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We will be happy to help with your repair. Please contact our professional service team and they will assist you in finding the repairs and parts you require. They can be reached at (866) 572-3441 or my email at salessrvc@tufftorq.com. Have a great day!Hello, I am sorry but a K51 is installed in the LT155 and a K46 does not have the same bolt in pattern nor does it have the same linkage hookups as a K51. So, without lots of modification to the tractor, it is not possible to substitute a K46 for a K51.Hello, Whining sounds are indicative of a hydraulic issue. It could be that there is some wear on the center case and the oil pressure that is bleeding off is causing the noise. However, every transmission does sound different which is something I learned on the production floor. If it has power I would continue to run it and see how it fairs.Hello Mr Robbins, Most K46s hold 2.4 Quarts, however, there are a few that only hold 2 Quarts. It depends on whether or not the K46 in question has an external reservoir or an internal one. The internal reservoir units hold more oil.the rule of thumb is that the sealing cap with the magnet underneath of it is the easiest thing to look at for oil level. Keep the oil level at 1/3 to 1/2 up the magnet and that will be a good level for the transmission. And as always, if you have more questions you can contact the helpful techs in the service department by phone or email at salessrvc@tufftorq.com or 866.572.3441. Ölmessstab zeigt kein Öl an. Vor kurzem wurde Öl gewechselt. Wenn der Motor warm läuft zeigt es zwar Öl an, aber wenn er mal paar Stunden stillsteht kann ich kein Öl am Stab sehen! An dem Motor wurde noch nichts gemacht. Beschreibung zum Fahrzeug: Ford Fiesta (mk6) 1.6 16V 101Ps. Bj:2002. Bedanke mich jetzt schon für eure Antworten

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In heavy usage applications, oil changing is recommended after the 1st 50 hours of operation and every 200 hours, thereafter. The filter should never require changing unless the transaxle is removed from the tractor or rider and opened for repairs.Hello, How the transaxle works is that the control lever that is hooked to the pedal moves a part known as a swashplate. That swash plat squeezes pistons in a pump that force oil through an orifice which pressurizes the oil and that oil pressure is what drives the tractor. if you push down real far on the pedal then the swash plate really squeezes the pistons and you get more pressure and go faster. If you only press the pedal halfway, the swashplate will put less oil through the orifice and give you less pressure which will give you less speed. It is perfectly all right to run the pedal wherever you need the speed to be. For instance, in turning you might want to go slower around an obstacle. The transaxle is designed to do this and you are not hurting the it at all.Hello, the best first step is changing the oil in the transmission. Getting fresh viscosity in the unit will help determine if it was just the oil or there are some other issues. Use a 5w-50 synthetic, our tuff Tech oil is best but you can try what you can find. Most K46’s hold 2.4 quarts. As always if you have other questions you can contact the Service Department at 866.572.3441 or email at salessrvc@tufftorq.com. Verwenden Sie KEIN anderes Öl als ein 5W50 Dies ist ein sehr breites Mehrbereichsöl das unter anderem in Porsche PKW verwendet wird! Speziell auch für den Motorsport und von AS Motor für den Sherpa vorgeschrieben!!!! Sowohl im Motor als auch im Hydrostat! Serviceintervall Motoröl mit Filter: Nach den ersten 20 Std, dann alle 50St Hello, I do not have any testing data on that weight of oil. We only test with the oil that is installed in the unit or our recommended oil. You can try using anything but officially I cannot say if it will work or not. Of course, as a recommendation, the superior oil to use would be our premium Tuff tech oil part number 187Q0899000 and it is $28.50 for a 3 liter bottle.

My tuff torq stopped moving. When I removed the transmission and drained the oil it was milky. Would that cause the transmission to malfunction?I just like the helpful info you supply on your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and test again right here regularly. I’m rather certain I’ll be told plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next! Tuff Torq Ersatzteile im Ersatzteil - Forum , Frage oder Bedarf: ich benötige 1x Abdeckung 41-1C6550-36300 1x Ölfilter 41-192163-24960 2x filter(100) 41-1A6460-24780 1x Dichtpaste 41-194855-24040 und passendes Öl für das Hydrostatgetriebe Hello, here is the link for the parts list and schematic: https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/catalog/partslist/view/group_id/426837/?assembly=Parts&assembly_id=1651 SRS Primanol ist für den Einsatz in Diesel- und Ottomotoren, einschließlich turbogeladener Dieselmotoren sowie für Hydraulikanlagen und Getriebe mit gemeinsamer Ölfüllung bestimmt. Auch in Achsantrieben kann SRS Primanol eingesetzt werden, sofern nicht ein Öl der API-Klasse GL-5 vorgeschrieben ist

