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The attack prompted the Finnish Government, Members of Parliament and the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö to discuss fast-tracking the intelligence and surveillance bill in motion to prevent future attacks.[45][46] The bill proposed to enhance national security against serious threats with both civilian and military intelligence; it included new surveillance powers such as network traffic surveillance and intelligence gathering abroad.[47][48] Prime Minister Juha Sipilä commented on the need for intelligence gathering reform that "it should be obvious from a constitutional standpoint that the right to life is a more precious fundamental right than the right to privacy in light of the Turku event."[49] Similarly, the event sparked discussion on adjusting asylum and immigration policies, such as returning rejected asylum seekers more rigorously and increasing judicial deterrent on illegal stays. Director of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service Antti Pelttari believed deportation centres for rejected asylum seekers and intensified returns would be beneficial from a security point of view.[50][51] Interior Minister Paula Risikko did not find the suggestion feasible—as the residents of such centres are not placed under constant surveillance, but are only required to check in regularly.[52] The brewery is in a converted school house, built in 1889, and they’ve kept elements of the school theme both in the decor and the names of their beer. What I loved most here was that the pub spreads out into several of the old school rooms, so even on the weekends it won’t get too crowded, and apparently there’s a good mixture of both young and old people visiting. Real Estate Directory in Turku, Finland: apartments, cottages, commercial properties, land, total 28. Choose by price, photos, location on the map

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Yle also reported that the police were at the time monitoring approximately 100 young asylum seeker men in the Southwest Finland area and that police believed Bouanane had radicalized fairly quickly during August; for example, his behaviour and clothing style had changed.[20] Bouanane was not one of the 350 individuals monitored by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service for terrorism-prevention purposes.[21] Bengtskär is the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries. Paula Wilson, the lighthouse keeper there, explains the magic of the historical building and its surroundings. HC TPS o Turku is ane o the maist successfu teams in Finnish ice hockey history. It plays in the Finnish tap league, SM-liiga. HC TPS haes won the naitional championship 11 times, the latest bein frae saison 2009-2010. HK Arena, locatit in the Artukainen destrict, is uised as the venue for HC TPS gemmes.

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  1. Map of Europe showing Turku in Finland. Turku prides itself on its food scene. Many of the best restaurants are on the riverfront, but the most highly rated, Kaskis , is a short walk away up one.
  2. Thare are an aa daily ferry services frae the Port o Turku tae Swaden an the Åland Islands, operatit i Silja Line, Viking Line an SeaWind Line. Thir are something o a Finnish cultural tradeetion (see ruotsinlaiva), an fowk eften traivel lang distances across Finland tae Turku juist tae tak a cruise across the Gulf o Bothnie.
  3. Turku (Swedish: Åbo) is Finland's second city - or first, by some accounts, as it was the capital until 1812. The majestic Turun Linna (Turku Castle) and ancient Turun Tuomiokirkko (Turku Cathedral) - both dating from the 13th century - are testament to the city's long and storied past
  4. Turku Airport is locatit 8 kilometres (5 miles) tae the north o the ceety centre, partly in the neighbourin municipality o Rusko.
  5. I was a little wary of visiting Turku in winter, because I always thought of it as more of a summer destination, but actually I found it really lovely in January. The River Aura was frozen over – apparently when it’s cold enough people can even ice skate on the river – and on my last day the city got a light dusting of snow which made the colorful buildings even more picturesque.
  6. Acause o its lang history, it haes been the steid o mony important events an haes extensively influenced Finnish history. Alang wi Tallinn, the caipital ceety o Estonie, Turku wis designatit the European Caipital o Cultur for 2011. In 1996 it wis declared the offeecial Christmas Ceety o Finland.[9]


The Turku Bus Station an the Turku Central Railway Station are currently locatit in different places. The Ceety o Turku is plannin tae combine thir twa in a new greater station complex in the near future. This new traivel centre will conseest o a hotel an several shoppin estates. This centre will connect aw public transportation frae commuter trains tae lang distance buses. For a ceety o its size, Turku haes a moderate public transport network o bus routes, which is comparable tae bus network o seemilar-sized Tampere. The bus network is managed an supervised bi the Ceety o Turku Public Transport Office (Finnish: Turun joukkoliikennetoimisto, Swadish: Åbo kollektivtrafikkontor), an is operatit mainly bi private companies.[citation needit] Regional buses are operatit bi private companies, maist importantly TLO, wi very frequent services especially tae the neighbourin ceeties o Naantali, Raisio, an Kaarina. This webcam Turku with the theme Harbors was added on August 30, 2007 and is operated by Port of Turku.It got 32515 visitors since then. If this camera doesn't work or should the link be wrong please report that here.You can add this webcam here to myCams Book your Hotel near Turku Airport, Turku. No reservation costs. Great rate Kaskis is featured in the Michelin Guide and Nordic White Guide, which to be honest is something that might actually put me off because I hate very formal restaurants, so I was so pleased to find the atmosphere in Kaskis really laidback.

