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"Moanin'" has a call and response melody.[1] One account of its creation was given by Benny Golson, the tenor saxophonist in Blakey's band: Timmons had the opening eight bars, which he often played between tunes, but formed the complete song only after Golson encouraged him to add a bridge.[3] It is played in F minor. Heh, that's not analyzing them, that's just knowing them. But now you know three tunes for the price of one- once you learn the bridge for Moanin', and get the form for the others squared away- SW is AABA, BT is a blues A6:56The horns enter with the "So What" riff, now displaced into a new rhythmic position. In response, the pianist plays dense, dissonant chords. This is also a form of EAR TRAINING. You are training your inner ear to direct your fingers to the notes it hears, instantly. Gradually train your ears to really HEAR music and all of the components that make the final product. Listen carefully to anyone playing jazz or improvising. You can learn muc All the stats, form and information about race horse - Moanin (FR) available at RACING.COM - The first destination for Australian Horse Racing

At The Races - Digital partner to Sky Sports Racing. Get horse racing news, video replays, racecards, results, form, tips, features and odds comparison Moanin' includes some of the greatest music Blakey produced in the studio with arguably his very best band. There are three tracks that are immortal and will always stand the test of time. The title selection is a pure tuneful melody stewed in a bluesy shuffle penned by pianist Bobby Timmons, while tenor saxophonist Benny Golson's classy, slowed Along Came Betty and the static, militaristic. The Moanin' is a lament for all the troubles and loneliness in life, a plea for relief. Vocal Ranges F minor : C3 to E-flat4, written 8va. Suitable for tenors. F minor is the standard instrumental key, and it's the key used by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross

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Every Mornin' finds me moanin' I'm alone and crying the blues I'm so tired of paying the dues Everybody knows I'm moanin' Every evening I am moanin' 'Cause of all I the trouble I see Life's a loosing gamble to me Everybody knows I moanin' [Chorus] Lord, I spend many a days and nights alone with my grief And I pray, really and truly pray. Moon Dreams Miles Davis and his Nonet. date: 1949 style: cool jazz form: 40-bar popular song (ABA'CC') personnel: Chorus One (40-bar ABA'CC') 0:00 A The band begins a slow ballad. All the horns in the nonet play along with the main melody (in the trumpet), in intricate, semi-dissonant harmonies

moaning definition: 1. present participle of moan 2. to make a long, low sound of pain, suffering, or another strong. Learn more Moanin' (Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - recorded 1958) AABA form: Chorus 1 - head in: 0:00 Pianist and composer Timmons states the head melody - he's answered by the band with a two-note amen response, referencing the call and response of the gospel church. 0:15 For the second A, the horns state the call, with the rhythm section responding. 0:29 The bridge releases.

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Yeah. That tunes the best. Two comments though: That is not the original version by Mingus. Look for the 1959 recording with the original band, at first I liked your version better but I found that the original really does have such nice nuances that its really just the best Miles Davis, trumpet; John Coltrane, tenor sax; Cannonball Adderley, alto sax; Bill Evans, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums.

Moanin' in the Moonlight featured a dozen pieces of Wolf's greatest '50s tracks, dating back as far as 1951 (when he recorded at the Sun Studios in Memphis). What unites these recordings is their darkness and foreboding. In the opening track, Moanin' at Midnight, somebody's knocking at Wolf's door Music is, like any other art form, a form of communication. One human being will make some noises that another will interpret to have a certain meaning. I do think, however, that music affects us more deeply than any other art form. When I heard Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers' 'Moanin. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Moanin. Jazz band Charles Mingus. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Moanin'. coolest bari sax solo ever. Moanin' sheet music composed by Written by Charles Mingus - 1 of. Moanin' sheet music - Jazz Ensemble sheet music by Charles Mingus: Hal Leonard

