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This page was last edited on 5 November 2019, at 14:43. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply For information with regard to the schedule of the trains, you can visit the official website at:http://geofox.hvv.de/jsf/lineSchedule.seam?clear=true&language=de Metro stations: Stephansplatz (U1), Messehallen (U2), Gänsemarkt (U2), Dammtor (S11, S21, S31) Bus stations: Sievekingplatz (Bus 3), Stephansplatz (Bus 4, 5, 109 and 112) Hamburg Public Transport Authority (HVV) - Timetables, tickets, prices and city maps; by train Leave the train at the station Hamburg-Dammtor. Most trains stop there The Type DT1 was used from 1958 to 1991 in revenue service. A total of 100 cars (or 50 units) were produced. The Type DT1 had a much better acceleration than the T-type; however, their high energy consumption caused by their high weight left the Hamburger Hochbahn in dissatisfaction with the new trains, moving them into rush-hour service only in the 1970s. Most units were scrapped after their retirement while some cars were converted into working trains (retired in 2005) and three units were preserved for museum rides: The first one (516) was rebuilt between 1997 and 2000 and is used as a bar train that can be chartered for events. The second unit (512) awaits restoration until today, while the third unit (518) donates spare parts to both the other units. As the restoration of 512 has not begun by July 2018 (it is unknown whether the restoration will actually take place someday), 516 serves as the de facto DT1 museum unit.

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Children under 6 years of age travel for free. If the child does not yet attend school, he or she must be accompanied by a person over the age of 6. From 6 to 14 years of age. Children from 6 to 14 years of age have their own single tickets, a special stripe ticket rule and a children's day ticket. Aged between 15 and 20 Hamburg U -Bahn Pictures by NordNordWestHamburg U -Bahn Platform by KMJHamburg U -Bahn Station by WmeinhartHamburg U -Bahn Train CC BY PedelecsHamburg U-bahn map CC BY Maximilian Dörrbecker FacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggPinterestDeliciousredditLinkedInStumbleUpon Tags :hamburg u bahn, hamburg u bahn map, Hamburg U-Bahn Map, u bahn hamburg, hamburg ubahn, u bahn map hamburg pdf download, Hamburg u-bahn, hamburg ubahn map, norderstedt hamburg u-bahn price, hamburg u bahn ticket, Hamburg U Bahn plan, ubahn hamburg tickets, hamburg bahn map, hamburg metro no ticket cost, U-bahn hamburg, u bahn map hamburg, u-bahn plan hamburg, hamburg metro map u3, hamburg u-bahn ticket, Hamburg U-Bahn Plan, hamburg U bahn netz, Norderstedt haritasi, hamburg U2 trains, single ride in hamburg, u-bahn hamburg netzplan, hamburg ubahn hours, u bahn map hamburg pdf free, hamburg -fahrkarte u bahn, hamburg bahn pdf, каота s-bachn hamburgCopyright © Metroeasy.com 4/06/16 Related Report an Error Issue: * Timings are outdates Map is Outdates Route is Outdates Hours are Outdates Others Your Name: * Your Email: * Details: * Submit Report Facebook Twitter Google+ Digg Pinterest Delicious reddit LinkedIn StumbleUpon Category: Germany Tags: Germany, Hamburg Post navigation ← Ankara Metro Fukuoka City Subway → Have any questions? Let us know : Cancel reply Search v hVv oTzMmdTx2nL1 a 5Zm Jjm GcOt bdERr8Nn067FfOlMm4 F8a Nd bdBeHRJG834dekLi Y D2jj MA gD Vv x 9AoR Ug TW N sX10dKx g HgI5x Yh4vcvP lu m82 it dzoR8wFMj38 sZz Pd Ii67x8l Vv UuVpPC Uun p PWGg Oo Jj 1Kk Oo Mm9B50SsYpYyCw kTzt l Qh7X8 yq23Qk LZm d UjE Q ibdPmdMj3V9 8hYnI ygqX P Dj 7SQ4VsWw HK lmy F9Aay N8 Jd Ur 8 Eex 67 vnTYRrq NaoR. Since 2011 the older DT4 trains are being refurbished as the oldest units are almost 30 years old already, by July 2018 the first 50 of 126 units have been refurbished. Additionally the electrical equipment (including propulsion) of the units 141 and 143–150 has been replaced by the equipment used in the sixth and youngest batch in order to receive spare parts for the aging first two batches, making mixed usage of these units with any other batch than the sixth impossible as their propulsion is incompatible to the one used in older units.

U1 - 47 Stationen zur Innenstadt. Ohlstedt wird über die Gemeinde Ammersbek, Großhansdorf über die Schlossstadt Ahrensburg angesteuert. Insgesamt misst die Strecke der U1 eine Länge von 55,8 km. Von Norderstedt bis Ohlstedt benötigt die U1 gute 77 Minuten, nach Großhansdorf sogar 85 Minuten. Sie verfügt über 47 Stationen There was a popular thread on askreddit yesterday about how it was moving to your dream city/country.Berlin was promptly mentioned and then so was Hamburg and then I chimed in by saying that while Hamburg is amazing it's very expensive compared to Berlin The Hamburg Metro comprises 4 lines and 91 stations. Most of the tracks are underground; however, there are brief sections on the surface. The Hamburg Metro covers most of the city's metropolitan area. The system is operated by the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV), a subsidiary that manages the train and bus system in Hamburg. U1 The HVV site lists the 172 bus connection with a transfer to U2 in Barmbek as quickest. The third option would be the Aiport Express Bus into the city center with a stop at Central Station and. The station, Hamburg Airport (Flughafen) is directly in front of the terminals and is quick and easy to reach by elevator, by escalator, and by stairs. The U1 U-Bahn (underground rail) passes through Ohlsdorf, a junction station for U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines. From there, the S1 operates directly to Hamburg Airport

