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  1. Conditions are temporary status effects that negatively affect a character. They may come from skills on Critical hits. It is important to know about conditions when planning your classes. If an enemy is not immune to a condition, then it is applied instantly (no resist). On each turn after that, the enemy will attempt to resist it. Once resisted, it is removed. Bosses tend to be immune to Slow and Stun.
  2. g worlds, they are highly skilled and agile, but they are pretty fragile - although not as fragile as that Mage over there in the thin cotton gown - and, if the circumstances all line up, they are capable of the highest damage one can dish out. In this here world, most of that is true. More than most combat classes, the Thief will rely on the special qualities of her skills rather than direct attacks. As far as damage, that part is true about one of her skills in particular, which if used well with a compatible team will have you shredding your way through the game at top speed. Her other skills are pretty fun and useful as well, but don't expect her to be the critical monster you can create with the Ninja and Barbarian.
  3. The warrior can also be a decent damage dealer with Cleave and Strike. Cleave is a 3 person aoe that does reasonable damage as far as aoes go. Strike is a single target damage that does more than cleave and applies weakness. While cleave can find some use, its best to stike with strike, even in an aoe team. The weakness is just too good to pass up. Once you level up Hard skin as much as you want, you can start throwing all your points at this skill. Once you do, you'll start to see massive damage improvements to the point of one shotting some enemies in NG+. And it only gets stronger.

Characters and character design is a very important element of your comic. Take the time to really figure out how to make a comic book character. Make a model sheet or turnaround. If you have the resources, time, and skill, try sculpting your character in clay or 3D. You're going to be redrawing these characters over and over again in. "Restore 50 per level Health and Energy after each battle" - up to +250. The price is also decent. Basically giving you the chance to be always at full health after fights in the early chapters. From the choices in here tied with the Bowling Set for usefulness, perhaps better in the early game and getting out of date as the values are static. It's important that you buy the item in the shop that gives you the ability to fight 7 enemies as soon as possible, and always fight the maximum number of enemies that you can, without anybody dying.  The bonus experience from killing more people in one fight is well worth the longer fights.   Mage (Any): Place all points into Meteor, with 1-5 in Stream as needed, and 1 point in Fireball. Use items to boost his magic stat as high as possible. A character building system which emphasizes the character over the Pokémon, allowing players to have a truly vast collection of them without an equally vast collection of character sheets. A pokemon ranch system, which allows players to customize and build up the area where their pokemon are kept while they are not using them, adding things.

The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game is a pen-and-paper role-playing game based on The Wheel of Time series. The game consists of two publications by Wizards of the Coast, a core rulebook published in October 2001 and an expansion, The Prophecies of the Dragon, which followed in April 2002.Wizards of the Coast announced shortly after publication of the latter product that they would not be. First, this is as strong as the Warrior's Power Lunge, damage-wise (324% weapon damage). But instead of a Threat boost and a long reach, you get to be enraged and heal for, ultimately, a ton of HP, 104 to be exact. I've actually kind of spoiled the reveal on this skill having explained the healing magic you can get with it back in Anger Management, but suffice it to say that, no matter your build, this skill is likely gonna be your priority. "Critical +1% per arcade level" - up to +5% A likely choice if you're focusing on Criticals and/or Sudden Death.

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So this one is pretty original in that, along with the Druid, it adds only the second proper warding spell in the game (I don't think the Hunter's hat counts, because he can't use it on anyone else). It's best used on whoever your meat shield is, but can actually be legitimately used on even the frailest team member thanks to how tough it makes them. Grant any player an extra 56 Threat and 32 Damage Reduction until your next turn - that's what you get. So, in theory, pretty great. In practice, either a little superfluous or kind of a waste of a turn. If you use it on your big scary fighter, they should already have high Threat and decent to great Damage Reduction. If you use it on your weak little Warlock, yes, okay, he'll take less damage from the hit, but still, he got hit. Why'd you do that to him!? But in either case, you'd be better off just damaging the enemy to get the fight over with - protect your peeps through offense. Now, of course, use this with Psychosomatics and you have the tactical gratification of protecting and damaging at the same time. But the unfortunate fact is that you're better off just letting your defense take care of defense and focus on killing things, which really is what the Psion is best at. I mean, in so far as he's good at anything. So, your choice of race has the least impact of your 3 choices. Nevertheless, it's a choice, you need to make it, so let me break it down, with the obligatory rating (i.e. opinion) attached. I will say part of the fun is just what they look like. A Cheerleader with a thick beard just makes me chuckle. (It may be possible, exceptionally rarely, that increasing your damage by just 40 more points will make slaughtering that line of Vowlerines (that you have to fight a whole lot of in quests) be a one Lightning attack kill instead of a two attack kill. In theory. I've tried, with Barrage of Knives, and it's never been enough. If someone finds an instance let me know; it's not worth going through the bestiary and adding it up for each monster, comparing to each skill. I'm not that obsessed with this game.) This is rather difficult to asset, dealing 20% more damage with basic attacks for some classes who rely solely on their attack damage and not needing a lot of energy (or have ways to restore it really fast) can be devastating. On the other hand, not using abilities is most of the times counter-productive despite the higher damage. Some fun builds with Mages can be developed tho.

level 12 points · 5 years agoThis is some great stuff. You should submit it to gamefaqs for posterity and more exposure."Restore 50 per level Health for each Critical you land" - up to 250. The absolute best case scenario here is a high level Ninja with Shadow Chain healing for 750 Health each turn. Or 500 or 250 or 0. But let's say 750 each turn. For a high level Ninja, that's practically nothing in the way of healing. For any lower level class, the critical chance is going to be pretty low, from 10% to maybe 30 or 40%. And for your casters this is a non-event. There's no real subtlety here, nor anything in the way of synergy for this team, just fry everything in your path. The Arcane Flow will help here as there's no other energy regen in the party, but still you're mostly leveling it to add damage to Lightning. Prioritize Lightning, getting Arcane Flow to maybe level 3 or 6 in the process of maxing out your actual damage spell. This does mean he won't improve all that much from the middle to the end of the game, but he's still going to be dishing out the best damage magic can do in this game from start to finish. And aside from the extra energy the Lab Rat provides, the four trinket slots can be put to good use by filling them with Spell Damage boosters, at least until the end when the exceptional unique trinkets show up. (You could focus on Fireball here to help the Thief, but there's just no substitute for boosted Lightning). Simpler version. The simplified version does not have a separate sheet for inventory and equipment, instead merging these onto the core sheets. This is only recommended for low-level characters, and is not compatible with the Barbarian, Ranger or Psionic characters

