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High Five - Morgen ist egal Making Of, Fails und Outtakes #5 - Duration: 6:47. High Five 306,010 views. 6:47. High Five Sprich mich endlich an Du HONK - Outtakes 03 - Duration: 6:20 Simplifying collaboration starts with making our cloud software insanely easy to use. Highfive’s video stack is built on WebRTC and runs on AWS hyperscale cloud. That means Highfive is ready when you are…wherever you are…whichever device you’re on. With a single click, meetings always start on time. And since there are no software downloads, pin codes or dial-in numbers, you’re saving both time and money. Set up a High Five fundraising event through your school, church, athletic team, business, etc.Contact Mitch to learn more! For more information on our Corporate High Five Challenge or hosting a High Five fundraising event, please contact LaughFest Sponsorship Manager, Mitch Neubert at mneubert@laughfestgr.org or 616.453.8300, ext. 111 High Five Pizza was established in 1989 by its current owner Myles and is a business that continues to grow throughout the 26 years of being in business. High Five Pizza is a family owned and run business that has spent many years developing its place in the local community This National High Five Day, find a baby, maybe yours or maybe another friend's baby, and teach them the art of saying hi with their hands. Teach a dog to high five Okay, actually, teaching a baby a trick is fun but teaching a dog is even more fun

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The third Thursday of April is now known by many as National High Five Day thanks to the National High Five Project and the NH5D team. Started by Greg Harrell-Edge and his friends at the University of Virginia in 2002, National High Five Day has become an unofficial holiday that has been respected and followed for more than a decade. Hey, I give my male friend a high five if they get laid. You're a girl. You don't understand how hard it is to get inside a girl's panties. That's why we high five each other. Also, when our team wins, we get a promotion, or we do something else manly, we earn a high five Conventional wisdom holds that the Tokyo district of Roppongi earned the slogan of "High Touch Town" after residents noticed World War II American GIs walking the streets giving each other high-fives; when the Japanese asked about the gesture it was mistranslated as hai tatchi or "high touch".[16] This story is possibly apocryphal, as Hiroyuki Usui, a representative of the Roppongi Shopkeepers Promotion Association explains, "There is no deep meaning in 'High Touch Town'. People don't know what it means." The term "high touch town" may have originated before the high five and had a different meaning, or 'high touch' may mean "high class", a play on the town's reputation for nightlife activity among off-duty military personnel.[17]

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A long-circulating meme suggests that the praying emoji is definitively a high five, and a common iteration (seen above) shows a search for the term highfive with commentary such as y'all be high fiving people's deaths.. The origin of the meme is not clear, but it makes the rounds on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms from time to time National High Five Day is April 17, 2020. It's fun and easy to celebrate this special day. Give a High Five to everyone you see. This includes friends, family, passersby, and total strangers. The more high fives you give, the better. The creation of this special day dates back to 2002. It was created by college students at the University of. High Five! combines the spellbinding charm of a timeless parable with cutting-edge information about why teams are important and what individuals and organizations can do to build successful ones. Through the story of Alan Foster, a workplace one-man band, High Five! identifies the four key ingredients of winning teams

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The "too slow" variation is a sequence of high five and low five, often accompanied by a rhyme such as "Up High. Down Low ..."[21][22] then, during the down low sequence, the initiator will surprise the counter-party by pulling their hand back at the last moment, thus tricking the other person into swiping at empty air, completing the rhyme with "Too slow!".[23] There are variations on this theme, with additions of "to the side" and other hand positions for the partner to contact the initiator's hand.[24] Another variation is the "self high five". The action consists of raising one hand, generally the right hand, and tagging it with the other. It was often used by Diamond Dallas Page as part of his persona, such as in his WCW theme song "Self High Five".[19] A variation of this variation was explored by Turkish artist Deniz Ozuygur who built a "Self High-five Machine", which was exhibited in New York City in 2010. It is a robotic arm that spins in circles striking another robotic arm, both of which are rubber casts of Ozuygur's own arms.[20]

These breakfast rolls get a triple dose of orange flavoring from orange juice, orange zest, and orange extract. Expect high fives all around when you serve them warm with a sweet cream cheese frosting High five fun. Using Confetti High-Fives is like throwing yourself a little parade. To get your magnificent high five started, load in one of the cartridges which are packed full of small pieces of colored confetti. Use the adjustable velcro strap to fit your Confetti High-Fives shooter to your palm so that the button is facing out