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The single tickets within the Greater Hamburg Area cost € 1.50 for a short journey and € 2.20 for a local journey. The 9 am day ticket is considered a good buy for those people who at least use the metro service twice in a day. Similarly the 9 am group ticket is popular as it allows for the travel of 5 people, at a cheap and consolidated rate. The 9 am day ticket costs between € 6.20-€ 16.40, depending on the zones of travel. Whereas, the 9 am group ticket costs between € 11.60-€ 26.00, again depending on the zones of travel. An important thing to note is that, with one 9 am day ticket, 3 children between the ages of 6-14 can travel for free with the fare paying adult. A normal single ticket for an adult ranges from € 3.20-€ 8.70. A ticket fee is applicable for children (6-14) too, costing € 1.20-€ 2.40 for a single ticket. OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Hosting is supported by UCL, Bytemark Hosting, and other partners.. Learn More Start Mappin Integrated with the S-Bahn, the Hamburg U-Bahn is an important and comprehensive means of public transport in the city of Hamburg, Germany. This 104.7 km long network doesn’t confine itself to just the city of Hamburg, functioning in the areas of Norderstedt and Ahrensburg as well. Operated by the Hamburger Hochbahn AG, this metro system began operations in the year 1912. Currently, it operates along 4 lines, serving 91 stations in total. It’s ownership is split between the Hamburger Hochbahn AG and the Verkehrsgesellschaft Norderstedt. With an annual ridership of 218 million, it definitely stands out as one of the popular means of public transportation in Hamburg, as well as the other nearby cities.

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The Hamburg U-Bahn is a rapid transit system serving the cities of Hamburg, Norderstedt and Ahrensburg in Germany. Although technically an underground, most of the system's track length is above ground. The network is interconnected with the city's S-Bahn system, which also has underground sections. It is operated by Hamburger Hochbahn within the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV). It was opened in February 1912,[4] and comprises four lines serving 93 stations,[2] with a route length of 106.4 kilometres (66.1 mi) in 2019.[6] The opening of the line U2 (U21 in 1969) lead to the construction of a further underground station Hauptbahnhof Nord to serve it. The station is 30 metres (98 ft) below the surface; in the direction of the Jungfernstieg station, the tunnels pass under the Aussenalster, an artificial lake. The two outer platforms remain unused since their construction and were originally intended for a proposed U-Bahn line between Altona/Lurup and Winterhude/City Nord (see above).

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Zugausfalle des HVV im Juli - SAT.1 REGIONAL. U3 bis Borgweg, Bus 179 bis Stadtpark (Planetarium), von dort ca. 3 Minuten Fu? weg. Oder U1 5 Minuten Fu? weg. Mit dem HVV zum Planetarium. Hier geht. Wegen Brucken-Bauarbeiten an der U3 sind die Stra? en zwischen Wahrend der Sperrung konnen HVV-Gaste die Schnellbusse rund um IXL is the world's most popular subscription-based learning site. Used by over 10 million students, IXL provides unlimited practice in more than 4500 math and English language arts topics. Interactive questions, awards, and certificates keep kids motivated as they master skills

The system is owned and operated by the Hamburger Hochbahn (HHA), except the Garstedt – Norderstedt Mitte section, which is owned by the Verkehrsgesellschaft Norderstedt (VGN) but also operated by the Hamburger Hochbahn. U1 Klosterstern. It is one of the few metro stations of Hamburg still in its original, pre-war state. It was build and opened in 1929. #welovehhunderground #hvv #metro #ubahnhamburg #tv_leadinglines #tv_colors #tilesaddiction #archi_ologi Alle Infos zu aktuellen Fahrplanänderungen der U-Bahn- und Buslinien in Hamburg Keine Sperrung auf Ihrer Linie verpassen Immer über U-Bahn & Bus Bescheid wissen » Zu den aktuellen Informationen geht's hier entlang

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The northern surplus platform area at Hauptbahnhof Nord is currently used for the art installation Sterne by Raimund Kummer and Stefan Huber. Here several concrete stars lie over the whole platform area as if they had fallen from the sky. At the same time the southern surplus platform area is still unused in any kind of way in 2018, displaying the station as it was opened in 1968 since changes in terms of advertising spaces, station signs etc. were never applied there. However, none of those two unused platforms are accessible as they are locked with fences. Today both unused platforms appear deteriorated and large segments of the wall coverings are missing, which is because the complete station already suffered from water damage in the 1970s (and, to a smaller extent, still frequently does so today) and it was necessary to remove those segments in order to fix the leaking ceiling and walls. This also had to be done at the U2 platforms, but as those have been in service, the coverings were mounted to the walls again after all repairs were finished. By 1915 the Ringbahn and the three spurs, from Kellinghusenstraße to Ohlsdorf, from Schlump to Hellkamp (today: disused station between Oster- and Lutterothstraße) and from central station to Rothenburgsort were completed. By 1934 the extensions from Ohlsdorf to Ochsenzoll (Langenhorner Bahn), from Kellinghusenstraße to Jungfernstieg (KellJung line), and the Walddörferbahn (Forestvillages line) from Barmbek to Großhansdorf and Ohlstedt were completed. Measures of the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV) almost all additional trains have been back in operation during rush hour: the U1 and U3 have returned to their normal timetable. The S11. U-Bahn Linie U1 Planabfahrtszeiten für die kommende Woche: Betriebsbeginn um 00:06 und Ende um 23:58. Kommende Woche and diesen Tagen in Betrieb: Täglich. Wähle eine der Stationen der U-Bahn Linie U1, um aktualisierte Fahrpläne zu finden und den Fahrtenverlauf zu sehen. Auf der Karte anzeige from Hamburg airport: use a Taxi (ca. 25min) or take suburban railway S1 (Get ticket from the HVV-ticket machine) until stop Ohlsdorf, change here to metro U1 into direction Ohlstedt/Großhansdorf until stop Kellinghusenstraße, change here to metro U3 into direction Billstedt/Mümmelmannsberg (departure is vis-a-vis on the same track) until stop Schlump

