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The antique cylinder music box evolved from rudimentary combs, simple tunes and plain boxes into beautiful masterpieces of marquetry inlay boxes in exotic woods with matching tables and multiple cylinders. The Victorian era brought about some of the most elaborate cylinder music boxes. They expanded to include not only tuned steel combs, but also reed organs, castanets, drums, bells, etc. The complexity of the orchestra cylinder music box added another dimension to the sound.A lot of ten exceptionally clean original discs for the 12 1/4 inch Regina music box. But them for less than the cost of recuts.A small lot of metal records for my favorite music box, the 18" Mira. These discs are also appropriate for the 18" Empress. Two of the founders of the company, Gustave Brachhausen and Paul Riessner, left to set up a new firm, Polyphon, in direct competition with their original business and their third partner, Oscar Paul Lochmann. Following the establishment of the Original Musikwerke Paul Lochmann in 1900, the founding Symphonion business continued until 1909 There are many vintage and antique music boxes and music collectibles that the music box and antique collector can seek. These include wooden jewelry boxes, inlaid music boxes, wooden keepsake boxes, and disc music boxes. The top three disc music boxes are the symphonion, polyphon, and Regina music box. Discover that makes them unique

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symphonion paul lochmann leipzig 1890 cutie muzica Sport, timp liber, arta » Arta - Obiecte de colectie 3 893 le Symphonion music boxes were made in Germany beginning in 1886. Paul Lochmann, founder of Kuhro-Lochmann was the first manufacturer of disc music boxes. They symphonion was produced in many sizes, types, and styles. Some of the more popular items in the 1890's were disc-playing clocks, the three-disc Erocia the Rocco which was contained in an. The Solvang Antique Center has just acquired several antique music boxes and after an extensive restoration process they are now available to the public. The sounds of the antique cylinder music box and the disc music box are still enjoyed daily, along with other rarities such as the Violano Virtuoso, with only a few hundred left in existence. The Solvang Antique Center has long been praised as an antiques gallery with a museum like environment. This is especially true of antique music boxes, as they have one of the largest and most diverse collections west of the Mississippi. In 1885, a patent for the disc music box was awarded to Paul Lochmann of Germany. The idea was a high-precision mechanism playing the musical teeth from a comparatively inexpensive music disc. It would take several years before Lochmann's company, Symphonion, produced instruments playing metal discs with punched projections

In the 1880’s, the disc music box was invented in Germany. This provided people with the ability to amass a multitude of discs, as each maker had hundreds of tunes available that would work on their machines. This ended the reign of the cylinder music box. The disc music boxes were made for a very brief time period, from the mid 1880's to about 1905 by Swiss, German and American makers such as Regina, Polyphon, Symphonion, Lochmann, Criterion, Olympia, New Century, Stella, Mira, Adler and Fortuna. These antique disc music boxes are available in beautiful restored condition at the Solvang Antique Center. They also have an eclectic variety of disc titles for your listening pleasure. O Paul Lochmann 'Eroica Symphonion' triple disc musical box: 12/05/17: 1893: US495734: George Haydon & William Vail 'Mr Punch' - Archer, coin return, counter-top: 12/05/17: 1893: 19973 : Willoughby Edward Bryan: Game (not found) 12/05/17: 1893: 10521 : Charles Phillip Young: Pintable: 12/05/1

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  1. Mar 31, 2014 - Explore mikeklein5's board Polyphon Disc Music Box on Pinterest. See more ideas about Box, Music and Antique music box. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. - Lot # : 1122 - 24 Lochmann's Coin-Op Duplex Disc Music Box. With.
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  3. Unsurpassed in brilliance and tonal quality, short bedplate machines were a very late development in the history of the Regina music box. This one sits in a nicely refinished mahogany case.
  4. Lochmann Original Tubular Chime. 1904, Germany. The 1880s saw the first disc music boxes that used flat discs. Demand for music boxes increased rapidly as the cumulative effects of the Industrial Revolution and the popular revolutions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries meant that music became accessible to all people instead of being an aristocratic preserve
  5. Der Kaufmann Paul Lochmann begründete mit den Symphonion-Werken in Leipzig Gohlis einen bedeutenden Industriezweig, der weltweit zu hoher Blüte kam. Sozusagen sind hier die allerersten Plattenspieler samt Schallplatten erfunden und gebaut worden! Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts bis Anfang des 20
  6. Music Box: Eroica Style No.38 / Symphonion Musicwerke. Germany, 1900. Hard walnut wood is used in the outer case, while an original apparatus that three discs together to play wide-ranging and exquisite harmonics is particularly rare, Symphonion's disc music boxes were brought to market in the beginning by Paul Lochmann and the company quickly grew into one of the top three market in.
  7. found a 27^ Symphonion a, 32 Lochmann and then was unearthed gian thet bells-and-comb 36 Symphonion . Havin last seeng th surface at e of the moon from a height of a few feet, acceptanc oef this lot was childs play. Nevertheless, man any eyebrow was raised man, y a heart pounded when th