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Wi a population o approximately 300,000[citation needit], the Turku Region (LAU 1) is the third lairgest urban region in Finland, efter Greater Helsinki an the aurie aroond Tampere. The region includes, in addition tae the ceety itsel the follaein municipalities: Askainen, Kaarina, Lemu, Lieto, Masku, Merimasku, Mynämäki, Naantali, Nousiainen, Paimio, Piikkiö, Raisio, Rusko, Rymättylä, Sauvo, Vahto an Velkua. Once a full-time nomad, I'm now trying to find a balance between continuing to explore off the beaten path places around the world while also building a home in Norway. Want to know more? Head to my About page!The business destrict in the ceety's economy is centred on the Port o Turku an ither service-orientit industries. The ceety is an aa a renowned high-tech centre – the Turku Science Park aurie in Kupittaa hosts ower 300 companies[citation needit] frae the fields o biotechnology an information technology, as well as several institutions o heicher learnin that wirk in closely wi the business sector. This cooperative element is seen as a parteecularly important factor wi regards tae the ceety's expectit future economic development, as outlined in the Turku Strategy that is published annually bi the ceety cooncil.[citation needit] At least the follaein major Finnish companies hae thair corporate headquarters in Turku: HKScan an Hesburger. Ither major companies which hae operations in Turku include Bayer, Fläkt Woods, Meyer Werft, Orion Corporation an Wärtsilä. Today, MEYER TURKU has around 1,400 employees and is a major employer in Southwest Finland but also throughout the maritime network in Finland. It is remarkable that, all combined, the Finnish maritime cluster employs over 40, 000 people The 2017 Turku attack took place on 18 August 2017 at around 16:02-16:05 local time when 10 people were stabbed in central Turku, Southwest Finland.Two women were killed in the attack and eight people sustained injuries. It remains the only terrorist attack ever in Finland.. Police were informed at 16:02. Three minutes later the attacker, Abderrahman Bouanane, a Moroccan rejected asylum.

If you are an employee, entrepreneur, student, returnee, refugee, asylum seeker or family member of a person living in Finland, you will find information particularly suited to your situation in life on these InfoFinland webpages. From these webpage, you will find the information you need quickly and in a concise form Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive updates and stories from my world travels and life in Norway! Turku (Swedish: Åbo) is the oldest city and former capital of Finland.It was settled during the 13th century, making it one of the only few - and by far the largest - medieval cities in Finland. Turku is the cradle of Finnish culture, since over the years it has played an important role as the gateway to Finland for international influence At the end o 2004 the Turku region (includin the economic destricts o Turku an Åboland) haed a population o 319,632, oot o which 174,824 fowk lived in the ceety o Turku. The ceety's population density is 718 indwallers per square kilometre.[24] Welcome to study at the University of Turku. We educate future experts and leaders. Find a suitable education and build your future career with us. Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. Build your future career with us! Find the right programme for you. Doctoral training. Welcome to the Student City of Turku. exchange studies

The centre of Turku was cordoned off after the attack, which took place just after 4pm local time, although the area was reopened several hours later. The city is a former capital of Finland and. Thank you for your applications! - The application period to Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes has ended. - See the instructions for new students. The number of applicants to TUAS increased considerably. Turku University of Applied Sciences reached the highest possible level Joint application to English-language programmes started Turku retains its enchanting old town feel while increasingly becoming a culinary hub. For both budget-dining and fine-dining Turku offers excellent eateries that will flick your taste buds and make visitors go back for seconds. When hungry, along Aura River there’s plenty of places to choose from. Besides the restaurants in dry land, one can satisfy their appetite on the boats floating in the river.89.4% o Turku's population speak Finnish as thair [[native leidile 5.2% speak Swedish. The next maist widely spoken languages are Roushie (1.3%), Arabic (0.6%), Albanie (0.5%). 95.8% o the population are Finnish ceetizens, an the maist sizeable minorities are frae Roushie, Estonia, Iraq, an Iran. Lik aw ither Finnish ceeties, Turku daes nae collect information aboot the ethnic an releegious makeup o its population.[25] How do you recognise a medieval European town? Some say it is the riverfront, the market square, the castle and the cathedral. That sounds familiar – in fact, that sounds like Turku! Turku is not only the one city in Finland to meet all of the above criteria, but also a vibrant modern city of many events and a European Capital of Culture in 2011.

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Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova combines history, archaeology and contemporary art with hands-on activities and…At 19:00 local time on 18 August 2017, the police held a press conference where they reported that the nature of the attack had not yet been established.[59][60][61] On 19 August at 14:00 local time, the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) announced that the arrested main suspect was an 18-year-old Moroccan man, and that the case was suspected to be a terrorist attack.[62][63] NBI reported that police had raided a flat in the Varissuo suburb of Turku, home to a large immigrant population, and an asylum-seekers' reception centre in the Pansio suburb of Turku overnight between 18 and 19 August. Four more persons were arrested while one person was placed under an international arrest warrant. A white Fiat Ducato belonging to one of the suspects was seized during the raids.[64][65] In 1918, a new varsity, the Åbo Akademi – the anly Swadish leid varsity in Finland – wis foondit in Turku. Twa years later, the Finnish leid Varsity o Turku wis foondit alangside it. Thir twa varsities are the seicont an third tae be foondit in Finland, baith bi private donations.

At around 16:02 local time, Bouanane, armed with the two knives, stabbed four people at the west corner of Market Square.[26][27][28] The Emergency Response Centre alerted all nearby police patrols to the incident.[29] Bouanane stabbed six more people while yelling "Allahu akbar" and running towards Puutori, approximately 465 metres (1,526 ft) away. Bystanders intervened in the attacks and chased the attacker while simultaneously warning other people.[23][30][31] When police confronted Bouanane stabbing a victim at street address Brahenkatu 14 near Puutori, he ignored verbal orders and was immobilised with a single shot to the thigh and a taser at 16:05. He was given first aid and taken into custody.[26][29][32][23] Which one have you done? Was it a long guide tour? One day? Or did you do a three days tour by a guide? Turku Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures °F. Last 2 weeks of weather. See weather overview. 2 Week Extended Forecast in Turku, Finland. Scroll right to see more Conditions Comfort Precipitation Sun; Day Temperature Weather Feels Like Wind Humidity Chance Amount UV Sunrise Sunset; Thu May 14 Turku is the oldest city of Finland and was founded in 1229. Turku has a compact size, perfect for exploring the exciting mixture of old and new. Reasonable living costs with many housing options, active student community, vivid cultural life and a variety of outdoor recreation possibilities guarantee that Turku offers the best quality of life.

