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Walther LeverAction, CO2 Winchester Fachhandel Schlottmann GmbH. 20:21. Marco Beyer 84,094 views. 20:21. Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons Walther Lever Action Wells Fargo Co2. .177 Full. A bresilian that wil  seduce you with many strengths!manufactured by the famous weapons and ammunitions firm Magtech, the N2 Extreme 1300 in .177 rifle bore develops a maximum power of 39 Joule (manufacturer data).It is classified in category C, its purchase requires a hunting permit with validation, or a shooting license (No sold out of France).

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This .30-30 cartridge is considered a very light-recoiling centerfire cartridge for the power it delivers. Indeed, in the light Winchester, the recoil is a small, sharp bump, rather than the heavy punch of a large cartridge like the .30-06. Of course, it feels heavy in comparison to the pellet rifle, which has virtually no kick at all. And, that fact is important when selecting a lookalike rifle like the Walther Lever Action. Everything can be taught using the lighter, cheaper, quieter and safer pellet rifle, and the shooter will be able to transfer a lot of that to the firearm when the time comes. Accuracy The .30-30 isn't supposed to be a very accurate cartridge--especially not when shot from a Winchester lever-action! Shooters should be happy with group sizes from 1.5 inches to 2 inches at 50 yards. At best, this is considered a 100-yard gun for deer when using open sights. However, sometimes what is supposed to be and what actually is...are very different. Shot by shot Air RifleCalibre : .177 rifle bore5 pellets shot clip or 200 BBs reservoirAction : multi-pump system on the forearmPump 5 to 10 times, choose your powerBlack synthetic stock adjustableFront and rear sight adjustable and removableMany Picatinny rails Muzzle velocity : up to 625 ft/s with pellets and 660 ft/s with BBsPower : 9.3 Joules maxTotal length : 30.71'' to 33.85''Weight : 3.53 Lbs The most powerful of GAMO air rifles! One shot air rifleCalibre: 4.5mm (.177 rifle bore) or 5.5 mm (.22)Action : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonBlack synthetic stock, tactical designAmbidextrous

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NEW MODEL One shot air rifle MAUSERMade in Germany by DIANACaliber : .177 rifle boreAction : under lerver armEnergy : springWooden stockAmbidextrousAutomatic SafetyAdjustable triggerBlade front sight with tunnel height adjustableAdjustable rear sight11mm rail for opticsCO2 rifles, on the other hand, prevent reloading between shots. Ideal for making several shots in a row, they provide a real pleasure of use although their firing power decreases as the CO2 cartridge is emptied. The accuracy observed on the last ones tends to decrease. PCP rifles are the most powerful. They work in the same way as CO2 except that there is no need to use a cylinder. The air is pre-compressed by the user using a hand pump, compressor or scuba tank and stored in a chamber under the barrel. 

One shot ''Sniper'air rifleCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : inert gaz pistonTactical ambidextrous black synthetic stock with : adjustable cheek pas (1 cm) facticious locking lever on the right facticous magazine for storing hex keys One shot air rifleCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonBlack tactical synthetic stockAdjustable rear sightFibre optic sights11mm dovetail railManual safety

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PACK GAMO QUIKER - CHRISTMAS 2019      Not imported in France, tthe Gamo Quiker airgun is part of the 10X Quick Shot repeater range  recently developped but the spanish brand.  A great ergonomic stock, a rubber butt plate with removable insters, a coated polymer barrel with muzzle break, and over all, the famous 10 shots magazine, the Gamo Quiker is in caliber .177, with a power of 19.9 Joule, and can be sold to any people over 18 (in France).   For this Christmas, it is accompanied by its 4x32 scope, 100 paper targets and 250 ^pellets Hunter Impact.  Vehicles

Finally, an airgun replica of a M16/AR15 assault rifle, that can be used in full automatic!Extremely realistic, this DPMS SBR from Crosman works with Co2 cartridges, and shoots stell BBs in .177 bore.Hours of fun on perspective, aiming cans, bottles and any other targets at an infernal rate! Beautiful replica of a sniper rifle, in .177 bore, this sair rifle will seduce military weapons lovers but also recreational shooters.Based ont eh L115 rifle, used by the british army, this rifle produces a 19.9 Joule power, thanks to a gas piston, softer than the traditional spring. Artemis proposes with this model B3-3P, a small air rifle very affordable, with a fixed barrel, a,d a coking lever, located under the barrel. With its 10 Joule power, it is perfect for accurate shooting initiation. She has a 11 mm dovetail rail, for mounting a scope oe a red dot sight.The energy is provided by a spring, that gives a 10 Joule power.The rifled barrel and mechanical pieces are made of steel alloy, and the stock of synthétic.Ambidextrous, the stock also has grooved surfaces, there on the handle and the forearm, for a better grip.It has optic fiber natural sights : red for the front sight protected by a tunnel, and green for the rear sight, adjustable.It is also equipped with a dovetail rail of 11mm, to mount a shooting scope or a red dot for example.The manual safety is a lever located just in front of the trigger.

Already known by the youngest, thanks to a moder design and suitable dimensions, the Gamo Delta Fox GT airgun comes  in a smart orange version, with a border at the end of the stock, and rubber inserts in the butt plate.A colored touch to differentiate from the others!Walther’s Lever Action Rifle harks back to the Old West and takes its inspiration from the Winchester model 1894. It employs Umarex’s familiar alloy 8-shot rotary magazines and 12g CO2 capsules. It makes a perfect plinking rifle, having an interesting action, acceptable accuracy, and power levels that would make it suitable for informal target shooting in your garden – providing a safe back stop is used and no pellet leaves the confines of your property.I bought this to have some enjoyment at home when range time with the bigger stuff is just not a go. This is a quality airgun that does not disappoint. I believe that I will need to experiment a little to see what pellets work best with it, but other than that I am an very happy with my purchase, and look forward to setting up more targets when spring finally shows up. Up until the new Umarex Legends model, the only western lever action CO2 rifle was the Walther pellet firing model which uses an 8-shot rotary magazine inserted into the firing mechanism at the front of the receiver (Part 9 of my Airguns of the American West series in the September 2016 Airgun Experience columns), and this is a considerably more expensive gun with an MSRP of $500 Great gun with new magazines, had a lot of fun shooting empty beer cans filled with water swinging from a tree on a line fixed to the ring pull, shotgun style shooting. But I am highly disappointed with the regular damage to the magazines causing misfires and jams, costly little things as well. its the same action as the Walther pistols and I don't have any problem with my CP88. does any one know if Walther are aware of this problem?