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  1. Your classic basic fighter, with a skill for bosses, and a skill for groups. Level Power Lunge and Cleave evenly to keep the versatility going (and to mirror the Mage who's doing the same with his skills), and your low MP also won't matter as much as you won't be using max energy with your skills until the high levels where you'll have enough of it.
  2. g Tables like OpenRPG and Maptool or Play by Post on our forums that include die rolling and character sheet function
  3. The roles of the first two are self explanatory. One or the other will be more effective depending on the number and type of enemies. The support role using Druid will be to regen the team's health according to threat, regen MP to perpetuate your magic attacks, do damage with feral rage to speed up easier battles, and occasionally use hibernate to slow down harder ones. The Cleric's strategy would be to run weakening on the enemy party - very very effective, but a bit boring to juggle all the time with more than 3 monsters. The Cleric is also unable to regen magic, so longer battles can sometimes grind to a halt when MP run out (enchanted items mitigate this problem).
  4. Don't let the 20 extra MP fool you, this is your specialist class. The extra MP is like the Dwarf's damage reduction, less and less significant as you gain levels. The point (or two) in Senses then is the main reason to go elf (unless you just want your Mage to feel good about himself for the first few levels). Senses, however, only affects Critical and Initiative. Critical can be important, depending on your overall strategy, which means it can also be largely or wholly irrelevant if you have a different strategy. Initiative is nice, always nice to strike first, but not really clutch in battles. Well, with the exception of the Hunter and the Thief, who can actually make good use of Initiative. But if you want that highest possible Senses score with your Rich Kid Ninja, Elf is the way.
  5. g table and you still have no dungeon for today. Michael Wolf, Stargazerworld.com. This may just be a cool tool for an unprepared.

Cheerleader - good (great with the Thief)

Druid uses Gaia's Blessing (The idea is to make sure the mage can always use Meteor.  If the mage doesn't need mana, keep using Feral Rage) Power chord will drastically increase the damage of any physical attacks, and a bard who puts everything into this will also deal reasonable damage. This can make mage characters hit over 100 in noncritical damage by level 30, and it will only go higher as you level it up. This coupled with a Necromancer's Help From Below pretty much breaks the game and makes Boss fights a complete joke.

The Warrior is, in my opinion, the most useful tank in the game. While the Knight is a more reliable tank than the Warrior, the Warrior brings damage to the table, and also has a nifty weakness he can throw around at bosses and elites. People praise Paladin and Knight for their shields, but they honestly aren't all that important. People also take threat way too seriously. My warrior has 13 threat (the rest of my party has 1), and he take 90% of the incoming attacks just like that. If you need more threat, you have a nifty passive that gives you threat and health regeneration.The Rogue is a strong damage dealer with debuffing potential and is completely self sufficient. A solid addition to any team."Threat -1 per level" - up to -5 Not sure what they were thinking with this one. At least for any normal team. Threat is relative, so if everyone gets Threat -X, yes, okay your Mage at 10 Threat will go to 9-5 and your Warrior with (in battle) 50 Threat will go down to 49-45, so it's a bigger difference for the Mage. But in practice the actual percentage difference is either non-existent or, maybe, possibly, few percentage at best. The party works by using the warrior and barbarian to soak up most of the damage while single targeting major threats while the Mage and Hunter take out the big groups. The cleric keeps the group alive and spamming their mana intensive abilities.

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  1. "Damage +5% per level" - up to +25%. A considerable boost, perhaps the best furniture you can have for a sofa.
  2. This lets you restore energy to your compadres, but passively, meaning it happens automatically when you use any of your active skills. Now, you could make a build without this skill, but really, why would you? This by far the best way to restore MP. The Knight is good for this too, but his skill is only a third as powerful and unlike the Cleric he won't be casting it every turn (he does have to strike out with a noble yawp now and then). The Mage and Monk skills are only for their own selves, and there's the Cheerleader Thief when she gets hit, and the Game Room blocking thing for individuals, but they're pretty weak. Your Cleric is definitely the premier energy boosting specialist. Fully maxed this will give the rest of your party +32 MP, every single turn the Cleric uses any skill (which, usually, is every turn), which is enough to keep just about anyone in skill blasting heaven. Trick is, seeing as this is passive, you require another active skill for this one to kick in. So which one to choose? (Note: This skill does not regenerate the Cleric's MP, which is why you're going to have to rely on MP regenerating Trinkets (preferably), or potions, or good old fashioned rest from time to time.)
  3. Going to Disney: A Disney Character Autograph Tip is a post by Angie of Real Life at Home.. During our kids' first trip to Disney World (in 2011), we were excited to whip out our autograph books to have a special keepsake from our trip

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Here is a new Pen Paper party game for adults for your parties. I guess this paper party game would be more suitable for your office parties and kitty parties as it might be a bit tough for the kids to play as a birthday party game "Gain +1 bonus to Travel rolls per level " - up to +5. The only reason the is Fine instead of Meh is how annoying it gets to keep having to fight Troglodytes when you're passing through the Meadow even when you're level 40. There's no real tactical benefit here, it just mitigates the least enjoyable aspect of traveling around Paperos. "Gain +1 bonus to Escape rolls per level" - up to +5. Almost the only time I ever escape a battle is when I get stuck with a lvl 1 monster battle while I'm traveling when I'm lvl 20 or something, just because it's annoying. That and you can't not Escape, the roll just determines whether or not you get hit on the way out - and even then, you only get hit once (not once for every enemy left). So even if, absolute worst case scenario, that Dragon kills your injured Barbarian as he's scurrying away with his axe between his legs, a few gold brings him back and a little rest gets him back to normal. Totally pointless, this one. So, this skill is about as simple as they get. Gain up to +32% critical and take the shield action when hit. To be clear, the shield action does nothing in the moment, no damage reduction. But it reduces your Threat to zero, so you're unlikely to get hit again. Until your next turn that is. So really that part is mostly pointless unless you like Cheerleaders, in which case you get that nice little HP/MP regen bonus. If your Thief is cheering, definitely put a point in here. Otherwise, it's up to you, but for my money I'd put my points in the other skills. If you max this skill you'll have a respectable Critical chance, but the Ninja, Barbarian and Knight are all better at it, and her other skills are definitely worth investing in. Hurricane is a respectable aoe that will do a decent amount of damage and also apply a dot. There's little reason to choose thunderstorm over this, so if you want damage, level up hurricane.