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  1. Symphonion var det første firmaet som produserte platespilledåser. Oppfinnelsen ble lansert på en messe i Leipzig i påsken 1886. Gründer var Oskar Paul Lochmann (1848-1928) sammen med kollegaene Gustave Brachhausen og Paul Reissner Polyphon Mandoline Gustav Uhlig Halle Walzenspieldose Spieluhr Symphonion
  2. Beautiful Antique Kalliope Disc Music Box, Germany ca.1890s with 1 Discs. $44.32 shipping. Ending Saturday at 8:11AM PST. 1879 SYMPHONION MUSIC BOX, WITH 8 DISCS. AMAZING LARGE REGINA 18130 DISC MUSIC BOX 15 1/ DISC L@@K BEAUTIFUL. $350.00 shipping. Ending Mar 2 at 11:48AM PST
  3. The Solvang Antique Center is located at 486 First Street in Solvang, and is open seven days a week from 10 until 6.

***Originale Ladentheke von 1910/1920 mit vielen Schubladen, Diamant-Scheibe RARITÄT, LKW UNIKAT *** by lyndee walker. i never know where my characters are going next when i'm writing a rough draft. it's what makes the process fun for me: just like when i'm watching stranger things (who else is counting down to july 4 and skipping fireworks this summer?), i want to get back to the story. The Music Box Company has always carried absolutely stunning disk music boxes because of their distinct and beautiful sound. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Disk Player Swan Elite Disk Player $ 9,500.00. Add to cart. Additional Disks For All Size Players. Sale! Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Disks Popular Songs Set for Disk Music Boxe Collecting Musical Boxes and how to Repair Them. Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume. Crown Publishers, 1967 - Music box - 140 pages. 0 Reviews. From inside the book firm fitted flutina French polish gear train Geneva hole inch instrument interchangeable cylinder invented later Lecoultre Leipzig Lochmann London maker of musical manufacture mechanical. A symphonion (disk musical box) by Paul Lochmann, Leipzig, 1895 , the case veneered with walnut, the lid with a panel of burr walnut, crossbanded possibly in kingwood, with 21cm. disc, the interior of the lid with a printed card bearing the operating instructions in English, French and German and the name Symphonion with a decorative border, width 17.5cm., depth 17.5 cm. Literature Dow, p.

Symphonion regulator clock in elagant Wallnut or Oak case. 14 day clock movement by Lenzkirch. Includes its own chiming, and at every fulll hour the music box is activated. This link can be switched off at night! Specifications/ Accessories: Variations in construction/ Other Info 1 Franken 1934 B Schweiz Spl / / XF Antoninianus, Silber #2910. american express is the largest provider of travel related services in the world, with over 46 million card members and 1,700 travel offices worldwide. destination hotels warmly welcomes american express card members and is offering the following exclusive offers Looking for a console Regina? Beautiful bow front original finish golden oak Style 40 fifteen and half inch Regina music box plays as nice as it looks. ©Copyright 1997-2015, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

This 15.5" short bedplate Regina music box in a mahogany serpentine case sounds and is as good as it gets in a Regina. I guarantee it will make you happy. Lochplatten-Spieldose Symphonion, Lochmann & Co., Leipzig, ca. 1885 Schwarz lackiertes Holz-Tischgehäuse mit bedrucktem Deckel Symphonion Breveté Patent. Im Deckel eingezweckte Lithographie mit Herstellerhinweis. Zungenspielwerk für 21 cm Blechplatten, zwei Tonkämme. Eingeschlagene Serien-Nr. 97864. Aufzugshebel an der Front All you could ever want in a 15 1/2 inch Regina. Double comb, short bedplate, beautiful hand-painted console Rookwood case. What's more, this exquisite machine is in exceptionally nice condition.This 15." Regina music box, with 30 discs, is in truly excellent condition. Compare it to any other machine on the web and you'll see why.

