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  1. A month later the patient returned for the fourth time she had again  experienced a sudden and extremely severe episode of bleeding, she had also passed a great deal of tissue during the bleeding. On ultrasound the RPOC could not be identified and the area of EMV was drastically reduced (IOTA score of 2).  The patient was only experiencing very light PV spotting with exertion.
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  3. A doppler trace was obtained and demonstrated a Peak Sytolic Velocity of 50.2 cm/s. Again conservative management was considered the best option.
  4. imum. The myometrium is composed of the outer muscle layer, the stratum vasculosum, including vessel-rich connective tissue, and the inner muscle layer. The myometrium is susceptible to benign growth, so-called myomas
  5. Aus der Klinik und Poliklinik für kleine Haustiere Aus der Klinik und Poliklinik für kleine Haustiere des Fachbereichs Veterinärmedizin der Freien Universität Berlin Erarbeitung eines Diagnoseschlüssels in der Veterinärmedizin Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung des Grades eines Doktors der Veterinärmedizin an der Freien Universität Berlin vorgelegt von Sandra Gohrbandt Tierärztin.
  6. Мартенички Кико - производство на Шнурове; Ластици; Връзки за обувки; Дръжки за подаръчни торбички; Въжета; Консумативи за мартеници, както и готови мартенички за директна продажба
  7. Furthermore, the vessels of the stratum vasculosum were massively dilated as compared to animals without uterine torsion and an edema of the connective tissue located in the stratum vasculosum was.

The first day of the menstrual bleeding is always classified as the beginning of a new cycle. Nevertheless, it is an ongoing process with flowing transitions. Follicles (vesicles) encase each oocyte. This first phase of follicle maturation is described as the previous cycle. In the second half of the cycle, more follicles develop as well, that e.g., can be visualized by ultrasound. They are called antral follicles. Patterns of uterine enhancement with helical CT. early myometrial enhancement was limited to a thin line medially along the endometrial cavity and preceded diffuse enhancement of the myometrium (stratum vasculosum). The outer layer is very thin and composed of dense circumferentially oriented smooth muscle. The endometrium is. Müngen E, Ö Dundar, A Babacan,2009; Postabortion Doppler Evaluationof the Uterus Incidence and Causes of Myometrial Hypervascularity;Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine; 28:1053–1060  http://www.jultrasoundmed.org/content/28/8/1053Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V.Following is an interview with Associate Professor George Condous MBBS (Adel), FRCOG, FRANZCOG, MD (Lon)

Myometrium (Tunica muscularis uteri): Aus Bündeln glatter Muskulatur, umgeben von Bindegewebe mit Gefäßen. Mit nicht deutlich abgrenzbarer Schichtung: Stratum submucosum (dem Endometrium benachbart), Stratum vasculosum (stärkste Schicht, gefäßreich), Stratum supravasculosum und Stratum subserosu Calcium Subject Areas on Research 1,25-Dihydroxycholecalciferol deficiency: the probable cause of hypocalcemia and metabolic bone disease in pseudohypoparathyroidism Start studying The Endometrium and Myometrium. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

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  1. ation it was found that there was an area of RPOC  measuring 25 x 24 x 19 mm as well as an area of EMV measuring 22 x 16 x 5 mm and an IOTA score of 4, again the vascularity showed a high velocity, low resistance wave form.
  2. Color Atlas of Cytology, Histology, and Microscopic Anatomy 4th edition, revised and enlarged Wolfgang Kuehnel, M.D. Professor Institute of Anatomy Universität zu Luebeck Luebeck, Germany 745 illustration
  3. podslizniční vrstva (stratum submucosum), vaskulární vrstva ( stratum vasculosum), supravaskulární vrstva (stratum supravasculosum) a subserosní vrstva (stratum subserosum). V průběhu těhotenství prochází myometrium rozsáhlými změnami. Dochází k hypertrofii a hyperplaziii svalových buněk
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Start studying Female genital system, test 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Which of following layers is not included in myometrium?:r1 stratum submucosum.:r2 stratum musculare.:r3 stratum vasculosum.:r4 stratum subserosum.:r5 All answers are correct. 2. 15. Part of uterus is::r1 caput uter The mammary is mainly composed of fatty tissue (about 80% in the case of a non-breastfeeding woman) and connective tissue. It includes the milk-producing gland tissue (glandula mammaria), that consists of 15–20 lobules (lobuli). The lobuli are connected to the nipple (mammilla) by the milk ducts (ducti). At the end of the milk ducts are the lactiferous sinus (sinus lactiferi), that excrete milk while breastfeeding and serve as a milk reservoir. The areola allows the exclusion of air and, thus, helps the infant with suckling. Eine innere Ring - und eine äußere Längsschicht bilden das Myometrium, Bündeln glatter Muskelfasern findet man aber auch im Mesometrium, besonders unmittelbar am Ansatz des Uterus (STILLING, 1913). Der zirkulären Muskelschicht liegt außen das Stratum vasculosum, mit größeren Arterien