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  1. imalistic design rifle, with a skeleton stock, has the Nitropiston power source, making it a perfect friend for recreative shooting or accuracy practice. It fits both adults and juniors.
  2. One shot air rifleCalibre: .177 rifle bore5 pellets shot clip or 200 BBs reservoirCocking : pump system on the forearmBlack synthetic stock adjustable (+1.97'')Adjustable steel rear sightFiber optic sightMuzzle velocity : up to 645 ft/s with pellets and 680 ft/s with BBs Power : 10 Joules maxTotal length : 36.61''Weight : 2.93 Lbs
  3. One shot air gun model TR77 NPSCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : nitrogen filled gas pistonTactical stock design with pistol grip and buttstock, engineered for shooting comfortShort barrel (reduces vibration)Adjustable triggerLever safetyDelivered with a 4x32 Scope Center point (no front or rear sights)
  4. One shot air rifleCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonBlack synthetic stock with non-skid inserted grips Adjustable rear sightFiber optic sight Overall length : 43''Muzzle velocity : 720 ft/sPower : 14 joulesWeight : 5.11 lbs With 4x28 scope and one box of 250 pellets
  5. One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : under lever armEnergy : spring + air pistonBlack synthetic stockVentilated rubber butt plate for recoil absorptionSmall bar chargerFiber optic sight
  6. One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonAmbidextrous black synthetic stockMolded barrelRubber recoil padAdjustable rear sightFiber optic sightAutomatic safety catch11 mm optics rail Delivered with :- 4x32 Stoeger scope- Flashlight with mount and switch
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Crosman Silver Fox one shot airgun .177 cal (4.5mm)Break barrel cockingNitropiston technologyLess vibration and recoil, more flexibility and accuracyAmbidextrous black synthetic stockSteel barrel silver finishRubber butt plateThe trigger on the Winchester is a strange single-stage. There's some take-up, but the rifle lacks a trigger return spring. Once the slack is out, the trigger remains in place. It takes less effort than the pellet rifle trigger, breaking at a very crisp 3.5 lbs. One aspect of the firearm differs from the pellet rifle. There's a safety switch that tells the rifle the lever is completely closed, indicating that the action is securely locked and the gun is safe to fire. When you grasp the lever, you need to pull it up slightly to depress this switch. Otherwise, the trigger won't work.Please Note: This Walther Lever Action is black in color. The silver rifle in the featured video review is a previous generation.

CO2 semi-automatic rifleCalibre : 4.5mm BBsPower : 12g CO2 cartridgeCO2 magazine in the stockRemovable magazine of 21 BBs Manual safety Removable synthetic stockTactical stock with rubber butt plateAdjustable rear sightOptic fiberfront sightRemovable sights2 picatinny railsBlack finish Delivered with a bipod One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 pellets and BBs boreCapacity : 5 pellets clip or 18 BBs magazine350 BBs reservoirAction : multi-pump system on the forearmPump 5 to 10 times, choose your powerManual safety buttonDesert synthetic stock and bodyFront and rear sight adjustable and removable3 Picatinny railsStorage behind removable recoil pad NEW GENERATION NITROPISTON More velocity, more accuracy and more power .177 or .22 rifle bore (4.5 or 5.5 mm) New piston for an increasing of the velocity up to 15%, of 35% of power, and a reduction of friction, vibration and recoil for a better accuracy Black synthetic stock - ambidextrousThe pellet rifle is a long gun for recreational shooting. It uses 4.5 or 5.5 mm diameter seals. More accurate and powerful than handguns, it can be used without a shooting licence when its power is less than 20 joules. Our range of rifles is available in three types of models: compressed air rifles, CO2 rifles and PCP rifles. Most of them can be equipped with accessories such as a firing scope, a red dot sight, a bipod...

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Calibre: 4.5mm (.177)Manual repeaterCO2 compression8 shots per micro cylinderEnergy  : 4oz CO2 cartridge (Ref : F370) or 2x 12g Black synthetic stock Lateral coking leverSteel rifled barrelAdjustable sights with  fiber optic11 mm rail for opticsPicatiny rail under the barrel (for bipod)Adjustable triggerManual safetyManufactured by Umarex in Germany The Walther LeverAction models successfully bring together tradition and innovation: a legendary American repeater combined with the latest CO₂ technology. The large 88 grams CO₂ cartridge has a capacity of at least 450 shots at constant energy. Operating this repeater puts you right back in the Wild West. It works like the legendary original: When you push the lever forward, it moves the. Semi-automatic 4.5 mm (.177) rifleCalibre : .177 bore12 shots per micro cylinderCO2 12g cartridgeCapacity per cartridge : around 50 shotsBlack synthetic stockAdjustable rear sightOverall length : 37''Muzzle velocity : 522 ft/sPower : 6.47 jouleWeight : 3.37 lbsDon't forget ammunition !All Umarex airguns are interesting and well made, but a few stand out as superlative. Without a doubt, the Walther Lever Action rifle is one of them. I want to try something new and different with this article. Since the Walther Lever Action is a direct copy of a popular firearm, I want to test the firearm as well and document that for you. To keep from confusing everyone, I'll review the firearm after reviewing the pellet rifle. Let's get back to the Walther Lever Action rifle. For starters Let's start with appearance, because this gun's got it in spades! It makes a powerful first impression. This is a metal and wood gun--the kind we all dream about. It feels heavy in the hand, yet it has the same compact size as the Winchester it copies. Several years ago, some Daisy employees played a trick on the boys at Winchester by slipping one of their 1894 carbines into a rack at the SHOT Show. As the story is told, it took more than a full day for Winchester to get wise. With the Umarex gun, they might pack up and leave the show and never be the wiser--it's that good. I conducted an experiment for this review. Instead of building up the rifle beforehand, I just put it into people's hands and listened. Generally, people cannot believe the realism. When they hold it for the first time they often say, "This is an AIRGUN?"