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Submitted by Kamiryn on 2014-06-26 14:38. The CharacterBuildCalculator is an Excel Sheet that allows you to create builds very fast and easily. You just select your race, your class (or classes) and the order of leveling. Then the CBC calculates at which level you gain a feat (regular/bonus) and what class feats you get "At the beginning of each battle, 5% per level to inflict Confuse to enemy" - up to 25%. It's a free condition to some enemy. But outside of sudden death it's not that useful.

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  1. Hunter: His ability to improve his critical chance and attack damage allows him to deal massive focused damage as well as he has a high bleed effect adding to the parties nuke abilities or can go more for AOE with his volley ability. All of this is once again increased by the other members of the party.
  2. Hourglass is very important to this strategy, extending the duration of Hurricane, Vine Trap, Fireball, Concussive Strike, and Defensive Strike, and increasing damage output significantly. All items which increase HP and MP Steal or Regeneration are highly useful. Miniatures are also useful, sparing the single skill points for Rogue's Concussive Strike, Mage's Fireball, and Shaman's Vine Trap.
  3. When making more complex structures like a figurine or animal, you can build your own molds with paper, masking tape, and a few household items. Step 1 Sketch out your character and draw simplified shapes onto each body part (e.g: a circle for a head, rectangle for body, etc..)

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Trim off any excess cotton ball that is hanging out of the nib. This makes the stylus easier to use and makes its touch more accurate. Leave about 2 millimetres (0.079 in) of the cotton ball hanging out of the pen so that the tip of the metal pen doesn't scratch your screen. If the cotton ball falls out or gets pushed into the pen over time, simply push a little more of the cotton ball into. Developing a Character for Fictional Narrative Writing The biggest gap between a student's attempt at writing a personal narrative and a fictional narrative is a really strong character. In a personal narrative the challenge of creating a believable main character is a nonissue, of course

Surfer - great (SAKA with the Barbarian)

In addition now you can spend slots for other benefits (like increasing critical chance) instead of applying all 5 conditions yourself. Mage's 'burn' from fireball cannot be resisted, keep that in mind when aiming for this strategy. As we told you last time, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a new game by Paradox Plaza for iOS and Android devices, a turn-based pixel-art adventure, which is essentially the mobile version of popular table top RPGs. It's the ideal mobile game for geeks, we'd say, and it comes chock full of pop culture and geek culture references So, you're not gonna be Conan the Barbarian here. I mean, you are - in fact when you unlock this class you're fighting what looks exactly like Ahhnold's Conan, plus some Terminator shades. It's very much that kind of game. But that dude is crazy. He's got like 4 extra skills your barbarian doesn't have and he gets 2 attacks each turn, for some reason. One of the toughest battles in the (pre-dragon) game, actually. So you're not that barbarian. You're more like Thrud the Barbarian. And if you get that reference, then you grew up with me in the 80s. Anyway. Take the Warrior, strip him down to one active skill and make him a regenerating critical powerhouse and, voila. Barbarian. The Barbarian is unique in that his skills are mostly passive, which are all valuable and usable at any level (unlike skills that cause conditions on enemies for example, which you want to max out to be effective). So it's pretty much a given you're going to max out his one active attack skill, but then you have free reign to spread the points around his 3 support skills. Really the only class you can build in this... relaxed kind of way. Sort of unexpected since this guy is all about the Rage. But however you build this guy, he's going to kick some major behind. And the front. The front too. He's gonna kick that too, 'cause he's enraged after all. Saulo or Little brother - Initiative to use hard skin as soon as possible. Put points in passive to get the threat you lost from not choosing Hugo.

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So, you're one of those eh? The kind of gamer who wants to milk the system for all it's worth, even if that means doing weird things in a weird way in a weird order. Well, welcome to the club. Have a seat on our weird Kawaii Sofa and let me get you a pickle juice mimosa. Once you know that XP works in the above 3 ways, really, you know all you need to know. So at the start, you can use those mushrooms if you want to, but you'll get just as much XP out of taking it slow and slaughtering plenty of low level monsters when your team is low level as well - filling out the bestiary, for example. Which, if you're not just a tweaker but also a completionist, you'll want to do anyway so you can play all the quests in the game (you'll need a complete bestiary for that). Which will also mean another 3 quests, or 4 maybe can't recall, so more XP. If you can put up holy shield or tough skin before your tank gets stunned, you should be in no danger of dying, especially in NG+.

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I'm playing in a D20 Modern Campaign being run by a friend of mine. This is only the second time I've had a chance to play D20M despite having owned the book for years now, and I was hoping for some advice. Bear in mind that I am pretty much limited to the books I already have, since expanding my library isn't in the budget any time soon, so any advice should be kept PRETTY MUCH to the canon. Cleric (Ms. Goldberry): Split points between Smite and Restoration. Once the party begins to encounter enemies with AOE attacks, start levelling Circle of Healing enough to keep your characters alive. Equip her with MP Regeneration items, such as the One/Two/Three/Four Ring. A Cleric is the natural combo with a warrior - his Weakening ability makes all incoming damage nullified, and any damage that does come through can be healed with Restoration.  With the Warrior as a tank, I rarely need to heal him and more often need to heal other party members on the rare occasion that they take damage.  However, the vast majority of his turns end up in him using Smite.  With Taunt healing your warrior by 26 hp per turn (before any regeneration items) it is better to mass level Weakening until you find the enemy does only 1 damage per hit.  Once you have that situation, only put another point in to keep up with the increase in monster damage as the game progresses.  Restoration is the second skill to level, in order to bring the other party members back to full in the rare occasion they get hit.  Smite comes in last (With Circle of Healing being ignored) so that the priest has something to do in the many fights where healing is redundant. A Witch can heal with Ward that heals until that person is hit and stops 1 hit of damage while it's active, or you could use Life Drain it does damage to all enemies and heals all your party members by a certain amount. (This only works with the Halloween DLC. This message is brought to you by Ice)