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Patients suffering from EMV usually present with prolonged continued bleeding or sudden and severe episodes of bleeding. Patients with life threatening bleeding should be treated immediately with some type of vascular intervention, hysterectomy would be seen as a last resort.  Most cases of EMV will resolve spontaneously with the passing of the RPOC (Timmerman  2003, 570, ) Female Reproductive System-Uterus. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. Gregory_Osborne8 Stratum Basale Structure. Basal portion of endometrial glands; stromal cells are present Stratum Basale Location. Deep layer, in contact with myometrium. Stratum Functionale Structure. Contain endometrial. Средний слой сосудами богат, поэтому получил название stratum Серозная. vasculosum оболочка - брюшина - покрывает дно также, а матки ее переднюю и заднюю поверхности. Спереди покрывает она матку до.

Free Medical Textbook. adjacent to the third ventricle and contains a relatively homogeneous nuclear mass called the periventricular stratum. The more laterally placed portions of the medial hypothalamic zone contain reasonably differentiated cell clusters, including the medial preoptic, anterior hypothalamic, ventromedial, dorsomedial. Colour doppler volumes don’t seem to be terribly predictive to outcomes, but as yet there is still no reliable data for pulsed doppler parameters either, though this does seem more promising.

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자궁근육층 Myometrium Tunica muscularis; Myometrium 바깥혈관층 Outer vascular layer Stratum externum vasculosum 중간섬유층 Intermediate fibrous layer Stratum intermedium fibrosum 속근육층 Inner muscular layer Stratum internum muscular The mammary is the mammary gland. It is composed of 10–20 individual glands. Each has its efferent duct, the main 1 is the lactiferous duct (ductus lactifer colligens). The glands are described as tree-branch vesicles that are separated by the stroma (fat and connective tissue). The resulting sections are the lobes (lobi). The lobes are divided into lobules. stratum subserosum (uzduzna misina vlakna koja prelaze na fundus, okruuju matericne uglove i prebacuju se na jajovode), stratum supravasculare (kruzni misini snopovi), stratum vasculosum (je najdeblji i sadrzi uzduzne misine snopove, zajedno sa velikim krvnim sudovima; misini snopovi ovog sloja isprepletani oko krvnih sudova grade tzv. zive. Матка, uterus (metra), представляет непарный полый гладкомышечный орган, расположенный в полости малого таза, на одинаковом расстоянии от лобкового симфиза и крестца, на такой высоте, что самы This area was given an IOTA score of 4 (very strong vascularity). Given the reduction in the patients symptoms conservative management was suggested with a rescan planned for 28 days.

VanSchoubroeck DV, T Van den Bosch, K Scharpe, C Lu, S Van Huffel, D Timmerman, 2004;Prospective evaluation of blood flow in the myometrium and uterine arteries in the puerperium;Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol  23: 378–381 (accessed  24/09/2014) http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com.dbgw.lis.curtin.edu.au/doi/10.1002/uog.963/pdfDuring the reproductive period throughout the lifetime of any female, about 400–500 oocytes mature influenced by hormones. After ovulation, the oocytes can be fertilized. In their mature state, the fallopian tubes are each about 4 cm long, 2 cm wide, and 1 cm thick. During menopause, the size is constantly changing until it reaches its final size which is comparable to an almond. The ovaries are located in the inner pelvis walls on the right and left side of the lesser pelvis.

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Increased expression of estrogen receptor β in human uterine smooth muscle at term to ERbeta expression in the myometrium during pregnancy. might be due to proliferated stratum vasculosum. Male and female reproductive organs 2. Testis, scrotum, epididymis , spermatic ducts 3. Penis and accessory glands -seminal vesicles, tunica muscularis (myometrium) -smooth muscle tissue stratum subserosum stratum supravasculosum - circular and longitudinal muscle fibers stratum vasculosum. Full text of Color Atlas Of Veterinary Histology See other formats. Волокна останнього особливо розвинуті в ділянці шийки, де утворюють добре розвинутий стискач. Між шарами м'язової тканини міститься судинний шар — stratum vasculosum 子宮筋層Myometrium.子宮の筋層は平滑筋からなり も断然よく発達していて,腔所の広い静脈叢がここにある.したがってこの層は血管層Stratum vasculosum はその外側を縦走する束と内側を横走する束とがあって,漿膜のすぐ下にあり,血管上層Stratum.

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  1. PHYSIOLOGY FIUNCTIONAL MORPHOLOGY OF THE CELL Cell Membrane Phospholipid bilayer Amphipathic (ie hydrophobic/philic ends) Imbedded proteins: integral, embedded or transmembranous 50% of membrane by mass Various Functions Adhesion molecules Pumps/Carriers/Channels Receptors Enzymes Mitochondri
  2. The myometrium is composed of an inner circular layer and outer longitudinal layer of smooth muscle fibers separated by loose, highly vascular connective tissue, the stratum vasculosum. The outer serosa is continuous with the mesometrium
  3. All these studies seem quite good at predicting the outcomes of EMV at the upper and lower ends  but have difficulty with the group in the middle who may or may not require some sort of intervention to overcome their EMV.