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Conference room systems were built for board rooms with dedicated IT experts and cost tens of thousands of dollars. With Highfive, get high-quality video and audio, remote screen sharing, and wireless TV projection in all your rooms - from huddle to board rooms - at a fraction of the cost of traditional video conferencing systems Synonyms for high-five at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for high-five For at least a generation before the Sleets story surfaced, the conventional wisdom had been that Burke invented the high five on Oct. 2, 1977, in front of 46,000 screaming fans at Dodger Stadium. High Five is the nineteenth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on June 19, 2014. Mixels mix to give Chomley [sic] more and more fun high fives, until they mix into a mur

Items ordered from High Five Mart may be subject to tax in certain states, based on the state to which the order is shipped. If an item is subject to sales tax, in accordance with state tax laws, the tax is generally calculated on the total selling price of each individual item, including shipping and handling charges, gift-wrap charges and. Synonyms for high five at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for high five High-five definition, a gesture of greeting, good-fellowship, or triumph in which one person slaps the upraised palm of the hand against that of another. See more About High Five. A #1 New York Times bestseller from the creators of the beloved Dragons Love Tacos comes a rollicking, rhyme-tastic, interactive high five competition-starring YOU! Discover the lost art of the high five and improve your slapping skills just in time for the annual high five contest! From hand-limbering stretches to lessons on five-ing with finesse, readers are guided through.

A high five is similar to that of a gesture of celebration but a really really short one that is more neutral and friendly. In accordance to that it is like saying, Good job! Damn we aced that pretty well! or Hey, we are wearing the exact sam.. That’s why High Five has stories, puzzles and activities that are expertly designed to nurture your preschooler or kindergartner’s development. Every 36-page issue reinforces skills that prepare them for reading, math and other areas of learning —  but the kids only know that it’s fun! High Five is an award winning toy manufacturer's representative. Our unique philosophy and structure allows us to give the service our customers expect My ten year old cousin is into those high five jokes lately. You know, those High five! In the middle! Down low, too slow! jokes. And he's been constantly doing them on me to the point where I want to chop off his hands. >_>; So, anyways, I made a deal with him: everytime I give you a new high five joke, you don't bug me with high fives for one visit

Another origin story, first reported in 1980,[8] places it at a University of Louisville Cardinals basketball practice during the 1978–1979 season.[2] Forward Wiley Brown went to give a low five to his teammate Derek Smith, but suddenly Smith looked Brown in the eye and said, "No. Up high." Brown thought, "Yeah, why are we staying down low? We jump so high," raised his hand and the high five was supposedly born.[2] High fives can be seen in highlight reels of the 1978–1979 Louisville team.[2] During a telecast of a 1980 game, announcer Al McGuire shouted: "Mr. Brown came to play! And they're giving him the high-five handshake. High five!"[2][9] The high five is a hand gesture that occurs when two people simultaneously raise one hand each, about head-high, and push, slide, or slap the flat of their palm against the flat palm of the other person. The gesture is often preceded verbally by a phrase like "Give me five", "High five", "Up high", or "Slap hands". Its meaning varies with the context of use but can include as a greeting, congratulations, or celebration.

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  1. High Five is the second episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Trini has to overcome her fear of heights to rescue Billy. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa has plans to trap the Rangers in a time warp with the help of Finster's latest monster Bones
  2. Define High five. High five synonyms, High five pronunciation, High five translation, English dictionary definition of High five. 1. See Cinch . 2. a celebratory or mutually congratulatory gesture between two persons performed by each slapping the other's raised right hand
  3. Everyone wants a seamless experience in the meeting room. With Meeting Connector, Highfive users can connect directly with BlueJeans, Lifesize, Webex, Zoom or any other SIP-enabled platform. Meeting Connector was created for mid-level and enterprises that often leverage multiple video conferencing platforms across teams and with external clients.
  4. High Fives Non-Profit Foundation, based in Truckee, CA, became an official 501c.3 non-profit on January 19, 2009. Founded by Roy Tuscany, the Tahoe-based Foundation supports the dreams of outdoor action sports athletes by raising injury prevention awareness while providing resources and inspiration to those who suffer life altering injuries
  5. $10 Million in guaranteed prize pools (just increased from $5 Million!). 5 added tourneys per day for 20 days (100 total) The 420-inspired High Five has $10 Million in guarantees, including three $840,000 Main Events (qualify for pennies on the dollar via satellite)
  6. Australian tackles suspect and high-fives police Jump to media player The man was walking his dog when he restrained a man who was being chased by police
  7. High Five Spirits, Petoskey, Michigan. 1.2K likes. Distiller