The fourth remanded accessory suspect was released from detention and cleared of charges on 1 September, leaving Bouanane as the only one remaining in custody.[92][93][94] Bouanane was ordered on 12 October by the district court to undergo a psychiatric evaluation—a request he had made early into the investigation;[95] the results determined that Bouanane was fully aware of his actions.[96] On 19 October, the Finnish Government established an independent inquiry team to investigate the stabbing and provide recommendations on how new attacks could be prevented.[97] NBI held a press conference on 7 February 2018 to report that the investigation was concluded and the material, spanning some 1,400 pages, would be forwarded to the Finnish Prosecution Office. During the same press conference, the Finnish Security Intelligence Service reiterated that there was no apparent need to change the terrorist threat level from level two ("elevated").[4][25] Bouanane was charged by the prosecution with two counts of murder with terrorist intent and eight counts of attempted murder with terrorist intent on 27 February 2018.[98] According to the relevant authorities, the defendant had been acting compos mentis and was therefore competent to stand trial.[99] The case came before the district court of Southwest Finland, the court of first instance under whose jurisdiction Turku comes. The preliminary hearing began on 20 March.[100] The actual trial started on 9 April, and was expected to last until mid-May.[101]

The newspaper, Turun Sanomat, an aa operates a regional televeesion station, cried Turku TV. The Finnish naitional broadcaster, Yleisradio, screens local news, daily frae Monday tae Friday, for the Soothwast Finland (includin the regions o Finland Proper an Satakunta) residents. Aw Finnish naitional TV channels are viewable an naitional radio channels audible in the Turku aurie. In addeetion, a nummer o local radio stations, e.g. Auran Aallot, Radio Sata an Radio Robin Hood are operational. Local public service radio stations are YLE Turun Radio in Finnish language (the regional version o YLE Radio Suomi) an YLE Radio Vega Åboland in Swadish leid (the regional version o YLE Radio Vega). The second-largest university in Finland is the University of Turku, where just over 20,000 students are enrolled. Ranked 276 th in the world, the university has its main campus in Turku, in the southwest of Finland, but it also has faculties at Rauma, Pori and Salo. The University of Turku was established in 1920, following donations from more than 22,000 citizens Awtho airchaeological findins in the aurie date back tae the Stane Age, the toun o Turku wis foondit in late 13t century.[12] The Cathedral o Turku wis consecratit in 1300.[13] Officially, Turku has been on the map by the Aurajoki river since 1229, and the buzz hasn’t stopped since. In the summer the city overflows with events and festivals: tango, middle age, music, theatre, art, design and much more.

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In 1827, Turku Finland experienced the most devastating fire that any Nordic city has ever seen. This significant moment in Finland's history saw 75 percent of the city laid to waste. Among the structures that were badly damaged was the Turku Cathedral, which thanks to renovations, still stands to this day Parking. There are about 650 parking places in the Tyks Main Hospital area to patients and visitors in three multi-storey car parks (buildings nr 16, 17 and 23 on the map in Finnish), and open car parks on the Hospital Hill and around A-, U- and T-hospitals.The newest multi-storey car park (building nr 23) opened 1st of August 2019 A comfortable hotel with a popular and laid-back restaurant in the centre of Turku, along a promenade and next to the Market Square. The Hansa shopping centre is located across from the hotel, and the banks of the Aurajoki River are just a short walk away. Read more about Scandic Plaza Turku

Bouanane reportedly identified as a soldier of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He had been radicalised three months before the stabbing took place. During the investigation, he was discovered possessing ISIS propaganda material and a video of him reciting a manifesto. Turku Titans is a lacrosse club based in Turku wi a relevantly successfu history wi three siller medals an ane gowd medal in the naitional lacrosse league in Finland. The Titans weemen's team haes an aa haed a successfu history.[33] The FIL U19 2012 World Lacrosse Championships are an aa held in the ceety.[34]

In December 2017, a Facebook fundraiser was launched to financially support Hassan Zubier who was injured while assisting another victim of the attack.[53] On 25 June 2018, Zubier became the first foreign person to be awarded Finland's Life Saving Medal for helping a victim and protecting others during the attack.[54] On 19 July 2018, he was also presented the George Medal for his actions.[55] I’m not the biggest museum fan, but I learned so much about Turku’s history by visiting the archeological site here. They also have contemporary art exhibitions (which I didn’t have time to check out), and if you visit on the weekend you can have brunch at the adjacent M Kitchen & Cafe.Smör offers delicately prepared food by professional chefs in the kitchen as well as skilled…

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  1. Turku, the oldest city in Finland, is located on the southwest coast of Finland. Turku is famous for its unique and beautiful archipelago. Turku is a vivid and international university city with 190 000 habitants. Helsinki and Tampere are only 2-hour drive away and Turku airport offers good alternative connections such as daily direct flights.
  2. About Turku. Hostelworld.com brings you online bookings at the best selection of hostels in Turku. Read customer reviews of Turku hostels, view youth hostels on map of Turku and avail of special offers such as free SMS confirmations. And why not check out our pick for the best things to see and do in Turku while you're there
  3. Instructions for Passengers Restrictions to travel are gradually eased, first for commuting for employment. Recreational travel is still not recommended. If you do travel, please check these instructions.
  4. Turku is a city on the southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of the Aura River, in the region of Southwest Finland. Turku, as a town, was settled during the 13th century and founded most likely.
  5. The terrorist threat in the EU in 2016 emanated from remotely directed individuals operating alone or in small groups, and those that may have been inspired by terrorist propaganda, but not directed. The former are receiving direction and personal instruction from, and are possibly being facilitated by, a terrorist organisation. The latter are individual attackers, possibly but not necessarily being helped by family and/or friends as accomplices. They are inspired by jihadist propaganda and messaging, but not necessarily receiving personal direction or instruction from any group.[9]

Get prayer times in Turku. Calculate Islamic namaz timing in Turku, Finland for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.-Muslim World League (MWL Linja-autoliikenteen aikataulut, pakettipalvelut yrityksille ja yksityisille. Matkahuollosta matkat ja paketit helposti joka puolelle Suomea Turku (to͝or`ko͞o), Swed. Åbo, city (1998 pop. 170,931), capital of Western Finland prov., SW Finland, at the mouth of the Aurajoki River on the Baltic Sea. The center of the fertile agricultural region of SW Finland, it is also the country's largest winter port and an important industrial city 7 Mistakes People Make When Trying to See the Northern Lights in NorwayTallinn’s Quirky Little Secret: KalamajaWhere to Go in Norway If You Only Visit One PlaceChiang Mai’s Tastiest MarketFiled Under: blog, FinlandThe Turku region haes an aa brought forth mony prominent personalities, includin the marshal, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim.