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  1. Матка, uterus 3 Макроскопска анатомия : анатомичничасти: тяло,corpus uteri -⅔ oдъно, fundus uteri провлак,isthmus uteri шийка,cervix (collum) uteri -⅓ oportio supravaginalis oportio vaginalis cervicis маточнакухина,cavitas uteri: canalis cervicis uter
  2. ora, and the labia majora. The uterus is also classified as a part of the genitals, even if it is not visible from the outside. The female breasts, however, are classified as a secondary genital.
  3. Female Reproductive Organs. (n.d.). Advanced Imaging of the Abdomen, 719-799. doi:10.1007/1-84628-169-5_12

- degrade lipids, make acids, damage melanocytes (stratum corneum?) - hypo/per/pink patches - summer, hot, humid - spaghetti and meatballs KOH - tx: selenium sulfide, topical/PO antifungal. lateral mouth raised white lesions/plaque that easily scrape off erythematous mucosa underneath Бұл қабықтың ерекшелiгi сол, оның ортаңғы қабатында өте көп қан тамырлары болады. Сондықтан оны миометрийдiң тамырлы қабаты (stratum vasculosum) деп атайды In the case of the secondary follicle, the epithelium consists of 5 layers. These layers are composed of interconnected high prismatic cells. Gaps between the cells are possible. The gap between the oocyte and the follicle cells persists as well. Here, the zona pellucida originates, which consists of basement membrane material. Also, the theca folliculi (also called theca organ) forms in this stage. It derives from the stromal cells that in turn enclose the follicle cells.

Этот слой содержит большое количество сосудов, преимущественно венозных, поэтому его еще называют сосудистым слоем, stratum vasculosum O Scribd é o maior site social de leitura e publicação do mundo The myometrium contracts after birth as well, to expel the placenta. The aim is to keep the blood loss at a minimum. The myometrium is composed of the outer muscle layer, the stratum vasculosum, including vessel-rich connective tissue, and the inner muscle layer. The myometrium is susceptible to benign growth, the so-called myomas

Где находится матка у женщины? Она расположена внутри полости таза за мочевым пузырём и перед прямой кишкой The thickest layer in the center contains mostly circular muscle fibers as well as lymph and blood vessels. The presence of blood vessels explains the name stratum vasculosum. The inner thin layer is the submucosal layer. It lies underneath the endometrium and is called stratum subvasculosum. The outer thin layer is named stratum supravasculosum

Please note that Internet Explorer version 8.x is not supported as of January 1, 2016. Please refer to this support page for more information. Myometrium The smooth muscle coat of the uterus, which forms the main mass of the organ. A02.633.580 D009206 Myocardium The muscle tissue of the HEART. It is composed of striated, involuntary muscle cells (MYOCYTES, CARDIAC) connected to form the contractile pump to generate blood flow. A02.633.580.680 D010210 Papillary Muscle

Enhanced myometrial vascularity is defined as an area of “enhanced myometrial vascularity” (EMV) in the myometrium at the the interface with the endometrium. This can range from focal lesions to large areas of EMV. The blood flow shows marked disturbance with aliasing in the myometrium and extending into the endometrium.   It has been found that most cases of EMV arises from retained placental tissue, most commonly occuring after instrumental removal of the placenta. (Van Schoubroeck  2004, 378).The myometrium is the uterus wall’s middle layer. It mainly consists of smooth muscles, which are spirally arranged, but also of supporting connective tissue and vessels. Muscles can provide strong contractions as it is necessary during birth. The myometrium contracts after birth as well, to expel the placenta. The aim is to keep the blood loss at a minimum. The myometrium is composed of the outer muscle layer, the stratum vasculosum, including vessel-rich connective tissue, and the inner muscle layer. The myometrium is susceptible to benign growth, the so-called myomas. Stratum Basalis. minimal changes in the is layer between stages in the uterus; regeneration of epithelium starts from the stromal cells and glands in this layer; large amount of cells int his layer - even more so than in basal layer; NO MUSC MUCOSA/ SUBMUCOSA separate the endometrium from the myometrium. Myometrium. is the thickest layer of. At this stage we are hoping that the patient returns for her fifth and final scan to prove complete resolution.