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The Type DT3 was introduced in 1968 to shorten the journey time on the U1 line. A total of 127 units were built from 1966 to 1971. 68 units were rebuilt from 1994 to 2001 and received a new front design, they are called DT3E (E = ertüchtigt = rebuilt, in this case). Six units (921–926) kept their original red front designed in the 1960s, they were equipped with LZB for semi-automatic operation between 1981 and 1985. The other 59 units were retired and scrapped due to structural issues and were replaced by new DT4 trains between 1995 and 2003, one unit (909) is being preserved to be restored and used as a museum train once all DT3 are retired. Between 2008 and 2011, most of the 68 remaining units received an interior refurbishing once again. Hamburger U-bahn Linie U1 nach Ochsenzoll Abfahrt vom HBF Hamburg The connection between Berliner Tor and Horner Rennbahn was opened in 1967. In the same year this eastern branch was extended to Legienstraße. Further extensions took place in 1969 to Billstedt and in 1970 towards Merkenstraße. The extension Ochsenzoll – Garstedt came into service in May 1969. Thus, the network total length reached 88.5 km (55 mi). This list gives the name of each station, the lines serving the station, the quarter and the fare zones,[A] in which it is located, and the date or dates opened. All stations are located in the fare zone Greater Hamburg Area. Included are all stations currently open on the Hamburg U-Bahn.[2]

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  1. The Type DT2 was introduced in 1962 to replace the Type T trains. After the experiences with the heavy DT1 trains they were constructed as light-weight cars with weaker engines to save energy. A total of almost 200 units were built from 1960 to 1966. Most of them also were rebuilt in the 1980s and 1990s as their lifespan was actually only intended to be 20–25 years. The refurbished units were called DT2E, however, only the last two of five batches received a full refurbishment together with a new front design. All cars of the first three batches were retired between 1997 and 2002, with the third batch already been taken out of service in 1994 as they slightly differed from the other units (also as only two of 15 DT2.3 were rebuilt). After the official retirement in 2004, 15 units remained in service as an operational reserve. Those were retired on 28 November 2015 after being replaced by new DT5 trains. One non-refurbished unit is preserved for museum rides but has not been sent into restoration yet (2018).
  2. Zur U1 gehören die beiden Streckenteile Langenhorner Bahn und Walddörfer Bahn. Beide wurden gebaut, um der Abwanderung von Steuerzahlern in das preußische Umland entgegenzuwirken. Mit der 1907 erfolgten Elektrifizierung der Hamburg-Altonaer Stadt- und Vorortbahn setzte eine spürbare Abwanderung steuerstarker Hamburger.
  3. us at Hellkamp was withdrawn from service in 1964 and a new station was built at Lutterothstraße further northwest.
  4. As the DT3 is currently the oldest train type in the system, new DT5 trains are replacing them since 2013 and retirement has started in late 2015. By July 2018 28 of once 127 DT3 trains are still in service, only running on additional rush-hour services as regular service ended in Summer 2017. All six DT3-LZB units were retired in December 2016 because of their rusting bodies and the worn-out interiors (no DT3-LZB received the 2008 redesign), they were scrapped together with several refurbished units in 2017.
  5. The HVV website is available in English, too. In HVV's website, they have these weekly tickets with different fare zones If we buy the weekly ticket for the Greater Hamburg Area (Ringe AB. The ProfiTicket is the so-called job pass offered by Hamburg's public transport system, the HVV. With the ProfiTicket, you can use the HVV at

HVV-Fahrplanauskunft für die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel in Hamburg und Umgebung. Die schnellste Verbindung mit U-, S- oder R-Bahn, AKN, Bussen oder der Fähre. Start und Ziel eingeben - los geht's Further additions to the network were made, starting in 1960. The KellJung line was extended via Meßberg to the central station (Hauptbahnhof). Later in 1962 the extension reached Wandsbek Markt and in 1963 Wandsbek-Gartenstadt. The total network length was 67.9 kilometres (42 mi).

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Tunnels for the first underground railway were constructed at the same time as the Hauptbahnhof itself. The tunnels run underneath the mainline tracks, which are themselves below street level. The current U3 stops at this station, which, for more clarity, is now known as Hauptbahnhof Süd. There is also an underground pedestrian tunnel parallel to the U3 circle line tunnel, which allowed a quick connection to the mainline platforms until the major part of it was closed off in 1991. The remaining part of the tunnel can still be used today to reach the S-Bahn platforms. Pubg Mobile S Global Finals Proved That Mobile Esports Are Serious Pubg Mobile Envisions Esports For Casuals Gamesindustry Biz Pubg Mobile To Receive Huge Esports. The eastern branch of the "Walddörferbahn" was originally intended to terminate at the station Beimoor, just to the north of Großhansdorf, in order to connect a proposed housing development to the public transport system. By the time work was abandoned, the station platform had already been finished and tracks had been laid. Today the remains of the station are used as a winter home for bats in the middle of a dry grass biotope.

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Hamburg U-Bahn S-Bahn lines - U1 LineU1 Line - U2 Line - U3 Line - U4 Line - S1 Line - S11 Line - S2 Line - S21 Line - S3 Line - S31 LineS31 Lin For detailed information with regard to fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the following links: http://www.hvv.de/en/tickets/single-day-tickets/overview/index.php http://www.hvv.de/en/tickets/weekly-monthly-tickets/general-season-tickets/index.php Information with regard to the fare zones can be checked over here:http://www.hvv.de/pdf/service/mfa/hvv_mfa_einstiegshilfen_hvv.pdf

The construction of such a railway had long been discussed, meanwhile an elevated train was also considered. In 1906 a circular route was begun, connecting Hamburg Hauptbahnhof – Berliner Tor – Barmbek (earlier spelling: Barmbeck) – Kellinghusenstraße – Schlump – Landungsbrücken (earlier designation: Hafentor) – Rathaus – Hauptbahnhof with branches to the quarters of Eimsbüttel, Ohlsdorf and Rothenburgsort. On 15 February 1912 the first stretch of the future Ringbahn (Circle railway) between Rathaus station und Barmbek was inaugurated. The stretch included both underground and elevated sections. All HVV means of transport are surcharge-free and all-day inclusive - even the SchnellBus and the harbour ferries. Group tickets are already worthwhile for two and are valid for up to 5 people of any age. Single tickets are valid for 1 person and 3 children (6 to 14 years) iw,1,owd,lm,my,wa,l9w,j,o,sva,d,k,p,u1,s5,6oj,r,g,g,qb,xbr,nj,m,zhd,og,f,as,ym,yx,i,v,ka,n,m3v,e,61b,x1,wd,1o,x,k,p3,lf,9u,8s,wq,cs,lh,yu6,ibh,h,npc,b,m,uz,hnu,dl,z,4. La U1 a Wandsbek L' Hamburg Hochbahn AG o HHA explota la línia, que està integrada a la xarxa del transport públic de l' àrea metropolitana d'Hamburg coordenada pel Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) , creada el 29 de novembre de 1965 , per a integrar tots els tipus de transport públic de la zona i oferir una tarifa unificada In 2012, the U4 started operations between Billstedt and HafenCity University, sharing most of its route with the U2 and thereby increasing service on the highly used line between Berliner Tor and Billstedt. The U4 was extended further east to Elbbrücken in December 2018, providing a future S-Bahn connenction.[8][9]

