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DHT11 is a Temperature come Humidity sensor. It sends the values of temperature and humidity as an 8-bit data serially through the output pin of the module. The library reads this data by using the software serial function of the Arduino. #define DHT11_PIN 7 //Sensor output pin is connected to pin 7 dht DHT; //Sensor object named as DHT void. Use the soil hygrometer for the Arduino to measure moisture for all your gardening needs! Find the code on my website: https://camsarduinotutorials.wordpress..

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  1. Arduino Hygrometer PUBLIC. Illustration showing how to build an Arduino-based hygrometer using the EFS-10 humidity sensor in combination with an LM135 temperature sensor. by aweijnitz | updated January 05, 2013. arduino efs-10 humidity-sensor lm135 temperature-senso
  2. Arduino Forum > Using Arduino > Project Guidance > Hygrometer solution; Print. Go Down. Pages: [1] Topic: Hygrometer solution (Read 1 solar powered watering system for my garden, and it works great! For four days....then something happens to the hygrometer and it only reads 100%. I have it set to only send current to the hygrometer for less.
  3. This is a simple arduino project for a soil moisture sensor that will light up a LED at a certain moisture level. It uses Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller board. Two wires placed in the soil pot form a variable resistor, whose resistance varies depending on soil moisture. This variable resistor is connected in a voltage divider configuration.
  4. Making LCD Thermometer With Arduino and LM35/36: Hello, everyone !!! I'm going to show you how to make an LCD thermometer with an Arduino UNO and a LM35/36 analog temperature sensor with jumpers and a breadboard. This project is very good for people beginning with Arduino, it doesn't require any..
  5. Indoor temperature sensor (degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius) Humidity Level Icon indicates high, low or ideal indoor conditions. Daily high and low temperature and humidity records. Totally wireless tabletop or magnet-mountable design. Includes: Digital Thermometer with Hygrometer, instruction manual. Warranty: Limited 1-year warranty

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Hygrometer Sensor Library for Arduino (Rain Drop and Soil Moisture) What is it. This library (with examples) is designed to be integrated in projects using any kind of Hygrometer sensors like rain drop or soil moisture sensors (analog or/and digital) This sensor has three pins, the first pin is the power pin VCC, the middle pin is the signal out or DATA pin and the last pin is GND. Although the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor isn't the fastest temperature and humidity sensor around, it has fair level of accuracy, +-5% for humidity readings and +-2% for temperature readings I use a Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Moisture Sensor Module for Arduino to control humidity in my cucumbers: I want to use AC voltage to measeure EC. Please, give me an algorithm or schematic. (I guess, the scheme I use give me wrong results In this tutorial you will learn how to use a buzzer (or piezo speaker) with Arduino. Buzzers can be found in alarm devices, computers, timers and confirmation of user input such as a mouse click or keystroke. You will also learn how to use tone () and noTone () function. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device Artwork: A typical twisted-fiber hygrometer. Before electronic hygrometers became popular in the 20th century, most inexpensive hygrometers worked like this one, patented by Louis Ullman of Nashville, Tennessee in 1859. It has a box (open to the air—so moisture can get in and out) with a piece of twisted plant fiber (orange) inside

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  1. Hygrometer applications. Humidity is an important factor for numerous industrial (painting and coating, greenhouses or chemical) and meteorological processes, as well as in residential areas like homes, apartments, and offices, where comfortable humidity levels are necessary
  2. Send temperature and humidity data from an Arduino MKR1000 to Microsoft Azure. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT22 Temperature Sensor DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 Software apps and online services Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Arduino IDE Arduino IDE Visual Studio 2015 Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Story Paul [
  3. Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Humidity and Temperature Sensor - SHT15 Breakout [SHT15] ID: 1638 - This is a simple breakout board for the SHT15 humidity sensor from Sensirion. The SHT15 digital humidity and temperature sensor is fully calibrated and offers high precision and excellent long-term stability at low cost
  4. Circuit digram for digital thermometer using Arduino LM35 temperature sensor, is shown in the above figure. Make the connections carefully as shown in the schematic. Here 16x2 LCD unit is directly connected to arduino in 4-bit mode. Data pins of LCD namely RS, EN, D4, D5, D6, D7 are connected to arduino digital pin number 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