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This 15.5" double comb Regina music box, sold as a Style 11, has rich original mahogany finish and sounds as nice as it looks. Catalog Listings of Various Brands of Discs. NOTE: These lists contain all known titles for these brands & sizes. 15-1/2 Regina Disc Catalog (PDF) Rev. 12/12/2019 20-3/4 Regina Disc Catalog (PDF) Rev. 8/23/2019 27 Regina Disc Catalog (PDF) Rev. 8/15/2019 Mira & Stella Disc Catalog (PDF) Rev. 4/11/2018 19-5/8, 22 & 24-1/2 Polyphon Disc Catalog (PDF) Rev. 12/12/201 Symphonion Musikwerke company (Leipzig, Germany) was founded in 1885 and became the first world's largest commercial producer of music boxes. Eduard Kuhno, Paul Lochmann and Ernst Lochmann were the shareholders of the company. Simphonion products were extremely successful, and in three years' time the number of workers increased from 25 to 180 Symphonion-Platte Nr. 5272:Der Donaugigerl. 5272: Der Donaugigerl. Marsch ID15647. Diese Platte ist passend für ein Symphonion Simplex, Abspielgerät und Platten wurden produziert in Leipzig-Gohlis in derFabrik Lochmannscher Musikwerke Kuhno, Lochmann & co GERMAN ANTIQUE SYMPHONION Music Box Disc 5174 Martha by Friedrich von Flotow - $20.00. This listing is for an Antique SYMPHONION Music Box Discs.It is made probable late 1880's. The disc is named Martha, oder Der Markt zu Richmond (Martha, or The Market at Richmond) is a romantic comic opera in four acts by Friedrich von Flotow set to a German libretto by Friedrich Wilhelm Riese and based on a.

Musically, Made in New Jersey, highlighted the music makers. by Michele Marinelli Curator of the Guinness Collection founders of Symphonion disc music boxes was Paul Lochmann. A factory was established in 1885 in Leipzig, Germany, with Lochmann as director. Under his direction, th A small lot of high quality reproduction Regina discs, mostly Christmas tunes, from the Porter Music Box Company. Please enter data into any fields you wish to search for. Fulltext search: Item number: Type Learn music box repair skills, and do it yourself and save, with this unrestored 15 1/2 inch project Polyphon. It's worth our price for parts alone.A huge box lot of good clean discs for the 17 5/8 inch Imperial Symphonion music box, Includes on Christmas title.

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Symphonion. Symphonion music boxes were made in Germany beginning in 1886. Paul Lochmann, founder of Kuhro-Lochmann was the first manufacturer of disc music boxes. They symphonion was produced in many sizes, types, and styles. Some of the more popular items in the 1890's were disc-playing clocks, the three-disc Erocia the Rocco which. Eine bedeutende Neuerung war z.B. das Symphonion mit selbsttätigem Notenscheibenwechsel, zur Leipziger Frühjahrsmesse 1898 präsentiert (ZfI 18/1898 S. 468). 1898 verließ Paul Lochmann seine Firma, um mit seinem Bruder Max ein neues Unternehmen →Original Musikwerke Paul Lochmann zu gründen. Kurz darauf geriet diese Fabrik in eine tiefe Krise

Listen to your music box in leisure and in style! This Regina music box plays a dozen giant 27" discs in succession, raising and lowering them automatically. All you need to do is turn it on.You can e-mail me your needs (I would need to know brand name and disc diameter) at musicbox@frontiernet.net  and I will e-mail you a list of those discs in stock.This short beplate machine in original finish oak case was the ultimate development of the Regina music box. Put it in your home and you won't believe how spectacular it sounds.Known for its brilliant resonant tone, the Mira is considered by many connoisseurs to be the finest music box every made. Lochmann and Polyphon discs: Eighteen Lochmann's Original, 16 7/8in., most with original lacquer; one 15 3/8in; eleven Symphonion 25¼in; three Polyphon, 24½in. and one 19 5/8in.; twenty Britannia 17 1/8in. and nine 9in.; six Kalliope, 13¼in.; and five others, various sizes and makes (a lot