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A pen, pencil or word processor will, of course, be essential, as will scrap paper. The only other things you must have are dice, and even then a Random Number Generator will suffice. Roleplaying games normally use a variety of dice, but this one only uses the humble ten-sided dice - two of them, to be precise Mage uses Meteor (Mage will always use meteor or normal attacks, so I will omit him from here onwards) I'm gonna skip the basics. Mostly. Well, right now at least. This guide is about strategy, so it's assumed you've come here because you're halfway through your first play-through or starting your second and you want to know how different it would have been if you'd had your Ninja be a Dwarf or a Goth or leveled different skills. Or something. But you should know the basics. At least the basic basics - which are all covered in the game in the handy dandy guide they have anyway. You really ought to read that if you haven't. But anything I cover later on that requires a little basic explanation will have it. That's it for the basics. Here the Knight will be doing what he does best, pro-level defense. The Surfer is good here, not so much because it's the perfect fit, but because he's the only player left with 2 Body, and the other ones are more needed where they are in this team. But Bulwark, here, is the primary focus. The healing can't hurt, and the energy regen, mild as it is and in addition to the Cleric's, will ensure this team never, no really never, runs out of steam. It's a nice way to play the game, resting rarely and never having to buy or craft a potion. Put 1 or 3 points in True Strike to start, so that most of his strikes will be Criticals regardless, then max out Bulwark. This pairs well, actually, with the Warrior built for this team. The Knight's crazy high Threat boost will eclipse the Warrior's regardless, even when using Power Lunge when you're facing bosses and other high HP foes. But if you're in a tough fight and the Warrior can't handle any more agro, or an easy fight with a slew of weaklings filling the field, Cleave will serve beautifully. A number of classes and players in this game are, to put it bluntly, superior. This team capitalizes on that, bringing the most potent builds that still work together well. There will be no Cleric here, as his one offensive skill is just too frail as it can be resisted. So yes, resting frequently and bringing along potions and phoenix feathers will be necessary. Or at least advisable. The beauty with this team is that it's pretty rare that you'll find yourself in any real danger since you'll be killing everything foolish enough to cross your path most often in 1 or 2 turns. But dungeons are long, and while you may take little damage, you're going to start running out of energy possibly even before you get to the second level of the dungeon, so MP friendly items and potions will be a must. But ultimately, as in any team without a purging Cleric, your greatest challenge is going to come from late game Conditions falling on you all the time. Good thing though, as most of the game will be a non-challenging slaughter-palooza - and gratifying as that can be, it can get a little monotonous.

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Knights of Pen and Paper +1 > General Discussions > Topic Details. m50cents. Oct 7, 2015 @ 8:00pm Best build per character What do you think is the best build for a tank, a mage, and a rogue? < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments . OttoNL Oct 8, 2015 @ 7:21am Personally I think a Grandma Warrior with very high Taunt makes a great Tank.. Dragon blood is an attack that will leach life. With this and your passive, every turn you should be at full hp. Maybe put in 5 points so you have +100% life leeching. You really don't need more than that, especially if you have a bard.Once you've unlocked the other characters and classes available in the game, I've found the following party to be very effective, completing the main quest line in 345 game days:

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Developer CD Projekt Red teamed up with pen-and-paper RPG company R. Talsorian Games four years ago, and the first part of that deep collaboration has finally born fruit: The Witcher tabletop RPG. Hipster Mage (only work on Meteor, with 1 point in Fireball), Jock Rogue (Vanish, Double Strike 10 points, then Poison) and Hynx Cleric (mainly Weakening, with some Holy Strike and Restoration).

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"Shield action restores 50 Health & Energy per table level" - The Thief could benefit from this, with her automatic blocking, even a bit later in to the game. Up to 250 at level 5, this is extremely useful for the new games, when your heroes are under level 10 and that health and energy is considerable amount. "Gain +1 bonus to Resist rolls per level" - up to +5. You want this one. It's clearly the best rug as it'll help from dungeon fire traps to sewer poisoning to dragons confusing you. High combat and dungeon value. Now, way late in the game, there's a dragon that drops a Rabbit's Paw, which allows your weapon wielder to always do maximum damage. It's astoundingly powerful, and this then makes it 50% more astounding. Want to take the whole set with you? This reduces the space available for Craft, Profession and Perform skills. Bards get all knowledge skills anyway. There may be other Craft, Perform and Profession skills, depending on setting and rules. Includes stand-up map figure, square map token and stats card for initiative tracking

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If your target has:Burn status: deals 59~72 Damage to all enemies.Confusion status: raises your Damage by 100% for the next 3 turns.Poison status: heals 80~97 HP of your party. Then deals 35~42 Damage to the target ignoring its Shield and removes all previous status. The Smoke Bomb is the focus here, as it'll cripple the opposing forces, often before they get their first hit off - if they even get a hit off. Max out Smoke Bomb first, then level Shadow Chain so the Ninja can contribute for late-game boss fights. Being the Rocker will allow the Ninja to have enough energy to cast his maxed out stunning skill even at middle levels.

A tabletop role-playing game (or pen-and-paper role-playing game) is a form of role-playing game (RPG) in which the participants describe their characters' actions through speech. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a set formal system of rules and guidelines "Health +10% per level" - up to +50%. Most useful for more durable type of party, where the higher their base health is the higher the additional benefit will be.

