy a little with the boys that love me but I'm just like Elena when it comes to family. Family is Family. I want to save Elena from Klaus; i don't want him making any hybrids from her. I also need to contact Bonnie for some help. First i need to get some clothes that won't make me stand out so bad

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  1. Elena told Stefan she did not want to be a vampire: In Season 2, Damon forcefully fed Elena Vampire's blood to save her from the sacrifice organised by Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson's bother.
  2. TVD 5X17 Damon Elena. Liv stabs kills Elena. Damon save Elena. Damon and Elena 5x20 Damon saves Elena in the bath - Duration: Stefan saves Elena from Jeremy,.
  3. Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert were one of the most iconic and well-loved romantic pairings in The Vampire Diaries.The show initially centered around a love triangle involving Damon's brother Stefan, but eventually, Elena fell in love with the older Salvatore brother and chose him indefinitely
  4. The relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/human, Damon Salvatore, is a complicated, but a popular and powerful romantic pairing, and a significant relationship in the series.. Though initially started on antagonistic terms, their relationship develops throughout the series. He was the narcissistic evil vampire, who came to town to seek.
  5. Wickery Bridge is a bridge and road that leads in and out of Mystic Falls, Virginia.It is best known for being the site of the tragic deaths of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert when the slick roads caused them to inadvertently drive off the bridge and into the river below, where they both drowned. Their adopted daughter Elena was the only survivor of the accident, but in a cruel twist of fate, she.

damon and elena clips, from TVD. Skip navigation Sign i I think Damon snuck up on her. Originally, she was in love with Stefan, and just put up with Damon, who had a crush on her. But despite the horrible things he did to her (like kill Jeremy who was wearing the Gilbert ring — he came back to life), s.. What are people's opinions on Damon cause people really seem to hate him on here. 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. i'm rewatching tvd and loved Stefan and Elena since the beginning. i forgot how trashy she treated Stefan when she got together with Damon in S4

in the episode prior to the S3 finale Eliana had an aneurism, Alaric's girlfriend (a doctor) was giving patients vampire blood to heal potentially fatal injuries so she uses Damon's blood (Damon had no knowledge ) to heal Eliana. Then in the S3 fi.. Damon and Elena: true love triumphs all Vampire. Elena and I have just pulled up out the front of the boarding house, when I realise that I forgot to tell her to pack her things so she can stay for a couple days. and if I do end up running in to Stefan, there is no hope in the world that I'll survive unless Damon saves me, and there Is. Damon saves Bonnie's life and they go to the Salvatore boarding house to say their goodbyes to Elena, deciding that they will allow Bonnie to live her life, and, when she dies, Elena will wake. Damon allows himself to enter Elena's subconscious to say his goodbye, dancing with her and telling her that he'll never be ready to live the next 60. The Vampire Diaries 2009 18+ 8 Seasons TV Shows Trapped in adolescent bodies, feuding vampire brothers Stefan and Damon vie for the affection of captivating teenager Elena Both Stefan and Damon offered to be sacrificed in Klaus's ritual to save Elena's aunt, Jenna, and save Elena from more heartbreak. Klaus refused them both as Damon had a werewolf bite and he wanted to recruit Stefan. Elena kissed Damon on his supposed deathbed, officially forgiving him from regularly breaking her heart

Episodes For A Working Romance Edit Season One Edit. Bloodlines - After rescuing her from her totaled car, Damon takes Elena on a road trip to Georgia to have fun. During their stay in Georgia, Damon is attacked by Lee, the formerly-human-now-vampire boyfriend of Lexi, who he'd staked in '''162 Candles in order to throw the Founder's council off his back and make them believe the town's new. Damon saves him and compells him to forget what happened and go home. This leads to Damon saying that he will teach Elena the right way to drink from a human without killing them. Now next weeks episode may be one of the best Delena episodes by far because there are a lot of steamy scenes between the two On the drive back to Mystic Falls from Richmond Elena leaned her head back against the seat of the car watching as the scenery blurred by. Damon was traveling fast, much to fast as a matter of fact, but then he always did. She gave a discrete tug at her seatbelt to make sure it was still fastened securely. She stifled a sigh 41. Damon was hurt when Elena asked Stefan to dance instead. 42. Damon likes Elena's judgy little eyes, and says so by stepping very, very, very close to her. 43. Damon tells Elena that he likes her. 44. Damon admits that Elena is not the worst company in the world. 45. Stefan says that Elena and Damon have 'bonded'