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  1. The centre of production was Leipzig, were Lochmann started the production of disc music boxes under the trade name Symphonion immediately after he was granted the patent. Due to the large success, two of his employees founded the Polyphon Musikwerke, also in Leipzig, in 1890
  2. Musical Savings Bank, Symphonion (You Pay - I Play) -Attributed to Lochmann Leipzig, Germany - Circa 1890's This is a very rare musical bank. There are probably less than 20 known examples. Wind the music box and place a coin in the top s. The music box plays one tune for each coin deposited. This example retains its original marquee and winding crank
  3. Fabulous 11" double comb Regina in an ornate, carved rococo case with Rookwood type gilding and hand-painted panels.
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  5. Find great deals on eBay for polyphon disc music box and antique music box. Shop with confidence
  6. Band Organ, Orchestrion, Calliope, Fairground Organ, Street Organ, Dance Organ, Disc Music Box, Cylinder Music Box, Automaton, Mills Violano Virtuoso, or a Nickelodeon? Do you want to discuss mechanical music? Give me a call or e-mail me! Tel: 630-269-3059. E-MAIL: sales@timtrager.com. Your Expert and Friend in Mechanical Music
  7. The Symphonion Musikwerke company was founded in Leipzig in about 1885 by Paul Lochmann and was one of the three largest producers of disc music boxes along with Polyphon (which was begun by two ex Symphonion employees) and Regina. Bowers estimates they controlled about 90% of the market between them

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27.5 Imperial Symphonion With 12 Bells: 10.5 Symphonion in Mahogany: 13.5 Symphonion Duplex: 12 Symphonion Carved Walnut Rococo Case: 21.25 Symphonion Upright Music Box with Bells: 13 5/8 Symphonion Music Box in Walnut Cas These late short bedplate machines are the most brilliant, sweetest sounding of all Regina machines. Includes 10 very nice original 15.5 inch discs to get you going.

Offered in Catawiki's Automata & Mechanical Music Auction: Symphonion 30cm (11.3/4in.) style 25 table disc musical box. German, circa 1895 Behind the Iron Curtain, a story about finding and collecting automatic musical instruments by Claes O. Friberg, circa 1975. Kalliope, Lochmann, Monopol, Orphenion, Symphonion, Troubadour, Hupfeld, Dienst, Losche, Popper -- just to mention the most well known As good as it gets in a 15.5 inch Regina, this short bedplate machine is in particularly excellent condition. The Leipzig Company, Kuhno-Lochmann, which was founded by Paul Lochmann, was the first commercial manufacturer of a disc machine. Lochmann had manufactured various kinds of machinery before turning to disc music boxes with the opening of the Symphonion factory. The first Symphonion was produced in 1886 and was an immediate success

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A symphonion by Paul Lochmann, Leipzig, 1895 , the cas

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  2. Backed by 35 years experience in the antique field, the Solvang Antique Center has clearly earned its reputation as one of the finest antique collectives in the country. Antique clock dealers and collectors from far and wide depend upon this unique business as a source for quality antiques at competitive prices. The unique museum-like environment showcases 65 exceptional antique dealers from as far away as London. A tour of their user-friendly website http://www.solvangantiques.com gives you a good overview of their vast and diverse inventory. Call 805-688-6222 with any questions.
  3. Nine 24¾-inch Symphonion; four 24½ and six 21½-inch Lochmann; eight 11¾-inch Imperial; six 8¼ and eight 9½-inch Polyphon (a lot) Contact us Contact Client Service info@christies.com. New York +1 212 636 2000. London +44 (0)20 7839 9060. infoasia@christies.com. Asia +852 2760 1766.
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  5. For over 35 years I have provided Automatic Musical Instrument and Mechanical Antiques to Clients All Over the World!   This where we build the future with the exciting items of the past!
  6. The best of the fifteen and half inch Reginas, short bedplate machines offered unsurpassed brilliance and tonal quality.

Thiese types of mechanic disc players were invented by Paul Lochmann (→SYMPHONION) in Leipzig, the main center of production. With the invention of the Sternenrädchen cogwheels (patent in Great Britain only, patent no. 11261 of September 22, 1885), the expedient connection between perforated disc and musical comb could be accomplished A monument to American mechanical ingenuity, the discs in the automatic Regina changer automatically raise themselves into place. You can spend hours not just listening to this machine, but also watching it. The 20 inch size has always been considered to have the prettiest musical arrangements.Fifteen and half inch double comb Regina, working, no broken teeth. The case has been reglued to restored the original integrity, and has also been refinished.