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I HAVE A TUFF TORQ K46DM HAS RED FLUID LEAKING FROM BOTH AXELS. JUST WONDERING WHAT TYPE OF FLUID SHOULD BE IN THIS? This tractor is 2015 with 90 hours on it… not sure if I should change the seals or the fluid?Hello, That sounds like you are either overheating that transmission or there is damage to the hydraulic parts. Since that unit is a John Deere you would need to contact a local dealer for help. I am no longer able to offer assistance because John Deere wants to service their own transmissions. Hydrostatic Pressure By Terry Bartelt. In this animated object, learners read about hydrostatic pressure and observe how it is used to measure the level of a material in a container Hello. Tuff Torq K62G-0004340(For Countax). What should be the cold oil level in the external expansion tank ? Currently this level is very low and I don’t know if it’s normal Thanks for your responseHi there, is it possible to reinstall the same cap after removing? I removed the upper plug and drained mine after I had a main drive gear failure. I’m about to install it and reassemble my mower, thanks in advance

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Hello Mr. McCallum, You should check all the external things first. Making sure the control lever is being pushed and pulled through the whole arc that it can travel. Also, you should check the input shaft and the pulley making sure that the pulley is turning the input shaft. After that, you should check all the pulleys from the engine on to make sure you do not have a problem that way. If those things are all good then you might want to open the transmission and check the machined faces of the center case. Paying particular attention to the areas between the ports. that is where the oil can escape and not hold pressure and that loss of pressure is the reason you could be experiencing low power. As always, you can call the service department to talk to the friendly techs at 866.572.3441 and see if they can help troubleshoot your issue.We have a Cub Cadet ride on the mower will work for awhile then starts slowing down going up hill. Oil was never changed in it. Can it be low on oil or has the oil broken down so badly it has ruined the transmission? There is 220 hrs on the machine but we cut hilly terrain . Thanks Glenn. original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter. 59,90 EUR + Livraison . FUXTEC Benzin Rasenmäher FX-RM4646ECO Motormäher 146 ccm Mäher Benzinmäher 3,5PS. 169,00 EUR. 269,00 EUR + Livraison. Très demandés Hello Mr. Arnold, What transmission do you have? Perhaps with that information, I can find out what would be best. original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter. EUR 59,90 (EUR 19,97/L) +EUR 10,90 verzendkosten; 60 verkocht. Uit Duitsland; Hydraulik Kupplung Stecker Dose Muffe Gr.2-6 Traktor Bagger Schnellkupplun g. EUR 3,06 tot EUR 811,00 +EUR 16,95 verzendkosten

For more information, or to order your service parts and accessories, please visit our service website here.  For technical support, you can call our service team at (866) 572-3441. original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter EUR 59,90: Getriebe Hinterachse Alko Rasentraktor Aufsitzmäher EUR 149,00: Getriebe MST 206 504 PEERLESS TECUMSEH VIKING MT 420 Rasentraktor Aufsitzmäher EUR 170,00: Bei Amazon

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  1. original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter. $65.13 + Shipping . Tuff Torq K46 BT Transmission Axle Oil Seals. $13.69. Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne jederzeit über das eBay Kontaktformular
  2. ORIGINAL TUFF TORQ Kanzaki Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebe Rasentraktor 5W 50 - EUR 59,90. Hier könnte Ihr Slogan stehen--> Kompetente Beratung Blitz-Versand bei Zahlungseingang Geld-ZurÜck-Garantie Shop durchsuchen... Unser Shop Verkäuferprofil Bewertungen Shop speichern Kontakt original Tuff Torq Kanzaki Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebe Rasentraktor 5W 50 ORIGINAL TUFF TORQ ÖL.
  3. Hello, Which transaxle is it that you have? If I know that I can help pinpoint parts or a replacement. There should be a barcode sticker containing the serial number of the transmission on the case close to one of the axles. Get that number and call the helpful techs at the Service Department at 866.572.3441 and they will help you.
  4. Company Page (Cross Reference Index & Disclaimer) 1 European Code cross reference 2 Air Compressor OEMs 5 Amalie 8 Amoco 10 Anderol & Royal 13 Bel-Ray 19 BP-Castrol 23 Certified Labs (Lube Master) 37 Chevron 41 Citgo & Mystik 45 Conoco-Phillips & 76 49 DuBois 55 Exxon-Mobil & Esso 56 Fuchs 67 Gulf 87 Hydrotex 89 Kluber & Summit 93 Lube Engineers 100 Lubriplate-Fiske 102 Pennzoil-Quaker State 10
  5. Hello, Yes that is a specific bolt and I would not be able to say if you could find it any other place. Best to order it off the website to ensure you are getting the correctly speced bolt.
  6. s but felt as though the IDS was jerky then all drive stopped both forward and reverse. Your previous advice was to replace the input drive shaft I have not done this as it seemed ok but will if necessary. I will breakdown the box tomorrow but would be greatfull for any advice. Regards Nigel