Summary: While their marriage is falling apart, Damon and Elena must learn to get past their demons or lose each other forever.Officially issuing an angst warning -Complete. Somebody I Used To Know . Summary: Grieving the sudden death of their parents, Damon and Elena are forced to face their past choices and mistakes. Take a wild a journey. TVD 8x16 FINAL Stefan sacrificed himself. Stefan says goodbye to Elena. Stefan finds peace with Lexi - Duration: 4:30. The Originals OZ 3,404,837 view Elena finally awoke from her weeks-long Katherine-possessed nightmare in this week's Vampire Diaries, and she had a hell of a hangover. poor stefan always going above and beyond to save damon. Elena Gilbert is Damon's new girlfriend and his best friend. As time progressed, he fell in love with Elena. Damon is a 170 year old immortal who is described as seductive, handsome, hot, impulsive and charming. Elena first met Damon when he was in Mystic Falls looking for his object of obsession for over a century, Katherine Pierce. He the And actually if you think about it, it is Damon and Elena's love that in the end saves Fell's Church because her reaction also destroyed the Starball! That was freakin Awesome! Thanks for the comments! I wish I could have written it better but it was late and I wanted to get it off my chest. Damon + Elena foreve

Damon saves Elena from Kai on the winter premiere of 'The Vampire Diaries,' Season 6 Episode 11 The relationship between vampires, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore is a greatly complicated, but popular powerful romantic pairing, and a significant relationship in the series. Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose of bringing back Katherine Pierce, the vampire with whom he had fallen in love as a human in 1864. However, after realizing that Katherine had secretly escaped. Read DAMON AND ELENA from the story SMUT by cartoon011 with 3,767 reads. romance, girl, fiction. Ah, Ms. Elena Gilbert. Damon says with that cocky smile. Ye.. Elizabeth,i didn't hear you come in last night. alaric greeted as i followed him downstairs. Kinda the point ric. i smiled at him. Its called sneaking in. i turned to look away from him as i heard damon in the kitchen,talking to my sister.Those two had been spending a lot of time together,and frankly,elena wasn't even worried about me anymore.She never even a..

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When they had to turn Bonnie's mom into a vampire to save Elena, Damon did it so that Stefan wouldn't have to live with that guilt or take the blame. When Bonnie was stuck in the prison world and. elena dies, stefan saves matt, alaric dies-damon, ghost alaric-bye-jeremy, stefan-dead elena, damon-meredith 6:37 Vampire Diaries 4x01 Amy Stroup - Wait For The Mornin Does elena ever hook up with damon - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and hunt for you. How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you - The funniest scene had Damon chiming in via iPhone while Elijah persuaded Elena, Matt and Stefan to bring Klaus' body back to him. At one point during the discussion, Damon jumps in to shoot. - In 2×02 Elena jumps over fire and saves damon - In 3×22 Elena chooses Matt's life over her own and dies because TVLine is digging up the past to discuss yet another romantic.

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Indeed, Stefanie Salvatore — as referenced during a Season 1 episode of The CW's Legacies — is the daughter of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore, named in loving memory of the late, great. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder; I'm gonna take this moment and make it last forever

Elena Gilbert is a fictional character and protagonist from the television series The Vampire Diaries.In The Vampire Diaries, set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, she is portrayed by Nina Dobrev.In the books, Elena was blonde, popular, selfish and a mean girl.However the show's producers, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, felt that it wasn't the direction they wanted to go with their. The Vampire Diaries - Damon and Elena fanfiction. Fanfiction. Damon and Elena were together for the whole week by now, they had a wonderful time together. Stefan was most of the time with Caroline doing 'god-knows-what', Bonnie went on a little trip to visit her family and Jeremy went back to his uncle in Den..

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If you want to be spoiled For the most part, season 2 is a Stelena season. So, it mainly centers around the relationship between Stefan and Elena. However. The Georgia road trip. Elena has just learned she looks like Katherine and realizes that even though Stefan has come clean about somethings (mainly being a vampire) that he's still keeping secrets. Then Damon saves her from Noah, and gives Elena the step back from everything that she needs to process it all. Then Elena saves Damon from Lexi's dude Vampire Diaries Recap: Love, Blood, Pageantry and One Killer the special occasion ushered in big developments for Damon and Elena. She asked Stefan to help her and save Jeremy and he. Damon bumps into Elena he says sorry and asks do you know we're Mr Saltzmen's class is she said yes I'm heading there now when they got to the class the teacher asked Elena to show Damon around today she said okay When lunch came she asked Damon if he wanted any help with something he said no she said if you need anything just ask Watching S7 really shows that the Salvatore brothers are very uninteresting when not interacting with/trying to endlessly save Elena, imo. Damon isn't even a charismatic villain or antagonist either; he's just a careless piece of shit