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High Five Bilingüe is a magazine for young children — in Spanish and English — based on the same character- and skill-building fun that has made High Five magazine a favorite. Each monthly issue brings 36 pages of read-along stories, poems, puzzles and crafts — in both languages — that set young children on the path toward lifelong. Our reimagined pricing plan will change how you think about, procure, manage and adopt video conferencing. With unlimited users, complemented by free desktop software and mobile app, everyone can enjoy the benefits of unlimited meetings with no restrictions on users and length of calls.For decades, the "conventional wisdom"[2] has been that the origin of the high five occurred between Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke of the Los Angeles Dodgers in Dodger Stadium on October 2, 1977, the last day of the regular season.[2] In the sixth inning, Dusty Baker hit a home run off Houston Astros pitcher J.R. Richard. It was Baker's 30th home run, making the Dodgers the first team in history to have four hitters with at least 30 home runs each in a single season.[6] As journalist Jon Mooallem tells the story:

Created with Snap. Inloggen. Close Men Interestingly speaking, a High Five is a way of showing a beautiful connection between two differently based human mindsets, coming at resonant with each other. In certain study it has be proven that, when a person gets frugal touch (nonsexua.. High Fives and Good Vibes glass wine glass gift barware ADD LEADERBOARD Name or PERSONALIZATION supermamacraftystuff 4.5 out of 5 stars (258) $ 15.5 Welcome to The High Five, the most unique and versatile venue in Grand Rapids, MI. This beautifully restored warehouse that was once a roller rink in the 1950's, is filled with charm from original hardwood floors, exposed brick, and high wood beam ceilings. This space allows for big or small gatherings and celebrations fitting up to 300 people

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High Five® is the 5in1 charging cable for the key ring. Equipped with the connections USB-A, USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning for iPhones, all smartphones can be charged with the Vonmählen charging cable. It is durable, compact, available in four colors and therefore perfect for on the road For more than 70 years, children have been eagerly checking the mailbox, hoping to find a Highlights magazine with their name on it. Now, even 2- to 6-year-olds can experience that delight for themselves. A high five, for me, is a symbol of... when you get high fives, it's superficial. Like, when you only get the positive sides of a relation and not the real, negative sides too. If you only have that, it's not as good as having those real but tough relations This is like the classic handshake problem. If there were p players, then each of them high-fived the other p-1 players. So that makes p(p-1) high-fives. BUT, we're double-counting all of these, because when two players high-five each other that counts as a high-five for both of them. So divide by 2 to get p(p-1)/2

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Baby High Five. by Awesome Sauce. Sing and dance along to this precious song made with tons of love, diapers, and GoNoodlers' actual babies! Keep Moving With GoNoodle. GoNoodle is free for teachers, parents, and kids! Get moving with 300+ dance videos, mindfulness activities, and more engaging videos for kids Define high fives. high fives synonyms, high fives pronunciation, high fives translation, English dictionary definition of high fives. 1. See Cinch . 2. a celebratory or mutually congratulatory gesture between two persons performed by each slapping the other's raised right hand. High five (redirected from high fives) Also found in: Idioms. Low Standards, High Fives, Torino (Turin, Italy). 1,082 likes · 27 talking about this. Low Standards, High Fives is a 5 piece band from Turin (Italy). Our first full lengh record, Are we doing the..