Hello, The number in your post is not the Tuff Torq number it is the MTD number. It looks like that translates to a K46DS and it holds 2.4 quarts.Thanks for sharing the information. i really enjoyed your blog article. and you’r writing a good point.Hello. My husqvarna k46 is not driving. I noticed that a rear tire has bluish oil all over it. I believe an axle seal is blown and lost oil from here. Do I need to open the transmission to replace this or does it seat itself from the outside? Also I read about using 5w50 syn. Oil. Does this seem correct. Thank youHi, Recently (for the 2nd time) the left rear axle on my Craftsman mower broke at the point it enters the transaxle housing. I mow about 1 acre on flat ground and am wondering if this is a weak point on the axle. This K46 is about 6 years old – the first one was about 3 years old when it broke. The first time the dealer sold me a new transaxle and what I have for numbers are K46BN 7A646084160 468N0046861 – The numbers are coming from my paperwork because the units do not have the sticker on them. I kept the original transaxle and am debating on attempting to just replace the broken axle or replacing the mower. If I opt to repair either or both units is that doable for someone with fairly good mechanical abilities or does it get technical? Also are there repair parts available? Thank you for your time……..

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Komplett NEUE REZEPTUR.!!!Empfehlung von Ralf Schumacher. RAVENOL RRS SAE 5W-50 ist ein vollsynthetisches, kraftstoffsparendes Motorenöl auf Basis von Estern und Poly-Alpha-Olefinen (PAO). Hervorragend geeignet für moderne Benzinmotoren bei Autorennen auch unter schwersten Belastungen Hello, changing my fluid, can you tell me the capacity for my k46 please. 7a646084321. S/n 46cr0078626. Thank you!Hello I have a K46A transaxle and I took it off the unit as it would run for 20 minutes and then stop moving. I let it rest for 20 minutes after the oil cooled down and then the unit would run for another 20 minutes. I just saw a video that showed how to drain the oil from it and noticed that there was hardly any oil in the unit, and whatever I was adding thru the air vent would come out after it heated up. Could it just be that I need to add oil to the unit and put it back together instead of rebuilding it? The unit does not whine or make noises when it moves but after 20 minutes it stops. Thanks for your advice!Normally the Residential IHT (K46), which is featured in many tractor & rider models, does not require any servicing for the life of the vehicle. However, if there is a desire to check or replace oil, it may be necessary to remove the transaxle from the vehicle to access the black cap located under the pulley and fan. Due to the design of our units.Hello, There is not an easy swap between transmissions due to the fact that these transmissions are built for the specific tractors that they are installed in. That being said there is a company in Washington, not affiliated with Tuff Torq that has a K66 upgrade. His contact information is below. Roger Daisley R J Ranch 142 Hatley Rd Pullman, WA 99163 (877) 333-8811 roger@jd-k66-upgrade.com

I dont fully understand the oil level. Just fill until it is 4.5mm from the top? Seems like a lot of oilHello, The transmissions are built specifically for the tractor that they are installed in. So swapping is fraught with issues the least of which is the height of the fan and pulley stack up. if it is a K57 than it is either a K57A or a K57K.Hello, Since it does not require the case to split we do not suggest changing the filter. Changing oil is another matter and you can find the lol change information at this link. https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/media/promo/TuffTorq/cc%20K51-K56%20MODELS%20CHECKING%20&%20ADDING%20OIL.pdf