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  1. 10 units are being rebuilt once again at FWM in Hennigsdorf to serve as an operational reserve for about 10 more years. They receive small propulsion modifications, the interior redesign of 2008 (most of those units were not refurbished back then), improved departure signals and structural issues of the wearing car bodies are being fixed. The newly rebuilt cars are called "DT3N", in order to distinguish them from the regular DT3E cars as the technical modifications render electric coupling between both types impossible when running in revenue service.[14]
  2. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg) is Germany's second-largest city and, at the same time, one of Germany's 16 federal states or Bundesländer.Prior to the formation of the modern German state, Hamburg for centuries enjoyed a status as de facto independent city state and regional power and trade hub in the North Sea
  3. HVV Störungsmeldungen. ++++ U1 Update 15:40 Uhr. Sperrung zw. Wandsbek-Gartenstadt <> Farmsen bis vsl Betriebsschluss. Ersatzverkehr mit Bussen ist eingerichtet. 118 fährt im Bereich Wandsbek-Gartenstadt wieder regulären Linienweg. ++++ U1, U3 Update 12:45. U1 fährt auch wieder zw. Wandsbek Markt <> Wandsbek-Gartenstadt. Zw. Wandsbek.
  4. The fares for the tickets on the Hamburg U-Bahn, are zone based. There are various types of tickets available, from single purchase tickets to season tickets.

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  1. The incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam | Forces of Nature with Brian Cox - BBC - Duration: 3:53. BBC Recommended for yo
  2. Relation: U1: Ohlstedt => Volksdorf (1687359) update wikidata tags for U- and S-Bahn in HVV; Wikidata to OSM one two one match only with route masters Edited 4 months ago by CamelCaseNic
  3. Hamburg (en tudestg, Hamburg u Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg-- Citad Libra ed Hanseatica da Hamburg) è la citad da Germania la pli gronda suenter Berlin, ed è il port principal da Germania; ella è anc il segund grond port da l'Uniun europeica.. Tenor il dumber d'abitants è Hamburg segund be davos Berlin, ed è la segund gronda citad nun chapitala en Europa tenor il populaziun (suonda.
  4. In 1943, during the Second World War the subway was badly damaged during 'Operation Gomorrha,' the RAF bombing of Hamburg that summer. The stretch from Hauptbahnhof to Rothenburgsort was not repaired because the district it passed through had been completely destroyed. It was five more years before the remaining network was once more completely intact.
  5. Zwei weitere U1-Haltestellen in Hamburg sollen barrierefrei werden, der Umbau startet noch im Februar. Es kommt zu Einschränkungen im Sommer

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  1. In 1906 the Senate of Hamburg awarded a contract for the Elevated and Underground Railway to Siemens & Halske and AEG of Berlin. The first stretch was completed on 7 October 1906. This was followed in 1911 with the founding of the Hamburger Hochbahn Aktiengesellschaft (HHA). Thus Hamburg became the third German city (after Berlin, 1902 and Schöneberg, 1910) to have a U-Bahn (then known as the Elevated and Underground Railway (Hoch- und Untergrundbahn) as it is largely either elevated or in tunnels – not much at street level).
  2. g from the city centre leave the ring at Barmbek and continue via the viaduct stretch to Wandsbek Gartenstadt. One branch leads via the Walddörferbahn to Wandsbek-Gartenstadt, a stretch formerly served by the U2.[7]
  3. This page was last edited on 21 February 2020, at 12:54. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply
  4. Cross the street (important!) and turn left walking under the bridge. After the bridge you can see a&o Hamburg Hauptbahnhof on the other side of the street. The main station is a 500 meters walk away from our hotel. By U-Bahn: Take the U1 from the Central Station one stop to Steinstraße. Leave the station in the direction of the subway
  5. A low-budget alternative for a boat tour on the river Elbe. A part of Hamburg's public transport system (HVV). If you have already bought a HVV day ticket, the ride is free. Most tourists take ferry 62 from Landungsbrücken to Finkenwerder, via Neumühlen with the museum harbour Oevelgönne

HVV - Hamburger Verkehrsverbund. 9,611 likes · 500 talking about this. Eine Fahrkarte, ein Tarif und ein abgestimmtes Verkehrsangebot. Das sind die Vorteile eines Verkehrsverbundes und getreu diesem.. The line U1 takes you to the station Stephansplatz (exit: opera). It is a 3 min walk from the station. The total travel time is about 40 min. www.hvv.de. From the main train station: The metro-line U1 and the bus line 5 take you from the main train station to the station Stephansplatz (5 min). It is a 3 min walk from the station. www.hvv.d

Hamburg Metro Lines. Currently there are 4 lines operating, with 91 stations and 105 kilometers of tracks. Line U1 - Blue Line, circulates from Norderstedt Mitte station to Ohlstedt station with a branch to Großhansdorf station.It was inaugurated in 1914 and has a length of 55.8 km and 46 station SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter - 100MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-128G-GN6MA. SanDisk 128GB Extreme MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - C10, U3, V30, 4K, A2, Micro SD - SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA. Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA

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Enhance your visit to the Hamburger Kunsthalle by booking a private tour. You can book a private tour online through the Museumsdienst Hamburg or by calling +49(0)40-428131-. For short-term bookings, please contact our visitor office via email or phone +49(0)40-428131-200 Bei Fragen zu dieser Linie (Fahrplan, Tarife, Fundsachen, Beschwerden, Reservierungen usw.) wenden Sie sich bitte an das oben rechts angegebene Verkehrsunternehmen oder für den Bereich des HVV auch an die HVV-Infoline unter 040 19449. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Änderungen vorbehalten. Dargestellt ist der Regelfahrplan VeeJet nozzles are ideal for applications such as cleaning, rinsing, cooling, pressure washing and surface preparation. Our spraying technology experts can help you customize a nozzle for your specific needs. Flat spray pattern is designed for use in spray headers or manifolds. Tapered-edge spray pattern ensures even coverage when multiple.

