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San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is an absolute showstopper. We show you how to experience the bridge from all perspectives, including waking to stunning views at the historic and luxurious Cavallo Point The job went to a Chicago-based engineer named Joseph Strauss, a drawbridge builder who believed he could complete the grand-scale project for a modest $25 to $30 million. After submitting his sketches for a cantilever-suspension hybrid span in June 1921, Strauss set about convincing the communities on the northern end of the strait that the bridge would be to their benefit.When the Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937, the toll was 50 cents per car (equivalent to $8.89 in 2019), collected in each direction. In 1950 it was reduced to 40 cents each way ($4.25 in 2019), then lowered to 25 cents in 1955 ($2.39 in 2019). In 1968, the bridge was converted to only collect tolls from southbound traffic, with the toll amount reset back to 50 cents ($3.68 in 2019).[78] The bridge's name was first used when the project was initially discussed in 1917 by M.M. O'Shaughnessy, city engineer of San Francisco, and Strauss. The name became official with the passage of the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District Act by the state legislature in 1923, creating a special district to design, build and finance the bridge.[20] San Francisco and most of the counties along the North Coast of California joined the Golden Gate Bridge District, with the exception being Humboldt County, whose residents opposed the bridge's construction and the traffic it would generate.[21] Aesthetics was the foremost reason why the first design of Joseph Strauss was rejected. Upon re-submission of his bridge construction plan, he added details, such as lighting, to outline the bridge's cables and towers.[51] In 1999, it was ranked fifth on the List of America's Favorite Architecture by the American Institute of Architects.

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  1. In May 1987, as part of the 50th anniversary celebration, the Golden Gate Bridge district again closed the bridge to automobile traffic and allowed pedestrians to cross the bridge. However, this celebration attracted 750,000 to 1,000,000 people, and ineffective crowd control meant the bridge became congested with roughly 300,000 people, causing the center span of the bridge to flatten out under the weight.[39] Although the bridge is designed to flex in that way under heavy loads, and was estimated not to have exceeded 40% of the yielding stress of the suspension cables,[40] bridge officials stated that uncontrolled pedestrian access was not being considered as part of the 75th anniversary on Sunday, May 27, 2012,[41][42][43] because of the additional law enforcement costs required "since 9/11."[44]
  2. Golden Gate Bridge From the South (San Francisco) Side San Francisco is south of the bridge. You can take the easy tourist route and stop at the vista point, but you also have options that will take you to an old fort, a sandy beach, and a nearly hidden view
  3. The expansive Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic San Francisco landmarks, with its orange vermilion towers often peeking out from the fog rolling off the Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of places to view it from both in San Francisco and Marin. Depending on the forecast, the bridge can often be covered by fog, especially during the summer months

When the towers were completed in June 1935, the New Jersey-based John A. Roebling’s Sons Company was tapped to handle the on-site construction of the suspension cables. Why Golden Gate? The History Behind the Name 6 Things to Do While Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge 14 Little Known Facts About the Golden Gate Bridge to Impress Your Friends Movies Featuring the Golden Gate Bridge How to Go Over, Under and Above the Golden Gate Bridge Why Fort Point Needs to Be Added to Your San Francisco Bucket List Great Spots to View the Golden Gate Bridge Experience a San Francisco Sunrise from the Marin Headlands - 360 Video Talk about breath-taking views, and feeling so small compared to what you look out at -- The Pacific Ocean, The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Alcatraz. Literally, it IS INCREDIBLE! Getting here took a little more than an hour, due to driving from The East Bay, but once on Cozelman Road, leading up to Battery Spencer Lookout, it is a.

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Fog aficionados prefer the north-end lookout at Marin's Vista Point, to watch gusts billow through bridge cables like dry ice at a Kiss concert. To see both sides of the Golden Gate debate, hike or bike the 1.7-mile span. Muni bus 28 runs to the parking lot, and pedestrians and cyclists can cross the bridge on sidewalks Bus service across the bridge is provided by two public transportation agencies: San Francisco Muni and Golden Gate Transit. Muni offers Saturday and Sunday service on the Marin Headlands Express bus line, and Golden Gate Transit runs numerous bus lines throughout the week.[66][67] The southern end of the bridge, near the toll plaza and parking lot, is also accessible daily from 5:30 a.m. to midnight by Muni line 28.[68] The Marin Airporter, a private company, also offers service across the bridge between Marin County and San Francisco International Airport.[69] After years of debate and over an estimated 1,500 deaths, suicide barriers began to be installed in April 2017. Construction was first estimated to take approximately four years at a cost of over $200 million.[95] In December 2019, it was reported that construction of the suicide prevention net is two years behind schedule because of issues with the lead contractor, Shimmick Construction Co. Shimmick was sold in 2017, leading to the slowdown of several existing projects. As of December 2019, the completion date for the Golden Gate Bridge net was set for 2023.[96] ShowsThis Day In HistoryScheduleTopicsStoriesAd ChoicesAdvertiseClosed CaptioningCopyright PolicyCorporate InformationEmployment OpportunitiesFAQ/Contact UsPrivacy NoticeTerms of UseTV Parental GuidelinesRSS FeedsAccessibility SupportPrivacy SettingsShowsThis Day In HistoryScheduleTopicsStoriesShowsThis Day In HistoryScheduleTopicsStoriesUpdated:Jul 12, 2019Original:Jul 11, 2019When the Golden Gate Bridge Flattened by 7 Feet—and Other Facts About the San Francisco IconThe 1.7-mile-long bridge has endured earthquakes, lead paint and record crowds since its historic construction in 1937.Author:Lindsey KonkelMatthew Baker/Getty Images