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  1. Contribute to gmarty2000/arduino-SOIL_HYGROMETER development by creating an account on GitHub
  2. Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee
  3. Humidity Sensor is one of the most important devices that has been widely in consumer, industrial, biomedical, and environmental etc. applications for measuring and monitoring Humidity. Humidity is defined as the amount of water present in the surrounding air. This water content in the air is a key factor in the wellness of mankind. For [
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  1. Interfacing SHT3x Humidity & Temperature Sensor with Arduino. In this project we will design Hygrometer and Thermometer using SHT3x Sensor and Arduino. We will be interfacing SHT31 Humidity and Temperature sensor with Arduino and display the temperature and humidity value on 16×2 LCD Display
  2. In this project, we are going to make a temperature and relative humidity data logger. Arduino is the brain of this project. DHT22 sensor is used for sensing temperature and relative humidity. Arduino Uno is programmed to read temperature, humidity values from DHT22 sensor and save it to a file in an SD Card
  3. IOT technology was used to measure the temperature and humidity values of the temperature and humidity sensor and to design a device for uploading the internet through the WiFi module. Temperature and humidity meter (iot) code. Temperature and humidity meter (iot) code Arduino. Temperature and humidity meter (iot) code
  4. name =SoilHygrometer: version =1.0.0: author =Giuseppe Martini: maintainer =Giuseppe Martini <giuseppe.martini.00@gmail.com>: sentence =Allows Arduino/Genuino boards to simplify the use of the soil hygrometer.: paragraph =This library simplify the use of a soil hygrometer.<br>It contains many function to manage a soil hygrometer.<br>: category =Device Control: url =https://github.com.
  5. Our solution to this problem was to buy a dehumidifier (pictured), however I would still like to know what the relative humidity in the room is (the target is between 40%RH and 50%RH) and thus the need for a hygrometer.I could of course have bought one, but having an Arduino and OLED display to hand I thought I would make one (obviously!)
  6. * A hygrometer /haɪˈɡrɒmɨtər/ is an instrument used for measuring the moisture content in the atmosphere. - Wikipedia
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Soil Moisture Sensor Modules have metallic probes with a metallic layer over it. It is also connected to a potentiometer module with four leads. The potentiometer controls the sensitivity of the module and you can set it depending on your needs. These leads of the module are connected to the Arduino UNO. Among the 4 leads, we will work with. Another brand of Hygrometer will work as well, but the wiring might be a little different. This one comes with it's own little shield that has four pins on it. The first (from left) goes to 5v on the Arduino, the second to ground, the third is the digital pin, and the fourth is the analog How to Build a Soil Moisture Sensor Circuit with an Arduino. In this project, we are going to build a soil moisture sensor with an Arduino microcontroller. A soil moisture sensor, also called a hygrometer, measures the amount of moisture, or water, in the soil. Therefore, we can tell whether the soil has enough moisture or not

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Details about Soil Humidity Hygrometer Moisture Detection Sensor Module Arduino w/Dupont Wires. 4.5 average based on 12 product ratings. 5. 10. 4. 0. 3. 1. 2. 0. 1. 1. Soil Humidity Hygrometer Moisture Detection Sensor Module for Ar-duino + 2 Wires. $2.67. $2.87. Shipping: Soil Humidity Hygrometer Moisture Detection Sensor Module. How to Make: Automatic Watering System for Plants You can download a folder from my Dropbox with: - My Sketch/Program (.ino file) - My Wire Diagra arduino: hygrometer for sensing soil moisture - Layout for this exercise: - The goal of this exercise is to build an Arduino circuit able to detect moisture levels, for instance it could be used for a pot of plants