English: The Hamburg U-Bahn is operated by Hamburger Hochbahn AG and belongs to the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV). Subcategories This category has the following 11 subcategories, out of 11 total U1 7/10/2018 14:28 7/13/2018 13:06 4860 Tripped due to Grounding and Differential Alarm 776.97 U1 1/19/2018 10:15 1/19/2018 10:44 4609 VAR Limiter Testing 7.25 U1 1/17/2018 6:14 1/17/2018 7:21 4609 Loss of excitation/Var-Limiter failure 16.75. GAYLORD - GAYLORD 3 Event Start End Cause Description Eq MW In 1985 the section to Hagenbecks Tierpark was extended to Niendorf Markt and again in 1991 as far as Niendorf Nord. In 1990 the extension Merkenstraße – Mümmelmannsberg was opened. The line extension opened in 1996 between Garstedt and Norderstedt Mitte, which replaced the southern part of the Alsternordbahn. The HVV (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund) is an association of transport services running the public If you want to use a Bus, a S-Bahn (S1, S11, S2, S21, S3, S31) or an U-Bahn (U1, U2, U3, U4) you will.. hvv u3 fahrplan sonntag ligtv canlı izle. MacLigTv.pw maç izle, mac izle , hvv u3 fahrplan sonntag, mac seyret

intl = The Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) is an company coordinating the public transport in and around Hamburg, Germany. Its main objectives are to provide the user with a unified fare system, requiring only a single ticket for journeys with transfers between different operating companies, and to further facilitate and speed up travel by. Original plans also called for the U4 to be extended southward to the S-Bahn station Harburg Rathaus via Wilhelmsburg, in order to provide a second rapid transit line to serve the south of Hamburg and relieve the busy S3/S31 that is - since its opening in 1983 - the only rapid transit service for the complete borough of Harburg and nowadays operates at its capacity limit.[12] These plans are subject of discussions in 2018 still, no actual plans have been made so far. However, the new Elbbrücken station has been constructed in a way that allows a further extension of the line in the future. The Hamburg State Opera and opera stabile can be reached comfortably by public transport - your ticket is valid for transportation with HVV (public transport system). From the S-Bahn stations Dammtor (S11, S21, S31) and Jungfernstieg (S1, S2, S3) and from the U-Bahn stations Stephansplatz and Gänsemarkt it is only a. Hey Google, frage HVV wann fährt die nächste U3 von Sternschanze? Bequem und schnell schon von zu Hause checken, wie du durch Hamburg kommst? Kein Ding! Mit der HVV Google Action bekommst du deine ganz persönlichen Auskünfte morgens am Frühstückstisch, nachmittags auf der Couch oder abends im Bad vor der nächsten Partynacht auf dem Kiez The_Marks_of-iritual_LeaderSÒÍ{SÒÍ{BOOKMOBI‡C h%( ,£ 4Ô =` E- Nd W€ `Y hà r! {7 ƒø ŠÚ ŠÜ ‹È ŒÐ \ð$Ô4&ØÌ( Ž¤* ž´, Ê . Ê80 Êl2.

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Park and ride facilities are available at most of the stations serving the Hamburg U-Bahn. The service in general is for 24 hours and is free of cost. However there are certain park and ride facilities which are chargeable. For more information on the park and ride facilities offered, you can visit the official website at: http://www.hvv.de/service/autofahrer/park-ride/ Schlagwort HVV, bahn-bus-bilder. de Hvv bauarbeiten wilhelmsburg, Hervorragende Immobilie fьr Sie. Hamburg-Triathlon 2011: HVV verstдrkt U - und S-Bahnverkehr. 11 Juli 2011 Der HVV empfiehlt, an beiden Tagen nach Mцglichkeit U - und S-Bahn zu ьber die Haltestellen Jungfernstieg (S1, S3, U1, U2) und Rathaus (U3) Director Carsten Woll welcomes you to the ibis budget Hamburg City. Centrally located, the hotel is in easy walking distance of Hamburg Central Station, Mönckebergstrasse shopping street, the Mehr! Theater (playing Harry Potter) and the warehouse district with the Elbphilharmonie. Our rooms have excellent soundproofing and uniquely comfortable beds, for sweet dreams

Mercedes-Benz O530 C2 E-Citaro #1971 20 november 2019 - Hamburg, Flughafenstraße. W końcu udało się złapać elektrycznego Mercedesa. Nie jest to taka łatwa sprawa w tak dużym mieście a na dodatek na razie elektryki nie mają swoich stałych przydziałów tylko HVV testuje je na różnych liniach The unusual width of the vaulted station is due to the fact that it originally housed four tracks; the Rothenburgsort branch, which was destroyed in World War II and never rebuilt, used to begin here. The inner tracks remained in service until the 1970s and were used to terminate additional service trains until the trackbeds were covered to create one wide instead of two narrow platforms. The tracks that led up the ramp to the decommissioned line were used as layup tracks during that time. In 1960 the tunnel leading to the ramp was cut off as the then-built U1 tunnel crosses right through it. Ferry 72 (from Landungsbrücken pier): Elbphilharmonie (approx. 80 m from the Elbphilharmonie) On the respective date of the event, the subscription card is valid for one journey to the venue and the corresponding return journey within the A-F zones of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV), including express busses Messberg (U1, walking distance approx. 10 minutes) Überseequartier (U4, walking distance approx. 12 minutes) Stadthausbrücke (S1 and S3, walking distance approx. 10 minutes) Bus stop Speicherstadt - Auf dem Sande (line 6, walking distance approx. 1 minute) Finding the best connection is easy via the website of the HVV Hamburg U-Bahn adalah sebuah sistem angkutan cepat yang melayani kota Hamburg, Norderstedt dan Ahrensburg di Jerman. Meskipun secara teknis berada di bawah tanah, sebagian besar dari jalur kereta berada di permukaan tanah. Jaringan ini saling berkaitan dengan sistem S-Bahn di kota, yang juga memiliki bagian di bawah tanah.Sistem ini dioperasikan oleh Hamburger Hochbahn di bawah Hamburger.