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At the Golden Gate Bridge, all tolls are assessed electronically - in the southbound direction, heading into San Francisco - with no stopping at the toll plaza. There are four easy ways to pay a Golden Gate Bridge toll - a FasTrak Account, License Plate Account, One-Time Payment, and Toll Invoice Best Rates At Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, Book Now Online Or By Phone Golden Gate Bridge Traffic. Insiders Tip: If you have to go into San Francisco from Marin in the evening on Thursday or Friday, try to avoid the window from about 4:00 to 6:00, and especially 4:30 to 5:30. Golden Gate Bridge traffic lane alignments on Thursday and Friday make this a slow and frustrating drive time southbound Eight hundred thousand people crowded onto the Golden Gate Bridge to celebrate its 50th anniversary on May 24, 1987.  US-101, San Francisco, CA 94129. +1 415-921-5858. Improve This Listing. Improve This Listing. Improve This Listing. Thank you. Tripadvisor has been notified. This property is closed. Report incorrect address. Ways to Experience Golden Gate Bridge. Golden Gate Bridge Walking Tour. Golden Gate Bridge Bike Rental - San Francisco

Two painters suspended in a cradle at work on underside of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California on June 24, 1965. The Golden Gate Bridge has two pathways across, on the eastern and western sides of the bridge. The path on the eastern side of the bridge is the more frequently taken. Bike access to the eastern side of the Golden Gate Bridge is limited to the hours of 5:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday The Frommer's travel guide describes the Golden Gate Bridge as "possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed, bridge in the world."[8][9] At the time of its opening in 1937, it was both the longest and the tallest suspension bridge in the world, with a main span of 4,200 feet (1,280 m) and a total height of 746 feet (227 m).

The Golden Gate Bridge is not alone in seeing a traffic dip: San Francisco saw a 34 percent rise in traffic speeds on its major freeways generally on Tuesday morning, according to the latest. Strauss remained head of the project, overseeing day-to-day construction and making some groundbreaking contributions. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, he placed a brick from his alma mater's demolished McMicken Hall in the south anchorage before the concrete was poured. He innovated the use of movable safety netting beneath the construction site, which saved the lives of many otherwise-unprotected ironworkers. Of eleven men killed from falls during construction, ten were killed on February 17, 1937, when the bridge was near completion and the net failed under the stress of a scaffold that had fallen.[33] The workers' platform that was attached to a rolling hanger on a track collapsed when the bolts that were connected to the track were too small and the amount of weight was too great to bear. The platform fell into the safety net, but was too heavy and the net gave way. Two out of the twelve workers survived the 200-foot (61 m) fall into the icy waters, including the 37-year-old foreman, Slim Lambert. Nineteen others who were saved by the net over the course of construction became members of the Half Way to Hell Club.[34] The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Built across the Golden Gate or the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of great engineering feats. Connecting the city of San Francisco and California, the Golden Gate is a [

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Golden Gate Bridge. There is perhaps no landmark of San Francisco, and perhaps even the entire state of California, more iconic than the Golden Gate Bridge.This much-photographed bridge spans the Golden Gate, the strait separating San Francisco (to the south) and Marin County (to the north). The 2.7-kilometer-long (1.7-mile-long) bridge was completed in 1937 in one of the most remarkable. Art.com offers the best selection of Golden Gate Bridge art prints for sale online, with easy pricing, free shipping & returns, and custom framing options for the perfect piece to inspire your space. Golden Gate Opening, San Francisco, California, c.1937. Photographic Print. 12 x 9, Multiple Sizes. From. $18. Golden Gate Sunset (c) Swapan.