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In all honesty, most fights wont need this much, just a few Meteors and some auto attacks will be enough.  I rarely need to follow this guide so much as use it as a frame for my fighting style. So here's where it gets complicated and more fun. Each of the classes has four skills, one or two (sometimes three) of which are passive. I'll give an overview of what each skill is like (good, great or SAKA {Super Awesome Kick Ass}) and it's general usage. This is a fine place to note that skills get an extra boost every 3 levels, so that's the multiple of which most of your skills (especially secondary skills) are going to be. I'm also going to give each class an overall rating. This isn't just an average of what their skills are, but an overall opinion based on what they can do, how many different things they can do, and how it all compares to their peers. I'm not going to mention the Class attribute boosts, as that's not what you're basing your decision on. You're basing your decision on what, exactly, can that new Warlock you just unlocked do. You choose your player and race based on what supports that. That said, most classes have a single target high damage attack, a group target lower damage attack, and then other stuff (that makes them unique). Let's see what they're all packing: Receive tremendous value for your marketing plan when you choose full-color graphics at a 1-color price. Decorate this full-color spiral flip notepad with your company name and branding and maximize your promotional dollars, even on a budget. These promotional spiral bound notepads pair well with pens, pencils, and other desktop items, too Order your party as Rogue, Mage, Shaman, Cleric, Knight. This party composition allows you to battle mobs of 7 enemies continuously, with very high damage output and the ability to recover both HP and MP as battles progress. The Mage will use Meteor continuously against mobs, and stack Fireball burns against single targets. The Rogue will continuously use either Double Strike for DPS or Concussive Strike to stun-lock as the situation warrants. These two characters are your primary damage output. The Shaman, in the centre lane, will use Hurricane three times, followed by Static Field. This ensures that your characters never run out of MP, and the Shaman's Hurricane deals as much damage as Meteor once the bleed effect takes place. The Shaman will also stack Vine Trap bleeds against singular foes. The Cleric will Smite when there are no characters to heal, and use Restoration or Circle of Healing when there are. Her damage is decent in the early game, but quickly drops off. She is your only healing character, so use her to keep your characters at full health at all times. The Knight is your tank. He will continuously use Defensive Strike for decent critical damage and protection, and Dragon Blood when he needs HP. Without debuffs, the Knight's high critical rate will allow him to HP steal enough to stay alive in most fights.

So this is his single target skill. I think I've already established the general superiority of Stun as a condition, and in addition to some very good damage (136 at max level), you'll stun your hapless victim as well. After the obligatory resistance roll of course. Thing is, unlike the other two stunning skills, the Warrior's pommel and the Ninja's bomb, the stun is kind of just a bonus to the excellent damage you'll get out of this, especially if you boost it with Arcane Flow (for an unparalleled grand total of 168 Damage). Thing is, both Fireball and Lightning are perfectly serviceable even against single targets, so if you're looking to be hyper efficient you'll likely invest in one of those and your boosting skill. You can also, perfectly validly, spread your skill points out evenly among all of the Mage's skills. Like I said before, highly versatile. There are main quests, and side quests. Main quests lead, when completed, invariably to new quests until you reach that last quest that ends the main story. There are 3 of these in the game. Side quests are either standalone (help the Noob) or a package of several (the Lich and High School) but not too many quests, and are, in theory, optional as they don't usually even relate to the main story. If you've ever played any role-playing game, ever, you know this. I'm not sure why I had to lay it all out like that. But I did, and it's staying. So if Sudden Death sounds like a lovely way to vaporize your enemies to you, put 1 point in this. This is just so that his attacks add wound on a critical hit. In fact, this is what makes the Ninja the Sudden Death dealer of choice, since any other Class needs to be paired with the (normally non-fighter) Lab Rat player to get 5 Conditions in one attack. Now, if you want the wounding itself to actually make a difference, you really aughta max out this skill (which gives you Wound 32). Wound, along with burn and poison, always has a value. Wound 1, Burn 24 - the number denoting the base damage it causes each turn the affliction lasts. The beauty of it is that it can stack, and Shadow Chain can make this devastating - adding up to 96 Wound in just one turn. If all three hits are criticals (which is less likely as you'll only have enough skill points for this and Shadow Chain, with little to nothing left for Vanish) and the condition isn't entirely purged at the start of the target's next turn - which mitigates the awesomeness level here. But Wound that Caveman a couple times and he will literally bleed out. Yet, while good, this skill is a clear 4th place compared to the others. So, all that considered, if you want to skip this skill, you wouldn't be wrong in doing so. I'll just come out and say it, this is your best choice (most bang for your buck), for any class (with the possible exception of the "pure Rage" Barbarian). Yes, your Warrior will strike a little less hard, have a little less resilience, but he'll be more skillful and have more energy to use those skills. The point (or two) in Mind is like Body, giving around 1 level's worth of extra MP per point per level. There's no analog to the Damage and Threat boosts, though. But MP is important. In fact, if you don't have that Cleric in your party constantly refilling your MP, you're never gonna really feel like you have enough MP (unless you happen to be a juju-swapping Monk) - especially in dungeons. But still this is going to be better than your elf's MP boost in the long run (actually, not even that long - you'll make up those 20 MP by about level 6), and then you get that extra skill point. It's not game changing, but very nice.

Folge 5 unseres Pen and Papers ist da. In dieser Episode gehen wir auf die Charaktererstellung und die Berufe ein. Dabei erklären wir Schritt für Schritt das Erstellen des Charakters, sodass. Both of these skills are fairly mana intensive, but your passive, energy drain, will restore your mana to full after a single attack if leveled up a few times. It also increases your attack, which is good for help from below so you heal more.Note:The druid starts off very useful but slowly degrades in usefulness as the game goes on.  The rogue just surpasses him in damage, and the Cleric can do as much damage with Smite, because of diminishing returns on Feral Rage as it levels.

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If you want more single-target damage, then the Hunter is similar to a rogue because he gets high damage and high critical chance. In addition, he has one AoE skill for the large fights, and he can make a foe Bleed, which is very good for big bosses. He usually goes last in exchange for higher base attack than the rogue, but the rogue will out-damage him with Double Strike. "+20% damage to the Soft Spot bonus in the Bestiary" - Again, right at the start, against Troglodytes and Undead Cashiers, you'll at least notice this +80 instead of +40 damage increase. Past that from level 10 on, you might as well be blowing on them.