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The vamp is back in town! With Damon's return to home, Elena is doing everything she can to avoid him while he's using all of his powers to see her again -- or at least hear her breathe. Yes, he. Elena does not become a vampire because Bonnie finds a spell which can save her but it means John (her biological dad) dies. Since Damon got bitten by Tyler he gets very sick and has illusions. On last night's totally intense episode of The Vampire Diaries, poor Stefan (Paul Wesley) got stuck in a tomb with Katherine (Nina Dobrev) and made Damon (Ian Somerhalder) promise to protect Elena. Damon, of course, didn't hesitate to accept, and as he walked away, Katherine hissed that Stefan had made pretty much the biggest mistake of his life After some minutes Damon got you to sleep. You were now in his bed with tear-stained cheecks, but you were asleep, so Damon walked downstairs. Elena was sitting on one of the couches in front of the fireplace, just staring at nothing. She had been thinking about her sister, the fact that you had died, and that you were in transition. Damon came downstairs and grabbed a class and put some.

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Elena & Damon head to New York The brothers arrived just in time to save Elena from staking Caroline after a pretty badass fight sequence in the woods. Caroline is an older vampire and should be more powerful, but Elena's training with Alaric gave her the edge. Elena didn't care that she hurt Liz Damon and Elena discuss the ramifications of Damon's offer. Alaric and Jo reluctantly participate in their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Lily continues on a dangerous downward spiral. Director: Jesse Warn | Stars: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen. Votes: 78

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  1. The curse is broken just as dawn comes, and Damon saves Elena by throwing them both in the river. He tells Elena that Stefan had been lying to them, but it was all for her. Stefan and Elena sit on the front steps and talk. Elena admits that as a vampire, her feelings for Damon have been magnified, and Stefan tells her he can't do this any more.
  2. The gang attends a bonfire, where Elena, Damon, and Alaric try to capture Stefan. They learn Tyler is sired to Klaus since Klaus essentially made him who he is. Rebekah sets her sights on Tyler. Elena saves Stefan from a fire after Vicki tries to kill Elena in Alaric's van. Jeremy and Anna realize he can feel her
  3. Bonnie uses her magic to save Elena countless times and sacrifices her life for hers. Bonnie loved Elena and consistently gave everything to protect her. Elena may have been happier ditching Damon for her best friend, who knows and loves her arguably more than anyone else. 7 Liam Davi
  4. Elena saves Stefan when Vicki attempts to kill Elena by setting Alaric's van on fire. Bonnie then sends Vicki back to the other side for good, however, when Damon returns home he finds Mason.
  5. Elena's decision to save Damon from Bonnie may seem good-natured but, arguably, Elena did this more to save Damon's life than protect her best friend's morality. Damon is one of the show's most popular characters but, if Elena had not intervened, Bonnie would have prevented the deaths of a lot of people. 1 Caroline Is A Better Friend To Bonni
  6. Directed by John Behring. With Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen. Bonnie has weird dreams with four coffins. Jeremy hangs around with Tyler and invites him in his house. Stephan meets Bonnie and asks her to hide the coffins of Klaus's family. Klaus tries to force Damon and Elena to seek out Stephan and compels Jeremy to stand up in front of a pick-up driven by a.

Damon saves Elena from a mysterious approaching figure that caused her to crash her car. Elena saves Damon from Lexi's boyfriend who is heartbroken that Damon killed her. Stefan shares a moment with Bonnie's grandmother, Jeremy meets Anna who is a vampire and Stefan tells Elena that he saved her the night her parents died. He also tells her. Stefan Died On 'The Vampire Diaries' To Save Mystic Falls he sacrificed himself so that Damon could have a life with Elena. Of course, it wasn't all just to save his brother. Damon his own. TVD 8x16 FINAL Stefan sacrificed himself. Stefan says goodbye to Elena. Stefan finds peace with Lexi - Duration: 4:30. The Originals OZ 3,431,395 view Damon and Bonnie holding hands, trapped on the other side while being destroyed. Damon killing Rose to put her out of her misery after being bitten by a werewolf. Elena remembering her first meeting with Damon, and him compelling her : You want passion and adventure and even a little danger Damon saves Elena she saves him and they become friends 1x13- Elena and Stefan lie to Damon about helping him get Katherine back 1x14- I wanted it to be real nuff sai