The Walther 1250 Dominator FT utilizes a compressed air repeating system with an 8-shot rotary pellet clip. The bolt-action feeds the airgun pellet directly into the barrel, resulting in precise long-distance shooting with minimal velocity reduction. This air rifle comes with a fiber optic front and rear sight One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreSteel barrelAction : break barrelEnergy : IGT gas pistonSkeleton black synthetic stock, all weatherSWA butt plateOptic fiber sightsAdjustable rear sigthProtected front sight11 mm aluminium railSAT adjustable triggerManual safetyCompressed air rifles are the best known and most widespread. The weapon system provides them with the same power between each shot, making them more accurate. However, their use requires recharging between each shot. Want to shoot targets occasionally without breaking the bank?Thsi small price air rifle, with a varnished wood stock, has a power of 16.5 Joules, is a good solution. A finish a bit rustic, but reliability and accuracy are at the rendez-vous.A  little extra : the rifle has a barrel relasing lever, allowing an easier breaking of the barrel while loading. Great replica of the military assault rifle M16, this airgun is goiing to be a good surprise for many people!Under a military desing is hiding a leisure airgun, easy to use and to handle, and with a great power.Its manufacture with nylon fiber, brings it lightness, and strength for long time, but also against external condition (rain, humidity, dirts...).With this Milbro M16 airgun, attack all targets, paper, cans or other bottles!

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Regarding the magazines, it's worth taking a bit of care loading them pellets should be recessed using the tool provided with the rifle, this eliminates any pellets being proud which can cause drag and extra stress on the ratchet lugs. Legendary brand of shooting and hunting weapons, Browning is also well known in the leisure guns world, thanks to some airguns and air pistols, made by Umarex.  Recently redesigned, the X-Blade II rifle is now gas piston powered : smoothness, power and accuracy are thus the assests of this resolutely modern airgun. The lever cycles all the way forward, but the effort is many times less than a Winchester. There's no cartridge elevator or heavy hammer spring to fight against, so the cocking effort is butter-smooth and light.To insert the CO2 cartridge, the buttplate is removed, by means of a simple catch. The CO2 cartidge carrier mechanism is then slid straight back and out of the hollow butt. Once out of the gun, there's a black steel plate that holds the large ends of both CO2 cartridges. It must be removed from the carrier. Two cartridges are inserted in their places in the carrier, and the black steel plate is reinstalled to hold them. The bolt that tensions the plate has a long loop of heavy wire to turn the bolt when the cartridges are being pierced. Once both are pierced (you'll feel it), the wire loop is rotated forward into the butt as the carrier is installed. The final quarter-inch of carrier movement pushes open the valve, admitting CO2 into the gun. You can remove the cartridge carrier while it's under pressure and gas will not be lost. There will be a sharp hiss or a small pop as it separates from the internals, but it will continue to seal the liquid CO2 while outside the gun. This way, any parent can render the gun inoperative simply by storing the cartridge carrier in a secure place.

I have had this rifle for three years and fired it no more than 150 times. In the beginning it was very good i in all regards but now it misfires constantly. I will order a couple of new magazines to see if that solves the problem - otherwise into the dumpster. POWER PACK GAMO SUMMER 2019 For larger range shooting, GAMO offers here a Full power pack, composed of a Black Knight airgun with 29 Joule power, a 4x32 scope, 50 targets and a box of pellets.  This air rifle is in category C, declarable, a hunting permit or ashooting licence is requiredand can't be sold out of France.

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Get a Quiet, Accurate Airgun made for Target Shooting by Buying a Top Rated Lever or Bolt Action 8-12 Shot CO2 Pellet Rifle. I offer the Best .177 and .22 Caliber Repeating CO2 Powered Lever and Bolt Action Air Rifles at the Lowest Possible Sales Prices with Free Ground Shipping Walther's Lever Action rifle is so realistic, no one will be able to tell the difference between the airgun and the firearm! Powered by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges that slip into a compartment neatly concealed by the slide-out buttpad, this rifle will deliver lots of powerful shots from its 8-shot rotary clip

x3 to x12 magnificationObjective diameter : 42 mmMulti-coated lensAdjustable micrometric sight4 reticle withilluminated red pointDot brighness : 11 positionsBody diameter : 1''Overall length : 12 5/9''High mount includedScope caps includedWe offer rifles ranging from 7.5 to 40 joules. The entry-level models present little risk and are mainly intended for children. They allow you to shoot up to 10 meters.  CHRISTMAS 2019 GAMO PACK :   Original model, the Gamo Whisper Maxxim airgun is a match between  the characteristic stock of the X series and the Maxxim barrel last generation sound suppressor, with natural sights.  A delightful combination between tradition and modernity, with the excellent quality of the spanish brand, that will please a large public, young or not!  The ideal present for the whole family! Fast, fun and easy to use, shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger ! On the CROSMAN Benjamin Wildfire rifle, you can recognize the Mod.1077 Repeatair airgun, with the same features (compactness, lightness, handiness...) but with a PCP propulsion instead of CO2, and an upper power. An ideal rifle for amusement shooting as for the youngers' initiation!