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Get the best deals on Disc Music Box when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands 19th C German Symphonion 14,5 cm Music Box Discs Records. $35.00. From Sweden. $4.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. 19th C German Symphonion 14,5 cm Music Box Discs Records. $35.00 Symphonion song packing containers have been made in Germany starting in 1886. Paul Lochmann, founding father of Kuhro-Lochmann became the first manufacturer of disc music packing containers. They symphonion become produced in many sizes, sorts, and patterns. Some of the extra famous objects within the 1890's had been disc-playing clocks, the. The late short bedplate Reginas were the finest sounding of all Regina models. Listen to this machine and I guarantee you will not want to purchase another. Finally, in 1885, Paul Lochmann created a music box called the Symphonion using a flat metal disc that rotated on a turntable. These metal discs could be easily swapped out, much like a vinyl record

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The rare and exquisite cylinder music boxes were made between the 1840's and 1890's primarily, and were hand made predominantly by the Swiss, to include such notable makers as Nicole Freres, Baker Troll, Conchon, Bremond, L'Epee, Lecoultre, Mermod Freres, Paillard Rivenc and Rzebitschek. Music boxes were also hidden within table-top snuff containers inlaid with gold, pearls, and ivory. The key to the music boxes' portability was a tuned steel comb, invented in 1796 by Antoine Favre in Switzerland's clock-making region, La Vallée de Joux. The first steel combs were made from varying lengths of metal arranged in a curving fan-shape. . As the pins on a rotating cylinder struck.

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  1. Lochmann 11 (28cm) Musical Box Discs x 2 (Polyphon Regina Kalliope Symphonion) £24.00 + £30.19 P&P . 5x Symphonion 5 3/4 inch (14.5cm) Musical Box Discs (Regina Kalliope Polyphon) £30.00 + £30.19 P&P . 8 x Symphonion 13 5/8 (34.5cm) Musical Box Discs Kalliope Polyphon Regina
  2. Ringve Musikkmuseum - Photographer van der Meeren, Frode. Perforert metallplate med pigger på undersiden. 60-spor, Ø 39 cm. Drivsystem: perifere hull langs kant (ø=6 mm) drivs av et perifert plassert tannhjul
  3. These 8 1/4" discs for the Symphonion music box can be surprisingly scarce. Stock up now, while you have the chance.
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One such dealer is Vicki Glasgow, who is exhibiting about 50 of her boxes and vintage gramophones in special show at the New York Antiques Center, 962 Third Avenue (at 58th Street), through May 30 These massive coin-operated Polyphons had a deep and brilliant sound when new. Unfortunately most are no longer new. Used in British pubs into the 1960s, wear, tear and abuse turned most 19 5/8 inch Polys into clickers and clunkers. This one has been completely retuned and redampered. We double dare you to click on the link and listen to it and hear the difference, but we cannot be responsible if you purchase it. The majority of the disc playing music boxes were made in Leipzig, Germany and we often have examples made by various makers including Polyphon, Symphonion, Kaliope and Lochmann. A group of workers from the Polyphon factory emigrated to New Jersey in America and produced Regina music boxes from 1894 lochmann original music boxes. 17-1/2 lochmann original with tubular bells: mira music boxes. 15-1/2 mira mahogany double comb disc music box: 13-1/2 symphonion walnut disc music box with bells: 11-7/8 walnut symphonion vertical counter top table model coin op disc music box

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A lot of 18 thirteen inch plus discs for the Imperial Symphonion. The universal discs look as if they will fit two styles of machine. symphonion 25 1/4-inch coin-operated disc musical box 1000+ images about MUSIC BOXES on Pinterest | Water globes Sonderdruck aus: Sammler Journal / deutsc

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Less than 200 of this great sounding console combination phonograph and Regina music box were manufactured. Mechanical Music Digest ™ Archives: You Are Not Logged In Login/Get New Account Please Log In. (44 cm) Celesta 11 inch or 29 cm Imperial Symphonion 13-1/2 edge drive Kalliope - 9-1/2 or 23.5 cm Komet 13 inch or 33.5 cm Lochmann 13.0 cm / 5-1/8 centre drive, 10-1/4 or 26 cm centre drive, 15-3/8 or 39 cm. Mira 12 Monopol edge drive 7.