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The last category is in the middle-ground specialists are so fond of, the Thief and Druid, Hunter and Ninja. Each of them has a weapon based skill, and then one that isn't, but that is also not a spell. So the Thief's Barrage of Knives can't be given a bonus of any kind (fear not, it's still way kick ass though so long as Conditions abound). The Druid's vines somehow don't count as a spell, the Ninja's Smoke Bomb same. The Hunter's Hail of Arrows is also stuck in this no bonus zone, although at least his own Initiative based skill kicks in with it (unlike the Thief's Backstab for Barrage of Knives). While this is all a little sad, it makes sense, as the specialists are nearly defined by sacrificing damage at the expense of the special qualities of their skills and overall greater versatility. Better known as the ranger in, well, like everywhere. This is your crafty woodsman, your archer supreme, your tree-huggin' turf-sniffin' beast-trackin' wild man. Or man of the wild, more precisely. I like the Hunter. Or rather, I really want to like him. I like the style of his skills, the look of his hat, the overall cut of his jib. Unfortunately, he doesn't stack up to a terribly efficient dude. His skills are all cool, everything you'd expect Legolas to have in his elven tool belt, at least in concept. In practice they kind of all fall flat, except for the last two - the group skill in particular. But that group skill will have you asking yourself why you didn't just bring the Thief with the mark 2.0 version of the Hunter's skill. And if you answer yourself: "because of the cool hat!", then you've found yourself a positively smashing reason to play him. If that answer was: "because he's the better warrior... or stealth-or... or critical-or... or even initative-or...", well, you'd be wrong. Part of his problem is that, along with the Thief, he's an Initiative specialist. But once again his Initiative skill is a step behind the Thief's. Still, much like the Warlock, he has some unique skills and can be fun to play. And if you thought that hat was cool just on his head...

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So here's another one of those skills that is amazing when used right, and not really worth the skill points otherwise. So, apparently being all bendy and agile appears threatening to the baddies, as you'll max out with +56 Threat on this one. For the record, that's more than anyone else (for a passive Threat level). The part that is thoroughly awesome is that if you have this skill (at any level) you negate all incoming attacks from enemies with conditions. You might remember I alluded to this way back with the Paladin, about the benefits of group Condition infliction re the Monk. So, if you want to do this perfect, bring a Mage with Fireball and a Paladin with Smite. Between the two of them and any other Condition inflicting skills your party has (including the Monk's flaming fist), and with the crazy high Threat, your Monk will get most of the hits and not feel a thing. Or, I suppose more accurately, dodge all the attacks. So you will always want at least one skill point in this, because Conditions happen even if you're not trying, and now and then the enemy will waste an attack. Make this the heart of your Monk's tactics though, and you'll think the enemy forgot their spiked clubs at home and brought over-cooked spaghetti instead. So, you know those weird guys sitting apart from the rest of the normal High School kids, usually the theater and/or goth and/or art class kids, hanging out and just feeling cool (or insecure - kind of a fine line there). This is those guys, all put together. There is some synergy here, but this team is not efficient. It's narcissistic members are not going to dish out the best damage, heal the best, or really handle anything in Paperos with an abundance of ease. But they will sure as Ra's solar bathrobe look cool doing their inefficient thing. And just because they aren't efficient doesn't mean they can't be effective, and every once in a while all the stars will align and they will lay waste to their pitiful foes in the (you guessed it) coolest way possible. This team has 3 casters and 1 specialist with a caster-like build, so Mind points will be in short supply, and potions will abound. One good thing is that this is the rare kind of team that doesn't need the Go Set in the game room to improve certain group attacks, meaning you can have your Dice Collection to improve their attributes.

"Anything affecting adjacent enemies can affects all enemies (50%/100% probability)" - Some of the group attack skills in this game don't need this, like the row damaging ones and Life Steal and Hail of Arrows, but most of them (and all the best ones) do. Without your Go Set, that Fireball and that Barrage of Knives most often won't hit all the baddies, especially as the fight goes on and you pick them off. So if you have any of those skills on your team, you really need to use this item. With the combination of the little Vole-Rat on the table and this warding spell, the Druid here is tasked with keeping this motley crew relatively alive. It's not like you can spare the offensive power a vine-loving or bear-becoming Druid could bring, but trust me, you'll want the extra defense. The Lab Rat Human bit will provide enough energy to cast the ward twice a turn when that becomes frequent. And while you could protect your Monk from time to time, largely this is best used on your 4 weaklings this team is made up of, often actually getting the healing in every turn that goes by without them getting a hit. Leveling both skills at about the same pace is, like for most of the guys in this team, the best approach here. Barbarian: Surfer dwarf as Yoko suggested. Max out frenzied strike, pot a point into Rampage and the rest into Anger Management. Red Icosahedron, spiked rings for trinkets.

Draw a map of the world where the game is set. This helps the game to feel more realistic. Make a note on the map of the key cities and resource hubs. Don't worry if you aren't a Picasso prodigy, use simple shapes and annotations to create the map. Consider drawing the map onto an A3 sheet of paper so that it is big enough for all the. Fans of the mobile game series Knights of Pen and Paper have been in for a treat this year. Originally releasing the first and second on phones in 2012 and 2015 respectively, Xbox owners have now. You've already had a taste of my Goth hate, so no surprises coming. The attribute boosts (2 Senses, 1 Mind) are of course fine for any specialist. The point in Mind is nice for MP, but unlike the fighters you don't have a plethora of health as a specialist, so the Cheerleader's Body point is more appealing. The only exception is if this is one of your first characters on your first play-through. Her special ability negates some of the frustrations of the learning curve, saving you gold while you feel out new encounters. The amount of gold this saves, depending on the player, is small but significant early on, and when you are flooded with gold a character reset is cheap and painless. Your basic combat class. He gets a Body point (or two, with the right Game Room item) and 2 damage reduction. The body point gives you another point of damage, another point in Threat (which you're only going to want with a fighter anyway), and a boost to HP. I haven't figured out the exact formula for what each point of Body contributes, and it does change slightly depending on which class you are, but it roughly translates to a level's worth of HP per Body point per level. (So, to be clear, an extra body point when you level up to 12 will give you about 12 extra HP, then about 31 extra HP at level 31 - not to be obtuse about it). Which makes it valuable through the game. Unlike the damage reduction, which is huge at level 1, pretty nice at level 8, and hardly noticeable at level 20 and beyond. The person in charge, this could be you if you like. The GM is purely for flavor and does not affect any outcome in the game, but nonetheless just as worthy of customization as this person's face is what you'll be seeing 99% of the time. Attributes come in 4 flavors, one more over Knights of Pen and Paper 2, and determine the character's stats (Damage, HP, Shield, etc.) and the effectiveness.