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  1. I want you to know that the above is an exceptional target for me and my rifle. I normally group this one around 1.25 inches at 50 yards, but this day all the stars were aligned. It shows that the potential of the cartridge exceeds what is popularly believed. Comparison Comparing the Walther Lever Action to a Winchester .30-30 may seem a bit ludicrous, but I did it for a reason. Obviously, the Walther copies the Winchester closely; and for some owners, it's as close as they will ever get to the firearm. Europeans, for example are hampered by extreme anti-gun legislation, and there are even cities here in the U.S. where citizens rights to have firearms are barred. The Walther Lever Action pellet rifle gives people in these locations the option of owning something very similar, as well as something safe enough to shoot in the house. Sometimes, that's all they want.
  2. The external hammer can be cocked and released without using the lever, so you can de-cock the rifle by simply lowering the hammer with your thumb. If you slip off the hammer, though, the rifle will fire, so be certain that you understand how to work the gun safely. And ALWAYS POINT THE MUZZLE IN THE DIRECTION YOU INTEND SHOOTING! The trigger is crisp but heavy. On our test rifle, it broke between 5 lbs., 2 oz. and 5 lbs., 12 oz. It's a two-stage with a definite second stage stop and almost no creep. Because of the crispness, it felt lighter than it was, but you definitely know that it's there. With the safety on, you can cock the hammer and dry-fire the gun without discharge. The safety is a crossbolt that prevents the hammer from contacting the valve stem. I would not do this a lot, as I don't know if the mechanism is built for it, but you can sample the trigger safely a time or two in this way.
  3. Crosman Blaze Orange NP one shot air rifle Calibre: 4.5mm (.177 rifle bore)Action : break barrelNitropiston technology :Energy : nitrogen filled gas piston (less recoil)Ambidextrous orange synthetic stock - SkeletonAdjustable triggerManual safety lever 11mm rail for opticsNo natural sights  
  4. NEW TECHNOLOGY NP2 Perfect alliance between power and flexibility Available in .177 or .22 bore one shot airgun Break barrel action Nitropiston 2 technology : precision-machined piston in a gas filled cylinder promising : up to 15% more speed more accuracy due to the reduction of friction and vibration 35% more power less recoil

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  1. Classical in the range of the spanish brand GAMO, the Big Cat 1000-E comes with a great OD green colour, that blends into his surroundings! With a power of 19.9 Joule, thus arigun can be bought by any people over 18 years old (french law!).
  2. THE FIRST FIXED BARREL  STOEGER AIRGUN Stoeger F40  one shot air rifle  Calibre: .177 rifle bore  Action : break barrel  Energy : spring + air piston  Ergonomic ambidextrous hardwood stock  Non slip surfaces on the stock  Large rubber butt plate 
  3. Winchester Lever Action CO2 Steel Finish 4,5mm Teil 1 (erstes Shootingvideo) Luftgewehr 7,5 Joule auf 100 Meter - Duration: Walther Lever Action Wells Fargo Co2. .177 Full Review

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  1. To load, push in on the grooved loading gate. That releases a spring-loaded gate holding the familiar Umarex 8-shot cylinder.
  2. Velocity with Walther’s 7.7-grain wadcutter pellets averaged 490 fps from the 19.25” barrel, and these printed respectable 1.5” groups at 20 yards, whilst 8.25-grain RWS Superdomes, averaging 480 fps, did even better: proving the Lever Action capable of 1” groups at this range.
  3. Powered by one 88-gram CO2 cartridge that slips into a compartment neatly concealed by the slide-out buttpad, this rifle will deliver lots of powerful shots from its 8-shot rotary clip. If looks were all that it took to make airgunners happy, this rifle would do the trick. The rich hardwood stock and forearm are combined with high-quality, blued steel components. They even included the metal saddle ring found on the 1894 Winchester firearm. The super-accurate barrel delivers 10-shot groups of 5/8" (center-to-center) at 10 meters. The weight, the feel, the size, the way it sits naturally in your hands while you work the lever just like Chuck Connors on The Rifleman -- you're gonna kick yourself for not getting this gun sooner!
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  6. Things I liked: The realism of the rifle. The 88 gram CO2 cartridge. Accuracy is perfect. So fun to shoot. Holds CO2 as long as cartridge is in rifle. Power is amazing for 600 fps. Rifle hits with authority.
  7. I have converted two Walther LG300's and a LG200 from 7,5 Joule/5,5 footpound to 16 Joule/12 fpe field target rifles. All these 3 air rifles already had the new MK2 type regulator (with the ring grooves on the outside)

Price 52,00€ - 889,00€ 113 results Clear filters. -- Price: Lowest first Price: Highest first Product Name: A to Z Product Name: Z to A. There are 113 products. 179,00 € 220,00 € -41,00 € In stockShipped 24h. GAMO Shadow 1000 airgun kit .177 (19.9 joule) -CHRISTMAS 2019 ( B812 ) CHRISTMAS PACK 2019 Excellent value for money for this. Down range What you see on target is very respectable for a rifle like this. It shoots more like a target rifle than a sporter. If you're a good shot, the gun rewards you with surprisingly tight groups. I used Chinese target wadcutters for most of my testing, but any good diabolo pellet should work well. When Wulf Pflaumer, the owner of Umarex, first described this rifle to me, he stressed the accuracy. I told him if it were as accurate as he claimed (hitting a penny with every shot at 20 yards) it would be a real success. It looks like he more than delivered on his promise. First, I tried it offhand at 10 meters because I was more interested in the repeating capability than the accuracy. But when I went downrange and saw that my 24 shots all were grouped inside an inch, I began to suspect I had a real shooter in my hands. I then benched the rifle. Still using the open buckhorn sights it came with and no adjustments, it drilled five tight shots at 10 meters. Take a look at that bragging group! UMAREX WALTHER Lever Action Réplique de la légendaire WINCHESTERCarabine CO² à levier de sous-gardeCal.4,5 mm Chargeur rotatif 8 coups à plombs type diaboloCanon de 48 cmFonctionnement avec 1 capsule CO² 88grFinition BronzéSimple ActionCrosse boisCarcasse acierAnneau latéralHausse type crocodile réglagle Puissance 7,5 joules Vitesse 175 m/s N'oubliez pas les munitions et les accessoire

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All the latest GAMO technologies concentrated, on a classic basis of black 1000, this rifle is a must, in the family of the recreational air rifles. Perfect for shooting or plinking, it can receive a scope, to improve the acuracy.With 29 Joules, it is in C category, and can't be sold out of France. DESIGNED FOR YOUNG SHOOTERS One shot air rifle with tactical design Calibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrel with Energy : spring-and-piston mechanism requiring only 16 pounds of force to cock pistonAmbidextrous "skeleton" synthetic stock Fiber optic sight11 mm rail for opticsAutomatic safety catch at the rear of the receiver  LEVER ACTION. System CO. 2. lever action Caliber 4.5 mm (.177) Magazine capacity 8 rounds Overall length 996 mm Barrel length 480 mm (18.9 inches) Weight (without cartridge) 2800 g Muzzle velocity (energy) 175 m/s (7.5 J) Propellant 88 g CO. 2. cartridge Trigger Single Action Only Sight Vertically adjustable rear sight, laterally adjustable. ATAC S2 revolutionises tactical airgun performance! Latest innovation from Stoeer Airguns is the ATAC S2, using Gaz Ram Techology, and a tactical synthetic stock with integrated Picatiny rails attached to both sides of the forend and receiver. The ATAC S2 relies on a simple, quiet  Gas Ram driven action that cocks with a break open barrel. Gas Ram Technology reduces vibration and eliminates the sond that comes from a traditional spring driven airgun power plant. Accuracy is enhanced  with this system through the elimination of vibrations and velocities are consistent because of exact and repeatable gas pressure release.  It is available in 3 version : .177 black finish, .177 green finish, .22 black finish.