Speaking for myself, I think Damon does. I know that he's done some horrible things in his life, but he never wanted that life, Stefan forced it on him and believe me I know why he did, he didn't wanna lose his brother, I get that but still he bec.. Damon informs Elena that she is hiding her true feelings for him from herself, so he kisses her. Elena finds it necessary to tell him that, while she truly cares about Damon, her life will always be with Stefan. This angers Damon greatly. And in response to Elena, Damon finds her brother Jeremy and snaps his neck

Damon y Elena 3x02. Stefanoiu Cristina. Follow. 4 years ago | 134 views. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 1:14. Damon & Elena [why would Elena love Damon?] *for 700+ subbers* Skateshop. 3:40. TVD 3X02 Damon fights Ray the wolf Stefan saves Damon. Chiu Chiu. 4:07. Damon & Elena voc w/Miranda I love you, Damon Salvatore. Damon saves Elena she saves him and they become friends: I think since the very beginning of S1 Damon cared for elena, but I think at 1x11 he began/ started falling in love with her. but the dance in 1x19 is when I think he was truly in love with her

Unlike most of the characters at the end of season 5, Damon did not make it back from the other side with Bonnie before it collapsed. Elena spent months in a deep depression and high off of some magic stuff from Liv's brother that allowed her to h.. When Elena and Matt crashed on Wickery Bridge, Elena insisted Stefan save her friend, thus sacrificing herself. Stefan did as she asked, knowing he might not see her again. 5 DELENA: Elena Made Damon the Best Version of Himsel Damon waited 75 years to see his beloved Elena Gilbert and she still looks 18 years old and Damon is so happy and Elena is too but Damon notices she's differen..

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  1. 4. Damon steps in as Elena's escort in Miss Mystic Falls (season 1, episode 19) rebloggy.com. Delena dancing at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant in season one could be the most iconic The Vampire Diaries moment ever. After Stefan falls off the Ripper rails for a hot second and leaves Elena hanging at the pageant, Damon swoops in and saves.
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  3. d! fan art. the vampire diaries. delena. season 2. TVD_freak, elizabethlizzie and 9 others like this

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Damon demands that Bonnie give him the crystal. In History Repeating, Bonnie had multiple dreams about her wiccan ancestor Emily Bennett, which lead the girls (Elena, Bonnie and Caroline) to decide to hold a séance.During the séance, Emily was able to possess Bonnie and use her own more mature powers to destroy the Bennett Talisman and try to prevent the release of the vampires sealed in the. Elena discovered Katherine's picture among Stefan's belongings, and leaves very upset. Damon saves her Damon is out fo revenge of the death of Katherine. there was a love triangle between stephan, Damon, and Katherine. but, since Elena looks exactly like Katherine, Damon starts falling for Elena.

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Though Damon saves Enzo from Wes, the latter remains indignant with him, saying Damon will always be a monster. When Wes is on his way to turn Elena into a vampire ripper like Jesse, Stefan is able to save her Damon died in season 5 episode 22 when they were getting rid of the Travelers which were making the MYSTIC FALLS as there official home town to live . As , they had been cursed by witches for centuries and finally they have something that they cal..

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  1. Damon & Elena ~ The undisclosed desires of your heart {The Vampire Diaries} [for 13nouvelle
  2. Elena confesses she still loves Stefan but no longer is in love with him and is in love with Damon.Stefan and Caroline realise that her feelings may have something to do with the fact that she's sired to Damon.She later tells him that her love for him is the most real thing she's ever felt
  3. Damon & Elena's Reunion Is The Only Way To End The Vampire Diaries. while fans like me are still reeling from Damon and Elena's love story being put on pause, there's one person who isn't so.