Hydrostat Öl 5W50 für Tuff Torq Getriebe 1 Ltr. Geeignet für alle Honda Geräte wie Rasenmäher, Kleinschlepper, Rasentraktoren, Schneefräsen. Dieses Getriebeöl ist speziell für Hydrostatik Getriebe entwickelt. Bitte beachten Sie die Angaben in der Bedienungsanleitung. Bitte entnehmen Sie dem Bild ob das Öl für Ihr Getriebemodell. I want to remove the KK46BR-JOHN DEERE / 7A646084220 on my 2008 JD X300 to change the oil. It may be sluggish on hills but otherwise this is preventative maint. and the first maint for the K46. I have no leaks or other issues other than sluggish on hills. Is it worth me splitting the case for inspection and cleaning magnets or am I better just to get the TT3 in it and leave well enough alone? Hour meter is @ 261I obtained it from an older gentleman who liked working on lawn and garden equipment. For health reasons, he reluctantly had to stop. He had this transaxle, but couldn’t remember what model or brand of equipment it fit. Very clean unit. Drained the oil (only 1/2 quart approximately) but it was pretty clean and contained no metallic particles. Magnet under fill plug had a slight grey film – appeared to be from normal wear and tear. If you could tell me what equipment it would fit and whether or not it appears to be ok based on the oil and magnetic observations, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Im Set: 2 MANN Ölfilter und 5Ltr 5W50 MotorenÖl zu 79€ inkl Versand Verwenden Sie KEIN anderes Öl als ein 5W50 Dies ist ein sehr breites Mehrbereichsöl das unter anderem in Porsche PKW verwendet wird! Speziell auch für den Motorsport und von AS Motor für den Sherpa vorgeschrieben!!!! Sowohl im Motor als auch im Hydrostat Hello, Tuff Torq has not done any testing on the additive you mentioned. Therefore, I cannot give advice on whether you could use it or the safety or efficacy of the additive. You can add it if you would like but I cannot give advice to do it.

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  1. g leaves and going up a small grade. It has some power going on level ground but will not climb a hill. The case is clean as there are no signs of oil leaking. What should I be looking for?
  2. ated from the list of possible issues. If all is well with the externals, change the oil and see if it helps. If it does, Great, then you had an issue with oil viscosity. If it does not get better or only slightly then you have wear on the internal hydraulic parts that the oil cannot make up for and a repair kit is what you need to replace the worn parts to get your transmission running like new again. You can always contact the service departments friendly service techs at 866.572.3441 or email at salessrvc@tufftorq.com.
  3. I forgot to add the K62 is available on this tractor as an option with the large deck. The linkage could possibly be sourced from Cub Cadet. Thanks.

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Harmonic Drive bersetzungsverhltnis Tuff Torq Hydrostat Rasentraktor 5w50 : Land Rover Discovery Notentriegelung Synchronisation Kraftfahrzeugtechnik: Belarus Untersetzungsgetriebe Mts 52 Schwan Schllinger Feld Wetter Ruhr : Keller Troisdorf Insolvenzverfahren Reduziertes Massentrgheitsmoment: Anzugsdrehmoment lablassschraube Auergewhnliche. Changing fluid (oil) on Tuff Torque K46 transmission. The tractor I used as sample for the video is a HUSQVARNA LGT2654. This tractor has nearly 1500 hours and I have no idea what was the last.

Hello, You need to put the tractor up on jack stands and with the engine at a low idle you engage the forward pedal and leave it on till you see the wheels start to move strongly and then do the same for reverse. If you have help, a second person can open and close the free-wheeling lever in the back of the tractor to get the air out a little faster. Verkauft werden hier drei Liter Öl ORIGINAL für TUFF TORQ Hydrostat Getriebe. 100% Full Synthetic SAE 5W50 Sofort lieferbar . Passend für TUFF TORQ Getriebe.. Falls Sie sich nicht sicher sind, ob dieses Öl in Ihr Getriebe passt, schreiben Sie einfach eine Mail hydrostat (plural hydrostats) A mechanism that regulates the amount of water in a boiler. A muscle tissue, composed mostly of water, that maintains a constant volume during contraction. See also . hygrosta Hello. I have a k46bn on my husqvarna gth2654, i recently broke the left axle somehow and i am trying to figure out what axle repair kit i need for this transmission. Thank youHello, That nut is the cam that sets the neutral on the control lever spring. The transaxle holds 2.3 litres which are 2.4 quarts.

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ive got a tuff torq 46c the only thing i see is a side screw port is this where i check the fluid level and also fill it also axle seal is leaking how do i get it out and install new one do i need to remove axle and split it thanks very much for any accurate adviceHello, If the oil was milky then water has gotten into the unit. it could be that the water is making the hydraulic circuit not build pressure as it should. to check this you can put in fresh oil and try the transmission.