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  1. Define high-fived. high-fived synonyms, high-fived pronunciation, high-fived translation, English dictionary definition of high-fived. 1. See Cinch . 2. a celebratory or mutually congratulatory gesture between two persons performed by each slapping the other's raised right hand
  2. r/CatHighFive: Gifs, images, and videos of cats high-fiving
  3. Search, discover and share your favorite Air High Five GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. air high five 28491 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest. 90s, high five, will smith, the fresh prince of bel air, fresh.
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  1. HIGH FIVE Grant for Moms™ is a semi-annual $5,000 international business grant competition. Co-hosted by The Mama Ladder® and Belly Bandit®, this grant provides economic empowerment for promising mom-owned businesses. Apply here in summer and winter
  2. high five definition: 1. a greeting or an expression of admiration in which two people each raise a hand above their. Learn more
  3. The origins of the high five, and its inventor - an unsung gay pioneer In 1977, Glenn Burke, a rookie outfielder in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Los Angeles Dodgers, lifted his arm high above his head and slapped palms with his teammate Dusty Baker to celebrate a milestone home run, marking what is widely regarded as the first documented instance of a high five
  4. High five this is an embarrassing question, in that I've already read the answer but I'm not sure if it's working or if I understood, so I'll ask: How to you high five someone? I read you simply click on their profile, while one is riding, but nothing pops up on my screen that I'm doing such
  5. utes. Now that’s smart!

The traditional exchange of lineup cards would be eliminated, along with high-fives, fist bumps, and bat boys and girls, according to a 67-page draft of Major League Baseball's proposed 2020. Hi-Five is an American R&B quintet based in Waco, Texas.Hi-Five had a #1 hit on Billboard's Hot 100 in the early 1990s with I Like the Way (The Kissing Game).The band was formed in 1989, and consisted of Tony Thompson, Roderick Pooh Clark, Marcus Sanders, Russell Neal, and Toriano Easley.Easley was later replaced by Treston Irby

High Five Level 2. Download all the resources for Level 2 to use offline or select a unit to play the audio or video high five meaning: 1. a greeting or an expression of admiration in which two people each raise a hand above their. Learn more Exam Trainer for Super Premium and Misto Standard. Reading comprehension. Oral presentation. INVALSI Preparation. Understanding authentic English. Audio and video resources to help you study. Exam Trainer for Super Premium and Misto Standard. Reading comprehension. Oral presentation. INVALSI Preparation. Understanding authentic English GEICO customer Nereyda claims that she saved hundreds on her car insurance when she switched, which made her feel the same way she does when she and a co-worker nail a perfect high five together -- so perfect that everyone bursts into song and dance around her, and her boss approaches her because she wants one, too. So if you want to feel like the star of your own corporate musical, GEICO says. We’ve reimagined meeting rooms, improving the ease and quality of intelligent in-room video conferencing.

High fives get a bad rap sometimes. The Todd, the high-fiving-addicted character from the TV show Scrubs, is a prime example. He's the kind of dorky, or just plain obnoxious, high-fiving dude who we all learn very quickly to avoid High Fives Charity Inc. is a community-based non-profit organization that Advocates for Caregivers and the Seniors They Care For. We work as an extension of Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Diabetes, ALS, Holistic Therapies, the Heart Assoc., and others to provide free literature, books, training and support so you can learn how to cope before you lose hope

Admins love how Highfive’s all-in-one solution reduces IT headaches usually associated with video conferencing solutions. high fives, kyra, big brother canada bbcan7, dane rupert, adam pike # high fives # kyra # big brother canada bbcan7 # dane rupert # adam pik

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The origin of the too slow variation has not been established, but notable sources have made reference to it; for example the title song for Lay on Five, a BBC children's television programme broadcast in 1985–86 featuring Floella Benjamin, ended "..too slow to Lay on Five".[25] The too slow variation is in the 1987 film The Principal in a scene where Principal Rick Latimer (James Belushi) does it to Arturo Diego (Jacob Vargas).[26] In the New York Times archives, the earliest reference is from 1993 when Arnold Schwarzenegger did it with the son of a film-crew member while on the set of Last Action Hero, saying: "Let's have five. Five high. Five low," at which point Schwarzenegger pulled his hand away saying "Too slow." The boy reportedly laughed.[21] Schwarzenegger did it originally in the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, when John Connor (Edward Furlong) teaches the Terminator (Schwarzenegger) to "Gimme five. Up high, down low, too slow."[27] In 2008, They Might Be Giants released the song "High Five!" on an album for children titled Here Come the 123s, with lyrics "High five! Low five! Slap me five! Down low! Too slow!", a gesture described in the song as "old school"[28] a slang term usually meaning something from a prior generation.[29] The African Development Bank is stepping up the pace by focusing on five priorities that are crucial for accelerating Africa's economic transformation. The Bank calls them the High 5s: Light up and power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialise Africa, Integrate Africa, and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa