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  1. is ignoratur et ars / Без знання термінів невідома і сама наука. #АНАТОМІЧНА ТЕРМІНОЛОГІ
  2. These acquired AVM’s have been termed  “Enhanced Myometrial Vascularity” (EMV)  since the mid to late 2000’s to describe this entity of hypervascularity in relation to retained placental tissue and differentiate this process from congenital AVM’s.
  3. - 'The Journal of Physiology, Volume 596, Issue 21, Page 5251-5265, 1 November 2018. November 01, 2018 doi: 10.1113/JP276459 open full text Neural memory of the genioglossus muscle during sleep is stage‐dependent in healthy subjects and obstructive sleep apnoea patients
  4. Progesterone is also known as the corpus luteum hormone. It belongs to the gestagen group and is synthesized in the corpus luteum of the ovaries. Progesterone is necessary for the implantation of oocytes. Furthermore, it maintains pregnancy, stimulated by LH.
  5. With the reading that I have undertaken it has probably caused to ask more questions than to answer. I have been unable to find any clear guidelines to appropriate management of EMV.

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A uterine arterial -venous malformation (AVM) may be either congenital or acquired. Congenital uterine AVM’s  are rare and usually seen in syndromes with multiple other AVMs  (McCormick 2006, 700).  These congenital AVM’s usually result from an embryonic defect in vascular differentiation or a premature arrest in the development of the capillary plexus leading to multiple abnormal connections between the arterial and venous systems. (Timmerman 2003, 570).   Acquired AVM ‘s often develop after uterine trauma including; miscarriage, sterile termination of pregnancy (STOP), dilatation and curettage (D&C), Cesarian section and retained placenta after normal vaginal delivery (Timmermann  2003, 570). momenclatura anatomiax The follicle formation takes place in the ovaries – the female gonads. The ovary is reminiscent of the shape and size of a plum and at birth already contains the full amount of lifelong available oocytes. That is about 200,000 immature oocytes per ovary.During the first week of pregnancy ,3 weeks from Last Menstrual Period (LMP) the fetal trophoblastic tissue invades the decidualised endometrium This is a complex process but basically as the tiny blastocyst invades the endometrium and chorionic villi form releasing hCG. The blastocyst continues to invade the endometrium until it is fully covered. By 3 weeks of development (5 weeks by LMP) the chorionic villi formed from the trophoblastic tissue have developed to entirely cover the blastocyst. (Callen 1994 ,440)  The  chorionic villi continue to develop and organise beginning to form the fetal component of the developing placenta meanwhile the decidualised endometrium has formed blood filled sinusoidal spaces  around the villi to allow gas and nutrient exchange between the developing fetus and the mother .(Callen 1994,  67)Pheromones are attractants. Here the Montgomery glands become visible as elevations on the mammilla. The mammilla itself is interspersed by a network of muscle fibers. It contracts when touched, at which the nipple gets bigger. Therefore, allowing the infant to suck with ease.

Memorix Anatomy is a perfect example of a student-friendly textbook with a modern design and didactic approach. Written by medical students, anatomists and medical doctors, this textbook. utopic, as stratum vasculosum desc ribed in classical studies as representing the in ternal layer of myometrium is a morphologic reality in the entire thickness o Cells of the Human Body and hydration of stratum corneum.[] During the last gestation trimester, it is known that sebaceous glands produce vernix caseosa which protects the embryonic skin from amniotic water.[11] preventing adhesions between the opposed walls of the myometrium, thereby maintaining the patency of the uterine cavity. The molecular structure of the smooth muscle of myometrium is very similar to that of smooth muscle in other sites of the body, with myosin and actin being the predominant proteins.[1] In uterine smooth muscle, there is approximately 6-fold more actin than myosin.[1] A shift in the myosin expression of the uterine smooth muscle may be responsible for changes in the directions of uterine contractions during the menstrual cycle.[1] Glossar 642 A Abdomen, -inis n Bauch abducens, -entis wegführend abductor, -oris m Abzieher (Teil eines Muskelnamens) accessorius, -a, -um hinzukommend Acetabulum, -i n Essigsch

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Stratum. subserosum - arčiau serozinio dangalo - išilginės krypties skaidulos. J.a. skaidulos gimdos kampuose ant kiaušintakių savasis kiaušidės, apvalusis ir platusis gimdos raiščiai gimdos kaklelio ir kryžkaulio raiščiai. Vidurinis sluoksnis = kraujagyslinis dangalas, stratum. vasculosum. Storiausias, jame gausu kraujagyslių Stratum vasculosum: Gefäßschicht; Bezeichnung für die gefäßreiche, mittlere Schicht der glatten Muskulatur der Gebärmutter (Myometrium). Hier finden sich neben meist ringförmig verlaufenden Bündeln glatter Muskulatur muskuläre Arteriolen und ein Venolengeflecht: vascular layer; term for the mid layer of the myometrium which is rich in.