Soil Humidity Hygrometer Moisture Detection Sensor Module for Arduino. 100% Brand New . Simple water sensor, which can be used to detect soil moisture. Adjustable sensitivity by adjusting the digital potentiometer . Operating voltage:3.3V~5V . Dual output mode, more accurate with analog output . A fixed bolt hole for easy installatio Build an Arduino-based humidity and temperature meter in just one day and for just $10. This design uses the Si7021 humidity and temperature sensor, a 128x64 OLED display and a clone Arduino Uno. In this article, we cover Arduino moisture sensors that are easily connected to an Arduino board and provide accurate readings. So check this list out and let us know your favourite Arduino moisture sensors in the comments section. Solu Soil Humidity Hygrometer (1.10$ Great news!!!You're in the right place for arduino hygrometer. By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you're sure to find it on AliExpress. We literally have thousands of great products in all product categories Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Soil Humidity Hygrometer Moisture Detection Sensor Module for Arduino + Probe at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Before you can use the DHT11 on the Arduino, you'll need to install the DHTLib library. It has all the functions needed to get the humidity and temperature readings from the sensor. It's easy to install, just download the DHTLib.zip file below and open up the Arduino IDE. Then go to Sketch>Include Library>Add .ZIP Library and select the. Arduino UNO with a Hygrometer. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later A very easy Genuino UNO project with LCD and DHT11 temp. and humidity sensor. The LCD shows the temp., humidity and other infos. By interpeo An Arduino Nano weather station: air pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity by Floris Wouterlood Leiden, the Netherlands February 2, 2017 Summary - Numerous electronic sensors are available on the market that can be combined with an Arduino microcontroller board to measure environmental parameters of importance. Here we discuss a weather station that displays thre

For sensor psu, I thought to use the arduino on board 3.3v regulated power out. Since there is no other good sensor option (availability and time) I am willing to try it. For now, I just want to make sure that I didn't miss anything on the sketch relating to SHT 75 The BMP180 is a sensor that can measure atmospheric pressure and temperature using your Arduino or Raspberry Pi very simply. BMP180 is the next generation Bosch BMP085 sensor. No changes have been made to the firmware level, which makes it possible to continue using existing libraries and examples Clock With Alarm, Hygrometer & Thermometer This clock is made with Arduino Uno board, AM2302 sensor and DS3231 RTC module + 1.8TFT display with ST7735. Intermediate Showcase (no instructions) 1 hour 2,98 accelerometer, Arduino, Digital Hydrometer, Homebrew, Tilt, Uno, wifi shield I have wanted a digital hydrometer for some time now. It would primarily be useful to know the gravity of the beer to know when fermentation is complete, or if I wanted to leave a couple of points unfermented, depending on the style The Soil Moisture Sensor measures soil moisture grace to the changes in electrical conductivity of the earth ( soil resistance increases with drought ). The electrical resistance is measured between the two electrodes of the sensor. A comparator activates a digital output when a adjutable threshold is exceeded

Hello! I'm going to show you how to make an Arduino OLED thermometer and hygrometer* with DHT11. The OLED we will use today is 1.3″ inch in size, features 128×64 pixels and uses the SPI Bus. On the next step you will find more useful information about the OLED tech and this display. We will use the u8glib library to communicate with our. Connect the Hygrometer to Analog 0 (A0) on the Arduino, it doesn't matter which side of the Hygrometer is connected to A0. This connection also passes through the 10k Ohm resistor to 5V (we are splitting the load). It is the difference in load that the Arduino will detect on A0. The other pin on the Hygrometer connects to GND on the Arduino Here we have a clock. It's not another clock. It has digital and binary output. It also has a thermometer and a hygrometer. It's not another thermo-hygrometer. It display's absolutely humidity (gr/m3) also. Schematic MCU I build it around Microchip PIC16F917, with internal Oscillator at 4MHz. I also build a serial port programmer, so IRead Mor GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up Code for the Arduino soil moisture sensor

Arduino hygrometer with DHT11 and SSD1306 OLED display December 3, 2017 January 20, 2020 One of the things I like about Arduino ecosystem is that you can prototype pretty decent device in very short time Measure the dew point and humidity with an Arduino-based Chilled Mirror Hygrometer. By schouten_tjeerd Ensuring proper indoor humidity has important skin, allergen and other health benefits by inhibiting the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites and other asthma inducing agents. The AcuRite Digital Humidity and Temperature Monitor allow you to check comfort conditions at a glance with this indoor humidity gauge and thermometer.