I am looking for T40J hydraulic pump maximum PSI. I could not find anywhere in either tufftorq nor kansaki web site. Do you know where to find it? Continental Conti-tech - $399.99. Continental Conti-tech 5w037, 20026281,100 Ft.air Hose, Pneumatic,500 Psi F S

original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter. EUR 59,90 Compralo Subito 14d 13h. Vedi Dettagli. Reparatur Hydrostat Getriebe Rasentraktor Aufsitzmäher HydroGear TuffTorq. EUR 699,00 Compralo Subito 5d 17h Image Size: Sort: Best Match Ending Newest Most Bids Twee My LTX1045 is leaking oil from the vent valve. I have added oil to the transmission several times and it continues to lead from the vent valve. I do have 125 hrs on it. How do I eliminate this problem?

I have a husqvarna yth24v42ls and I recently noticed the k46cr to be leaking fluid. Is it possible that changing the fluid would resolve the issue? Thanks so much. Have a great day.Hello, Yes, it is. use this part number 19216324360 on our new website tufftorq.ordertree.com and you will be able to order it. 3L Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl 5W50 Getriebeöl. Tuff Torq. 187Q0899000, 168T2099500: Kaufen (EUR 49,00) 1L Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl 5W40 Getriebeöl. Stiga . SAE 5W-40 (75W-90) - API GL-4/GL5: Kaufen (EUR 14,99) 4L Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl 5W40 Getriebeöl. Stiga . SAE 5W-40 (75W-90) - API GL-4/GL5.

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original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter. ORIGINAL TUFF TORQ ÖL Inhalt: 3 Liter Passend für alle hydrostatischen Getriebe Sorgt für optimale Schmierung und Langlebigkeit; Artikeldetail Leitungen & Stecker-genieße 50% Rabatt-XLR-F guld Neutrik Snake Channel 8 2932 Premium XLR-M Gelb 45 Feet Mogami radsb668919 - www.jadepm.co.z

Husqvarna YTH24K48 I understand it uses a K46BT transaxle. When stepping on peddle for forward motion there is a long delay, tractor starts to move slowly until getting to normal speed. If stopped it restarts just as slowly. In reverse no dely at all. Engine runs fine, rpms remain constant. 144 hrs on tractor about 5 years oldHello, The K46CR holds 2.3 litres or 2.4 quarts. The best measure is to fill the transmission until the oil level stabilizes at 1/2 way up the magnet that sits under the sealing cap. That is a good level.First, remove the transaxle from the vehicle following OEM instructions. After placing the transaxle on a bench surface remove the fan & pulley and pry open the black cap and remove magnet (see Fig #1). Invert transaxle to allow the oil to drain from case through the port under the black cap.

I own the John Deere L-120 and the transmission has failed. Imagine that? Any design that requires you to have to remove the transmission to replace the fluid is pure BS. The John Deere Manual says, “The transmission is a sealed unit that requires no maintenance” To add insult to injury they want to charge me more for a replacement than the mower is worth, knowing it won’t last either? Last John Deere anything I will ever own.I have a Craftsman Garden Tractor. It works fine for the last 10 seasons. It started to stop and transaxle winning before it climbed the hill but it cut grasses fine in flat area in 11st season. I removed the transaxle from the tractor today. This is the info from the transaxle: TUFF TORQ 7A632084620 S/N: 66Y – 0002589 HOP PN: 199973 The reservoir has only small oil left in the tank. However, I have not drain the oil from the transaxle yet. There is no leak (as far as I can see from the housing. I would like to change and refill the transaxle fluid. What type of fluid it uses and how much? The reservoir has marks and show the level of fluid. However, there is no dip stick on the transaxle housing. How do I know that it is the right amount of fluid? original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter. CHF 63,32 (CHF 21,11/L) 60 verkauft. ECHO CS-281 WESC Carving Motorsäge Kettensäge 30cm Schnitzen Carvingsäge . CHF 453,51. 53 Beobachter. original Castel Garden Keilriemen Rasentraktor Fahrantrieb TC TCP 102 122 Hydro Hello, It would seem that the oil is not able to make up the difference for the wear on the hydraulic parts. You would need a repair kit which is a complete hydraulic rebuild. You can contact the helpful techs in the Service Department at salessrvc@tufftorq.com or call at 866.572.3441.