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The International Sociological Association's Research Committee 28 invites all scholars working in the field of social stratification and social mobility to contribute to its next annual Spring Meeting.. The 2020 meeting will take place at the University of Turku, Finland, from August 26-28, 2020.The meeting will be held under the conference theme of Accumulation and compensation of. Turku Tourism: Tripadvisor has 24,605 reviews of Turku Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Turku resource

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Maybe I’m a little too obsessed with Finland, or maybe Finns just really know how to build cities.Rail traffeck tae an frae Turku is handled bi the Finnish naitional carrier, VR. The nummer o services haes fallen an anly the railways towards Tampere an Helsinki are nou in uise. The railway stations currently uised for passenger traffeck are the Turku Central railway station in Pohjola, an twa smawer stations in Kupittaa an the Port o Turku.

Linnankatu 32, Turku 20110, Finland Our hotel's ideal location and excellent architecture have drawn noteworthy attention and a significant guest list since it opened in 1974. The Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, Turku was featured in American architecture journals and quickly became a favored accommodation for business travelers as well as. Efter the Finnish War, which ended whan Swaden ceded Finland tae Imperial Roushie at the Treaty o Fredrikshamn in 1809, Turku acame briefly the offeecial caipital, but suin lost the status tae Helsinki, as Emperor Alexander I felt that Turku wis too far frae Roushie an too aligned wi Swaden tae serve as the caipital o the Grand Duchy o Finland.[citation needit] The chynge offeecially teuk place in 1812. The govrenment offices that remained in Turku war finally moved tae the new caipital efter the Great Fire o Turku, which awmaist completely destroyed the ceety in 1827.[citation needit] Efter the fire, a new an safer ceety plan wis drawn up bi German architect Carl Ludvig Engel, who haed an aa designed the new caipital, Helsinki. Turku remained the lairgest ceety in Finland for anither twinty years.

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Turku haes a langer eddicational history than ony ither Finnish ceety – the first schuil in the ceety, the Cathedral School, wis foondit alang wi the Cathedral o Turku in the late 13t century. The first varsity in Finland, the "The Ryal Academy o Turku" (nou Varsity o Helsinki), wis established in the ceety in 1640. In 1820, the first school in Finland conformin tae the Bell-Lancaster method wis foondit in Turku wi the aim o makin primary eddication mair inclusive tae the lawer classes. Many living in Turku have been deeply disturbed by the fact that the attack took place in Finland, a country often described as one of the safest in the world. As early as the day after the attack, our brothers listened empathetically and offered spiritual comfort while witnessing in the market square and in the door-to-door ministry I wish I was like you, so that travel all the corner of this earth. These places are amazing. You’re obviously happy doing whatever makes you feel happy.I love Finnish market halls, and I think the one in Turku might be my favorite. They’re a great place to sample local products, and this one also has several little cafes and restaurants as well that make for a cosy spot to take a break on a cold winter’s day.

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service deemed that the terrorist threat assessment level would remain unchanged from level two ("elevated").[66] According to the Service's assessment at the time, Bouanane's profile was similar to that of several other recent radical Islamist terrorist attacks that have taken place in Europe and the Service considered the incident to be the first suspected terrorist strike in Finland.[67] On the morning of 20 August, NBI conducted an approximately 45 minute re-enactment of the event at Market Square and Puutori as a normal method of investigating serious crimes. Additional locations were searched in the Runosmäki suburb of Turku and persons connected to the case were interviewed. NBI gathered photographic and video evidence from the public through a WhatsApp account.[68][69][70] The school is intended for foreign-born children living temporarily or permanently in the Turku region and for Finnish children returning to Finland after years abroad. IMPORTANT! The new first graders Welcome to school -event scheduled for Wednesday the 6 th of May 2020 has been canceled due to coronavirus You don’t have to be an avid sailor with experience of sailing the Seven Seas to fully enjoy the uniqueness of the Turku Archipelago. Among the world’s largest – and to some among its most beautiful – the archipelago is accessible by foot, bike, connecting vessels, ferries, car or waterbus.

The autonomous Finnish province of Åland is located in the Baltic Sea between mainland Finland and Sweden. Cultural venues in Turku include several theatres, cinemas, an airt galleries, an a ceety philharmonic orchestra. The ceety's cultural centre organises a nummer o regular events, maist notably the Medieval Mercat in Julie each year. Turku is an aa the offeecial Christmas ceety o Finland, an 'Christmas Peace' in Finland is declared on every 24 December frae the Brinkkala Hall balcony. The Turku Music Festival an the rock festival Ruisrock (held on the island o Ruissalo) are amang the auldest o its kynd in Scandinavie. The ceety an aa hosts anither rock festival, Down by the Laituri, an ane o the lairgest electronic music festivals in Northren Europe, UMF[32] (Uuden Musiikin Festivaali, "New Music Festival"), in addition tae a vibrant nightlife, centred on the Market Square.