Arduino DHT11 thermometer and hygrometer digital. Digital thermometer and hygrometer, only 3 wire connection, measuring range temperature 0 - 50 °C. Videos Tutorials Datasheets Heureka . In stock 29 . Soil Hygrometer Module for Arduino. Using the soil moisture sensor with an Arduino can't be easier. Adding a Nokia 5110 LCD display makes things more professional since we can visually check the moisture levels of the soil. I wanted. Switch S1 is the traditional reset switch as found in the Arduino board. Here, ports PD2, PD4 and PD7 of IC1 (D2, D4, D7 of Arduino) are configured as input ports,and ports PB0, PB4 and PB5 (D8, D12, D13 of Arduino) are configured as output ports. PD2 port is connected to the AUTO/MAN mode selector switch HiLetgo 5pcs LM393 3.3V-5V Soil Moisture Detect Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Hygrometer Detection for Arduino Automatic Watering System Robot Smart car Soil PH Meter, Dr.meter 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester Gardening Tool Tester Kits for Garden Farm Lawn Planter, Indoor Outdoor Us

HR202 Hygrometer Humidity Sensor HR202L Humidity Sensor for DIY Kit Geekcreit for Arduino - products that work with official Arduino boards US$1.30 US$1.34 +1 Add to Wish ( 34 Adds Arduino, Hygrometer/Humidity Outdoor Thermometers, Soil & Soil Amendments, Hygrometer/Humidity Weather Stations, Arduino Component Buzzers & Speakers, Plant Care, Soil & Accessories, Hygrometer/Humidity Metal Outdoor Thermometers, Arduino Electronic Components, Car & Truck Air Oxygen Sensors Delivery Sensors, Test Equipment Hygrometers

Arduino, AVR, Atmel, Microchip, PIC, homemade, analog, microcontroller, schematic diagram, homemade electronic devices, PSoC, cypress The DHT-22 (also named as AM2302) is a digital-output, relative humidity, and temperature sensor. It uses a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding air, and sends a digital signal on the data pin. In this example, you will learn how to use this sensor with Arduino UNO. The room temperature and humidity will be. Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Sensor For Arduino. This is a summary of the soil moisture sensor can be used to detect moisture, when the soil is dry, the module outputs a high level, whereas output low. Using this sensor make an automatic watering system, so that your garden plants without people to manage

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This clock is made with Arduino Uno board, AM2302 sensor and DS3231 RTC module + 1.8TFT display with ST7735. Clock With Alarm, Hygrometer & Thermometer Project showcase by FLORICA Tudor-Nicuso Hello World! The LiquidCrystal library allows you to control LCD displays that are compatible with the Hitachi HD44780 driver. There are many of them out there, and you can usually tell them by the 16-pin interface. This example sketch prints Hello World! to the LCD and shows the time in seconds since the Arduino was reset Hygrometer, instrument used in meteorological science to measure the humidity, or amount of water vapour in the air. Several major types of hygrometers are used to measure humidity. Mechanical hygrometers make use of the principle that organic substances (particularly finer substances such a Description:Finally, your plants can speak to you! Just don't be upset when it's only to let you know when they need something. With this module, you can tell when your plants need watering by how moist the soil is in your pot, garden, or yard. The two probes on the sensor act as variable resistors

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Ameba and Arduino Uno have similar size, as shown in the above figure (Ameba is the upper one), and the pins on Ameba are compatible with Arduino Uno. Besides the pins, Ameba boards are equipped with an NFC antenna (the right part of Ameba board.) If the NFC feature is not required, the NFC antenna can be cut down from Ameba board The connections for the FC-28 soil moisture sensor and the Arduino in digital mode are as follows: VCC of FC-28 to 5V of Arduino; GND of FC-28 to GND of Arduino; D0 of FC-28 to pin 12 of Arduino; LED positive to pin 13 of Arduino; LED negative to GND of Arduino Arduino Project: Temperature and Humidity monitor Tutorial with DHT11 (or DHT22) sensor LCD shield. - Duration: 10:40. educ8s.tv 190,420 view Amazon.com: 5 X Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Water Sensor for Arduino: Home Audio & Theate Hygrometers, or humidity sensors as they are more commonly called, don't tend to be particularly riveting topics for discussion at most parties, but that doesn't make them any less useful or any less interesting to geeks like us. They are practically everywhere too - medical, HVAC and meteorological equipment are just a few places you'll find them