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Walther's Lever Action Rifle harks back to the Old West and takes its inspiration from the Winchester model 1894. It employs Umarex's familiar alloy 8-shot rotary magazines and 12g CO2 capsules. It makes a perfect plinking rifle, having an interesting action, acceptable accuracy, and power levels that would make it suitable for informal target shooting in your garden - providing a safe. What others should know: Had to send mine back due to the barrel being loose and the mags would not rotate. I was sent mags at no charge. Mags were not machined correctly would not rotate. Going forward the mags have been machined properly according to the tech dept. Other then these two issues Rifle is fantastic Warranty work was fast and the warranty techs were great.

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The Walther Lever Action CO2 rifle is a replica of the most successful lever-action rifle every made--Winchester's famous 1894. The rifle that made the 30/30 a household word and the very model that brought the American hunter into the smokeless powder age One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelErgonomically designed cocking gripEnergy : spring + air pistonSynthetic realtree camo stockRubber butt-padAdjustable rear sightFiber optic sightAutomatic safety catch Overall length : 43''Weight : 7.06 lbsMuzzle velocity : up to 1000  ft/sPower : 19.9 joulesDon't forget ammunition !

Would like to buy the Walther c02 lever action rifle using a VISA card and not having to open an account, Please give me a toll free number to place this order. (want the walther that takes TWO CO2 carthrides. PLEASE let me know, thanks Steve One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonStock varnished woodFiber optic sightsWhich pellets have you found to work well with your Lever Action rifle? Which brand / type / weight are you using? One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelNitropiston technologyEnergy : nitrogen filled gas piston(less noise, less recoil)Ambidextrous wood stockAdjustable rear sightFiber optic sightsManual safety (lever) Overall length : 45''Weight : 6.65 lbsMuzzle velocity : 950 fpwsPower : 19.9 joules With 4x32 scope One shot air rifle Calibre: 4.5mm (.177 rifle bore)Action : break barrelEnergy : nitrogen filled gas piston (less recoil)Ambidextrous non-slip black synthetic stockAdjustable rubber cheek-pieceAdjustable triggerManual safety lever 11mm rail for opticsNo natural sights

Always on the lineage of the tactical airguns, Crosman proposes the model F4 NP; with its thumbhole stock. With its NiroPiston propulsionn it's a smooth and accurate air rifle, with a great power of 19.9 Joule. Ideal for leisure or precise shooting!will these walther lever action 8 shot magazines work in the 850 magnum umarex / hammerli 850 magnum? Umarex Walther Lever Action Co2 177 Air Rifle Review by WolfPack Survival. this is a video showing you the Umarex Walther Lever Action Co2 177 Air Rifle The rifles should give the same performance apart from shots per fill. The 88g canister is claimed to give 450 shots against about 70 shots for two X 12g capsules. Also take into account the price and availability of 88g cans or 12g canisters in your area.

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  1. One of the brand Gamo best-seller's, the Black Shadow ari rifle, finally with the IGT version! With an intermediate power of 14 Joule, it's a polyvalent airgun, easy to use, that will fit the teenagers, and also the adults, for practicing, learning or playing!
  2. It’s worth saying something about the gun’s build and balance too. I’d expected it to feel like a toy, but the combination of a real wood stock (nicely-grained beech with a smart chestnut stain) and solid metal construction (the only plastic parts are the sights, butt-plate, barrel band, muzzle cap and magazine end cap) give it a convincing 6.5 lb heft and a centre-of-balance just ahead of the trigger guard that makes it point like as naturally as a shotgun. Indeed, given its weight and a full-sized length-of-pull of 14 3/8” the Walther is arguably more suited to mature than to junior shooters.
  3. The wide, smooth trigger blade is comfortable and gives good control, in spite of an average pull weight of around 5 lb, but as with the original you need to follow-through consistently to accommodate the increased lock time inherent in the Lever-Action’s mechanism. With a little practice, however, the rifle really gives the impression that if you do your part, lining up the sights and squeezing the trigger consistently, it’ll keep its side of the bargain.
  4. Military design One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonBlack ergonomic synthetic stock, AR-15 styleRemovable front and rear sights3 Picatinny rails for optics and accessoriesManual safety
  5. THE FIRST REPETITION BREAK BARREL AIRGUN!"Concentrate only on the target, forget everything else" Ten shots air rifle : thanks to a barrel, shooting 10 times in a row without having to recharge, simply breaking the barrel to compress the air Calibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : springAutoloader 10X siock-shot technology with 10 shots barrelAmbidextrous black synthetic stockShock Wave Absorber rubber butt plateFluted steel barrel, polymer coated Maxxim noise dampener fully integrated11mm Recoil Rail Reduction for opticsNo natural sightsCAT trigger (smoother and adjustable)Manual safety

Benjamin Steel Eagle one shot air rifle Made by Crosman, the Benjamin Steel Eagle air rifle signed by Jim Schockey (famous Canadian hunter)In .22 bore, this airgun has the Nitropiston 2 technology, and a silencer steel barrel.It is available in 2 version : 19.9 Joule power : free sale to pêople over 18 years old 34.8 Joule power : regulated sale (no sold out of France) Crosman Blaze XT NP air rifle.177 Cal (4.5mm) pelletsBreak barrel actionNitropiston : nitrogen filled gas pistonBetter flexibility and accuracy, less vibrations, recoil and noiseSilence rifled steel barrelAll weather synthetic stock, black finishLarge rubber butt plate absorbing recoilAdjustable triggerLever manual safety11 mm dovetail railNo natural sightBeginners will prefer a cheap rifle and will find it easier to switch to a compressed air model. They will then be able to improve by increasing the power of their rifle or by moving towards a CO2 rifle. The consumables to be used to shoot with compressed air are the seals and targets. To train with CO2, you will also need the CO2 sparcles that we ship within 24 hours. We offer a wide variety of consumables at the best price: ammunition, cardboard targets, carboys... Other accessories such as sight glasses, scopes and cleaning kits can help you improve your level and/or be the subject of a gift.