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Looking for cheap flights to Turku from airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Frontier, and more? Compare prices on Expedia to get the best flight deals and promotions for Turku flights before you book On 26 August, NBI reported that they had released the second suspect arrested on 23 August and cleared the person of all charges.[86] On 27 August, it was reported that Abderrahman Mechkah was not the main suspect's real name, nor was he 18-years old as previously thought. He was later confirmed to be 22-year-old Abderrahman Bouanane.[73][87] Two of the remanded suspects were released and cleared of all charges on 31 August.[88] Reports also described the suspect placed under an international arrest warrant as a 23-year-old Finnish citizen born in Uzbekistan suspected of supporting Bouanane's radical thoughts.[89] (As of September 2018, the wanted suspect had contacted NBI with the intent to clear the matter, but he had not been questioned nor was his exact location known.)[90] NBI commented that the investigation will continue for months in part due to the need to translate Arabic material.[91][40]

Turku Weather Forecasts. Weather Underground provides local & long-range weather forecasts, weatherreports, maps & tropical weather conditions for the Turku area Turku has the advantage of being close to some of Finland’s most beautiful scenery on the archipelago, which I spent two days exploring after leaving the city. But if you want a quick nature escape, head to Kurjenrahka National Park! I did a 6 kilometer hike around the lake here (it’s totally flat, so quite easy) and the views were beautiful.

The historic former capital of Finland is known for both its quaint cobblestone streets and active nightlife, making it the perfect place for those looking for some variety. And getting there has never been easier: our new Turku Express train takes you directly from Helsinki to Turku in just over an hour and a half Turku (Finnish pronunciation: (); Swadish: Åbo ()) is a ceety on the soothwast coast o Finland at the mooth o the Aura River, in the region o Finland Proper.Turku, as a toun, wis settled durin the 13t century an foondit maist likely at the end o the 13t century, makin it the auldest ceety in Finland About Southwest Finland Working Studying Business Living Job openings Latest. About Southwest Finland. Talent Call Turku. A unique opportunity to take a test run through the city of Turku and Southwest Finland! Southwest Finland in a nutshell. Compact course on what Southwest Finland is all about. Jobs in Finland If you are at all interested in anything nautical, the museum there is world class: Marinum Maritime Centre Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Turku, Finland on Tripadvisor: See 4,635 traveller reviews and photos of Turku tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in May. We have reviews of the best places to see in Turku. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions

The Turku Market Hall, completed in 1896, offers a delightful atmosphere reminiscent of times gone…And oh my goodness, that food! I think my meal at Kaskis was the best I had while in Finland, which is saying a lot as I visited many lovely restaurants while there. Suomi: Turku on Suomen lounaisrannikolla Aurajoen suulla sijaitseva noin 175 000 asukkaan kaupunki. Turku sijaitsee Varsinais-Suomen maakunnassa ja se on Länsi-Suomen läänin pääkaupunki. Turku - Finland-12 (36263792196).jpg 3,648 × 5,472; 3.62 MB. Tall Ships Race Ships - Turku - Finland-13 (36138441022). Oh wow this looks like such an amazing trip to Turku! And I love your wee video about it! I think I would love the sauna/ice swimming, though I’d have to really psych myself up! and also that pastry lesson, yummy!

Finnair flies the shortcut between Europe and Asia. Start by selecting your country and preferred language and then proceed to booking your flights Heart My Backpack uses affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission. Turku definition, a seaport in SW Finland. See more Turku is located in Finland, using iata code TKU, and icao code EFTU.Find out the key information for this airport Kissmyturku.com is a content marketing site published by Visit Turku, whose mission, alongside its partners, is to provide inspiration to tourists and locals. The official Visit Turku Official website is located at visitturku.fi

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  1. If you visit Finland you will likely see Karelian pastries everywhere – they seem to be a favorite snack of locals – so it was so fun to get a chance to make them with a mother a daughter in their cosy home in the center of Turku!
  2. The maist widely read newspaper o Turku, an the aurie aroond it, is the daily regional morning newspaper Turun Sanomat, wi a readership o ower 70% o the population every day. Åbo Underrättelser, a Swedish language newspaper published in Turku, is the auldest newspaper in Finland, havin been published syne 1824. The free-of-charge Turkulainen newspaper is an aa amang the maist popular newspapers, thegither wi the local edeetion o Metro International an the naitional evening tabloid Ilta-Sanomat.[30] Thare are an aa a nummer o local newspapers sic as Kulmakunta (for the eastren suburbs o Turku, includin Varissuo an Lauste), an Rannikkoseutu (for the aurie aroond the neighbourin ceeties o Raisio an Naantali).
  3. Set where the River Aura empties into the Archipelago Sea, Turku is Finland's oldest city and was the country's first capital. National monuments like Turku Castle and Turku Cathedral will bring Finland's origins to light, and you can learn how vaunted cultural figures like Jean Sibelius and Wäinö Aaltonen helped to shape the nation in the 20th-century. And don't forget that there.
  4. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Turku, Finland on Tripadvisor: See 4,656 traveller reviews and photos of Turku tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in May. We have reviews of the best places to see in Turku. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions
  5. Meyer Turku - Telakkakatu 1, 20240 Turku, Finland - Rated 4.8 based on 76 Reviews Absolutely love the fact that this yard is now looking like a yard...
  6. Turku and its Port share history, present day and future. Today, it is impossible to think of Turku without a harbour that still acts as Finland's gateway to the west for trade, tourism and culture. As part of the maritime cluster of Southwest Finland, the Port of Turku is also an important source of vitality for the whole of the Turku region

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  1. The police in Turku, in western Finland, said the attack was not being treated as a terrorist act, but the man's motive was unknown
  2. Okay, this is pretty much my favorite thing to do in every place I visit – I just love getting to know new places on foot, and Turku was no exception. I found the city very walkable, and if you stick close the the river you’ll see a lot of the main spots like the Turku Cathedral, the Old Great Square, and the City Library.
  3. It’s in small space under an apartment building (so if you want to visit on the weekend you’ll need to book far in advance!) and they’ve managed to find the perfect balance between a comfortable atmosphere while also showing that they really, really care about their food.
  4. Turku, Finland is the former capital of Finland and makes for a great relaxing stop for travelers. The Cathedral and Castle are traditional stops of tourists, but don't forget to grab a sauna and.