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  1. Hello Mr Briceno, It sounds like there could be wear on the internal hydraulic parts. The oil is using this to escape pressure especially after it warms up and thins out. After checking everything externally like the pulleys and the linkage your best option would be to rebuild the hydraulic system or replace the transmission. You can order parts right off of the website: https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/. And as always you can call the helpful service techs in the Service Department at 866.572.3441.
  2. g noise when I engage the transaxle. The article above seems to contradict itself in regards to an oil change. First paragraph says “Normally the Strider™ transaxle (K46), that is featured in many tractor & rider models, does not require any servicing for the life of the vehicle.” Then “In heavy usage applications oil changing is recommended after the 1st 50 hours of operation and every 200 hours, thereafter.” What is “heavy usage?” and should I take the transaxle out and change the fluid? Thank you so much!
  3. traktor rasenm her. Germany (DE) » traktor rasenm he
  4. I replaced the original k46 transmission in my x300 which wouldn’t move once it warmed up with a new replacement k46br from john deere. I now have 15 hours on the new transmission, how often should I change the oil in it so it doesn’t do the same as the first one? What is the best way to drain the oil out and where do I get new oil for it?
  5. Dear Sirs, I have a 2554 Husqvarna lawn tractor. I had a problem with it when it gets warmed up it doesn”t want to go up hills. I took the transaxle out and disassembled it. the only thing I seen any wear was the springs in the motor and pump. All pistons and cylinders looked very clean with almost play or wear on the chrome of the pistons. I replaced the springs with new ones, put it back together. and it goes forward in reverse. and backs up in forward. Can you tell me what I may have done to cause this? Should I have replaced the pump and motor?
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  1. utos de trabajo pierde toda la fuerza y ya cambie el aceite y el problema persiste 🙁 ¿que es lo que estara pasando?
  2. Hello, I would need a little more information to help you. I need the serial number of the pump to know which one it is so I can get you the information on oil.
  3. Greetings. My 2018 Cub Cadet XT2 came with a K46 transmission. Due to the terrain on my property I am compelled to use tire chains even in good weather. Is there a transmission (K 62 perhaps?) with a locker option that I can swap in easily?
  4. 3L TUFF TORQ hydrostatic transmission 100% full synthetic SAE 5W50 Suitable for Hydrostatic transmission. 3 liters TUFF TORQ gearbox were installed by many well-known garden technology manufacturers. For repairs or oil changes recommends TUFF TORQ you 5W50 fully synthetic oil to replace the original oil 10W30 API TUFF TORQ recommends the 1st Change the oil after approx. 100 operating hours
  5. Parece que podría haber desgaste en las piezas hidráulicas internas. El aceite lo usa para escapar de la presión, especialmente después de que se calienta y se adelgaza. Después de revisar todo externamente, como las poleas y el enlace, su mejor opción sería reconstruir el sistema hidráulico o reemplazar la transmisión. Puede solicitar piezas directamente desde el sitio web: https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/ . Y como siempre, puede llamar a los técnicos de servicio útiles en el Departamento de Servicio al 866.572.3441.
  6. original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter . Zum Angebot * 59,90. Herstellernummer2 168T2099500; Besonderheiten Original; Marke Tuff Torq; Modell Hydrostatgetriebe; Herstellernummer 187Q0899000; Maßeinheit L; Produktart.
  7. Mein Geländemäher hat das Hydrostat-Getriebe TuffTorq K62/k66. Als Herstellerangabe zum geeigneten Öl für das Hydrostatgetriebe finde ich nur: SAE 10W-3
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I have a Cub Cadet LT46 with k46 drive in it. I can cut for about an hour and after that it quits moving. Any info would be great on this. Just oil change or rebuild? I am leaning towards an oil change cause when it does pull it pull great with no issues. I have cleaned all debris from around it to make sure it’s breathing good. Fan on top is also good.Hello, That side screw is the cam that sets the neutral for the control lever spring. You check the oil level at the sealing cap under the fan and pully near the front of the transmission. There is a magnet under it and you should have oil about a third of the way up the magnet. On the website https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/ there is a “need help” tab and in there you can find the procedure for changing the axle seals.