40 results for polyphon discs Save polyphon discs to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow polyphon discs to stop getting updates on your eBay feed This beautiful late, short bedplate Regina music box has always been considered the best sounding of Regina machines. With its wooden mahogany horn it also doubles as an acoustic talking machine. Finchcocks is an early Georgian manor house in Goudhurst, Kent.For 45 years it housed a large, visitor-friendly museum of historical keyboard instruments, displaying a collection of harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos, square pianos, organs and other musical instruments. The museum was run by the owners of the house, Richard and Katrina Burnett The Solvang Antique Center is one of the most comprehensive antique businesses in the US. Whether you are buying, selling, consigning or require restoration work of almost any kind, they have the talent available to satisfy the most particular collector. Their perfectionist packing department provides delivery safely and insured. With over 30,000 satisfied customers worldwide, their experience in long distance deliveries spans three and a half decades and encompasses nearly every corner of the globe.

1886: Musical box artisan, Paul Lochmann, of Gohlis (north-west from the city of Leipzig, Germany), patented the cardboard disc, which was soon replaced by a metallic one. 1887 - Emile Berliner invents the disc type gramophone. 1889: Paul Wendland, engineer for Symphonion Musikwerks, patents the star wheel I also sell reproduction discs for the 15 1/2" Regina, Polyphon Criterion and other size/make machines. Let me know what you need and  I can e-mail you lists of titles. Symphonion Reverse Painted Glass. Made for a Symphonion brand upright disc musical box, this is a faithful reproduction, reverse painted with gold lettering on a black background. Measures 11 inches by 3 inches and has two counter-sunk mounting holes that are 9-3/8 apart. Very hard to come by. $295.0 The Symphonion Company started business in 1885 and produced the first disc-playing musical box. Its founders were Oscar Paul Lochmann and two partners: Gustave Brachhausen and Paul Riessner. Within two years however, these two men had left to set up the Polyphon company that made similar machines in competition to the original firm

Symphonion music box made by Symphonion Musikwerke, founded by Paul Lochmann in 1886 Very large rollers-music box / music box with six melodies, in the elegant case with marquetry, J. H. Heller, Bern ?, 1880.: Cylinder music box / sounding box / drum music box with six melodies, in the lid. Auction categories: Europaen Art, Toys, Hobby and Varia. Detailed description and photo of the lot 9512, price 480 €. Auction from 16.03.2019 Symphonion Polyphon 8 1/4 ( 21 Cm ) LITTLE ALABAMA . Symphonion Polyphon 8 1/4 ( 21 Cm ) it may originally have been a brake lever. leipzig als zentrum des musikautomatenbaus. The Symphonion Polyphon 8 1/4 ( 21 is new but lacking its original packaging 13.5 Symphonion Double Comb Table Model (from 13-1/2\ IMPERIAL SYMPHONION DOUBLE COMB MAHOGANY DISC MUSIC BOX) 13Kalliope 10 bell music box (from 13-1/2\ KALLIOPE DISC MUSIC BOX WITH 10 BELLS) Symphonion bell disc music box (from 13-1/2 SYMPHONION WALNUT DISC MUSIC BOX WITH BELLS) Polyphon 11 Serpentine Table Mode

Click here to download our complete list of Music Box Discs. (Excel Format It may be best to borrow or acquire one of these books to get the real deal about Regina. However, very briefly, here is a synopsis: A Mr. Gustave Adolf Brachhausen, from Saxony, Germany, manufactured Symphonion musical boxes in Gohlis, a suburb of Leipzig, Germany in the early 1880's, for Paul Lochmann's company, Lochmannscher Musikwerke Spieluhr Symphonion Kalliope Polyphon Lochmann MORION music box mit 14 34018970 Platten 21cm Uhr. by lyndee walker. i never know where my characters are going next when i'm writing a rough draft. it's what makes the process fun for me: just like when i'm watching stranger things (who else is counting down to july 4 and skipping fireworks this summer?), i want to get back to the story so.