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Along the Aura River – the Plough River – you can walk through medieval cobblestone streets. The river is the heart of the city. During the summer, the riverbanks come to life when people gather here to eat, drink and listen to music. There are old sailing ships moored in the river, and you can take cruises out into the archipelago or to nearby Naantali. Cruise ships sail daily from Turku Harbor across the Baltic to Sweden.The ceety cooncil an ceety buird hae lang been dominatit bi the Social Democratic Pairty (SDP) an the Naitional Coaleetion Pairty (Kokoomus/Samlingspartiet), wi approximately equal representation. Currently, the cooncil haes 67 members, wi 19 frae Kokoomus an 14 frae SDP. The ither major pairties in the cooncil are the Green League (10 seats), the Left Alliance (9 seats) an The Finns (6 seats). The current chair o the ceety buird is Minna Arve frae Kokoomus. At least two people have been killed and six others hospitalized in a stabbing attack in the Finnish city of Turku on Friday, police said Zubier applied for Finnish state pension based on injuries he suffered during the attack, but admitted in August 2018 to benefits fraud by forging work history in his application. Prior, the Finnish State Treasury (Finnish: Valtiokonttori) discovered that he had not worked at the designated ambulance company during the dates specified in his application. Furthermore, the signee on the documentation provided by Zubier was not an employee of the company.[56] The 2017 Turku attack took place on 18 August 2017 at around 16:02–16:05 local time (UTC+3) when 10 people were stabbed in central Turku, Southwest Finland. Two women were killed in the attack and eight people sustained injuries. It remains the only terrorist attack ever in Finland.[5]

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova is a history and contemporary art museum – an unique cultural attraction. The museum is a fascinating combination of old and new that invites the visitor to explore the medieval history and culture of Finland. Museum’s Aula Cafe helds tasty Jazz brunch every Saturday.Thare is no local rail traffeck at the moment, as the ceety's popular tram services war discontinued in 1972, an the various local railway lines tae neighbourin towns an municipalities war aw abolished during the late 20t century.[citation needit] Houever, thare are plans for a licht rail seestem in the Turku region in the near future. This seestem wad mair ably serve major suburbs o the ceety sic as Varissuo an Runosmäki, as well as the neighbourin ceeties.[22] The 10 Best Things To Do in Turku, Finland Read our guide to the top things to do in Turku, the historic capital of Finland. Restaurants 8 Best Restaurants In Turku, Finland. Restaurants The 10 Best Restaurants in Turku, Finland. Food & Drink The Top 10 Cultural Restaurants In Turku, Finland. Ar As mony o the smaa neighbourin municipalities frae the north an sooth o the ceety wur annexed durin the mid-20t century, Turku is the day shaped lik an elongatit peir. The ceety centre an maist o the suburban auries lie in the middle, separatit frae the less densely populatit northren rural auries bi the Turku bypass, that forms pairt o European route E18. Islands sic as Ruissalo, Hirvensalo an Kakskerta, formin the soothren pairt o the ceety, are an aa sparsely populat itan maistly contain simmer residences, wi the exception o some destricts in Hirvensalo which are currently growin intae upper-middle-class suburbs.

Situatit bi the Baltic Sea an sheltered bi the islands o the Archipelago Sea, Turku haes a humid continental climate. Lik much o soothren Finland, the ceety experiences warm simmers, wi temperaturs rangin up tae 30 °C (86 °F), an relatively cauld winters wi frequent snawfaw. The warmest month o the year is Julie, wi an average temperatur o 17.5 °C (64 °F), whauras the cauldest month is Februar. The average year-roond temperatur is 5.5 °C (42 °F). Winter uisually staorts in early December, an ware in late Mairch. As Finland's historical capital and one of the centers of Finnish culture, Turku draws plenty of tourists and boasts a wide array of accommodations. Most of Turku's larger hotels and guesthouses sit within the historical old town, roughly between the harbor, the main train station, and the northern bank of the Aura River The Turku Archipelago is all about rugged untouched nature, but it also hides surprising oases where you can relax with a round of golf, a spa visit or satisfy the gourmand in you.I spent three days in Turku on a trip organized by Visit Turku, and they really did such a great job of showing me the best parts of the city. Or at least I enjoyed all the places I went and things I did in Turku – but who knows, maybe they were still hiding some secrets from me? I can definitely imagine Turku being the sort of city where you discover more and more hidden gems each time you visit.

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Turku, Finland apartments available for rent on Rentberry. Compare listing prices, schedule apartment tour and apply online. Find your next apartment for rent in/near Turku using our convenient search Police were informed at 16:02. Three minutes later the attacker, Abderrahman Bouanane, a Moroccan rejected asylum seeker, had been detained. At the time of his arrest, Bouanane was using the name Abderrahman Mechkah, which was later discovered to be a false identity. In June 2018, Bouanane was found guilty of two counts of murder with terrorist intent and eight counts of attempted murder with terrorist intent. It was the first time anybody had been sentenced for a terrorist crime in Finland. I keep trying to visit it when I’m in Finland or Sweden, but since I’ve only been to both countries just once, it’s been almost impossible. #MustTryHarder!Turku is ane o anly twa ceeties in Finland tae hae an established international school (the ither ceety bein Helsinki). Turku International School, locatit in the eastren destrict o Varissuo, haes been operatin syne 2003. Bi an agreement signed atween the ceety o Turku an the Varsity o Turku, Turun normaalikoulu takes care o the teachin in the international school.[29]

Turku lies on the southwest coast of Finland, so before visiting I mostly knew of Turku as that city people often visit on the ferry from Stockholm and Åland. But I soon learned that having been founded in the 13th century, Turku is Finland’s oldest city, and it was actually the Finnish capital up until Finland was taken over by Russia in the early 1800s.The Paavo Nurmi Marathon is an annual sportin event in Turku, named efter the warld-famous runner Paavo Nurmi, who wis born an raised in the ceety. The ceety haes twa fitbaa teams playin at the tap naitional level, the Veikkausliiga: FC Inter an TPS, which is playin in seicont heichest level Ykkönen, but TPS is ane o the auldest fitbaa clubs in Finland. Baith teams play thair home matches at Veritas Stadion in the destrict o Kupittaa. Turku is the anly ceety in Finland tae hae three lang-distance railway stations: Turku Central, Port o Turku, an Kupittaa. Finnish national parks are protected areas with unique natural features. Accessing them is encouraged, and they present a number of recreational possibilities.