Learn how the District is protecting visitors, riders, and staff & get up-to-date information on impacts to our Bridge, Bus & Ferry services on our COVID-19 Developments & Response page.  Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 among top Uber destinations in SF Volunteers work to reduce holiday season suicides Massive amounts of dirt moved to link SF's Presidio with ba Until further notice, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry are running reduced weekday transit services. Additionally, Golden Gate Ferry has temporarily suspended all weekend ferry service. Read more Golden Gate Bridge crosses Golden Gate Strait, the entrance to San Francisco Bay, via US 101. The mighty span connecting the city with neighboring Marin County is not only a vital transportation link but a landmark recognized the world over, thanks to its appearance in countless dramatic photographs

From 1968 to 2015, opposing traffic was separated by small, plastic pylons; during that time, there were 16 fatalities resulting from 128 head-on collisions.[60] To improve safety, the speed limit on the Golden Gate Bridge was reduced from 50 to 45 mph (80 to 72 km/h) on October 1, 1983.[61] Although there had been discussion concerning the installation of a movable barrier since the 1980s, only in March 2005 did the Bridge Board of Directors commit to finding funding to complete the $2 million study required prior to the installation of a movable median barrier.[60] Installation of the resulting barrier was completed on January 11, 2015, following a closure of 45.5 hours to private vehicle traffic, the longest in the bridge's history. The new barrier system, including the zipper trucks, cost approximately $30.3 million to purchase and install.[60][62] “Not surprisingly it is a bit windy so dress warmly - you can stop and take photos relatively easily.”In an effort to save $19.2 million over the following 10 years, the Golden Gate District voted in January 2011 to eliminate all toll takers by 2012 and use only open road tolling.[81] Subsequently, this was delayed and toll taker elimination occurred in March 2013. The cost savings have been revised to $19 million over an eight-year period. In addition to FasTrak, the Golden Gate District implemented the use of license plate tolling (branded as "Pay-by-Plate"), and also a one time payment system for drivers to pay before or after their trip on the bridge. Twenty-eight positions were eliminated as part of this plan.[82] If you or someone you know is in a crisis, help is available! Call, text, or visit the San Francisco Suicide Prevention website. Read more

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A massive cleanup effort to remove all the lead-based paint from the bridge started in 1965 and ended in 1995. Today, a zinc-based primer paint is used instead. The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District calls the zinc a “sacrificial metal” that protects the steel from rust.  The Golden Gate Bridge's vaulting, orange arches amidst the rocky seascape of the San Francisco Bay have made it one of the West Coast's most enduring symbols and the city's most popular tourist. A marvel of modern engineering, the Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long and 90 feet wide. Its 4,200-foot main span between the two towers was the longest for a suspension bridge until 1981, while its 746-foot towers made it the tallest bridge of any type until 1993.

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In 1953 and 1954, the bridge was retrofitted with lateral and diagonal bracing that connected the lower chords of the two side trusses. This bracing stiffened the bridge deck in torsion so that it would better resist the types of twisting that had destroyed the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940.[38] Through 2021, the Golden Gate Bridge will have overnight lane closures each weeknight to allow for construction of the Suicide Deterrent System. The Bridge roadway will REMAIN OPEN to all vehicle traffic at all times. Read More

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  1. 75 Years Ago, A Deadly Day On The Golden Gate Constructing the iconic bridge was a coveted job in Depression-era San Francisco. The work was dangerous, but the men were careful and years passed.
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  3. Although the idea of a bridge spanning the Golden Gate was not new, the proposal that eventually took hold was made in a 1916 San Francisco Bulletin article by former engineering student James Wilkins.[16] San Francisco's City Engineer estimated the cost at $100 million (equivalent to $2.3 billion today), and impractical for the time. He asked bridge engineers whether it could be built for less.[10] One who responded, Joseph Strauss, was an ambitious engineer and poet who had, for his graduate thesis, designed a 55-mile-long (89 km) railroad bridge across the Bering Strait.[17] At the time, Strauss had completed some 400 drawbridges—most of which were inland—and nothing on the scale of the new project.[3] Strauss's initial drawings[16] were for a massive cantilever on each side of the strait, connected by a central suspension segment, which Strauss promised could be built for $17 million (equivalent to $399 million today).[10]
  4. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco - I'm stunned. I've just seen something astonishingly beautiful and unexpected. I came upon a half hidden trail overlooking the bay, and followed it down, throug
  5. Go under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge on this scenic cruise along picturesque San Francisco Bay. Pass Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and Oracle Park, and enjoy views of the city skyline dotted by Coit Tower, the Ferry Building, the Transamerica Pyramid, the Palace of Fine Arts and more. Fascinating audio commentary lets you learn about the construction of these famous bridges.
  6. There are so many photo spots, and places to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, that you could spend a lifetime photographing it and still not capture every side of it. The options are endless. After a second trip to San Francisco in 2018, I feel like this list of the best places to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge is a bit more complete
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Between 1937 and 2012, an estimated 1,400 bodies were recovered of people who had jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge, located in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States.. The four-second fall from the Golden Gate Bridge sends a person plunging 245 feet (75 m) at 75 miles per hour (121 km/h) to hit the waters of the San Francisco Bay with the force of a speeding truck meeting a. Find photos of Golden Gate Bridge. Free for commercial use No attribution required High quality images. FAQ; Forum; Blog; Explore . Photos; Illustrations; Vectors; Videos; San Francisco Bay Bridge. 10 6 2. Bridge. 10 10 0. Usa America. 6 13 0. Architecture Bridge. 14 14 1. Golden Gate Bridge. 2 15 0. Bridge. 10 15 0. Usa Golden Gate. 11 17.