La carabine Walther Lever Action est une arme de loisir conçue pour le tir de plombs diabolo 4.5 mm, avec une bonne précision à courte distance. Elle est idéale pour le tir récréatif sur cibles comme sur canettes, tout en retrouvant le réalisme de manipulation du système à levier de sous-garde Not as fast as my Winchester 73, bit a whole lot less expensive and to shoot. Pair it with the steel targets and a couple of six shooters, and CAS is in your back yard. Amazingly fun.In this category you will find compressed air, CO2 and PCP rifles suitable for amateurs or more experienced. Models under 20 joules are available over the counter for those over 18 years old, those above that require specific authorizations.

One shot air rifleCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonBlack synthetic stockAdjustable rear sightFiber optic sightAutomatic safety catchOverall length : 50''Muzzle velocity : 1200 ft/sPower : more than 30 joulesWeight : 9.04 lbsDon't forget ammunitions !It’s true that – as per the original - the lever can become a bit hard on the knuckles if you don’t wear gloves, but despite a good deal of rapid shooting it never once bit my hand, and I didn’t have a single misfire or stoppage. Indeed, the only problem when you start to build up a quick-fire rhythm is that the butt tends to slip down in your shoulder. This again is a characteristic of original lever-action rifles, especially those with shotgun-style butt-plates. Clearly Walther have tried to reduce this effect by giving the butt plate a corrugated finish, but it’s not a wholly effective solution so if this were my gun I’d add a slip-on rubber butt pad for real non-slip result. One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : inert gas piston IGTAmbidextrous black synthetic stockErgonomic cheek pieceRubber butt plateFluted steel barrel, polymer coated Maxxim noise dampener fully integrated11mm rail for opticsOptic fiber adjustable rear sightProtected optic fiber front sightSAT trigger (smoother)Manual safety   Semi or Full automatic BB gun with 2 different fire selections : single-fire 6-shot burst Calibre : 4.5mm BB (.177)Energy : 2*12g CO2 CO2 magazine removableIntegrated magazine with 30 BBs capacity  Reservoir capacity : 400 BBsManual safety and fire selectorFlip up font and rear sightRetractable stock3 tactical Picatinny rails

Still in collaboration with the famous Jim Schockey, Crosman presents the Benjamin Trail XP 1100 air rifle.with a great wood stock, it develops an high power of 31 Joule, with .22 pellets.A rela pleasure for accuracy shooting or plinking.Regulated sale, with hunting permit or shooting license - No sold out of France. Walther's Lever Action CO2 rifle is the airgun version of the Winchester 1894 firearm! So realistic, no one will be able to tell the difference between your air rifle and the firearm! Walther Lever Action rifle. Uses 1 88-gram CO2 cartridge. 8-shot rotary clip. 15 length of pull. 3-lb. trigger pull. Western-style ambidextrous stock Walther's Lever Action CO2 rifle is the airgun version of the Winchester 1894 firearm! So realistic, no one will be able to tell the difference between your air rifle and the firearm!

GAMO Fast Shot 10X IGT air rifle - .177 rifle bore (19.9 joule) + 4 x 32 scope ( B423 )

Benjamin Trail one shot air rifleMade by CrosmanCalibre :.177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : Nitropiston 2nd generation : nitrogen filled gas piston(less noise, less recoil)Thumbhole black synthetic stockSilencer steel barrelPicatinny rail Rubber butt plate

Elegant and powerful, CROSMAN proposeshere a great rifle with the Optimus model.Working thanks to a spring, it is break barrel, ant it shoots pellets at a velocity around 1000 Fps.In addition to its bright optic fiber sights, it is delivered with a 4x32 scope.Gunmart.net is the largest shooting resource and review based website, using the resources of Britain's biggest and most comprehensive magazines - Gun Mart, Shooting Sports and What Gun. The CO2 carrier is hidden in the hollow butt. A catch at the top of the buttplate unlocks it for removal. The carrier holds pressure outside the rifle and can be installed or removed without the loss of much gas. Energy max. 2.5 Joules v 0 120 m/s (393 fps) Px4 STORM Item no. 5.8181 Caliber 4.5 mm (.177) BB Capacity 17 rounds Length 177 mm Weight 644 g Energy max. 2.1 Joules v 0 110 m/s (361 fps) MOD. 84 FS BERETTA Blowback / Full metal BERETTA Blowback / Metal slide / Double magazine BERETTA Blowback / Full metal / Single & double action BERETT The chinese brand ARTEMIS markets mechanical, esthetic and finishing good quality air rifles. As this model GR1250W, with a great ambidextrous wooden stock, that develops a 19.9 Joule power.And at an extremely competitive price.

Here are five shots through a group measuring 0.636 inches center-to-center. This is untypically tight for a .30-30 lever-action at 50 yards. Combining the bear's natural elegance and fierce agression, the GAMO Grizzly 1250 air rifle with its superb dark wood stock, develops an amazing power of 36 Joule. Paper or metal targets, cans or tins won't resist this great big bear!Attention : regulated sale, hunting permit or shooting license required, can't be sold out of France. Available in .177 or .22 caliber. New model Gamo 2018 : The first multi-shots airgun with high power!With the same system as the REplay 10x air rifle, GAMO has built this airgun with the 10x quick-shot barrel, the IGT technology, all this with a power of 29 Joule. (declarable rifle, requiring hunting permit or shooting license - No sold out of France)The power of the weapon is defined in joules. The more powerful the rifle, the more accurate the shot and the greater the projection distance.