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In this project, we are going to make an Arduino OLED thermometer and hygrometer. We will read the temperature and humidity from the DHT22 sensor and then we will show the data on the OLED screen. We will read the temperature and humidity from the DHT22 sensor and then we will show the data on the OLED screen Use your Arduino and build Nixie Clock, Thermometer and Hygrometer. | Check out 'Nixie Clock Thermometer Hygrometer Arduino Shield ' on Indiegogo Thermohygrometer With Clock and LCD Display on Arduino UNO: These 7 steps will drive you through the construction of a thermo-hygrometer with clock on Arduino UNO.Data and time, humidity and temperature will be shown on a LCD 16x2 display .If you have purchased a LCD display and want to know how to prope.. Feature:This is a simple water sensor, which can be used to detect soil moistureDual output mode, analog output is accurateA fixed bolt hole for easy installationWith power indicator (red) and digital switching output indicator (green)LM393 comparator chip, stableVCC: 3.3V-5VSpecifications:VCC: 3.3V-5VGND: GNDDO: digital output interface(0 and 1)AO: analog output interfacePanel PCB Dimension. Introduction. This page covers tests of the DHT22 / AM2302 and description of the test methodology. For other types of devices, see the index of all my hygrometer testing.. The DHT22 (a.k.a. AM2302, RHT03) is a popular hygrometer/thermometer in the hobbyist electronics community.It is cheap, easy to use and the specification claims good precision and accuracy

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How to Use the Soil Hygrometer Module - Arduino Tutorial: In this tutorial we will use one soil hygrometer module to measure soil moisture of a pot.The module can give us a digital signal when the soil need watering and this output can be adjusted by the potentiometer. Or it can give us an analog signal. ESP8266 weather station using Arduino IDE. March 22, 2019 ESP8266, IoT Projects, IoT Tutorials ESP8266 Manoj R. Thakur. Hygrometer (DHT11)- A hygrometer measures relative humidity. Relative humidity is the quantity or percentage of water vapor (water in gas form) in the air. Humidity influences environmental factors and calculations like.

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Arduino Code: void setup() {// initialize serial communication at 9600 bits per second: Serial.begin(9600);} void loop() {// read the input on analog pin 0 Guide for Soil Moisture Sensor YL-69 or HL-69 with Arduino The soil moisture sensor or the hygrometer is usually used to detect the humidity of the soil. So, it is perfect to build an automatic watering system or to monitor the soil moisture of your plants A commercial Chilled Mirror Hygrometer uses a Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) embedded underneath the mirror instead of an SMD thermometer mounted to the mirror surface. A PRT requires additional electronics and mounting it between the Peltier and the mirror while at the same time providing good thermal conductivity is problematic Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Soil Humidity Hygrometer Moisture Detection Sensor Module Arduino W/dupont Wires at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Contribute to DzikuVx/dth11_arduino_hygrometer development by creating an account on GitHub Hygrometer with LM393 very hot. Arduino Forum > Using Arduino > General Electronics > Hygrometer with LM393 very hot; Print. Go Down. Pages: [1] Topic Hygrometer with LM393 very hot. Nov 05, 2017, 10:30 pm. Hi, I'm a complete noob with Arduino and electronics, so bear with me. I bought this hygrometer from aliexpress The most basic DHT humidity and temperature sensor comes in two variants with different levels of accuracy. There are better alternatives to this sensor, like the Si7021, so please consider using them first 5PCS Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Water Sensor Moisture Module For arduino. AU $4.36 Details about Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Water Sensor Module Soil Moisture For arduino. Arduino, Hygrometer/Humidity Weather Stations, Plant Care,.

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Low cost, low power 6uA garden 433Mhz sensor with temperature, humidity ,hygrometer and voltage août 07, 2016 I have built an external sensor so as to monitor temperature, air humidity, soil humidity of my garden and the battery voltage. After load the program ArduinoISP into the Arduino Uno (change the target board to Arduino on IDE settings 18 January, 2017 Thermometer That Pushes Arduino to Its Limits 10 December, 2015 Arduino OLED Thermometer And Hygrometer With DHT11 10 February, 2016 Quick Arduino Hygrometer with OLED displa Arduino hygrometer with grafic interface A simple Wi-Fi web hygrometer with module ESP8266 and DHT11 / DHT22 humidity sensor. This device is digital wifi hygrometer. It's a miniature arduino web server. By mapping ports of your router, you can connect to it from anywhere on the world. This hygrometer uses arduino skech an