The house. The house was built in 1725 and named after the family who lived on the site in the 13th century. It is noted for its brickwork and has a dramatic front elevation attributed to Thomas Archer.It is located in 13 acres (53,000 m 2) of grounds.There is parkland to the front and a garden to the rear with wide lawns, mature shrub borders, an orchard for wild flowers and a walled garden music, musical boxes, Symphonion, Lochmann'sche Musikwerke AG, Leipzig-Gohlis, wood engraving after drawing by Strassberger, 1892, Additional-Rights-Clearance-Info-Not-Availabl In 1885, Paul Lochmann of Liepzig, Germany introduced a musical box playing circular cardboard discs. The revolving discs were struck with goose quills to produce the desired effect. This patent was first put on the market in 1886 and known as the Symphonion Mechanical Bank; Lochmann, Symphonion Musical Savings, Wood, 23 Discs. A Symphonion Musical Savings wood and cast iron mechanical coin bank made by Lochmann. Extremely rare with original marquee. Comes with 23 discs. p4A Item D994033

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Regina, Polyphon, Symphonion and other antique disc music boxes for sale. Item no 983: Regina Corona Automatic Disc Changer. Sort of a jukebox for metal records, this 27 Regina automatic changer had been restored in the mid 1980s, and is as impressive today as when it departed the Regina factory. More info Disc music box, metal & wood, Symphonion Musikwerke, Leipzig, Germany, after 1887. Musical box, symphonion, Paul Lochmann, Germany, c. 1886.(OF). Table model Symphonion musical box with sixteen 9 records...(SB). Table model music box; black painted wooden case; on left hand side of case sliding b.. JEN AND I are out on Lake Lure, paddling a canoe through the mossy coves, taking in the surrounding crags, and afterwards we decide to have a look inside the Dirty Dancing hotel. If you ever spend much time in Western North Carolina, at some point you will be made aware that Dirty Dancing was filmed in the town of Lake Lure, at The 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa Antique Symphonion Music Box Metal Disc Lot Of 48 German . $247.50. Antique Large Disc Music Box Governor Motor Parts Old + Reproduction Cast . $150.00. Antique 15 1/2 Regina Music Box Disc 10758 10085 10781 The Four Aces March The idea of a self playing music box was developed in the 1790’s by Antoine Favre of Geneva, Switzerland, who invented a carillon without bells. The tune was created using a pinning system that plucked a tuned steel tooth. This mechanical creation was first found in clocks, creating music at the hour. These musical components eventually were placed in boxes of their own featuring steel-tooth combs with multiple notes, and began evolving into the cylinder music boxes that would grace affluent homes with their majestic sound throughout the 19th century. Most of the antique cylinder music box and disc music box makers went out of business by 1910.

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Kenbak-1 personal computer tallies up $45,500 The precursor to the first Apple personal computer, the Kenbak-1, set the course for easy-to-use and relatively affordable computers, and during an auction presented by Auction Team Breker recently, one of these early models commanded $45,500 Having an antique cylinder music box or an antique disc music box in your home brings serenity and elegance that you can enjoy alone or with your guests. Whether it is a small one for a gift or a large one for your parlor, you will find the perfect antique music box to suit your needs at the Solvang Antique Center. Music Reproduction > Music Box - Disk > Symphonion Music Box Co > 7.5 in / 19.5cm Disc > Symphonion Disc Music Box Style 10. Symphonion Style 10 : Romfi # 808: Item Name: Symphonion Style 10 : Company/Creator/Event: Symphonion : Country of Origin: Germany : Also manufactured in:.

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Under the energetic direction of Paul Lochmann, Symphonion was est. in Gohlis, Leipzig, and expanded quickly. By the mid 1890s they were producing a wide variety of boxes, continuing until the early 1920s. Descriptive line. Symphonion style music box by Lochmann, an upright coin operated model with diameter discs, in a walnut case Very late short bedplate Reginas such as this are known for their brilliant sound. This one has a new mainspring so as to be trouble free for you. Original Musikwerke Paul Lochmann G.m.b.H. 1900's Инв.1552/ММП Disc music box Symphonion Eroica No. 3 Symphonion, Fabrik Lochmannscher Musikwerke, AGBraustrassw 13-19, Leipzig-Gohlis, Germany The Symphonion Company started business in 1885 and produced the first disc-playing musical box. Its founders were Oscar Paul Lochmann and two partners: Gustave Brachhausen and Paul Riessner. Within two years however, these two men had left to set up the Polyphon company that made similar machines in.