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As a globally renowned single-span suspension bridge, Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol and landmark of San Francisco. The Bridge spans the entire San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate strait of the Pacific Ocean, making it an important transportation hub linking San Francisco and cities to the north Lands and waters under and around the bridge are homes to varieties of wildlife such as bobcats and sea lions.[73][74] Three species of cetaceans (whales) that had been absent in the area for many years have shown recent[when?] recoveries/(re)colonizations in the vicinity of the bridge; researchers studying them have encouraged stronger protections and recommended that the public watch them from the bridge or from land, or use a local whale watching operator.[75][76][77] Title: Golden Gate Bridge, Spanning mouth of San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA Other Title: Golden Gate National Recreation Area Creator(s): Historic American Engineering Record, creator Related Names: Strauss, Joseph B Pacific Bridge Company John Roebling's Sons Company Bethlehem Steel Company Incorporated Jackson, Donald C, transmitter Yearby, Jean P, transmitter. The color of the bridge is officially an orange vermilion called international orange.[52] The color was selected by consulting architect Irving Morrow[53] because it complements the natural surroundings and enhances the bridge's visibility in fog.[54]

Golden Gate Bridge is located in a scenic area of San Francisco known for its top museums and popular art scene. San Francisco is home to 411 hotels and other accommodations, so you can find something that's perfect for your stay. Staying Near Golden Gate Bridge Given a year to complete the task, they instead finished in just over six months, having spun more than 25,000 individual wires into each 7,650-foot cable. Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry are limiting the number of passengers on its buses and ferries to ensure compliance with social distancing public health orders and are requiring the use of face masks or face coverings while boarding and riding. Read more Today, the Golden Gate Bridge is a critical transportation link between San Francisco and Marin County and the 1.7 mile-long (2.7 kilometer) main span carries about 112,000 vehicles every day. Not only can the number of roadway lanes dedicated to the southbound or northbound be modified throughout the day to accommodate shifting traffic.

San Francisco is home to Golden Gate Bridge. Visitors give high marks for top attractions and activities such as the museums and shopping in this artistic city. If you're looking for things to see and do in the area, you might want to stop in and see Presidio of San Francisco and Palace of Fine Arts. We've got 738 hotels to pick from within 5. As thousands of people jam the deck of the Golden Gate Bridge during Sunday morning's bridge walk, one person walks across the span 220 feet above the San Francisco Bay, Ca., May 24, 1987 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 The Golden Gate Bridge's Accidental Color In the 1930s, the now-iconic hue international orange was a radical choice, originally meant to serve only as the primer

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  1. US-101, San Francisco, CA 94129. +1 415-921-5858. Improve This Listing. Improve This Listing. Improve This Listing. Thank you. TripAdvisor has been notified. This property is closed. Report incorrect address. More exciting ways to experience Golden Gate Bridge. Straight to the Gate Access: Golden Gate Bay Cruise. US$37.40 per adult
  2. Joseph Strauss Following decades of public calls to connect the burgeoning metropolis of San Francisco to its neighbors across the mile-wide Golden Gate, city engineer Michael O’Shaughnessy in 1919 was charged with finding someone capable of constructing a bridge at a reasonable cost.
  3. The bridge began accepting tolls via the FasTrak electronic toll collection system in 2002, with $4 tolls for FasTrak users and $5 for those paying cash (equivalent to $5.69 and $7.11 respectively in 2019).[78] In November 2006, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District recommended a corporate sponsorship program for the bridge to address its operating deficit, projected at $80 million over five years. The District promised that the proposal, which it called a "partnership program", would not include changing the name of the bridge or placing advertising on the bridge itself. In October 2007, the Board unanimously voted to discontinue the proposal and seek additional revenue through other means, most likely a toll increase.[79][80] The District later increased the toll amounts in 2008 to $5 for FasTrak users and $6 to those paying cash (equivalent to $5.94 and $7.12 respectively in 2019).[78]
  4. The 1.7-mile-long Golden Gate Bridge, an icon of the San Francisco Bay region, connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County, California. At its completion in 1937, the suspension bridge was considered an engineering marvel—the longest main suspension bridge span in the world. It held that record until New York City's Verrazano Narrows Bridge opened in 1964 and, as of 2019, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan boasts the world’s longest span.
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  7. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the one-mile-wide (1.6 km) strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The structure links the U.S. city of San Francisco, California—the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula—to Marin County, carrying both U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1 across the strait. The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco, California, and the United States. It was initially designed by engineer Joseph Strauss in 1917. It has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.[7]