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If you're a cigar aficionado, you need a hygrometer to make sure you're storing your wares at the correct humidity. A hygrometer is an instrument that is used to measure humidity in cigar humidors as well as greenhouses, incubators, museums, and more. To ensure that your hygrometer is functioning properly, it is best to test it prior to use, then calibrate it if ne Soil Hygrometer Moisture Electric Water Sensor Detection Module Fit For Arduino Details: * This Detection Module can be used for detecting the hygrometer of the ground * VCC: 3.3V-5V * GND: GND * DO: digital output interface(0 and 1) * AO: analog output interfac

Honeywell H10C Humidity Monitor/Hygrometer Product #043-5203-6. Shop All. Tap to zoom Click or tap to zoom. View on Vehicle $26.99. IN-STORE 5 IN STOCK - Back of Aisle 46 Fort Erie, ON (as of 3:44 PM) Check other stores. Tell us where you'd like to shop. Standard Freight: 2-5 working days for most areas Express Freight: 1-2 days for most areas Delivered Today: If ordered before 12pm Super fast delivery (limited areas arduino efs-10 humidity-sensor lm135 temperature-sensor Summary Illustration showing how to build an Arduino-based hygrometer using the EFS-10 humidity sensor in combination with an LM135 temperature sensor

Download the modified LedControl library Download Adafruit's DHT sensor library Download the Arduino sketch for this project Once the libraries are imported properly and the Arduino sketch is loaded up, your digital thermometer and hygrometer is ready to show you the level of thermal comfort you have in your surrounding. You can power it. Nixie Clock Thermometer Hygrometer - Shield for Arduino This project is blacklisted. You're allowed to view this because you're either an admin, a contributor or the author The Soil Moisture Sensor is pretty straightforward when it comes to hookup. There are only three pins to connect: VCC, GND, and SIG. You need to supply power to VCC and GND. We recommend not powering the sensor constantly to prevent corrosion of the probes (more on this in a bit). SIG provides an anlog signal out that can be attached to the ADC.

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Arduino Hygrometer (Moisture Meter) Pt.1: Hello everybody! Today, I'm going to show you how to make a Arduino moisture meter. You can use this for monitoring water levels in potted plants or in gardens. It's a pretty simple build and had tons of uses, so let's get right in to the build This is a simple and easy moisture sensor that can be used for the detection of soil moisture. The module outputs a high level, when soil moisture is deficit, the output is low level

Get some Arduino Mini-Pro boards, some 433MHz Tx boards and some DS18S20 for the sensors, and an Arduino Uno and 433MHz Rx for the base station and get into it. The Arduino system does not need a dedicated programmer board, usually just a stock USB cable. And you get the IDE free with a multitude of very handy libraries. Cheers, Ro OLED - Arduino. VCC - 5v GND - GND DIN - D13 CLK - D11 RES - D8 D/C - D9 CS - D10. DHT - Arduino. VCC - 5V GND - GND DOUT - A0. Go over the connections once again to ensure there is no mixup. With this done, we are now ready to write the code for the project. Cod schouten_tjeerd is on Arduino Project Hub. Come share your hardware projects with schouten_tjeerd and other hardware makers and developers. Arduino Chilled Mirror Hygrometer 6 months ago. A hard disk platter is a good idea. Won't it oxidize though? I also want to place a PRT in the mirror for the next version so I need to drill a hole in.

Miniaturisation of the Arduino hygrometer project. Arduino code is here: http://hastebin.com/emugomosev.cpp Check out more Arduino hygrometer projects at Instructables! Each Monday is ArduinoMonday he Prioritizing orders for COVID-19 related needs, health care professionals, and urgent orders

Fritzing Project – Simple example home automationBuy Digital Thermostat, Temperature Control Relay BoardArduino I2C Digital Light sunlight intensity lux SensorLibStock - Arduino Solar Irradiance Meter4x4 Matrix 16 Keypad Keyboard Module 16 Button Mcu for Arduino6DOF IMU Invensense MPU6050 Gyro & Accelerometer ArduinoMcufriend 3
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