High fives are awesome, guys, and that's why I'm glad to tell you that it's NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY! This means you should definitely high five everyone you meet today (maybe even tossing in a few LOW fives for good measure), making sure to hand-sanitize the shit out of your paws after each one, of course About Us. Neighborhood bar + restaurant that serves fast, fresh, casual, food from early till late 7 days a week. *Patio area is dog friendly* [/half_last

The Folded Hands Emoji could actually mean high five. Surprised by what my high five search presented, I continued to search for pray among the emojis. Afterall, something as basic as a pray would definitely have an emoji. Using WhatsApp Web again, I searched for pray within the emojis Baby High Five. by Awesome Sauce. Sing and dance along to this precious song made with tons of love, diapers, and GoNoodlers' actual babies! Keep Moving With GoNoodle. GoNoodle is free for teachers, parents, and kids! Get moving with 300+ dance videos, mindfulness activities, and more engaging videos for kids

High Five - Making Of - Fail -Outtakes - Hater - Q+A - Geschenke Play all. Die coolen Kids von High Five zeigen wie unsere Videos entstehen, beantworten Fragen und kommentieren Kommentare und. High Five Pizza is a great little place to go with your kids or a group of friends. It's low key, casual dining, and they offer pizzas, sandwiches, and appetizers. For $10.50 you can get their Slam Dunk Sandwich (or other Sandwich) which was a delicious tri-tip sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato and a side

The highfive Recognition and Reward App enables leaders to introduce or build upon a culture of recognition and reward within their organisation. A simple-to-use smartphone application to enable employees and management to recognise their peers or subordinates in their company against their own core values. A means to reinforce a simple thank-you, whether in person or remotely. It enables. Everyone else says it, but we mean it. Starting with no app downloads or pin codes, Highfive is built to actually start meetings on time.

  1. The contents of George's Busy Day online features were developed under a grant from the Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government
  2. An air five is a variation where the hands of the participants never actually touch, needing only line of sight to make the gesture.[30] It has an advantage for participants who are otherwise too far apart to achieve physical contact at the moment of the gesture. The participants may simply pretend to high five, or add an imitation sound of hand slapping. Also known as the wi-five, a mix of "wireless" and "high five" with a pun on wi-fi, a wireless computer technology.[31][32]
  3. The two most likely sources of the high five come from the sports of baseball and basketball. For years, many people have believed that the first high five took place on October 2, 1977. That day, it happened in Dodger Stadium between Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker of the Los Angeles Dodgers
  4. The History of National High Five Day. While the origin of the high-five might be a bit dubious, the history of National High Five Day is not. It was created at the University of Virginia in 2002. These students set up a shop on the campus's main quad and gave out lemonade and high-fives
  5. istration control centre, enabling companies to recognise their teams & reward their employees against their company core values. highfive Rewards is a seamless solution for the allocation of real-time reward values to an individual, team or to all employees
  6. High Five Sports- Letter Jackets & Chenille, Kirksville, Missouri. 537 likes · 8 were here. We carry a variety of letter jackets and can customize your jacket with your mascot and detailed patches

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  1. Prospective students who searched for Hugs and High Fives Banned in School found the following related articles, links, and information useful
  2. High Five Photo Gallery Send us a photo of your High Five reader doing a craft or making a recipe from High Five magazine. We may publish it inside High Five magazine, in our newsletter, on our social media pages, or right here
  3. Major League Baseball's proposed safety protocols to play a season during the COVID-19 pandemic include plenty of do's (testing) and dont's (high-fives, hugs)

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  1. High Five Traffic Tangled By Flipped Big RigA portion of the busy High Five interchange in Dallas was shut down on Wednesday night after a big rig flipped and dumped its concrete load onto the.
  2. High Five is a Rare Emote in Chapter 2: Season 1. It is the first synced emote in the game. Trivia It is the first Synced Emote in the game; This is when you Emote and another person may join in, even if they haven't got it
  3. 90-Days Risk-Free, Money Back
  4. High Five Lyrics: High five / High five / High five / Tell 'em bitch / This is Rittz, White Jesus / Jonny Valiant is the alias (High five) / This is Rittz, White Jesus / Jonny Valiant is the alia
  5. High five definition is - a slapping of an upraised hand by two people (as in celebration). How to use high five in a sentence
  6. Five definition is - a number that is one more than four. How to use five in a sentence