Removal of Ca2+ after contraction induces relaxation of the smooth muscle, and restores the molecular structure of the sarcoplasmic reticulum for the next contractile stimulus.[1] Adenomyosis is a relatively common, although somewhat neglected, disorder of the female reproductive tract. Clinically, it is associated with heavy and painful periods, especially towards the end of the reproductive years; unfortunately these symptoms are shared with a number of other conditions and, until recently, an exact diagnosis could only be made at surgery and, in milder cases, it was. Мышечная оболочка (tunica muscularis, s. myometrium)— средний, наиболее мощный слой маточной стенки, образованный сплетением пучков гладких мышц и сосудов. (stratum vasculosum) и внутренний подслизистый (stratum. Díky početným krevním vlásečnicím se vnitřní théka někdy označuje jako stratum vasculosum thecae. Zevní thékální endometrium, svalová vrstva - myometrium a povrchová vrstva, která je větším dílem zastoupena serózou - perimetrium a menším dílem obalovým vazivem - adventitia. Vzhledem k tomu, že.

Patch-Clamp Techniques Subject Areas on Research. On ultrasound scanning the area of EMV was shown to have resolved (IOTA score of 1). A reduced area of RPOC was demonstrated.The resting membrane potential (Vrest) of uterine smooth muscle has been recorded to be between -35 and -80 mV.[1] As with the resting membrane potential of other cell types, it is maintained by a Na+/K+ pump that causes a higher concentration of Na+ ions in the extracellular space than in the intracellular space, and a higher concentration of K+ ions in the intracellular space than in the extracellular space. Subsequently, having K+ channels open to a higher degree than Na+ channels results in an overall efflux of positive ions, resulting in a negative potential.

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  1. It is theorised that EMV occurs when some retained placental tissue maintains its vascular connection to the uterus and when prolonged (for more than 6 weeks) may be associated with hypertrophied peritrophoblastic vessels that communicate via areas of necrosis in the retained placenta. (Kamaya   2009, 1032).   Vaginal bleeding occurs when the endothelial lining of these highly perfused subendometrial vessels are disturbed (Van den Bosch   2008).
  2. Матка, uterus (metra), представляет непарный полый гладкомышечный орган, расположенный в полости малого таза, на одинаковом расстоянии от лобкового симфиза и крестца, на такой высоте, что самый верхний ее участок, дно матки.
  3. 세로층 Longitudinal layer Stratum longitudinale 잘록창자띠 Teniae coli Taeniae coli 간막띠 Mesocolic tenia Taenia mesocolica 그물막띠 Omental tenia Taenia omentalis 자유띠 Free tenia Taenia libera 돌림층 Circular layer Stratum circulare 곧창자; 직장 Rectum Rectum 엉치굽이 Sacral flexure Flexura sacralis.
  4. g a heterogeneous myometrium. Ultrasound, as one of methods of diagnostics of diseases, allows to detect various pathologies in the uterine cavity

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The female breast serves as the infant’s nutrition and is a secondary sexual organ. The shape and size depend on various factors and changes during the cycle and a woman’s whole life. Under the influence of estrogen and gestagen, the tissue is better supplied with blood. Additionally, water accumulates and, thus, causes volume increase. myometrium myotube naevus naevus flammeus nareal nasal nasal bone nasal cavity nasal concha nasal fossa nasal septum punctum vasculosum pupil putamen pyelum pygal pyla pylangium pyloric sphincter pyloric valve pylorus stratum corneum striatopallidal striatum stroma stylion stylo-styloglossal stylohyal stylohyoid styloi 10 x 8 mm, consistent with retained products of conception (RPOC). At the interface between the myometrium and the endometrium there was an area of enhanced myometrial vascularity  (EMV).measuring 24 x 21 x 14 mm, the vascularity showed a high velocity, low resistance wave form.The myometrium stretches (the smooth muscle cells expand in both size and number[4]) during pregnancy to allow for the uterus to become several times its non-gravid size, and contracts in a coordinated fashion, via a positive feedback effect on the "Ferguson reflex", during the process of labor. After delivery, the myometrium contracts to expel the placenta, and crisscrossing fibres of middle layer compress the blood vessels to minimize blood loss. A positive benefit to early breastfeeding is a stimulation of this reflex to reduce further blood loss and facilitate a swift return to prepregnancy uterine and abdominal muscle tone.

The myometrium is the middle layer of the uterine wall, consisting mainly of uterine smooth muscle cells (also called uterine myocytes[1]) but also of supporting stromal and vascular tissue.[2] Its main function is to induce uterine contractions. Stratum functionale, unterliegt zyklischen Veränderungen Stratum basale, Grenze zum Myometrium 3.2 Myometrium (Tunica muscularis) In spiralen angeordnete Muskelschicht äußere Muskelschicht Stratum vasculosum, gefäßreiche Bindegewebsschicht innere Muskelschicht 3.3 Perimetrium (Tunica serosa) Äußerer Peritonealüberzug mi