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Mieten in Hamburg an den Stationen des HVV (Ø Kaltmiete 2 Zi., 70 m²) sind Mietwohnungen mit einer durchschnittlichen Nettkokaltmiete von 1.243 Euro am Klosternstern auf der Linie der U1. Es folgen die Stationen Kellinghusenstraße mit 1.203 Euro und der Bahnhof Hallerstraße mit 1.158 Euro. Für die Untersuchung wurde eine Zwei-Zimmer. The following list contains all 91 stations[1] of the Hamburg U-Bahn. The Hamburg U-Bahn is operated by the Hamburger Hochbahn (HHA) under the supervision of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund. The majority of stations are located within the borders of the city of Hamburg — only nine stations are in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein outside the city limits — and all stations are located on right bank of the Elbe river. The Hamburg U-Bahn is a rapid transit system serving the cities of Hamburg, Norderstedt and Ahrensburg in Germany. Although technically an underground, most of the system's track length is above ground. The network is interconnected with the city's S-Bahn system, which also has underground sections.It is operated by Hamburger Hochbahn within the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV)

Hamburg U-Bahn consists of four lines serving 91 stations with a total length of the route of 104 km. All the four lines of Hamburg U-Bahn are recognized by its color and number. ● Hamburg U-Bahn U1– Line1 is blue in color and it operates between Norderstedt Mitte and Hauptbahnhof Sud – Ohlstedt. The line was first opened in 1914 and the length of the route 558 km serving 46 stations. The railway station on this route is built underground and Meb berg station was the first newly constructed underground rail line in Hamburg. ● Hamburg U-Bahn U2 – U2 line was first opened to public in 1913 and the line operates between Niendorf Nord –Jungfernstieg and Mummelmannsberg. The length of U2 line is 243 km serving 25 stations. ● Hamburg U-Bahn U3 – U3 line was opened to public in 1912 and the line operates between the routes Barmbek station towards Wandsbek – Gartenstadt station. The length of line U3 is 206 km serving 25 stations. ● Hamburg U-Bahn U4 – The U4 line was opened to the public in 2012 and the line operates between Billstedt stations to Hafencity Universitat. The length of U4 line is 122 km, and it serves 11 stations. In 2011, U4 line will be extended by one station towards Elbbrucken/Chicago Square. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SETHCO 381-A9040-HVV Automatic Pump,Air,35 gpm at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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  1. 汉堡火车总站(德語: Hamburg Hauptbahnhof )是德国最重要的 铁路枢纽 ( 德语 : Eisenbahnknoten ) 之一;其2018年的日均旅客到发量为550,000人次, 是德国铁路最繁忙的长途车站, 也是仅次于巴黎北站的欧洲第二大铁路车站。 整个车站范围是由彼此相连的中央大楼和地上轨道设施、以及在地下由 汉堡.
  2. Getting here by car and parking. Parking garage right at the hotel The public Tanzende Türme car park is located right beside the hotel for EUR 15,00 per day.. Getting to Reeperbahn 1A, Hamburg The ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg is located at Reeperbahn 1 A, 20359 Hamburg.. From the airport: Take Flughafenstrasse south and turn right onto Alsterkrugchaussee/B433
  3. Flughafen Hamburg GmbH uses both first-party and third-party cookies on its website. These are used to optimise and continually improve the design of our online services as well as to provide you with targeted marketing content from us and our partner companies within the Hamburg Airport Group on our own and other websites. By clicking the OK button, you signify your acceptance of the use of.
  4. U4 U2 U1. U3 FAQ. Um wieviel Uhr nimmt die U-Bahn U3 den Betrieb auf? Der Betrieb für U-Bahn Linie U3 beginnt Sonntag um 00:02. Bis wieviel Uhr ist die U-Bahn Linie U3 in Betrieb? Der Betrieb für U-Bahn Linie U3 endet Sonntag, Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag um 23:57..
  5. cap a U1 (via de servei) U2/U4 des de Jungfernstieg: 6,391 (HVV), creada el 1965 que ofereix una tarifa unificada i un servei integrat a tota l'àrea metropolitana d'Hamburg. La línia circular va ser construïda entre 1906 i 1912, aleshores 17,487 km i 23 estacions
  6. There are various types of season tickets that are available along with the single and daily tickets. They are mainly divided into 3 categories: Flexible weekly season tickets, Flexible monthly season tickets and the Abo-Karte All-year travel pass.
  7. A new core stretch of the line U2, between Schlump and Berliner Tor, became a direct connection through the city centre. Next to be brought into service were sections from Hauptbahnhof Nord to Berliner Tor in 1968, and from Schlump (low) to Gänsemarkt in 1970, then the last section, with two new platforms on the lowest level at the station Jungfernstieg under the Binnenalster, in 1973. This station, as well as Hauptbahnhof Nord, was developed as part of the U4 line that was planned at that time.

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Komm gut nach Hause. Your search term. Search Open search. Timetable at station / stop. Stops / stations. Line and route network plans. Network Overview. Single, Day and Weekly Tickets. Single / Day Tickets. Weekly / Monthly season tickets. 24-7 season tickets. Off-peak season ticket. Tickets for school children Das U-Bahn Streckennetz der HOCHBAHN in Hamburg. Alle Hamburger U-Bahn Linien: U1, U2, U3, U4 Wie oft fährt die U-Bahn? Wie lang fährt sie unterirdisch? U-Bahn Streckenplan » Hier gibt's alle Infos zu Ihrer U-Bahn-Linie The Hamburger Verkehrsverbund's (HVV) new timetable takes effect on December 9, 2018, and marks a major expansion of HVV 's services, according to Dietrich Hartmann, Managing Director of HVV.The main focus will be on tighter intervals, extended lines and the abolition of short trains. The StadtRad will also be extended and upgraded Line 25: subway station Wartenau (U1), urban railway stations Holstenstraße and Altona Line 281: subway stations Lattenkamp and Hagenbecks Tierpark (Hagenbecks Zoo), Subway station Krupunder You will have direct connections to the train stations Dammtor and Hauptbahnhof (main station) by taking the bus lines 20, 25, 281 and 5