Improvements to the Golden Gate Bridge's southeast plaza have created a public space at one of San Francisco's most-visited spots and provides a visitor experience that matches the beauty and grace of the beloved span San Francisco celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge on May 24, 1987 with a bridge walk. The bridge began to groan and sway with an estimated 300,000 people packed like sardines onto it. The middle of the bridge sagged seven feet under the unprecedented weight, causing the iconic arch to flatten. 

Zillow has 28 homes for sale in San Francisco CA matching Golden Gate Bridge. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place The Golden Gate Bridge is located over its namesake, the Golden Gate Strait, and stretches from San Francisco on the southern side to Marin County on the north. It's a must do on most itineraries and is #1 on our things to do in San Francisco post The Sausalito Land and Ferry Company service, launched in 1867, eventually became the Golden Gate Ferry Company, a Southern Pacific Railroad subsidiary, the largest ferry operation in the world by the late 1920s.[10][11] Once for railroad passengers and customers only, Southern Pacific's automobile ferries became very profitable and important to the regional economy.[12] The ferry crossing between the Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco and Sausalito Ferry Terminal in Marin County took approximately 20 minutes and cost $1.00 per vehicle,[when?] a price later reduced to compete with the new bridge.[13][better source needed] The trip from the San Francisco Ferry Building took 27 minutes.

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The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the one-mile-wide (1.6 km) strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.The structure links the U.S. city of San Francisco, California—the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula—to Marin County, carrying both U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1 across the strait Modern knowledge of the effect of earthquakes on structures led to a program to retrofit the Golden Gate to better resist seismic events. The proximity of the bridge to the San Andreas Fault places it at risk for a significant earthquake. Once thought to have been able to withstand any magnitude of foreseeable earthquake, the bridge was actually vulnerable to complete structural failure (i.e., collapse) triggered by the failure of supports on the 320-foot (98 m) arch over Fort Point.[97] A $392 million program was initiated to improve the structure's ability to withstand such an event with only minimal (repairable) damage. One challenging undertaking is completing this program without disrupting traffic. A complex electro-hydraulic synchronous lift system was custom built for construction of temporary support towers and a series of intricate lifts, transferring the loads from the existing bridge onto the temporary supports. This was completed with engineers from Balfour Beatty and Enerpac, accomplishing this task without disrupting day-to-day San Francisco commuter traffic.[98][99] Although the retrofit was initially planned to be completed in 2012, as of 2017, it was expected to take several more years to complete all of the necessary work.[99][100][101] If you respond and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

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In 1846, Captain John C. Fremont named the entrance to San Francisco Bay the Golden Gate—after the great harbor of the Golden Horn in ancient Byzantium. The population influx of the Gold Rush spurred further support for the construction of a bridge across the Golden Gate. In 1916, plans finally began to take root The Golden Gate Bridge that was completed in 1937 is a suspense. on bridge connecting the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. The Golden Gate Bridge is considered to be a globally renowned representation of San Francisco and California. It is an engineering wonder created in 4 years due to the admirable human vision, persistence, and. The attempt to build what would be the first bridge support in the open ocean proved an immense challenge. As a 1,100-foot trestle extended off the San Francisco side, divers plunged to depths of 90 feet through strong currents to blast away rock and remove detonation debris.

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The project was finished and opened May 27, 1937. The Bridge Round House diner was then included in the southeastern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, adjacent to the tourist plaza which was renovated in 2012.[35] The Bridge Round House, an Art Deco design by Alfred Finnila completed in 1938, has been popular throughout the years as a starting point for various commercial tours of the bridge and an unofficial gift shop.[36] The diner was renovated in 2012[35] and the gift shop was then removed as a new, official gift shop has been included in the adjacent plaza.[36] Wind, waves & weather forecast San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / California, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailin From downtown, take #38 Geary Boulevard to Park Presidio and transfer to #28 northbound to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re taking Golden Gate Transit from San Francisco, the #10, #70 or #80 lines will take you to the bridge.If interested in biking across the bridge, the Presidio offers bike rentals and electric bike share opportunities, plus a recommended bike path through Crissy Field. For more information, visit the Presidio online. Where to Stay If you are planning to stay in San Francisco, there are plenty of hotels nearby or with views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge carries about 112,000 vehicles per day according to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District.[64]