4)Rich Kid, Elf, Ninja (1 point Black Arts, 1 point Shadow Chain, Max out Vanish and then followed by Shadow Chain) - Threat=1 (with Vanish), Initiative=11, Base Critical=16% (72% with Vanish maxed), Weapon=Hatchet +5(Weakness, + 2% Crit) + Pocketwatch (Confusion + 2% Crit), Trinkets=Troll snot (Rage), Viper Fangs (Poison), Volcano Rock (Fire) We write character charts for you. Masterpiece Generator refers to a set of text generator tools created by Aardgo. The tools are designed to be cool and entertain, but also help aspiring writers create a range of different media, including plots, lyrics for songs, poems, letters and names

Rogue uses Vanish if Help from Below is low level. If not, Double Strike. (Rogue uses Double Strike for the rest of the fight unless stun-locking is required with Concussion Blow) Hunter is by far the best damage dealer in the game. And because every group needs a damage dealer, he can fit in any party. His only downside is that all he offers is damage. But boy, does he offer damage. The hunter has access to both the best single target damaging skill in the game and the best aoe in the game. It's best to specialize in one and ignore the other for the best effect. The best thing about the hunter, though, is his maxed level armor gives him 10% mana leeching. This, combined with his insane amounts of damage, means every attack he does restores his mana back to full. 2+2 = spamming one of the strongest skills in the game every turn with no consequence.

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Cyberpunk 2077 classes are going to be an incredibly important part of your playthrough. Afterall, CD Projekt Red's upcoming sci-fi game is an RPG, and so your role in the world of Night City. The Mage needs to be the Lab Rat for a couple reasons, so either of the 2 players with 2 in Mind will do here. Both have their minor advantages, but I'd go with the Exchange Student for the extra HP from the Body point. So it's all about Barrage of Knives which, along with the Paladin's Weakness and Mage's Lightning, provides the group control half of this team. The Ninja and Barbarian have got the single targets very much handled. Max the knives before anything else, although you could take the time to put 1 point in Stealth so you don't get hit more than once in a turn. And then, well, it doesn't really matter. You could level Grappling Hook to move foes around and, leveled up, cause more damage to individual targets. Or level Backstab so your basic attack on new enemies will actually be pretty good and your high Initiative will have you going first most of the time. Or level Stealth so your basic attacks are critical a third of the time. Thing is, you'll be using Barrage of Knives pretty much exclusively. So I'd go with Backstab just because it often means you strike first and the Paladin will strike close to last, meaning on your second turn you can get double damage on most of the monsters without giving them time for a second resistance roll. Druid is a good start, leveling Gaia's Blessing to give my Mage the extra Mana for meteor early game.  Later though, the mana reserves on the Mage become insane, and Feral Rage becomes the new favourite.  The damage is second only to the rogue, However, this guy is mostly for early game when your Mage needs help casting those Meteor's.   Currently I'm running with a Warrior, Ninja, Hunter, Cleric, and Warlock. The Ninja vanishes into the shadows for a higher crit chance and using the 3 strike attack. The Warrior take the Majority of the aggro and because I took a race with a high Senses, his Riposte attack triggers very often for huge damage, otherwise he strikes a whole row with Sweep attack. Next I have the Hunter who hits for huge damage with his multi-hit area arrow attack, or he'll camouflage himself for extra protection. My Cleric is predominantly used for the skill that removes I'll effects, rejuvenation I think, along with the passive that restores party magic. 5 or so pts in that rejuvenation skill and the rest in the passive ability will pretty much allow your group to heal a tiny bit, remove all penalties, and regenerate magic pts very quickly.

Hugo - Best tank character because he gives the most threat. The crit bonus is nice too for more damage.Note that stats will not affect skills. Increasing Damage directly, like from gadgets, will only affect your basic attack.  So the upshot is: mushrooms are a shortcut to level up quick at the beginning, in particular - or rather, only - if you don't want to hang around slaying extra cave bats. If you do want to hang around killing stuff at low levels, don't bother with the mushrooms. You'll get that experience from your kills, and if you down the 'shrooms, you won't get nearly any XP from kills, and just waste your gold. That and, they raised the price of mushrooms from 50 to 75 gold in the last update. So only invest in some mushrooms if you just want to skip the noob-level stuff at the beginning.

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The Rogue falls slightly short from the Hunter, but is easily the second best damage dealer in the game. Unlike the hunter, it is limited to only single target damage, but it brings a spammable stun to the table to compensate. And, like the Hunter, it has methods of boosting its own critical chance to absurd heights. And also like the hunter, its armor has a 10% mana leech that allows it to spam its attacks over and over without consequence.Warrior: Jock dwarf, max out lunge first, putting one point in Riposte early on. Then put remaining points into riposte. Red Icosahedron and either spiked rings for a little more damage or Almighty Rings for a little more threat and more reliable Ripostes.There is a reason that so many MMO's have this kind of set up in dungeons.  DnD players have built parties around this idea for years.  The following is the party set-up I have used up to level 25.  If I find anything about this build that makes it unplayable in the late game, I will edit. What makes the Knight amazing is its passive, Combat Skill. This passive will increase your critical rate (More damage), increase the amount your attacks life steal (more healing), and increase your inherent physical resistance (more defense). Honestly, you could just put everything into this skill and that would be perfectly fine. If you keep leveling it, you'll eventually come to a point where you'll be immune to all physical attacks and have way over 100% crit rate. And he has this without needing to use a single skill at all. The only reason he is so low on the list is because all he does is tank. His damage is abysmal, as a tank should be. Sit down with a pen and paper and outline your character's entire past right down to what they had for breakfast the morning before their mom's birthday 6 years ago! While fleshed out character backstories are imperative, you need to make sure the story of your character is presented to your DM in a digestible, easy to use format or you run.