Perhaps the most beautiful Regina music box ever made, this 15 1/2 inch double comb machine sounds as exquisite as it looks.The top portion of a Style 240 Reginaphone with lion heads. It can still function as a free standing table top Regina music box, and you can still enjoy the great short bedplate Regina sound. Browse TODAY's SELECTED Regina Music Box for SALE, BEST OFFER and Auction; plus Expert Regina Music Box Appraisal/Valuation, FREE sales advice and brokerage services, a FREE price/value guide, sale prices, values, wish list and more - FIND 150+ Specialist categories | Bath Antiques Online - Buy, Sell & Value

Restoration of cylinder and disc music box mechanisms. Restoration, repair, or refinishing of music box cases. Buying and Selling Music Boxes and Parts. info@musicboxrestorations.com. Read the story of this Symphonion's Restoration. See how crests are made for this Regina Changer. See how this Regina was Restored German Antique SYMPHONION Music Box Disc 5429 I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard. C $28.07; Buy It Now +C $18.22 shipping; Normandy Tiger Hunt by Heinz Krebs - P-51 Mustang - w/ 7 additional signatures Save lochmann to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Search refinements. Categories. All. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories (10) Men. Sort of a jukebox for metal records, this 27" Regina automatic changer had been restored in the mid 1980s, and is as impressive today as when it departed the Regina factory. Mechanical Bank; Lochmann, Symphonion Musical Savings, Wood, Disc. Musical Savings Bank, Symphonium Musik-Spar Bank, wood, made by Lochmann of Leipzig, Germany, circa 1900. Wind up the mechanism. Deposit a coin in the... [more detail available via subscription] p4A Item D981667

The sound of the antique cylinder music box is enchanting and elegant, nothing compares. The cylinders in these music boxes play from 4 to 12 tunes. The arrangements were songs from the day, operas and religious themes. Later in the century, the makers began creating boxes with interchangeable cylinders. The elite boxes would come with just a few cylinders or an entire cabinet, depending upon what was commissioned. All discs are listed by maker, title, condition and price. All discs are subject to prior sale. I have some unmarked discs of various sizes also...and have no idea what type of box they fit! #60: Symphonion Coin Operated Musical Savings Bank Circa: 1890s, Made by Lochmann, Leipzig, Germany. This company was founded in 1885 and remained in business until the 1920's. Header has printed on it Symponion Savings Bank You Pay - I Play Plays when any American coin or an English penny is inserted in top slot

Menyusul pembentukan Asli Musik Werke Paul Lochmann pada tahun 1900, bisnis pendiri Symphonion terus di bawah kendali Franz Thümen dan Hans Kanitz hingga 1909 ketika memasuki Kesulitan Keuangan dan direstrukturisasi, dengan nama bisnis yang berubah untuk Symphonion-Fabrik AG. Di bawah nama ini Tetap ada pada Schkeuditzer Strasse 13-17b di Gohlis The first maker of disc music box to go into mass production was Symphonion of Leipzig, Germany. The new industry quickly grew to include Polyphon, Kalliope, Adler, Fortuna, Sireon, Libellion, Stella, Mira, Lochmann, New Century, Britannia, and others with production based in Germany and Switzerland. In 1892 Polyphon recognized the huge market potential in America and sent a team of employees. A Private Texas Music Box Collection Musical Treasure Chests . No band or orchestra instruments can produce the rich distinctive sound of these music boxes. When playing a restored music box today we are having the same experience as its original owner over a hundred years ago

A Private Texas Music Box Collection. Important: All auctions until further notice will be online and phone bidding only. Take advantage of our high resolution images and videos to place bids up until the live event, and then continue to bid during the Heritage Live auction event, including live streaming audio and video Mar 2, 2015 - A rare 16.7/8-inch Lochmann's 'Original Musik-Automat', coin-operated upright disc musical box. Mar 2, 2015 - A rare 16.7/8-inch Lochmann's 'Original Musik-Automat', coin-operated upright disc musical box. Stay safe and healthy. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. Check out our resources for adapting to these times Possibly with a goal of frustrating collectors 100 years later, Symphonion made more weird disc sizes than anyone in the industry. These records aren't just an uncommon size, they take the drive in a strange way also. Buy them while you can, I've never owned them before. This Symphonion music box was made in Germany around 1890 by the Symphonion Musikwerke Company, which was founded in Leipzig in about 1885 by Paul Lochmann. Symphonion was one of the three largest producers of disc music boxes along with Polyphon (which was begun by two ex Symphonion employees) and Regina

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