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My second favorite meal in Turku was the lunch I had at Smör, another restaurant in downtown Turku with a lovely laidback atmosphere and again, really, really delicious food.Due tae its location, Turku is a notable commercial an passenger seaport wi ower three million passengers travellin throu the Port o Turku each year tae Stockholm an Mariehamn.[7]

Finland had not experienced terrorist attacks and had faced very little political violence since the end of World War II.[6][7] Business Finland Porkkalankatu 1 Helsinki. Kirjaamo. Puhelinvaihde. 029 50 55000 arkisin klo 8.00-16.30. Linkkejä. Check out for example Mami, Tintå, Kaskis, Pinella or Kakolan Ruusu. If you want to have a little break while exploring the centre head for coffee at Cafe Art, Tiirikkala or Gaggui. Summary about cost of living in Turku: Cost of living index in Turku is 34.08% lower than in New York. Rent in Turku is, on average, 79.00% lower than in New York. Cost of living rank 153 th out of 477 cities in the world. Turku has a cost of living index of 65.92

I also really enjoyed my dinner at Nooa, which is right on the river. In fact several of the people I was traveling with said it was their favorite meal of the trip! I’d especially love to return here in the summer to enjoy nighttime on the river. Benefit from Europcar's great deals available all year round for a seamless car hire experience in Turku in Finland. Travel your way by choosing from our collection of brand new cars, from one of our 3 stations across Turku. Whether you are looking for car rental in Turku as part of a vacation, or. Europcar is looking forward to serving you at its car hire branch: Turku. Remember to always bring your driving license, valid credit card and additional proof of identity (such as a passport if you are hiring abroad). Europcar's Green Programme: At Europcar, we understand the environmental impact of car hire

Snowshoeing is a great way to experience Finland's wintry wildernesses. 10 Sauna Tips for Beginners. What exactly do you do in a Finnish sauna and what not? Daredevil winter sports in Finland. Finland is perhaps best known for the Aurora Borealis, but the country has a lot more to offer than this celestial light show, especially for sporting. Turku; Hotels in Turku. Finland's oldest city offers great opportunities for a shopping and culture holiday. Turku has plenty of great restaurants and many will entice you to spend time in the beautiful scenery of the Aura river. Scandic's hotels are located in the very center of Turku and make sightseeing easy

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Two people died as a result of the attack: one at the scene of the incident, and another in hospital. Eight victims were non-fatally wounded, of whom three were critically injured. One of the victims was under 18, the others were adults. Eight of the victims were female and two male.[33] One of the wounded was British, one Italian and one Swedish; both of the fatalities were Finnish women.[34][35] The Italian citizen did not receive critical injuries while Hassan Zubier, a British paramedic living in Sweden, was injured four times as he tried to help a victim.[36][37] Zubier, hailed as a hero by Finnish media, was open about the incident and appeared on national television to discuss it. He stated that after he had rushed to treat a bleeding woman injured during the attack, Bouanane stabbed him several times. Zubier suffered a severed spinal cord and severe nerve damage and lost his mobility. He was critical of some by-standers who took photos and videos of the scene instead of helping and partly blamed the media for this kind of behaviour.[38] Thare are ten brigs ower the Aura river in Turku. The auldest o the current brigs is Auransilta, which wis constructit in 1904. The newest brig is Kirjastosilta ('leebrar brig'), a pedestrian-anly brig biggit in 2013.[19] The Föri, a smaw ferry that transports pedestrians an bicycles across the river wioot payment, is a well kent featur o the ceety.

In a country of such abundant forests, Finland has been built mostly from wood all the way up to the last century. Still dotting the countryside today exist entire wooden towns that sit nearly as they did hundreds of years ago. A visit to one of these historic places is like entering a living time capsule into Finland's past. Turku (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈturku] ( listen); Swadish: Åbo [ˈoːbʊ] ( listen)) is a ceety on the soothwast coast o Finland at the mooth o the Aura River,[7][8] in the region o Finland Proper. Turku, as a toun, wis settled durin the 13t century an foondit maist likely at the end o the 13t century, makin it the auldest ceety in Finland. It quickly became the maist important ceety in Finland, a status it retained for hunders o years. Efter Finland became pairt o the Roushie Empire (1809) an the caipital o the Grand Duchy o Finland wis moved tae Helsinki (1812), Turku continued tae be the maist populous ceety in Finland until the end o the 1840s, an it remains a regional caipital an an important business an cultural centre. According to concluding remarks by the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) after the case was closed, Bouanane told during his interrogations that he started having an interest in ISIS propaganda three months prior to the attack. Police believed he was a lone wolf and there was no evidence of direct contact between any terrorist organization and him. Bouanane possessed ISIS material, such as photos and videos, on his mobile phone and his computer; his close friends believed he displayed signs of radicalization. Bouanane saw himself as a soldier of ISIS and said one motive for his attack were airstrikes by the Western Coalition during the 2017 Battle of Raqqa in Syria. According to NBI, his vision was to die in the attack as a martyr similarly to previous attacks in Europe that he admired. He hoped that ISIS would claim his attack—although this did not happen.[22][4][23][24]

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Während in ganz Finnland diese rechtsextreme Partei nie mehr als 0,1 % der Stimmen bekam, konnte sie in Turku, der Heimatstadt ihres Parteivorsitzenden Olavi Mäenpää, im Jahr 2004 mit 3,9 % der Stimmen einen Stadtrat stellen. Dieser war auch in den Nachfolgeorganisationen aktiv 746.1k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at 'Turku, Finland

Postal codes for Turku, Finland. Use our interactive map, address lookup, or code list to find the correct zip code for your postal mails destination I loved that this sauna had a view of lake and trees, which made sweating in a hot room much more enjoyable (I think I’m in the minority that finds the sauna part harder than the ice swimming!).