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Let's give virtual high fives Follow. twolpowitz April 05, 2017 18:50; 9. I came up with this idea by mistake. I saw the orange writing on a student's profile that said give a high five. I kept trying to click on the orange thinking they would get a notification that the teacher high fived them It's National High Five Day! Today is all about celebrating the high five and giving high fives to everyone. You can even send a free virtual high five to faraway friends and family. A group of students at the University of Virginia declared the first National High Five Day in 2002 He high fives Todd, and J.D. has a fantasy that this high-five causes a powerful shockwave. Another Goodbye Five was posted up on The Todd's Facebook Page as a caption for a photo showing Robert Maschio as The Todd reacting to the demolition of North Hollywood Medical Center

Antecedents of the physical gesture of slapping palms together predate the 1970s,[11][unreliable source?][12] when the high five is believed to have been coined. For example, it can be seen in the 1944 musical Cover Girl[13][14], and also in the 1960 French Nouvelle vague movie Breathless.[15] These earlier cases were never called "high fives", however, because the term had not yet been coined and they lacked the cultural context and meaning surrounding the gesture that originated in the United States during the late 1970s and 1980s independent of usage elsewhere.[2] There are many origin stories of the high five,[1] but the two most documented candidates are Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke of the Los Angeles Dodgers professional baseball team on October 2, 1977, and Wiley Brown and Derek Smith of the Louisville Cardinals men's college basketball team during the 1978–1979 season.[2][3] High fives are primarily acts of celebration, but they're also cause for celebration in and of themselves. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be smiling as you high five. Being able to high five is a great honor - never take it for granted with a half-hearted smirk Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by Highlights. You never pay for a product you and your child don't absolutely love. You may return any shipment and owe nothing. If you ever wish to cancel an order or stop shipment altogether, just give us a call or write "cancel" on your invoice and return it to us.

If one initiates a high five (or any variation thereof) by offering a hand(s), and no reciprocal hand appears to consummate the gesture, the initiator is said to have been "left hanging".[18] This could be interpreted as an insult, friendly joke or form of enlightenment, depending on the context of its use. COVID-19 has been devastating our state, our country, our world. Social distancing is key, but that doesn't mean losing social connection. And the Virtual High Five was born - messages written on hands to unite in the plight to stay home, do the right thing, and stop the spread High Five by Kat B. Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND. In addition to our normal monthly Continuing Education webinar series , for Spring 2020 we are adding a High Five from Nature series. Don't we all need a little encouragement from nature in our lives right now Glenn Burke, an outfielder who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the late 1970s, is widely credited with inventing the high five. A photograph shows him exchanging high fives with fellow. National High Five Day is a project to give out high fives and is typically held on the third Thursday in April.[33] According to the National High Five Project, the event began in 2002 at the University of Virginia after a group of students set up a booth and gave out high-fives and lemonade.[34] The project has held events where participants take part in a "high-five-a-thon" to raise funds for charity.[35][36]

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5 High Five Tips from the Pros. 1) Remember to always reciprocate your high fives. Ever been left hanging with your hand in the air? This is the #1 high five killer, because nobody wants to go through that embarrassment again. Always acknowledge that a high five was given and send a little love back, if you feel so inspired Another claim attributes the origin of the high five to the Louisville Cardinals' 1978-79 basketball season. In this story, Wiley Brown, the team's forward, went to give a low-five to teammate. High Fives focuses on preventing life-changing injuries and provides resources and hope if they happen HIGH FIVES . Fun and Inviting Neighborhood Restaurant & Bar. We serve fast, fresh and ridiculously tasty sandwiches, shared boards along with a fun-lovin' beverage program. From Local craft on draft to patio-pounding frozen cocktails. High Fives Your New Favorite spot

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High Five is a nice and caring boy who loves playing video games and will do anything to achieve his goal, never giving up. Five does have a tendency to fear the unknown, and when assigned a job, he is often afraid to fail it- leading people like Mitch to steer him wrong

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