Normally the Residential IHT (K46), that is featured in many tractor & rider models, does not require any servicing for the life of the vehicle. However, if there is a desire to check or replace oil, it may be necessary to remove the transaxle from the vehicle to access the black cap located under the pulley & fan. Due to the design of our units Thank you ggraham. Oil seal changed and oil replaced. No leaks but had to replace a shaft spacer as it was nye on welded to the shaft but got it off. There is still a groan/whine when getting up to speed/under load, is this normal? It’s an old unit so won’t be perfect but almost sounds like it’s hurting! Noises don’t bother so if this is normal then I’m fine with it. Thanks again ÖL Service Teilesatz für Hydrostat Getriebe VST 205-025 C Peerless Tecumseh Artikelzustand: Neu: Neuer, unbenutzter und unbeschädigter Artikel in nicht geöffneter Originalverpackung (soweit eine Verpackung vorhanden ist) Hello, you can use a 10W-30 or 5W-50 synthetic motor oil. Our Tuff Tech Oil is best and you can order it right off the website using the part number 187Q0899000.

Hi, I have a K46BE in my JD L130. I changed the filter and oil using Tuff Tech recommended oil. The trans drive belt started to slip badly. I replaced the belt and much improvement. But, it still slips going up a grade, even with a helper spring on the tensioner. Do I need to go to a lighter weight oil? I read that JD uses 30 weight.Hello, that is a T40A transmission which is very similar to a K46. it is shipped with 10W-30 motor oil so you can use that or the John Deere oil J20C.I bought my tuff torq last year. It did good for the first year. this year It started cutting grass foreword and reverse no problem. then It quit,will not go in any direction. what is my problem? I probably put 12 hours on it last year.

Sorry one more question…. The sticker on my JD D160 K46 says 7A646084121. Can you tell me the oil capacity? TuffTorq hatte ursprünglich vollsynthetisches 5W30 Motoröl im Hydrostat. In der Zwischenzeit wird 5W50 empfohlen. Als mein Mäher letztes Jahr auch bei zunehmender Temperatur Leistungsschwäche zeigte, habe ich das Hydrostatöl und den Filter gewechselt. Das Altöl war so schwarz wie von einem Dieselmotor.. Neues Öl rein und alles war wieder. Hello, It would be a good Idea to try to change the oil in the unit. That is a great first troubleshooting step to take. You can check all the externals and make sure they are working correctly. If it gets better than it was the oil if not then you know that the hydraulic parts are probably worn. original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter. EUR 59,90 + Spedizione . Quasi esaurito. John Deere Wartungsset Rasentraktor LG265 X300R X350R X300 X320 X534 Wartung . EUR 58,95 + Spedizione. Quasi esaurito

HYDROSTAT GETRIEBE TUFF Torq K46 K46BD Rasentraktor John

Hi, I have a 7A646024041 which has a small leak from the right shaft. Just wanted to confirm it is just the seal that is likely require repair (Seal 19*32*8) and if this can be replaced without breaking the unit down? Also it barely moves when under load after being used for a half hour. Replacement oil? Thanks AMSOIL AUTO & LIGHT TRUCK LOOKUP GUIDE Disclaimer and Technical Concerns Specifications contained on this website are based on manufacturers' information and were believed accurate at the time of publication. Our recommendations apply to AMSOIL products only, as we cannot be responsible for products from other manufacturers Hello, You can contact the company listed below for options in upgrading your K46. Roger Daisley R J Ranch 142 Hatley Rd Pullman, WA 99163 (877) 333-8811 roger@jd-k66-upgrade.com

I re did the seals in my tuff torq k46s transmission. Now when I press the forward pedal it goes backwards and the reverse petal it goes forwards. Anyone come across this before? Tuff Torq Hydrostat 5w50: Aus den Vorgaben der Tuff Torq Hydrostat 5w50 Planung wird das Design des Fahrzeuges abgeleitet. Hier wird das sptere Aussehen des Fahrzeuges im Wesentlichen festgelegt (Cubingmodell ). Schon hier kann sich entscheiden, wie gut sich das Auto spter verkaufen lsst Castrol® EDGE® is a full synthetic motor oil that is engineered for drivers who want only the best from their engines. Castrol EDGE with Fluid Titanium, is the natural choice for drivers who demand maximum performance and protection from their cars. Unlock exhilarating performance with every drive I have Model # 40A-01250943 in a JD L108. Its starting to whine. Want to change the fluid. Is this the K46 trans, and what fluid (vicosity) does it take? Thanks.