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Near San Francisco Bay, this historic Sausalito, California resort is located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The resort features a full-service spa and Murray Circle Restaurant. Hotel in Pacific Heights, San Francisco (2.3 miles from Golden Gate Bridge) Built in 1903, Hotel Drisco. Bike the Bridge! Ride with our guides along San Francisco's stunning waterfront, across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito. This beginner-friendly bicycle tour is perfect for anyone seeking an up-close & personal look at our most famous landmark Marin County: Golden Gate Bridge Views Some of the most spectacular views of the bridge are from the other side, in Marin County just across the bridge, and especially from the cliffs of the Marin Headlands lining the entrance to San Francisco Bay The bridge is popular with pedestrians and bicyclists, and was built with walkways on either side of the six vehicle traffic lanes. Initially, they were separated from the traffic lanes by only a metal curb, but railings between the walkways and the traffic lanes were added in 2003, primarily as a measure to prevent bicyclists from falling into the roadway.[63] World Trade CenterThe iconic twin towers of downtown Manhattan’s World Trade Center were a triumph of human imagination and will. Completed in 1973, the towers stood at 110 stories each, accommodating 50,000 workers and 200,000 daily visitors in 10 million square feet of space. They were the hub ...read more

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Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to Sausalito with fun local guides, and keep the bike for the rest of the day! Experience the stunning waterfront as you pedal across the Bridge, learning about its history, and enjoy the famously wonderful weather of Sausalito For minimalists, point your smartphone upwards to get soaring close-ups of the towers and cables. Local photographer Louis Raphael who photographs the bridge almost daily from his Lands End neighborhood also offers these favorites:Statue of LibertyThe Statue of Liberty was a joint effort between France and the United States, intended to commemorate the lasting friendship between the peoples of the two nations. The French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi created the statue itself out of sheets of hammered copper, while ...read more

The Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District, authorized by an act of the California Legislature, was incorporated in 1928 as the official entity to design, construct, and finance the Golden Gate Bridge.[14] However, after the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the District was unable to raise the construction funds, so it lobbied for a $30 million bond measure (equivalent to $447 million today). The bonds were approved in November 1930,[17] by votes in the counties affected by the bridge.[29] The construction budget at the time of approval was $27 million ($413 million today). However, the District was unable to sell the bonds until 1932, when Amadeo Giannini, the founder of San Francisco–based Bank of America, agreed on behalf of his bank to buy the entire issue in order to help the local economy.[10] The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate - the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean. The structure links the city of San Francisco on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County. It has become one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco, of California, and of the United States. Construction lasted from. The bridge's name is a nod to the Golden Gate Strait, the entrance between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Today, the Golden Gate Bridge is recognized as one of the seven modern wonders of the world. It attracts more than 10 million fans a year and is a huge reason visitors flock to the Presidio. Experiencing the Golden Gate Bridge

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Battle of Moores Creek BridgeIn the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge in North Carolina on February 27, 1776, during the Revolutionary War (1775-83), American forces defeated the British. The victory ended British authority in North Carolina and provided an important boost to Patriot morale. Within two months ...read more The Golden Gate Bridge is a spectacular sight which can be seen from many areas around San Francisco. Here are some locations from where you have great views on the bridge: South Vista Point. This is the most popular site, situated at the San Francisco end of the bridge. North Vista Point, located at the Marin County side of the bridge. Land's End Unlike all other pit stops chock full of tourist cars beyond the bridge on the Marin side, one can get a majestic, sweeping view of the Golden Gate bridge, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz and the San Francisco skyline on a clear day. Hawk hill is a favorite of birdwatchers in the fall season to observe the migration of hawks, condors and other raptors. Also, if you book your Golden Gate Bridge vacation package in San Francisco with Travelocity, you'll get access to our best travel discounts. Whatever time of year you choose to visit Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, it's always a good idea to reserve a package deal. Our goal is simple In May 1924, Colonel Herbert Deakyne held the second hearing on the Bridge on behalf of the Secretary of War in a request to use federal land for construction. Deakyne, on behalf of the Secretary of War, approved the transfer of land needed for the bridge structure and leading roads to the "Bridging the Golden Gate Association" and both San Francisco County and Marin County, pending further bridge plans by Strauss.[19] Another ally was the fledgling automobile industry, which supported the development of roads and bridges to increase demand for automobiles.[13]