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  1. Download and Print Moanin' The Blues sheet music for voice, piano or guitar by Hank Williams. Chords, lead sheets and lyrics may be included. High Quality PDF to download
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  3. g waters of jazz. NOW ON PATREON Strong Songs ! If you liked this episode (or, you know, any of them), we hope you'll consider supporting the show. Learn more here: MOANIN' This episode's Strong Song is Bobby Timmons' gospel-tinged Moanin', from Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers' 1959.
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  5. ute opener Moanin', through the stupendous Drum Thunder Suite to the original album closer Come Rain Or shine, this is a shining example of how jazz should be done
  6. Generally, only the author of a work can claim copyright. Once the work is completed in fixed form (e.g. a story written down on paper, a computer program saved on a disk, a song recorded on tape), the copyright becomes the property of the creating author
  7. March 20, 2020 On August 7, Blue Note Records will release Just Coolin', a never-before-released studio album by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers that was recorded on March 8, 1959 in Rudy Van Gelder's living room studio in Hackensack, New Jersey. The session featured a short-lived line-up of The Jazz Messengers with drummer Art Blakey, trumpeter Lee Morgan, tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley.

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Follow horse racing with Alex Hammond on Sky Sports - get live racing results, racecards, news, videos, photos, stats (horses & jockeys), plus daily tips Define moaning. moaning synonyms, moaning pronunciation, moaning translation, English dictionary definition of moaning. n. 1. a. A low, sustained, mournful cry, usually indicative of sorrow or pain. b. A similar sound: the eerie moan of the night wind. 2. A complaint: his.. Check out Moanin' by Charles Mingus on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com

Lonely Kaoru Nishimi has lost count of how many times he has moved schools thanks to his father's naval career. Newly landed in Kyushu, he finds most of his classmates instantly antagonistic towards him and suspicious of his elite background. Only two other students seem not to mind who he is - the infamously abrasive Sentarou and the gentle Ritsuko. Unbeknownst to Kaoru they have a. Moanin statistics and form. View results and future entries as well as statistics by course, race type and prize money Trivia. No Pokémon have the same type combination as Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan.; Galarian Darmanitan is the only regional form with an alternate form.; Zen Mode Darmanitan is the only alternate form revealed at the time that does not appear in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.; Zen Mode Darmanitan is tied with Litwick for the lowest base Attack stat of all Fire-type Pokémon Moanin' Song Key Rhythm Intro Head Solos Headout Ending : Password: Moanin' - Art Blakey: Moanin' - Fakebook; Moanin' - Ronnie Earl. Library | Gig Tune List.

Start studying Jazz Daily Questions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. ABBA Form AABA Form ABACAB Form YABBA Form. AABA Form (2nd one) Moanin' Giant Steps My Favorite Things Blue Train

Song information for Moanin' - Charles Mingus on AllMusi Along Came Betty Track Info. Release Date January 1, 1959. Moanin' Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers. 2. Moanin' 3. Are You Real 4. Along Came Betty.

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  1. Download & View Art Blakey And The Jazz Messanger (bobby Timmons) - Moanin' Piano Sheet Music as PDF for free
  2. 4. Along Came Betty (Moanin'; Blue Note, 1958)Moanin' is easily the most famous album in Art Blakey's long career, with Bobby Timmons' title track and Benny Golson's Blues March (the band's unofficial theme song) its most famous moments. Along Came Betty, the record's other Golson standard (for good reason—how catchy is it?), is perhaps even more interesting
  3. You managed to form the words: I love you, son. And you said them more than once. You spoke them in a voice that even today carries me through this world of uncertainty, untruths, disappointment and ruthlessness. Thank you for showing and giving me lessons in loyalty. Thank you for that voice which still lingers here like the singer in my.
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OCLC Number: 859599432: Notes: For jazz ensemble of 5 saxophones, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba (or trombone 3) piano, bass, drums. Cover title. Mingus big band Charles Mingus - Fake Book.pdf [on2305wey3l0]. Download & View Charles Mingus - Fake Book.pdf as PDF for free Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers' 1958 classic, Moanin', stands as one of jazz's greatest all-time recordings, largely because of its tunes. Moanin,' Along Came Betty, Blues March and Are You Real? are all played to perfection by the band and not only deservedly became integral to Blakey's songbook, but have also found their place in the jazz canon. It's. Moaning definition, a prolonged, low, inarticulate sound uttered from or as if from physical or mental suffering. See more Howlin' Wolf is one of the truly great bluesmen. Along with Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker and about twenty others these guys shaped the sound of music up to 2013 and beyond. As for Smokestack Lightnin', I think it's more about another mule been kickin' in Wolf's stall