Turku was established in 1229 and is both Finland's oldest city and its first capital. The city has a lively and versatile cultural life. Turku in the South-western corner of Finland is almost 800 years old Southwest Finland, directly translated as Finland Proper (Finnish: Varsinais-Suomi; Swedish: Egentliga Finland), is a region in the Southwest of Finland.It borders the regions of Satakunta, Pirkanmaa, Tavastia Proper (Kanta-Häme), Uusimaa, and Åland.The region's capital and most populous city is Turku Finland. On our comfortable cruise ships you can travel to Finland's beautiful capital Helsinki or the charming city of Turku. These are two cities worthwhile visiting on their own, but they can also provide a great starting point should you choose to journey deeper into the Finnish countryside

I stayed at the Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, which is right on the river and has the prettiest views of the city. The hotel itself is beautiful, the breakfast buffet has a huge selection of Finnish specialties, and there’s even a sauna you can visit in the afternoon to feel like a real Finn.The Finnish Varsity o Turku is the seicont lairgest varsity in Finland (18,000 students), as measurt bi student enrollment, an ane o the auldest as well, havin been foondit in 1920. Åbo Akademi, foondit 1918 as the seicont varsity o Finland, is Finland's anly Swedish-language varsity. Turku School of Economics merged wi The Varsity of Turku in 2010, an Åbo handelshögskola, its Swedish counterpart, wi Åbo Akademi 1980. The central hospital of Turku, Turku Varsity Hospital, is affiliatit wi the Varsity an it is uised as a teachin hospital. In Finnish, the genitive o Turku is Turun, meanin "of Turku". The Finnish names o organisations an institutes o Turku eften begin wi this wird, as in Turun yliopisto for the Varsity o Turku. If (/when) you make you make your way back to Turku, I’m an American who has lived here for going on three years now. It would be fun to meet up! Calculations of sunrise and sunset in Turku - Finland for May 2020. Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for many cities, with daylight saving time and time zones taken in account

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RE/MAX Supports. Each Office Independently Owned and Operated. RE/MAX, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports the Fair Housing Act and equal opportunity housing.© 2019 RE/MAX, LLC Turku, city, southwestern Finland, at the mouth of the Aura River, west-northwest of Helsinki. Finland's oldest city, it was originally a trading centre a few miles north of its present site, to which it was transferred at the beginning of the 13th century. It received its first known charter i

Information about crime in Turku, Finland. Shows how much people think the problem in their community are property crimes (home broken, car theft, etc.), violent crimes (being mugged or robbed, being attacked or insulted), corruption and other crimes 12.5.2020 Important information for students: Apply now for financial aid for the summer months ; 7.5.2020 Two temporary benefits available from Kela amid the coronavirus outbreak ; 7.5.2020 More than half of all Finnish residents use My Kanta Pages - user numbers have grown especially during the corona outbreak ; 6.5.2020 Results of Finland's basic income experiment: small employment. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call 800-525-7452 for assistanceFinland's maist successfu tennis player, Jarkko Nieminen, wis born an lifes in the neighbourin coonty o Masku Get your 3-Day weather forecast for Turku, Southwest Finland, Finland. Hi/Low, RealFeel, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend

The police suspected early on that the attacker had purposely chosen females as his victims, as the male victims were injured while trying to help other victims or stop the attacker.[39] It was later discovered that the attacker had previously planned attacks at different sites, which would have included male casualties. Thus, police no longer had reason to believe that the casualties were picked based on their sex.[40] Shaped by the Ice Age, the Turku archipelago consists of over 20,000 islands and islets. Stockholm-Åland-Turku / Attention! Baltic Princess and Galaxy will temporarily be rerouted to operate on the Turku-Långnäs-Stockholm route from Monday, 23 March 2020 to provide cargo transportation between Finland, Åland Island and Sweden The sights to see on the eastern bank include also the Sibelius Museum, the home museum Ett Hem, the Old Town Centre, the Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum, the Municipal Theatre of Turku and the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art. Turku is Finland's oldest town settled in the 13th century and was once its capital. It lies on the Gulf of Bothnia in the area where the successors to the Swedish Vikings landed in the 12th century. Read mor

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Cross the bridge or take the free Föri ferry to the west bank, where the main attractions include the Turku Castle, Forum Marinum maritime centre and its museum ship fleet (including the full-rigger Suomen Joutsen), as well as the Pharmacy Museum and Qwensel House. Closer to Market Square, there is the recently renovated Turku Art Museum, the Market Hall and the magnificent Main Library. News. TE telephone service is open 20.5. from 9 am to 3 pm, closed on Ascension Day 21.5. Temporary legislative amendment: when initiating a job search, it is not required to answer questions on service needs and update one's employment pla An exciting article! I think that If you have a chance, you should visit to Turku. It’s very interesting, your writing give me many useful information. Keep goingTurku Varsity o Applee'd Sciences is the seicont lairgest polytechnic in Finland efter Metropolia Varsity o Applee'd Sciences. An aa Novia Varsity o Applee'd Sciences an Diaconia Varsity o Applee'd Sciences hae campuses in the toun. Turku lies on the southwest coast of Finland, so before visiting I mostly knew of Turku as that city people often visit on the ferry from Stockholm and Åland. But I soon learned that having been founded in the 13th century, Turku is Finland's oldest city, and it was actually the Finnish capital up until Finland was taken over by Russia in.

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