''Elena, in a few minutes your phone's going to ring. It will be a travelor that would have activated Katherine inside you. Then it will be Nadia. Almost right after I finish explaining, Elena's phone starts to ring. I whsiper to Elena,''Act like it worked. Elena looks around to everyone with a weird look before answering her phone,''Hello?' During 1x11 Damon saves someone else by mistake instead of Elena. Bella Swan has discovered she's adopted and wants to meet her twin sister Elena. She therefore decides to move to Mystic Falls to live with her Dad Damon on the other hand cared about her life more than her loving him. For example when she drowns and Stefan helps Matt first because she asked him too. Stefan let her die to save Matt. Damon would've saved her life and not cared if she hated him for it as long as she was alive. In his words she'd get to enjoy life, have children and grow old The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural horror romance television series created by Kevin Williamson based on the novels of the same name by author L. J. Smith.It was officially picked up for the 2009-10 season on May 19, 2009. It premiered on September 10, 2009, on The CW and received the highest ratings for a series premiere in the networks history scoring 4.91 million live viewers

'The Vampire Diaries' season 6 spoilers: Can Damon save Elena from Kai? The CW , The Vampire Diaries January 1, 2015 When The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW with all-new episodes starting on Thursday, January 22, the name of the game for many characters will be what they can do to protect the ones they love The Elena, Damon and Stefan love triangle on The Vampire Diaries has always been complicated, and it's going to get worse in the second half of season 5

Damon attempts to sacrifice his life to save Mystic Falls (and Elena) and kill Katherine with the Hellfire. However, Stefan injects Damon with the cure and takes his place. Damon and Elena marry and live a long and happy human life. Damon is then reunited with his brother in the afterlife. Jeremy Gilbert. Played by Steven R. McQuee Damon and Elena go to highschool together. Elena is dating a jerk and Damon's the highschool player who hates that Katherine's double gets treated like trash. What happens when they officially meet each other and become best friends? AU. Damon/Elena The scene, from Woke Up With a Monster, features Damon arguing with Alaric and Jo about what the best plan of action is to defeat Kai -- and save Elena, of course. It all ends with a kind of.

Tapestry of beautiful moments of Damon and Elena in-between the ending and epilogue of ( For Richer Or For Poor). changes the lives of both protectors and enemy of Mystic Falls because she needs them to join forces to help her save her family from great danger. Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore (1245) Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore (275. Long before there was a Elena and Salvatore brothers love triangle, there was a Katherine and the Salvatore brothers love triangle in The Vampire Diaries.Stefan and Damon fell for Katherine, so much so that they became vampires because of her

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Posts about specific Damon & Elena moments. Heart of Darkness - because the scenes at the motel in Denver are D&E Milestones (often tagged with Never Let Me Go) I Love You Damon - where Elena confesses her Love to Damon. Damon saves Elena - self-explanatory (often tagged with Damon savior Salvatore Read Damon saves Elena from the story Love At First Sight (Delena) by TurnDownForWoof with 208 reads. delena, love. When Elena woke up she saw Damon and saw th.. With his final moments looming, Elena curls up to the dying Damon and kisses him gently. He survives, thanks to an impeccably timed appearance by Katherine, who arrives with a cure to save his.


Elena seeing Damon naked with bath suds on him (The Birthday 3.01) 2. Damon's Birthday present to Elena (The Birthday 3.01) 3. Throwing Elena into the water. (Hybrid 3.02) 4. When Stefan comes back, I want to you to remember what you felt when he was gone! (Hybrid 3.02) 5. Waking up to Damon in your bed (The end of the Affair 3.03) 6 The 50s Dance. Damon still had some use for Caroline and gave her a compass to track a new vampire in town who turned out to be Logan Fell who Damon had killed. Once she had done her job, Damon compelled her to forget what she had done. The next time Caroline saw Damon, he was with Elena and Stefan at the 50s Dance.Caroline jokingly asked Elena if this was a threesome but Elena had to tolerate. Elena and her parents are in a car, then the car goes off the side of the road and into the lake. Stefan hears the accident and goes to help. He's about to save her dad when he motions to save Elena first. He saves Elena and is startled to see she is identical to Katherine Caroline, Damon, Elena, Alaric, Bonnie, Matt and others all lived to the end of season 8, Stefan died to save Damon. Stefan didn't marry Elena, he married Caroline. Watch The Vampire Diaries before making a quiz! I have watched it on repeat for like 7-8 months, I should kno Right off the bat, we learned that Kai (Chris Wood) took Elena (Nina Dobrev) to practice his magic on her before the merge. 'The Vampire Diaries': Damon Saves Elena Again — Season 6 Episode.

‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Season 4, Episode 6, ‘We All Go AThe Vampire Diaries - 4x03 - Elena Dreaming of Damon‘Vampire Diaries’: Damon Saves Elena — Season 6 Episode 11TVD 2X10 Bonnie Stefan try to get Jeremy out of the tome‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Season 8 Episode 14 — Final
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