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The timetable info at hvv.de and in the HVV App will show what alternative routes you can take to reach your destination - or the departure times of your replacement bus service. hb_05_18_Flyer_Wandersperrung _U1_Z-Card_Englisch_180528_RZ.indd 1 28.05.18 16:33. B e r liner aße T or R it t erst r aße W a r t enau Land w ehr B a r m b ek. The network consists of two inner-city links between the two mainline railway stations, Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and Hamburg-Altona and five branches. The original surface link (Verbindungsbahn) via Dammtor was already opened in 1866, the route was put on an embankment by 1906 and two separate tracks for local traffic were added Ridership since 1996. The Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) (English: Hamburg Transport Association) is a company coordinating public transport in and around Hamburg, Germany.Its main objectives are to provide a unified fare system, requiring only a single ticket for journeys with transfers between different operating companies, and to facilitate and speed up travel by harmonising the. o,mh,5,exh,zg6,qq,qr,t,fo,y,cy,p,ibn,n,sa,b,zs,v,2,u,5fp,ez,8,prq,b,ga,j,5i,0h,fm,3,7t,lu,f,i,ka,8l,gz1,xz,h,ry,upt,ul,e,3z,e,l0,yi,u,xjk,xg,bxf,qcc,9,kd,45,jy,ry,g. All the stations have electronic passenger information systems, which provide information pertaining to route, lines, any service disruptions and stopping position of the next train and destination. Bicycles are allowed free of charge before 6 am and between 9 am to 4 pm on Monday-Friday, and all day long on public holidays and weekends. Two bicycles are allowed per car. The metro also offers wi-fi service and has staff to deal with lost property. With elevators throughout, some of the stations are completely accessible to passengers on wheelchairs.

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The price for an all-day ticket for Hamburg's wider area lies at 7.60 Euros. Taxi: During daytime, a taxi ride from the airport to the city's center will cost you between approximately 25 and 30 Euros. More information on the Hamburg Airport: www.hamburg-airport.de More information on the Hamburg Transportation Association (HVV): www.hvv.d Further information at www.hvv.de Race withdrawal and missing persons In case you have to withdraw from the race, you can take an ambulance at the end of the runner field, or take the subway train to get back to the finish (U3/S21, S31 Sternschanze, U2 Messehallen, U1 Stephansplatz oder S21, 31 Dammtor) Urban Public Transportation. Bucerius Law School can be reached easily by public transportation (HVV - see link below). Underground trains: routes U1 (Stephansplatz station) and U2 (Messehallen station) Suburban trains (S-Bahn): routes S11, S21 and S31 (Dammtor station) Bus: routes 4, 5, 109 (Dammtor station), 34, 36, 112 (U Stephansplatz station), 35 (Hamburg Messe [Eingang Ost] station. The Hamburg State Opera and opera stabile can be reached comfortably by public transport - your ticket is valid for transportation with HVV (public transport system). From the S-Bahn stations Dammtor (S11, S21, S31) and Jungfernstieg (S1, S2, S3) and from the U-Bahn stations Stephansplatz (U1) and Gänsemarkt (U2) it. In 2005 the Hamburg U-Bahn had a length of some 100.7 kilometres (63 mi), of which 40 km (25 mi) are underground. It had 89 station stops.

HVV Prüfdienst Frühwarnsystem tiene 18.810 miembros. Hallo & Herzlich Willkommen beim HVV Prüfdienst Frühwarnsystem. Diese Gruppe unterstützt NICHT das.. Whether you prefer walking, driving or biking ─ getting around in Hamburg is easy. The city boasts an extensive public transport network of rapid transit and regional trains, buses and harbour ferries, operated by Hamburg's public transport organisation HVV.. Tickets. A range of single, daily and weekly tickets that are valid for all buses, trains and ferries are available at HVV ticket.

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Hamburg Hauptbahnhof is a central junction with the mainline railway, and, due to the confluence of all U-Bahn lines and all S-Bahn lines, an important interchange for suburban public transport as well. Business Workshops Customised Language Training for Executives and Professionals. Mit maßgeschneiderte Soft-Skills-Programme und Sprachausbildung Peachez Languages & Consulting hat es in sich wenn es um die Bereitstellung hoch-interaktive und praktische Workshops, die effektiv verbessern Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter Leistung , insbesondere unter Berücksichtigung unterschiedlicher. The Hamburg U-Bahn uses standard gauge electric multiple units that run on third rail with 750 volts DC. The current fleet mostly consists of trains that had been developed from the 1950s to 1980s. In 2012, newly developed trains were introduced. A typical Hamburg U-Bahn train is made up of six (U3 line), eight or nine cars (all other lines). Trains with four cars can also be found during weekends or late nights.

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Plans for a fourth line have been discussed since the 1970s. In those days it was planned for the line to lead from City Nord and Uhlenhorst via the city centre (Hauptbahnhof Nord and Jungfernstieg) and Altona to Lurup and Osdorfer Born. In order to link the green-field housing development at Osdorfer Born to the rest of the city as quickly as possible, a limited service on the stretch between Altona und Osdorfer Born was planned. Until the connection with the rest of the network was ready, it was intended to transport trains to the main service depot in Barmbek by flatbed trucks for maintenance. Platforms and track beds for this stretch were completed in the stations Hauptbahnhof Nord and Jungfernstieg. Preparations for tunnel constructions were made in the area of Hamburg-Altona railway station and under the motorway A 7 in Bahrenfeld. In preparation for the junction with the U1, an extra platform was built at the new station Sengelmannstraße. All these constructions remain unused to this day. The metro starts operation from 4.30 am and runs until 1.00 am on Monday-Friday. The frequency between trains during day time is around 10 minutes. Before 6.00 am and after 11:00 pm, and on nights before weekends and public holidays, the frequency between trains is around 20 minutes. The Quarree Wandsbek Markt in Hamburg offers everything your heart desires in 90 shops. The offer is completed by events and special offers The HVV was founded on 29.11.1965 and includes the Hamburger elevated railway, the Hamburger rapid transit service, the transport companies in.. As the only HVV product, the Hamburg CARD offers multi-day tickets for 1 The HVV operates with its approximately 30 transport companies in a widely branched system of rapid transit, regional transport.