Western Style First impressions and authentic sling-ring notwithstanding, the Walther is not an exact copy of the Winchester ’94: the principal differences being a fore-end that stops abruptly at the barrel band (Winchester fore-ends either project a couple of inches beyond it or feature a steel fore-end cap); a wider stock with a corrugated butt-plate; and a couple of additional safety features in the shape of a cross-bolt hammer safety (only introduced by Winchester in 1992), and a red indicator pin that shows when a magazine is fitted.The Walther LeverAction models successfully bring together tradition and innovation: a legendary American repeater combined with the latest CO₂ technology. The large 88 g CO₂ cartridge has a capacity of at least 450 shots at constant energy. Operating this repeater puts you right back in the Wild West. It works like the legendary original: When you push the lever forward, it moves the rotary magazine ahead by one position, at the same time drawing back the bolt and cocking the hammer. With its gold receiver and high-quality beech stock, the Walther LeverAction Wells Fargo cannot be overlooked. An American legend lives on – made in Germany.Airgun safety is no accident. You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures.

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One shot air rifle HATSANCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrel with Energy : spring-and-piston mechanismLarge muzzle break for easy cockingAmbidextrous "Thumbhole" synthetic stock Truglo fiber optic sights (green and red)Micro adjustable rear sight If you leave CO2 in the gun,it will leak out over time. It may take a week or two but it will leak. It is best to shoot all the CO2 out over a few days and store the gun empty. My uncle has this rifle (I inherited it) and finally got chance to shoot it today (no back garden) and it misfired, both magazines have a couple of teeth damaged :( Nice looking rifle though...maybe better as a wall hanging for a Shaun of the Dead type feel lol What do you reckon it would be worth second hand, its in mint condition?I really fall in love with thi beautiful walther lever action co2 rifle i will recommend to any body with this super acurate rifle you can't miss a single shot i own couple more air rifles but definitely this is my #1 rifle thanks AIRGUNDEPOT TEAM Let's shoot! The gun shoots even better than it looks! The lever is so slick that more than one person said, "I wish my Winchester was this easy to cock." I had to stop a couple of shooters from bringing the rifle down from their shoulders and cocking it like a Red Ryder. When they learned how easy it is to cock in place, I noticed the pace of their shots increased dramatically. I've shown the lever all the way forward so you can see the entire range of motion your hand must make to cock and load the gun. This is approximately the same as the Winchester, though this pellet rifle has a lot less work to accomplish with the lever stroke. The pellets are blown into the barrel at the shot (there is no bolt probe), so all you are doing with the lever is cocking the hammer and advancing the magazine.

$40.90 shipping. Walther Talon Magnum .22 Caliber Scoped Break-Barrel Air Rifle w/Case - NEW. Type: Spring-Piston. $50.00 shipping. Walther Rotek .177 PCP HPA Air Rifle. Type: Precharged Pneumatic (PCP) $100.34 shipping. Walther Parrus (.22 cal) Air Rifle - Wood- Refurb. Walther Lever Action .177 CO2 pellet rifle, pellets, Co2, magazines NEW MODEL GAMO 2016 One shot air rifleCalibre: 4.5mm (.177 rifle bore)Action : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonVarnished beechwood stock laser marked checkeringAmbidextrousRubber recoil pad Air Striper fluted barrel : new muzzle brakeimproving stabilization of the trajectory the ammosAdjustable triggerManual safety High power one shot air rifleCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + pistonFluted steel barrel barrel, polymer coatedMaxxim double noise dampenerAmbidextrous lback synthetic stock, all weatherS.A.T. adjustable triggerSWA recoil padRRR : recoil reducing rail, 11mmTruglo optic fiber sightsAdjustable milimetric rear sightFront sight coverManual safety Delivered with a Gamo 4x32 WR scope Powerful Ruger one shot air rifleMade by UmarexCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction: break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonSynthetic stock, ambidextrous with non slip surfacesRubber butt plateSteel barrelAdjustable trigger travelFiber optic sights Adjustable rear sight11mm rail Automatic safety

Just this once, GAMO takes up the codes of hunting, with this magnificent air rifles in an orange realtree camo high visibility, nearly fluorescent : this color, is little detected by the animals but very clearly by the humans.light and powerful, it will be a great partner for your shooting games or contests at the end of the garden. One of the most powerful air rifle of the world, the ARTEMIS model GR1600W develops 40 Joules, thanks to a nitropiston propulsion gaz piston instead of spring).A great finishing, ad a good quality for this chines air rifle, at a very attrative price.Regulated buying, hunting permit or shooting l icense reqyuired. No sold out of France.

SPECIAL OFFER :One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonBlack synthetic stockFiber optic sightAutomatic safety Overall length : 43 5/7''Weight : 5.64 lbsMuzzle velocity : 650 ft/sPower : 10 joules OFFER :- 4 x 20 scope- 2 box of 500 diabolo pelletsDon't forget ammunition ! Browning one shot air rifle Made by UmarexCalibre : .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonSynthetic stock ambidextrous with Browning logoPolymer barrel sleeve for an optimum protectionAdjustable rear sightFiber optic sight11mm rail for mounting scopeRubber butt plateAutomatic safety The lever is linked to a slide on top of the receiver that cocks the hammer. This takes the place of the bolt in a firearm. The hammer can also be cocked and uncocked by hand. Since nothing is ejected from the gun, a scope can be mounted quite low over the receiver. Top Rated Provider of Sporting Tools, and Accessories. Shop Today

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Benjamin Golden Eagle one shot air rifle Made by Crosman, signed by Eva SchockeyCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelNitropiston 2 technology : nitrogen filled gas pistonSilencer steel barrelAmbidextrous desert stock syntheticBlack ''engraved'' inserts, soft touchRubber cheek pieceSling mounts (for bipod) One shot air rifleCalibre : .177 rifle boreFluted barrelSleek muzzle breakAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonSkeleton black synthetic stock Overall length : 46''Weight : 5.51 lbsMuzzle velocity : 950 ft/sPower : 20 joules With :- 3-9x40 scope- 2 box of Expander pelletsDon't forget ammunition ! he Walther LeverAction models successfully bring together tradition and innovation: a legendary American repeater combined with the latest CO₂ technology. The large 88 g CO₂ cartridge has a capacity of at least 450 shots at constant energy. Operating this repeater puts you right back in the Wild West. It works like the legendary original: When you push the lever forward, it moves the. For over 40 years, UMAREX has been making high-quality recreational and sporting guns at its headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany. With the help of skilled metal workers, CAD professionals and traditional gunsmiths we design and manufacture a large share of our products right at our factory, and when servicing is necessary this is where they are also repaired. Over the years we have built up a large stock of spare parts. Customers who need advice can get quick, uncomplicated assistance by telephone. All of this comes from our commitment to deliver what you expect when you read “Made in Germany”.Copyright © 2020 Aceville Magazines Ltd.Registration number: 04169559 | Registered Office Address: 185 Fleet Street, London, England, EC4A 2HS