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Ženské pohlavní orgány (organa genitalia feminina) Funkce: tvorbu pohlavních buněk (vajíček) tvorba ženských pohlavních hormonů umožňuje oplodnění a vývoj vajíčka porod plodu Dělení: vnitřní pohlavní orgány zevní pohlavní orgány Vnitřní ženské pohlavní orgány: vaječník (ovarium) vejcovod (tuba uterina) děloha (uterus) pochva (vagina) Zevní ženské. The Graafian follicle measures about 1 cm. With the Graafian follicle, the follicle maturation ends. The gaps form the follicle antrum, also called the antrum folliculi. Further, it is filled with the follicular fluid. Now, the oocyte is in a hill-shaped protrusion that is described as the cumulus oophorus. Once the oocyte is removed from that hill, it is freely floating in liquid, with theca interna and externa still present. Finally, the case ruptures and the oocyte is released. Ovulation occurs, while the theca interna and externa, as well as the granulosa cells, form the corpus luteum. In the ovary, maturity levels are detectable as long as the woman is still fertile. During the menstrual cycle, the stratum functionalis expands and vascularizes and is subsequently sloughed off during the process of menstruation, whereas the stratum basalis remains relatively constant. The myometrium allows for the expansion and contraction of the uterine cavity and is responsive to the hormone oxytocin. Uterine Cycl

Stratum granulosum: Es enthält Keratohyalingranula c. Stratum spinosum (=Stachelzellschicht): Enthält Desmosomen zwischen den Zellen Beim orthokeratinisierten Plattenepithel enthält die Hornschicht keine Zellkerne; es bedeckt die Körperoberfläche und den harten Gaumen; das parakeratinisierte Plattenepithel enthält vereinzelt Zellkerne im. Das Myometrium kontrahiert auch nach der Geburt und stößt die Plazenta aus. Ziel ist es, den Blutverlust so gering wie möglich zu halten. Der Myometrium setzt sich aus äußerer Muskelschicht, Stratum vasculosum mit gefäßreicher Bindegewebsschicht und der inneren Muskelschicht zusammen

As noted for the macrostructure of uterine smooth muscle, the junctional layer appears to be capable of both peristaltic and anti-peristaltic activity.[1] Endothelial cells of arterioles in the stratum vasculosum of the rat myometrium were studied with the electron microscope. Besides a well developed Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, centrosomes, cytoplasmic microtubules, and fine filaments, the endothelial cells contain, mostly in their basal portion, a myofibril-like cross-striated fibril The female reproductive system is a complicated, hormone-dependent group of tissues that may provide an interpretative challenge to the toxicologic pathologist Biophysics Subject Areas on Research.

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The uterus is made up of an external layer of smooth muscle called the myometrium, and an internal layer called the endometrium.. The endometrium has three layers: stratum compactum, stratum spongiosum (which make up the stratum functionalis) and stratum basalis.. The Stratum compactum and stratum spongialis develop into the stratum functionalis during the first half of the menstrual cycle. Image: “Cytopathology of infiltrating duct carcinoma breast” by Department of Pathology, Calicut Medical College – Government Medical College, Kozhikode, License: CC BY-SA 4.0McCormick CC,  H S, Kim, 2006;  Successful Pregnancy with a Full-Term Vaginal Delivery One Year After n-Butyl CyanoacrylateEmbolization of a Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation;Cardiovascular  Interventional Radiology , 29:699–701  http://search.proquest.com.dbgw.lis.curtin.edu.au/docview/728348602/fulltextPDF?accountid=10382

Матка, uterus (metra), представляет непарный полый гладкомышечный орган, расположенный в полости малого таза, на одинаковом расстоянии от лобкового симфиза и крестца The 2 inner layers of the uterus, the endometrium, and the myometrium are susceptible to proliferation. In the case of the endometrium, we refer to this as endometriosis. This is a benign condition, but can develop to be painful and at worst, spreads to other organs.

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Anatomia - Prof. Ibrahim Behluli.pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. The owner of this document is the distribution rights holder, if this upload has infringed your rights please contact uploader for immediate remova The gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) is produced (synthesized) in the hypothalamus. GnRH is also known as neuro-secretion. Its function is to stimulate the release of further hormones. These hormones are called gonadotropins. GnRH is a peptide hormone, composed of 10 amino acids. It is transported to the anterior pituitary via the portal system. Approx. every 3 hours GnRH is cyclically released. However, underproduction can contribute to diseases. One being, amenorrhea, in which the menstrual period doesn’t occur. Das Myometrium ist eine ca. 1cm dicke Schicht glatter Muskulatur; es besteht aus dem Stratum submucosum, dem Stratum vasculosum, dem Stratum supravasculosum und dem Stratum subserosum Das Perimetrium besteht aus dem Peritonealüberzug und einer dünnen, bindegewebigen Tela subseros LH is a luteinizing hormone that is also known as lutropin. It is synthesized in the hypophysis and controls, together with FSH, follicle maturation and ovulation. Furthermore, it is necessary for the production of estrogen and progesterone. Genitalsystem der Frau 85. 1: Portio vaginalis cervicis Mensch HE Cervix uteri (Gebärmutterhals) Die Cervix uteri besteht aus einem oberen von Parametrium umgebenen Teil, der Portio supravaginalis cervicis, und einem unteren in die Vagina ausgetülpten Teil, die Portio vaginalis cervicis.. Die Cervix bildet den Verschlussapparat des Uterus