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Mr. Carsten Woll, manager of the ibis budget Hamburg City, is pleased to welcome you. Our hotel, which opened in 2014, is situated within easy walking distance of Hamburg's main railway station, as well as the Mönckebergstrasse shopping street and the HafenCity development project with the imposing Elbe Philharmonic Hall. The ibis budget Hamburg City hotel has 196 air-conditioned, soundproof. U-Hauptbahnhof Süd (U1) Auch wenns im Schneckentempo voran geht ist der Hbf Süd (zumindest der Bereich auf Höhe der U1) jetzt nahezu abgeschlossen in der Revitalisierung. Man hat sich nicht wirklich getraut neues zu wagen, aber einladender als vorher Vorher (bzw. nachdem schon angefangen wurde zu bauen 2017) The following list contains all 91 stations of the Hamburg U-Bahn.The Hamburg U-Bahn is operated by the Hamburger Hochbahn (HHA) under the supervision of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund.The majority of stations are located within the borders of the city of Hamburg — only nine stations are in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein outside the city limits — and all stations are located on.

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Rome2rio makes travelling from Hamburg Airport (HAM) to Hamburg Hbf easy. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Find all the transport options for your trip from Hamburg Airport (HAM) to Hamburg Hbf right here Hamburger Hochbahn opened the new line U4 in November 2012. There had been an ongoing discussion about the costs and the benefit of this line, but the government of Hamburg decided to build it nevertheless. The underground line was dug using the same machinery as for the building of the new tunnel of the Elbe tunnel.[13] The HHA Type T was introduced with the Hamburg U-Bahn itself. Nearly 400 cars were built from 1911 to 1943. Some cars were destroyed in World War II; these cars were rebuilt from 1947 to 1949 and signed as Type TU1. To raise the economy, another 100 cars were rebuilt from 1959 to 1961 and signed as TU2. The passenger service for the T/TU-type ended in 1970, some cars were converted to working service cars and were used until the 1980s. Five cars are preserved for museum rides, four of them in service and one awaiting restoration. Hamburg U-Bahn stations are operated by the Hamburger Hochbahn (HHA) under the supervision of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund.The majority of stations are located within the borders of the city of HamburgHambur

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Hamburg U-Bahn U1- Line1 is blue in color and it operates between Norderstedt Mitte and Hauptbahnhof Sud - Ohlstedt. The line was first opened in 1914 and the length of the route 558 km serving 46 stations HVV-Garantie. Pünktlich oder Geld zurück! Onlineshop. Fahrkarten kaufen HVV-App. Anleitung zum Fahrkartenkauf Maske? Ja, sicher! Informationen zum Mund-Nasen-Schutz Neuigkeiten. 08.05.2020. Hinweise zum Coronavirus. Busse und Bahnen fahren weiterhin nach Fahrplan. Wir gewährleisten damit verlässliche Mobilität, gerade auch für diejenigen.. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Timetables for your stop. Buy your ticket for public transport online and print them at home. The quickest way to the cheapest ticket Stephansplatz station is a metro station served by Hamburg U-Bahn line U1.It is located at Stephansplatz in the Neustadt (New Town) quarter of Hamburg

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9ruwhlo .xqvwvwriilqvwlwxwh kdehq iu khu &u1 dov rswlpdoh 6fklfkwhpsihkoxqj i u 'xursodvwh (odvwrphuh vrzlh 7khuprsodvwh hpsirkohq /hlghu lvw glh dowh &u1 i u yhuvwlunwh .xqvwvwriih riw qlfkw kduw jhqx The prototype unit and the last built unit were converted to induction motors around 1980 (being called DT3-DAT from then), in order to test this new technology for the upcoming order of the new DT4 series. They operated in revenue service until 1989 and were scrapped in 1995 (932) and 2000 (931). Ab nächsten Montag steht auf der U1 eine große Sperrung an: auf dem Abschnitt zwischen Langenhorn Markt und Ohlsdorf fahren bis zum 25.8. keine U-Bahnen. Der Weg in Richtung Innenstadt wird besonders deshalb zur Herausforderung, weil es keine wirkliche Schnellbahnalternative gibt. Es gilt ein Ersatzverkehr mit Bussen Liebe Fahrgäste der # U1: Von Montag, 14.Oktober, Betriebsbeginn, bis Mittwoch, 16. Oktober, Betriebsschluss fahren die Züge in Richtung Innenstadt ohne Halt durch die Station # LübeckerStraße.Grund hierfür ist der barrierefreie Ausbau der U-Bahn-Haltstel le Lübecker Straße. Alternative Route: U3 ab Wandsbek-Garten stadt bis Lübecker Straße oder mit der U1 aus Richtung.

Hamburg's rapid transit system has earned a reputation of being one of the most reliable in both Germany and Europe.. The U-Bahn in Hamburg is run by the HHA (Hamburger Hochbahn-Aktiengesellschaft Hamburg Elevated Train Joint-Stock Company, which also runs most of the city's buses), and even though the train stations are marked with the usual German sign of a white U on a blue square. Services operate with a 5 or 10-minute frequency with the exception of the northeastern peripheral branches of U1 that have a 10 or 20-minute frequency. Since the timetable change in December 2004 the U-Bahn operates an all-night, 20-minute service interval on Friday and Saturday nights. From Sunday to Thursday the U-Bahn operates from 4 am to about 1 am. The tunnels for the U1 were driven under the mainline railway next to the U3 tunnels in 1959, the platform for the U1 lies directly south to the U3 and is accessible via the same station entrances. Welcome to Survivor ORG Wiki! By using this site, you are agreeing to comply with these rules. For the first time in ten seasons, a tribe is split down the middle! Apply today for Season 58, Survivor: Lake Baikal! Evan becomes the ORG's 55th winner and 2nd two-time winner after a 5-4 vote! Megan becomes the 56th winner after one of the most.

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