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses over the San Francisco Bay, going from San Francisco to Marin County, in the U.S. state of California.It was opened for use in 1937.When the bridge was finished, its length of 9,266 ft (2824 m) made it the longest bridge in the world.Now there are several bridges that are longer, but for many people, it is still one of the most. Golden Gate Bridge Visitor Center Golden Gate Bridge, Coastal Trail Open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free. Don't lie, you want that iconic photo of the Golden Gate. So grab it first, in the soft morning light. And don't let San Francisco's famous marine fog deter you. Sometimes those photos of the bridge through the fog are even better Irving Morrow, a relatively unknown residential architect, designed the overall shape of the bridge towers, the lighting scheme, and Art Deco elements, such as the tower decorations, streetlights, railing, and walkways. The famous International Orange color was Morrow's personal selection, winning out over other possibilities, including the US Navy's suggestion that it be painted with black and yellow stripes to ensure visibility by passing ships.[14][24] The bridge was originally painted with red lead primer and a lead-based topcoat, which was touched up as required. In the mid-1960s, a program was started to improve corrosion protection by stripping the original paint and repainting the bridge with zinc silicate primer and vinyl topcoats.[55][52] Since 1990, acrylic topcoats have been used instead for air-quality reasons. The program was completed in 1995 and it is now maintained by 38 painters who touch up the paintwork where it becomes seriously corroded.[56] The ongoing maintenance task of painting the bridge is continuous.[57]

Connecting San Francisco to the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge - a stunning symbol of the city - is 1.7 miles long and spans 4,200 feet across the Bay. Drive, bike or walk across to enjoy jaw-dropping views of downtown, San Francisco Bay and the entire Bay Area, including Angel Island and Alcatraz Crossing the strait of the Golden Gate from San Francisco's Presidio to the Marin headlands for 1.7 miles is the world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge, easily identified by its International Orange color. Opened in 1937, the bridge was built at a cost of $35 million in principal and $39 million in interest and 11 workers’ lives. The single-suspension span is anchored by twin towers that reach skyward 746 feet, and was once taller than any building in San Francisco. To support the suspended roadway, two cables, each more than 7,000 feet in length and both containing 80,000 miles of wire stretch over the top of the towers and are rooted in concrete anchorages on shore. More than 10 years in planning due to formidable opposition, but only four years in actual construction, the Golden Gate Bridge brought the communities of San Francisco and Marin counties closer together.

Golden Gate Transit is pleased to announce its partnership with Transit app to provide real-time bus arrival times to riders. Read more Today, the West Coast landmark draws millions of commuters—and tourists—each year. Here are eight historical and surprising fast facts about the Golden Gate Bridge.

Eiffel TowerWhen Gustave Eiffel’s company built Paris’ most recognizable monument for the 1889 World’s Fair, many regarded the massive iron structure with skepticism. Today, the Eiffel Tower, which continues to serve an important role in television and radio broadcasts, is considered an ...read moreDuring construction, a safety net was suspended under the floor of the bridge, extending 10 feet wider than the bridge’s width and 15 feet longer than its length. The net proved an invaluable precaution as it saved the lives of 19 men. These men became known as members of the "Half-Way-to-Hell Club." Despite such safety measures, 11 men died during the bridge's construction.

Most maps and signage mark the bridge as part of the concurrency between U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1. Although part of the National Highway System, the bridge is not officially part of California's Highway System.[58] For example, under the California Streets and Highways Code § 401, Route 101 ends at "the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge" and then resumes at "a point in Marin County opposite San Francisco". The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District has jurisdiction over the segment of highway that crosses the bridge instead of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The free PresidiGo Shuttle's downtown route will also take you to the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center. The shuttle system is a great option to use to explore the Presidio, with free and accessible service seven days a week, and with 40 stops within the national park. The Golden Gate Bridge, symbol of San Francisco, engineering marvel, subject of many photographs, the result of one man's vision and persistence, spans the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. Learn a little about Golden Gate Bridge history On April 7, 2014, the toll for users of FasTrak was increased from $5 to $6 (equivalent to $6.48 in 2019), while the toll for drivers using either the license plate tolling or the one time payment system was raised from $6 to $7 (equivalent to $7.56 in 2019). Bicycle, pedestrian, and northbound motor vehicle traffic remain toll free. For vehicles with more than two axles, the toll rate was $7 per axle for those using license plate tolling or the one time payment system, and $6 per axle for FasTrak users. During peak traffic hours, carpool vehicles carrying two or more people and motorcycles paid a discounted toll of $4 (equivalent to $4.32 in 2019); drivers must have had Fastrak to take advantage of this carpool rate.[82] The Golden Gate Transportation District then planned to increase the tolls by 25 cents in July 2015, and then by another 25 cents each of the next three years.[83]

San Francisco (CNN) — An icon of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Golden Gate Bridge is more than a means for drivers to cross between the city of San Francisco and Marin County to the north Golden gate bridge, san francisco, united states. united state. san francisco