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Uterine smooth muscle has a phasic pattern, shifting between a contractile pattern and maintenance of a resting tone with discrete, intermittent contractions of varying frequency, amplitude and duration.[1] vaskularisiert (Hilliger, 1958). Das Myometrium ist in Form einer inneren Kreismuskelschicht und einer äußeren Längsmuskelschicht angeordnet. Zwischen beiden Muskelschichten liegt eine Gefäßschicht, das Stratum vasculosum (Smollich, 1992). 2.2 Entzündung des Uterus Eine Entzündung des Uterus kann verschiedene Schichten betreffen The inner one-third of the myometrium (termed the junctional or sub-endometrial layer) appears to be derived from the Müllerian duct, while the outer, more predominant layer of the myometrium appears to originate from non-Müllerian tissue and is the major contractile tissue during parturition and abortion.[1] The junctional layer appears to function like a circular muscle layer, capable of peristaltic and anti-peristaltic activity, equivalent to the muscular layer of the intestines.[1]

The primordial follicle

The physiological effects of partially purified estrogenic extracts from forage plants of widespread economic importance have been studied, using the laboratory mouse and rat as experimental animals. The main purpose of these studies was to compare physiological activities of estrogenic substances from plants with those of a well known synthetic estrogen, diethylstilbestrol (D.E.S.). The. Kamaya (2009, 1034) has  defined EMV with a colour doppler score of 0-3, where 0 was minimal or no colour seen and 3 was marked vascularity. Enhanced myometrial vascularity is defined as an area of enhanced myometrial vascularity (EMV) in the myometrium at the the interface with the endometrium. This can range from focal lesions to large areas of EMV. The blood flow shows marked disturbance with aliasing in the myometrium and extending into the endometrium -Stratum compactum -Stratum spongiosum - Muskelschicht, Myometrium -innere, zirkuläre Muskelschicht, Stratum musculare circulare -Gefäßschicht, Stratum vasculosum -äußere, longitudinale Muskelschicht, Stratum musculare longitudinale - Bauchfellüberzug, Perimetrium (ÜBERMUTH et al. 1998) Uterus - graa 1. perimetrium 2. myometrium 3. endometrium. Cervix Graa uterusa Perimetrium Myometrium Stratum supravasculare Stratum vasculosum ligg. viva uteri Lamina muscularis mucosae Endometrium gll. uterinae regeneracija endometrijuma. gll. cervicales alkalna sluz sa glikogenom Ostium uteri cilindrini u ploasto slojevit epite

A possible disease of the female breast is mammary carcinoma. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and mainly occurs around the ages of 40–60. The risk factors are not fully understood, but among others, genetic factors can be assumed.Due to the patients relatively minimal symptoms conservative  management was recommended with a follow-up scan scheduled in 28 days.The menstrual cycle and its follicle formation are hormonally controlled. Hormones influence each other at the level of the midbrain (hypothalamus), pituitary gland (hypophysis), and ovary. At puberty approximately this many primary oocytes are found within the ovaries 3000 - 4000 300 - 400 300,000 - 400,000

The secondary follicles

Stratum membranosum Перетинчастий шар Lig. fundiforme clitoridis Пращоподібна зв'язка клітора Lig. fundiforme penis Пращоподібна зв'язка статевого члена Panniculus adiposus Підшкірна жирова клітковин Though his study group was small Timmerman (2003, 574) attempted to determine vascular parameters which would aid in determining when intervention should be considered in patients displaying EMV. He suggested that a Peak Systolic Velocity (PSV) within the EMV  below 39 m/s could be considered safe without requiring intervention and PSV above 0.83 m/s should be thought of as potentially dangerous with intervention being considered for these patients. Müngen (2009, 1059) found that in patients with PSV over 0.40 m/s who were given a D&C the EMV was resolved.Because EMV is not usually seen separately to an area of RPOC I think it is probably an extreme example of this condition, though there is very little literature on the definitions or categories.A month later the patient returned to the department, her symptoms had reduced to slight intermittent PV spotting.

Nalgunhas especies, como por exemplo nos cans, a canela dianteira cocese como metacarpo e a traseira como metatarso. canino Vid.- dente canino capa basal Vid.- estrato basal 349 capa de clulas ganglionares f Organografa: ollo: tnica neuroepitelial es capa de clulas ganglionares en ganglion cell layer; ganglionic layer 350 capa de bras do nervio. The uterus holds and feeds the embryo, provides enough space and supports the process of birth. It is a hollow organ having strong muscles and the shape of a pear. It is composed of 3 layers, the inner endometrium, the myometrium, and the perimetrium. The endometrium is the uterine lining consisting of the mucous membrane. It consists of a single-layer covering the epithelium and the connective tissue stroma. The endometrium is interlocked with the myometrium.The hormone estrogen is of importance for the formation of secondary sexual characteristics. Additionally, it promotes the vagina’s healthy flora and aids in the formation of the uterine lining (endometrium). The follicle maturation is also influenced indirectly by this hormone. Estradiol 2 (E2) is another type of hormone. It is produced in the ovaries and the placenta as well during pregnancy.