Cyberpunk Red is the newest pen and paper RPG by R.Talsorian Games released on August 1, 2019. It is meant to be the latest edition of the Cyberpunk RPG to coincide with the release of the video game Cyberpunk 2077, and bridge the time gap between the two games. Very little information was released for the game other than it would use the Interlock system Summon Minion is also incredibly good. It's a dot that lasts for 4 turns (5 if you have the hourglass), deals the most damage out of any dot, and reduces the target's resistances (making your attackers do even more damage, which heals them even more with help from below). It's because of this skill you can kill Mom and any other boss in the game in under 3 turns.Cleric cycles Weakening on packs of enemies. I would get Hynx and the hourglass items for longer duration. If needed, the Cleric can provide Divine damage or healing. Jun 17, 2017 - 2127 views and 117 votes on Imgu On a team like this, the only reason to choose the Bard is if you are having a lot of trouble with AoE damage. The Bard has an AoE heal, Harmonic Movement a healing skill that targets himself/herself and one other person (It can be used on himself/herself twice), a damage buff for the entire party and Dissonance a AoE spell that hits the entire enemy party. However, the AoE attack is rather weak, you already have a healer, and only 2/3 of your party members would benefit from her attack steroid.

Touch of Blight is well established as a solid spell, and unless the irresistible Condition it inflicts is Stun or Confuse, the target of this will likely go for the Monk next turn and do no damage. Life Transfer is the poster child for "cool but inefficient", but it'll give this team it's first healing spell, and it's kind of cool to resurrect your fallen friends even if it is just for the duration of the battle. Unless it's a Dragon, in which case, thankfully, you'll have Touch of Blight handy. I would level both skills pretty evenly, but with a little extra for Touch of Blight. Here is, for once, a concrete reason to care about initiative. Well, at least a little. At best this will give your Ranger +16 Initiative (just like the Thief's Backstab), and since no other skill (but Backstab) and few items give a boost to Initiative, this will mean he'll pretty much always be one of the first 3 to attack. Thankfully that's not it, as this will add up to +32 damage to any foe behind you in the turn order. Which means there will almost always be at least one baddie that you can attack with this bonus. Thing is, the bonus isn't that much. You may recall that Backstab gives a +56 damage bonus. Why is the Hunter's half that? I don't know, but it doesn't really seem fair, does it? It does add a layer to your strategy, but a restrictive one (limiting who you should attack to those behind you in the turn order). The only way this is really worth investing in at all is when used with Hail of Arrows. But, like Hail of Arrows it's only really great by the time you max it out, with the high initiative and the bonus 32 damage to everyone on the field of battle (or almost everyone). However, until you max both skills out, you're not always first, you're not getting the damage bonus to all your targets, and you're not hitting everything out there. Once again, like the Thief, but worse. And do this one-two combo until you finish all of the main quests (Paperos, Origami, Dragons) before you do anything else. Once that's done you can do the side quests in pretty much any order. You should be at a high enough level after the main quests and all that slaying that monster XP is going to be negligible no matter what, with the notable exception of the White Dragon and maybe some others. But the percentage of a level each side quest gives is about the same. About though, not exactly. So if you want to make sure you really suck the XP well dry, save the most menial tiny quests for the very last. Hunter: Rich kid elf. Max out Hail of Arrows then Ambush. All you care about is initiative so just equip moccasins/Green Icosahedron as nothing effects Hail damage. A character map is a graphic organizer that illustrates the personality elements, flaws, relationships and ultimate journey of a fictional character. While they're often given as in-class or homework assignments, these maps can also be useful for keeping track of character growth as you read or for making up your own.

Another one of those "never played a game without him" players. The obvious choice for any of your casters (Cleric, Mage, Warlock, Psion) with the 3 in Mind, which ensures they'll have enough MP to blanket the world of Paperos in spells. The extra trinket slot is delicious, no matter how you slice it, but also tempts one with some interesting choices. Say you want a Barbarian who, in addition to his Stunning hammer, has each of the four trinkets that give a condition (Rage, Fire, Poison and Wound). And say you have a Paladin as well who goes around causing Weaken all the time and the Game Room item (Weapon Rack) that lets you cause Sudden Death with 6 instead of 7 conditions. So that every time the Barbarian scores a crit, he causes Sudden Death. Something to consider. Here's a hot steaming serving of fire in your face! So, just to give the Warrior and Barbarian an official edge, this does the same damage as the Paladin's Guiding Strike (308% weapon damage). Except that this one also inflicts Burn (32 at max level). As with all Burn inflicting skills, this one has the added bonus of bypassing the first resistance roll. So, assuming the Burn isn't resisted at the start of their turn, this is in fact the best fighter attack in the game. Burn stacks, so that's always nice, and combined with the Monk's Acrobatics it gives another chance to avoid any damage from a monster that's on fire. Seeing as this is the Monk's only genuine attack skill, it's unlikely you'll leave this one entirely unleveled. In fact, I don't recommend it. I've played through with a Monk focusing on this skill and one focusing on Martial Arts for the bare-fisted awesomeness. I can assure you this is the better investment. For mages and tanks, the 4 Ring is useful early on, but like the Greater Lava Amulets, they lose their effectiveness as you level up. The 10% physical resistance is always useful, but the 3 mp regain isn't needed when you have static field. The 12 hp regain is useful however, but as you gain more hp and your bard's octavarium gets stronger, it will become completely overshadowed in time. There really isn't that good of a replacement, however, aside from elder wands for your mages.Your passive will increase your damage by 1 on every hit. That means every point into poison will increase the damage of your Double Stirike by 2. Honestly isn't that much in the scheme of things. Only put points into this if leveling up Double strike will put the mana use over half the Rogue's total mana pool.In a physical oriented party (rouge, hunter, warrior, for instance), help from below is all that is needed to keep the entire party healthy, and can function as the main heal for the party. Not only does it increase damage output, once applied every attack from a member will completely restore its health to full. Thus, if you have a tank and a few damage reduction items, so long as a member lives to its turn, it will be back at full hp at the end of it. It's absolutely disgusting. Stun can mess you up if you get unlucky, but a tank should have damage reduction and nearly all the enemies that stun are chosen by the player for quests and are only dangerous when you fight 7 of them. Additionally, this coupled with a Bard's Power Chord pretty much breaks the game.

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