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  1. or if you wanna try this out on a piano or something)
  2. Moanin' from Moanin' [Blue Note Bonus Track] by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers; In 1956, Horace Silver took Mobley, Dorham and Watkins and formed a new group, using a variety of drummers. Blakey.
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  5. ent in jazz groups and is also one of the important voices of a concert or marching band, playing inner harmony parts or doubling melodic lines. Larger and lower pitched than the typical saxophone, the alto sax, but still smaller than the hulking baritone, the tenor is a common yet unique saxophone to play
  6. Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. The 2019-20 school year is almost here. During the past several weeks I have reread The Habitudes Series by Tim Elmore. His thoughts and writings are about a belief that there are images that form leadership habits and attitudes

At the Monon Community Center, we offer state-of-the-art, high-quality and top of the line features and amenities. Indoor Aquatics/The Waterpark. KidZone (childcare) Group Fitness Classes. View All Amenities. Monon Community Center. Sat-Sun: 7AM-8PM. Lap Pool ( Schedule) Sat-Sun: 7AM-7PM. Closed during The Waterpark Season. May 25 - Sept 2 Genre/Form: Internet audio: Material Type: Music, Sound recording, Internet resource: Document Type: Internet Resource, Computer File, Sound Recording: All Authors / Contributors: --Moanin' (Rudy Van Gelder Edition) (1999 Digital Remaster) --Are You Real (Rudy Van Gelder Edition). Sign up to receive the Jazzleadsheets.com email newsletter and stay up-to-date with all new releases! Eric opens with a challenge howl and got a call back form a single coyote. The barking went back and forth for a good 10 minutes and you knew from the sounds the coyote was working our way. Took about 15 minutes for it to poke its head out of the grass, Eric signals I should take the shot as soon as I wish

Moanin' è definito ed equilibrato nel mixing, mai e poi mai confuso. Certo, se siete abituati all'originale vinile, qualcosa si paga, ma questo vale per tutti i passaggi da analogico a digitale e, facendo i preziosi, poterlo ascoltare su bobina, anziché su LP, farebbe gridare al miracolo 8:45The piano continues to respond to the bass, while the other instruments drop out. The music fades into silence. MERCEDES-BENZ - ML 270 CV163. - Mercedes-Benz en El Ejido (ALMERIA) Sevende en muy buen estados con aire acondicionado elevalunas eléctricos velocidad crucero cuero automático itv recién pasados. Color asul. Denunciar este anuncio

Moanin' is a composition by Bobby Timmons, first recorded by Art Blakey's band the Jazz Messengers for the 1958 album of the same title that was released by Blue Note Records. Composition Moanin' has a call and response melody. One account of its creation was given by. A7:51The pianist shifts the "So What" riff back to its original position. The bass continues to walk.

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Print and download in PDF or MIDI Moanin' - Music: Bobby Timmons Words: Joe Hendricks. Made by DIM 0:00The bass ascends, prompting a two-note response from the piano: this prefigures, in slow tempo, the main head (see 0:33). The chords drift ambivalently, fitting no particular key area.A3:34Suddenly, Coltrane switches to a more intense style of improvising with flurries of fast notes. Evans responds with a peculiar comping pattern: holding out a few notes, releasing others.