It will be interesting to follow the progress of EMV literature, ultrasound has allowed us a window by which to view and determine EMV I am sure it will only be a matter of time before ultrasound also lets us resolve this issue. Transcript. 1 HANDBOOK OF THE BEHAVIORAL NEUROBIOLOGY OF SEROTONIN . 2 This page intentionally left blank . 3 HANDBOOK OF THE BEHAVIORAL NEUROBIOLOGY OF SEROTONIN Edited by CHRISTIAN P. MLLER AND BARRY L. JACOBS AMSTERDAM BOSTON HEIDELBERG LONDON NEW YORK OXFORD PARIS SAN DIEGO SAN FRANCISCO SINGAPORE SYDNEY TOKYO Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevie It would be extremely beneficial both physically and emotionally for women suffering from EMV to be given accurate information as to the likely progression of their condition.  Clear indications need to be established as to when vascular interventional procedures are required or desired and when conservative management is the preferred option. FEMALE GENITAL ORGANS ORGANA GENITALIA FEMININA INTERNAL ORGANS: ovarium tuba uterina uterus vagina EXTERNAL ORGANS mons pubis (veneris) labia majora pudendi labia minora pudendi zona functionalis, zona basalis, myometrium - stratum supravasculosum, vasculosum, subvasculosum, parametrium a. uterina, plexus venosus uterinus, nodi lymph. In conclusion the presence of EMV although not common is more prevalent than a true AVM of the uterus. It usually occurs after an incident to the uterus post pregnancy.  Typically it will be characterised by RPOC with an enlarged enhanced myometrial vascularity that extends the full thickness of the myometrium and into the endometrial cavity. The vascularity will display low impededance andchaotic  high vascularity. Various studies have been conducted to determine if EMV can be categorised but as yet no definitive values have been determined.

Матка, uterus (metra), представляет непарный полый гладкомышечный орган, расположенный в полости малого таза, на одинаковом расстоянии от лобкового симфиза и крестца, на такой высоте, что самый верхний ее участок — дно. Timmerman D, L Valentin, TH Bourne,WP Collins, H Verrelsts, I Vergote, 2000;Terms, definitions  and measurements to describe the sonographic features of adnexal tumours:A consensus opinion form the International Ovarian Tumour Analysis (IOTA) Group;Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 16 500-505 (accessed 01/09/2014) The muscle layer, or myometrium, consists of inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of smooth muscle with a layer of very vascular loose connective tissue, the stratum vasculosum, between. The outer covering is serosa continuous with the mesometrium

The decidua is the modified mucosal lining of the uterus (that is, modified endometrium) that forms in preparation for pregnancy.It is formed in a process called decidualization under the influence of progesterone.Endometrial cells become highly characteristic. The decidua forms the maternal part of the placenta and remains for the duration of the pregnancy V! appendicularis 164 Vv hepaticae V arcuatae 196 V azygos 97, 147 V basalis 383 108, 146, 147 108, 16£ 109, llr 148 Vv hepaticae dextra 144, 148 Vv hepaticae mediae 144, 148 Vv hepaticae sinistra 144, 148 589 V ilei V iliaca interna V ileocolica 164 147, 214 164 V intercostalis sup dextra Vv interlobares Vv interlobulares V intersegmentalis V. The excitation-contraction coupling of uterine smooth muscle is also very similar to that of other smooth muscle in general, with intracellular increase in calcium (Ca2+) leading to contraction.

Das Myometrium besteht aus Bündeln glatter Muskulatur, umgeben von Bindegewebe mit Gefäßen u. besitzt eine nicht deutlich abgrenzbare Schichtung: Stratum submucosum (dem Endometrium benachbart), Stratum vasculosum (stärkste Schicht, gefäßreich), Stratum supravasculosum u The myometrium is crossed by numerous blood vessels, with predominant venous type structures, also known as stratum vasculosum. It was ascertained that the uterine smooth muscular fibers play a major role in the physiologic haemostasis, namely in closing the vascular structures at this level Myometrium : musculature lisse, 3 couches, travers€es par du tissu conjonctif contenant des vaisseaux, orientation musculaire longitudinale, oblique, circulaire : Stratum submucosum / Stratum vasculosum (large couche, contient beaucoup de d€coupes de vaisseaux) / Stratum supravasculosum - 115 - Organes g€nitaux f€minins Perimetrium. By contrast, when C1P is combined with Cy at either dose, the stromal tissue maintained its loose quality and its glandular branches. Additionally, there was an increase in vascular structures, predominantly in the endometrium and in the stratum vasculosum

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