In the 1930s, the Golden Gate Bridge was coated with a primer that was two-thirds (by weight) lead. The architects intended the lead-based paint to protect the steel structure from corrosion, but later learned that lead is harmful to humans and the environment. The San Francisco Chronicle recorded some of the more outlandish firsts, including the first person to cross the Golden Gate Bridge on stilts. The bridge opened to vehicular traffic the following day.Ellis was a Greek scholar and mathematician who at one time was a University of Illinois professor of engineering despite having no engineering degree. He eventually earned a degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois prior to designing the Golden Gate Bridge and spent the last twelve years of his career as a professor at Purdue University. He became an expert in structural design, writing the standard textbook of the time.[28] Ellis did much of the technical and theoretical work that built the bridge, but he received none of the credit in his lifetime. In November 1931, Strauss fired Ellis and replaced him with a former subordinate, Clifford Paine, ostensibly for wasting too much money sending telegrams back and forth to Moisseiff.[28] Ellis, obsessed with the project and unable to find work elsewhere during the Depression, continued working 70 hours per week on an unpaid basis, eventually turning in ten volumes of hand calculations.[28] Crossing the strait of the Golden Gate from San Francisco's Presidio to the Marin headlands for 1.7 miles is the world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge, easily identified by its International Orange color. Opened in 1937, the bridge was built at a cost of $35 million in principal and $39 million in interest and 11 workers' lives The former elevated approach to the Golden Gate Bridge through the San Francisco Presidio, known as Doyle Drive, dated to 1933 and was named after Frank P. Doyle. Doyle, the president of the Exchange Bank in Santa Rosa and son of the bank's founder, was the man who, more than any other person, made it possible to build the Golden Gate Bridge.[102] The highway carried about 91,000 vehicles each weekday between downtown San Francisco and the North Bay and points north.[103] The road was deemed "vulnerable to earthquake damage," had a problematic 4-lane design, and lacked shoulders; a San Francisco County Transportation Authority study recommended that it be replaced. Construction on the $1 billion[104] replacement, temporarily known as the Presidio Parkway, began in December 2009.[105] The elevated Doyle Drive was demolished on the weekend of April 27–30, 2012, and traffic used a part of the partially completed Presidio Parkway, until it was switched onto the finished Presidio Parkway on the weekend of July 9–12, 2015. As of May 2012[update], an official at Caltrans said there is no plan to permanently rename the portion known as Doyle Drive.[106]

In the 1960s, when the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) was being planned, the engineering community had conflicting opinions about the feasibility of running train tracks north to Marin County over the bridge.[47] In June 1961, consultants hired by BART completed a study that determined the bridge's suspension section was capable of supporting service on a new lower deck.[48] In July 1961, one of the bridge's consulting engineers, Clifford Paine, disagreed with their conclusion.[49] In January 1962, due to more conflicting reports on feasibility, the bridge's board of directors appointed an engineering review board to analyze all the reports. The review board's report, released in April 1962, concluded that running BART on the bridge was not advisable.[50] Morning Under the bridge angle from Fort Point site also affords unusual afternoon view of the city skyline from Fort Point Pier immediately east of the seawall. For the BEST experience, WALK across the bridge- the pedestrian walkway is on the Bay side or East side of the bridge. Other than the good cardio exercise, you get outstanding views of the Bay, of San Francisco, of Marin County and the Ocean. There's parking on the San Francisco side as well as the Marin County side During March, the fog horns may be heard for less than half-an-hour a day, though during the summer—San Francisco’s foggy season—they may blare for five or more hours for days at a time. The two fog horns, on average, sound for an average of 2.5 hours each day throughout the year.

If you can’t visit the bridge in person, do the virtual bridge walk and don’t forget to check out the view from the top of the south tower. Because of heavy congestion on the bridge, vista points may occasionally be closed to vehicles.Strauss spent more than a decade drumming up support in Northern California.[18] The bridge faced opposition, including litigation, from many sources. The Department of War was concerned that the bridge would interfere with ship traffic. The US Navy feared that a ship collision or sabotage to the bridge could block the entrance to one of its main harbors. Unions demanded guarantees that local workers would be favored for construction jobs. Southern Pacific Railroad, one of the most powerful business interests in California, opposed the bridge as competition to its ferry fleet and filed a lawsuit against the project, leading to a mass boycott of the ferry service.[10] One of the highlights of the tour is when you sail under the massive Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most famous suspension bridges in the world, which stands 227 meters high. Return to San Francisco Bay and admire the wild Marin Headlands and sail around the small Alcatraz Island, one of the most famous prisons in the world The Golden Gate Bridge’s fog horns, mounted at the middle and south tower (San Francisco side) of the bridge, may be nearly as iconic as the structure itself. The San Francisco Bay is famously foggy, and the bridge may have a slight influence on directing the flow of the fog as it pushes up and pours down around the Bridge. Each horn emits a different tone at different times to help guide ships safely through dense fog. 

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