"Moanin'" is a composition by Bobby Timmons, first recorded by Art Blakey's band the Jazz Messengers for the 1958 album of the same title[1] that was released by Blue Note Records.[2] In 2003, Rolling Stone asked a panel of 271 artists, producers, industry executives and journalists to pick the greatest albums of all time. In 2009, we asked a similar group of 100 experts to.

'There is a dialogue of sorts between many of the works, in the form of visual quotations, influences or direct connections between works of art - artistic thoughts that are like links in a chain.' 'I noticed, however, for the first time that Vaughan Williams provides a partial quotation of the Dies Ire. After Silver left to form his own successful quintet, Blakey's band struggled a bit. However this is the version of the group that made the Jazz Messengers immortal. In fact, the release of 1958's Moanin' is when the Jazz Messengers became a permanent jazz institution, a laboratory in swinging jazz Jazz lead sheets, transcriptions, practice tools, and more for a collection of jazz masterpieces. Find new jazz sheet music and lead sheets today 5:46Adderley bridges the return to the original mode by playing a short, four-note motive in sequence. The Moanin Bones. 570 likes. we offer relief in the form of musical therapy! cure yourself! join us

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Instantly view and print Billie Holiday Piano/Vocal/Chords sheet music online — Moanin' Low. Our spring promotion is here! Use coupon code SPRING20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order I am a back door man I am a back door man Well the men don't know, but the little girls understand When everybody's tryin' to sleep I'm somewhere making my midnight creep Yes, in the morning when the rooster crow Something tell me I got to go I am a back door man I am, a back door man Well the men don't know, but little girls understand They take me to the doctor, shot full o' holes Nurse.

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Concert Survey: The Moanin' Frogs (09/26/2019) Question Title 1. Overall, how would you rate The Moanin' Frogs performance? Excellent If you would like to be on our mailing list, please complete the form below. Name Address Address 2. Moanin' my life slowly away Sittin' here waitin' for the new commin' day They try to cheer me as I trudge on my way Moanin' for you Can't seem to hide it and why should I try Good Lord, he knows it up there in the sky A million heartaches with your last goodbye Left me moanin' for you Work these poor fingers way down to the bone When things. If a work is created by an employee in the course of his or her employment, the employer owns the copyright. If the work is created by an independent contractor and the independent contractor signs a written agreement stating that the work shall be made for hire, the commissioning person or organization owns the copyright only if the work.

Monin Gourmet Flavored Syrups add exceptional flavor to any beverage. Made with premium ingredients. FREE Shipping on Orders Over $25 Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Moanin' Blues - Bobby Timmons on AllMusic - 1998 - As an all-on-one-disc survey of the youn

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Moanin ' is a jazz album by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers recorded in 1958 for the Blue Note label and released in 1959. Background. This was Blakey's first album for Blue Note in several years, after a period of recording for a number of. In it's most often imitated form, a blues chord progression can be built by using chords built on the 1st, 4th, and 5th degrees of any given major scale, producing a 12 bar blues progression in that key. In example 1 below, a 12 bar blues progression is shown in the key of G, using open position dominant 7th chords, the type of chord. Shop and Buy Moanin' sheet music. Jazz Ensemble sheet music book by Charles Mingus: Hal Leonard at Sheet Music Plus: The World Largest Selection of Sheet Music. (HL.7010238) After Silver left to form his own successful quintet, Blakey band struggled a bit. However this is the version of the group that made the Jazz Messengers immortal. In fact, the release of 1958 Moanin is when the Jazz Messengers became a permanent jazz institution, a laboratory in swinging jazz Aah (when he does something that's feels surprisingly good) mmmmh (it's getting better) ohh yea (he is doing the right thing) aah aah (getting out of hand) sssss!ssss.