i have the rifle that uses the 88g cylinder. however for plinking the cylinder is too expensive. i got the proton 3x cylinder and it works great. you need a pump of course. you cant pump beyond 1000 psi. it wont work. i still get over 40 sh0ts with the proton. sure beats co2. i would love to have this rifle in .22. i have a brocock rifle and pistol in.22 i prefer this caliber. What others should know: as a note: you send a discount coupon witch is good but notice that the discount coupons issued in a short time will not take it effect correctly what I mean that a 2 discount coupon in one month will not help mutch at least make it every month so for me I can put some of my income aside to buy something monthly also the discount shold vary as coustomer who spend mucth at the store should have monthly discount more than the one who spend less thak you for your attention NEW MODEL With its brand Magtech, the bresilian firm CBC enlarges its range of airguns with this model jade Pro, taht combines modernity, lightness, performance and high resistances at a very competitive price! This air rifle is available with : a spring or  a nitropiston The Walther 1250 Dominator utilizes a compressed air repeating system with an 8-shot rotary pellet clip. The bolt-action feeds the pellet directly into the barrel, resulting in precise long-distance shooting with minimal velocity reduction. This PCP air rifle comes with a fiber optic front and rear sight

The most girly of the Crosman's rifles, with a cute pink finish! Lightweight and compact, this variable pump airgun is very easy to use, and will fit the smallest.Things I would have changed: sights are poor at best, for the money steel sights should be included not plastic. needs some way to mount optics comb is way to high for sights provided x3 to x9 magnificationObjective diameter : 50 mmMulti-coated lensAdjustable micrometric sightreticle 4 with illuminated red pointDot brighness : 11 positionsBody diameter : 1''Overall length : 12 3/5''High mount includedScope caps includedSafety With all airguns, safety is an important consideration, but the 1894 illustrates a fact that has been all but lost for generations. The rifle does have a crossbolt safety, as mentioned before. It both looks and functions like the safety on a modern 1894 Winchester, which is both obvious and foolproof. But this gun has something even better! The exposed hammer on this gun is real in all respects. It's the actual hammer that fires the gun. What that means is that you can easily lower the hammer, rendering the gun safe and uncocked. In fact, the hammer serves as a very obvious cocking indicator--something the legislators have been harping about ever since modern design did away with exposed hammers a century ago. So, going back to the past is a step in the right direction from a safety standpoint. When you thumb the hammer back the first time, you'll appreciate where the slick lever-action comes from. There's no oppressive mainspring or cartridge elevator linkage to fight, hence the mechanical effort is reduced by many pounds. Now, let's look at the Winchester! My Winchester 1894 was made in 1957. Winchester made about 7.5 million of this model between 1894 and 2006. There were many calibers, but .30-30 was by far the most popular and is the caliber for which this rifle is associated. Also, the 1894 Winchester is almost synonymous with the caliber .30-30, so the two have very close ties.

When the lever is closed all the way, it pushes the silver button in, releasing the safety so the rifle will fire. Precision - made, 600 F.P.S. FAST Walther® 1894 Lever Action .177 cal. CO 2 Pellet Gun! SAVE BIG ! A classic American legend meets precision German manufacturing for a HOT Pellet Rifle with Old West charm! Loaded with Walther® excellence in every detail. A Close-Out deal knocks a huge chunk off the original price Rifles over 20 joules allow you to reach targets at more than 50 meters and are appreciated by good shooters. Well equipped, they can also be used by hunters to maintain their shooting accuracy during closed seasons.

New model 2018 - New Colour 2019 The GAMO Delta airgun is resolutely directed to the young shooters.Compact and lightweight, the rifle has a moderate power of 7.5 Joule, to be easily used by the junior, but it will also please their elder sons!Its bright colours also adds to this orientation, making it visible by far, assuring thus a better safety of the shooter. Availalable in 3 colours : Black, Red or BlueOur sales and support teams make sure you get the right airguns, ammo and accessories for your needs. And if anything goes wrong, we'll make it right. Plus, we do custom modifications and services you can't find anywhere else - all done by our team of trained airgun technicians.

Verwendete Diabolos: Blue Arrow, Umarex Mosquito und JSB Exact! GPC-Forum: http://www.gpc-gunpower-community.com/portal.html GPC-Google+: https://plus.google.. It’s the under-lever that really makes this gun, since its smooth but solid feel, accompanied by the businesslike “clock-clock” sound of its operation, and the realistic back-and-forward movement of the receiver cover, make reloading almost as enjoyable as shooting! The pleasure of pistol shooting or rifle shooting... quickly switch from one to the other, simply by screwing the shoulder stock to the back of the pellet gun. This weapon therefore provides double the fun, with the handling of a pistol or the stability of a rifle. Developing a beautiful power of 7.5 joules, cardboard, canes and other targets will not be able to resist you ! View All Gun Accessories

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Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list and receive 10% off your next purchase. Our e-mails are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more - sign up today!UMAREX is the world’s largest manufacturer of over-the-counter firearm replicas and the largest importer of air guns in Europe. Founded in 1972, the mid-sized company is now run by the second generation of the two founding families. It has approximately 1,000 employees worldwide. The key to the company’s success has been the acquisition of licenses to build replicas of well-known weapons, which then can be sold without restrictions. Umarex currently holds licenses for the brands Beretta, Browning, Colt, Heckler & Koch, Ruger Smith & Wesson and IWI. One shot air rifleCalibre: .177 rifle boreAction : break barrelEnergy : spring + air pistonAmbidextrous wooden stockAdjustable rear sightFiber optic sightAutomatic safety catchOverall length : 40 1/2''Weight : 5.69 lbsMuzzle velocity : 660 ft/sPower : 9.19 jouleDon't forget ammunition !

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