Hello, You have installed the wedge-shaped motor housing upside down. Flip it around 180 degrees and it will fix the issue. So if the wide side is towards you put it down so that the thin side is towards you. Or vice versa.How can you “purge the air” with the transaxle on the bench? I’ve read the procedure to do it with the transaxle installed, but on a John Deere D160, I’d then have to pull it back out to top off the oil since there is no access to the top of the transaxle. Lieblings 4L Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebe Rasentraktor 5W40 &MB_35 - über: www.ebay.de. Atemberaubend Rasenmäher Öl Test 2018 • Die 10 besten Rasenmäher Öle im &LZ_19 - über: www.rasenmaeher-im-test.de. Berühmt ÖL 5W50 3 Liter ORIGINAL für alle TUFF TORQ Hydrostat - Getriebe #HN_13 - Source: picclick.d 5Ltr. Hydrostat- Getriebe 10W50 für Aufsitzmäher, Tuff Torq,Transmission-Oel; MTD Motorriemenscheibe Rasentraktoren Serie 600 Hydrostat 1994 bis 2004; original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter; original Tuff Torq Kanzaki Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebe Rasentraktor 5W 50 When my cadet had 25 hours on it the oil leaked out and ruined the ‘Non-serviceable’ transaxle. You replaced it. Now it has 125 hours on it, same thing happened. This time You say ‘out of warranty’ . It has been sitting dead, all shiny and new, for four years now. Ask me if I’ll EVER buy or recommend another of your products!!!

Top-Angebote für Hydrostat Öl online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken Günstige Preise Große Auswahl Öl 5W50 3 Liter ORIGINAL für alle TUFF TORQ Hydrostat - Getriebe. EUR 66,00. Lieferung an Abholstation. EUR 6,00 Versand. 70 verkauft. 4,0 Liter originales Hydrostat Getriebeöl 5W-40 75W-90 passend für Tuff Torq Tuff Torq Transmission oil change. Not a full fluid change but better than nothing. Easy enough to do every 20 hrs. instead of every 200 hours. at $10 per quart of oil VS $650 plus labor for a new. original Tuff Torq Hydrostat Öl Hydrostatöl Getriebeöl Rasentraktor 5W50 3 Liter. $65.13 Stiga Park Rasentraktor Kanzaki Tuff Torq K 46 Getriebe Pumpenwelle Lager Dichtu. original Stiga Getriebeumbausatz für Tuff Toq K46. original Artikelnr.

Cub Cadet Model #13W1A4CA010. Loss of power up hills. Axle seal was bad, leaked all the trans fluid out. replaced the seal, used 15W-40 motorcycle oil to replenish, better power now, but still hesitates. am I better off rebuilding the trans or is there another trick I could try? If recommended to rebuild, where could I purchase the rebuild kit. This Transmission is K46 ETC. Also, the mower had ran for quit some time before the notice of any power loss. at one point, the mower stopped moving forcing me to troubleshoot and repair. Also, when i went in to fill the fluid, had to replace the fan as there were no blades on it (who knows how many hours of operation under this condition). Thinking the trans overheated, blew the axle seal, leaked out the fuid, (because i was stupid and didn’t notice) continued using all up until it totally stopped moving.Hello, Purging air on the bench does not get the build-up of RPMs to make the transaxle run strongly. Typically a drill will not get you the power you need to do this quickly. It is best to install the transmission back into the tractor and purge it up on jack stands. Filling the typical K46 with oil halfway up the magnet is a good level for the oil to be at pre-air purge.Hello, I am sorry but I do not have good tractor data for Cub Cadet. I would need the serial number of the transmission that is found on a bar code sticker that is on the case of the transmission close to one of the axles. Normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. get the serial number and i can give you a link to the transmission on the new website so you can purchase parts.

Hello, I have a k46; is there a torque setting for the bolts that hold the bottom sump on. My bolts were loosened with the intent to drop the sump but this was not required so the sump was not removed or the seal broken. Öl 5W50 3 Liter ORIGINAL für alle TUFF TORQ Hydrostat - Getriebe. Bei Reparaturen oder Ölwechsel empfiehlt TUFF TORQ ihr 5W50 vollsynthetisches Öl als Ersatz des original genutzten Öles 10W30 API Class Motoröl. 100% Full Synthetic SAE 5W50. TUFF TORQ Hydrostat Getriebe. eBa Hello, Yes I recommend you start with changing the oil. your best oil is our Tuff Tech oil that you can get from our new website https://tufftorq.ordertree.com and the part number is 187Q0899000 and you need one 3 liter bottle as your transmission holds 2.3 liters.Hello Mr. French, Yes, changing the oil is a good idea. The oil in the transmission will breakdown over time and keeping fresh oil in the transmission will definitely help it run. We do recommend 5W-50 synthetic oil for your change and have an excellent blend that will help the unit run longer. You can always contact the helpful techs at the Service Department if you have any further questions.

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