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A beloved pianist with one of the most easily recognizable styles, Bobby Timmons is responsible not only for bringing his unique gospel-tinged voice to the piano, but also for his funky compositional masterpieces that have become jazz standards, like Moanin’ and This Here (Dis Here). These two are by no means the only memorable original works of Bobby’s—nearly all of his works are instantly recognizable as Bobby Timmons originals, as they all have his signature style of soul, funk, and gospel, while maintaining the hallmarks of true hard-bop jazz. Born in Philadelphia to a religious family, Bobby studied piano with his uncle, who also taught McCoy Tyner. He moved to New York at age 20 to start his recording career with Kenny Dorham’s Jazz Prophets. Read more... 8 songs available. I was surfing through the Music Matters website and noticed that Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Moanin' and Coltrane's Blue Train are now out on SRX vinyl. They both have been previously out of print in the regular 33 1/3 vinyl. I'm on their mailing list and I received NOTHING in the form of an email notification on these and they're. Moanin is a thoroughbred horse born in United States of America in 2012. Race horse Moanin is by Henny Hughes (USA) out of Giggly (USA) , trained by S Ishizaka. Moanin form is available here. Owned by Yukio Baba Print and download lead sheets for Moanin' the Blues by Hank Williams Includes complete lyrics in C Major. SKU: MN011642

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Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers [Moanin'], an Album by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. Released in January 1959 on Blue Note (catalog no. BLP 4003; Vinyl LP). Genres: Hard Bop. Featured peformers: Lee Morgan (trumpet), Benny Golson (tenor saxophone), Bobby Timmons (piano), Jymie Merritt (bass), Art Blakey (drums), Alfred Lion (producer), Rudy Van Gelder (engineer), Buck Hoeffler. And in Jazz the PD→D→T Progression generally takes the form of a ii-V-I.. ii-V-I's are the building blocks of Tonal Jazz. They are everywhere, so look for them in every song. Once you find this PD→D→T cadential progression, everything before the Pre-Dominant Chord is considered 'Tonic Prolongation' - that is, chords that prolong the Tonic without a cadence Charles Christopher Bird Parker, Jr (29th August 1920 - 12th March 1955) was a U.S. bebop saxophonist and composer. Early in his career Parker was dubbed Yardbird; this was later shortened to Bird (or sometimes Yard) and remained Parker's nickname for the rest of his life, and inspiration for the titles of his works such as Ornithology and Yardbird suite The horns enter with the So What riff, now displaced into a new rhythmic position. In response, the pianist plays dense, dissonant chords. A 7:09 The pianist plays single-note lines, recalling Davis's lyrical phrases. B 7:23 On the bridge, the pianist returns to short, dissonant chord clusters. A 7:3 The highlight of the album was the ten-minute four-movement tone poem Pithecanthropus Erectus (partially free-form), (best the gospel-y Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting and the bluesy Moanin'). None of the exuberance was lost, but the harmonic complexity was certainly not what the old New Orleans bands had in mind. trumpeter Ted Curson.

In 1925, rural, or so-called downhome, or moanin' blues was popular, and Ma Rainey, a master of the form, became an all-out success. Ma Rainey's listeners swayed, rocked, moaned and groaned. Moanin' is the first song that comes to mind when he is mentioned, and the line-up on this 1958 album is among the best. I personally believe that the only trumpeter Blakey had that tops Lee Morgan on this album was Clifford Brown (and technically that group was not the Jazz Messengers.) Blakey and the Messengers in top form, this is a Jazz. Something you DONT want to here coming from your parents bedroom. After Silver left to form his own successful quintet, Blakey s band struggled a bit. However this is the version of the group that made the Jazz Messengers immortal. In fact, the release of 1958 s Moanin is when the Jazz Messengers became a permanent jazz institution, a laboratory in swinging jazz Archetypal hard-bop group of the late 1950s, most date their origin to 1954 or '55 when the first recordings credited to the band appeared. Playing a driving, aggressive extension of bop with pronounced blues roots, the group continued until Blakey's death in 1990. The name Jazz Messengers had been used by Art Blakey earlier, but when Horace Silver and Blakey began working together in the.

Any time I have seen this in sheet music form, it's pretty inaccurate. I don't know if you read chord symbols or not. The second is a link that shows which notes to play when you see chord symbols such as Bb and F. Reading chord charts (also known as fake charts) is a separate discipline, requiring its own study and lessons Dictionary entry overview: What does moaning mean? • MOANING (adjective) The adjective MOANING has 1 sense:. 1. making low inarticulate sound as e.g. of pain or sorrow Familiarity information: MOANING used as an adjective is very rare Ten albums that represent the very best of what made Blue Note the premier jazz label during the golden age of jazz music (a period running roughly 1856 to 1968). They showcase the finest jazz music and artists that emerged during a time when jazz music was at it's commercial and creative peak Purchasing this song through our affiliate links with certain retailers provides jazzleadsheets.com with additional support to help keep us bringing you the best lead sheets available. Thank you!

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Moanin' by Bobby Timmons: submitted: 2008/08/27 10:04:59 revised: 2008/08/27 10:24:51: Here's another classic blues number from the hard bop era. It is such a catching minor blues in AABA (8+8+8+8) form. Ville: It appears that you do not have a plug-in to view PDFs On October 30, 1958 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers recorded the album Moanin' at Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey for the Blue Note label. Moanin' is one of the most influential and important hard bop albums due to its outstanding compositions, arrangements, and personnel Welcome to our Index of Jazz Standards where you can choose from a large selection of common jazz standards to learn. Each jazz standard page has all of the tools you need to learn a particular tune. Included for each jazz standard is a bio, chord charts for C, Bb, and Eb instruments, a play-along, and popular recordings to help you learn it Jazz solos, for example, can often sound, depending on the style, and to the untrained ear, erratic and directionless. I'm sure Charlie Parker's famous 'break' in A Night In Tunisia sounds so impossibly fast to some that the task of learning it, or even extracting any emotion from it, seems unlikely Meaning of moanin. What does moanin mean? Information and translations of moanin in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. If by any chance you spot an offensive image within your image search results please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Cancel Report. The Web's Largest Resource.

Recordings and reception Moanin' has been recorded numerous times and has become a jazz standard. Gary Giddins stated that the song set the music world on its ear and that it was part of the funky, back to roots movement that Horace Silver, [Charles] Mingus, and Ray Charles helped, in different ways, to fan. Jon Hendricks later added lyrics, and the subsequent recording by Lambert. Shop and Buy Moanin' sheet music. Jazz Ensemble sheet music book by Bobby Timmons: Hal Leonard at Sheet Music Plus: The World Largest Selection of Sheet Music. (HL.7470645)

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Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - Moanin' (1958) Personnel: Lee Morgan (trumpet), Benny Golson (tenor sax), Bobby Timmons (piano), Jymie Merritt (bass), Art Blakey (drums) from the album. Granted, the AP pressing is mastered at 45 rpm and laid out on two slabs of 180-gram vinyl (it also costs twice as much as the EMI/Blue Note reissue and doesn't come with a bonus CD), but the difference is vaster than even the technology might suggest. In fact, Moanin' is the best-sounding title I've yet heard in AP's series of Blue. A3:20While the drums continue to play strong accents to round up Davis's solo, Coltrane echoes Davis's restrained melodic statements with a few of his own.

B1:57To signal the bridge, the piano moves to a chord cluster up a half step. He holds the dissonant cluster underneath Davis's solo. Blues march Lyrics: 'Look Alive Sunshine* / 109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit / You're here with me / Dr. DeathDefying / I'll be you surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter / Pumping up th A0:34In a steady tempo, the bass plays a repetitive riff. It is answered by a two-note chord from the piano, supported by the drums: "So what!"

Chester Arthur Howlin' Wolf Burnett performing Moanin' at Midnight. Originally recorded in 1950, the 78 rpm record quickly sold 60,000 copies, an enormous number for that time. In 1948, Burnett moved to West Memphis (Crittenden County), where he assembled a blues band called the House Rockers and committed to making a career out of his music A8:04The bass plays the call, with the horns joining the piano in responding with the "So What" chords.

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