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Alec is a deputy U.S. Marshall and has to protect Magnus Bane. They have to go into a witness protection program and pretend to be newly weds that just moved into the neighbourhood. Of course they fall in love with each other but the entire time there is the threat lurking in the background, that someone might want to get rid of Magnus and all that he knows. Apr 27, 2020 BooksMortal Instruments Malec, Jalec, Clizzy, Sizzy, Clabastian and more. ;) Okay so I have never done a whole published fanfiction which is just loads of different lemons but I feel there's not enough TMI lemons, yo Sick Day = Malec Fanfic!! Quote: There's only one thing to do, Izzy said with an angry toss of her head. We've got to call Magnus! Alec tried to shake his head. He'd finally stopped calling the warlock -more to protect his phone from Jace than anything else- and he wasn't sure he could stand seeing the warlock and having. Perhe- ja sos.palvelujen ilmoitusrekisteri kotipalvelun tuki- ja niihin rinnastettavista palveluista: Perusopetuksen opiskeluhuoltorekisteri: Potilasasiamiehen asiakasrekister

Rated M for lemon. Malec. 5k; Malec ★★★☆☆ Floored Post City of Ashes, Magnus/Alec. Jace was one thing, but this - I cannot, in all good conscience, pretend this isn't going to affect our relationship. 1k; Malec ★★★☆☆ Demasiado inocente para un brujo El comienzo de las relaciones sexuales del inocente Alexander y el. Spun writes like a goddess. She just gets the characters and pays attention to detail – every storyline she starts she will end and all the little things will fall into place. Reading her stories is just pure pleasure. malec just-a-fangirls-blog shadowhunters shadowhunters season 3 malec fanfiction malec fic malec ficlet malec fluff magnus bane alec lightwood saveshadowhunters pickupshadowhunters 228 notes Open in ap

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Magnus owns a bakery and is a total workaholic. Until one day one of his clerks, Clary, pulls in a busker from the street, his name is Alec Lightwood… Alec and Clary call for their loved ones. requested by @patkinmon

“Sorry.” He pauses the kiss. Magnus blinks at him as he stopped kissing, Magnus had a dark scarlet color upon his cheeks and flustered to the bone. “What for?” Magnus kissed Alec. Alec pulls away. “For the mark on your neck that will be there.” Alec looks down and bites his bottom lip. “Shhh.” Magnus shushes him and leans in for another kiss. Alec happily accepts the kiss and kisses back. Alec slipped his hands up Magnus’s shirt and held his bare waist. Magnus cupped Alec’s face, running his thumb along his cheekbone, they explored each other’s mouths again when a door opened and it felt like glass shattered. Alec quickly pulls away from the kiss, a blush painted on his cheeks and, lips red from all the kissing. Life in the limelight isn’t always so sweet, and secrets are more closely guarded than ever. But if you look hard enough, in all the wrong places, you might find the love of your life, and a way to break free. Malec lemons galore in later chapters. AU/AHI’m a sucker for AU’s and both of them as dancers is kind of cute…as is this OneShot with a bit of a stalker-ish Alec ;) (But really, who can blame him for watching Magnus dance ^^)

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This is not only a Malec-fic, but they are the main pairing. I quite like the setting of it, this journey through Great Britain. It brings out sides of the characters that wouldn’t have been there in a set environment. This way, the characters develop on their way, and that’s just beautiful to see (and read ^^) Malec Fluffy Smut Fanfic (COMPLETED) 50.4K 1.2K 366 This is a Malec smut story. All characters are by Cassandra Clare and the Shadowhunters books/film/tv series ️ He picked her up and pinned her between him and the wall... desperately thrusting against her, torn between moan or growling because of her damn panties. She was already breathing heavy against his neck gasping everytime he slammed his covered dick against her. Oh my god he was gonna make her cum with out even taking her clothes off! This just. And then he of course walks in on Magnus and Camille kissing in Magnus’ studio. The hope flickers and dies, along with the smile on his face.

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A collection of one-shots, imagines and drabbles from the world of Shadowhunters (book series, not TV show). Includes Malec, Kitty, Haline, Clace, Heronstairs and others (probably). (Spoilers) Add to library 274 Discussion 151 Browse more Romance. Because I Love You. Tezzer Romance May 30, 2016. Magnus and Alec want a baby, but can they decide.

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Fanfiction is a beautiful corner of the Internet where your favorite characters and stories can live on forever. Fox Maybe you're in love with an epic AU about Kirk and Spock Malec (3 malec stories) Subscribe for tag feed Exclude this tag from all searches Promoted - Advertise. Love me, please. Joohyun just wanted for Seulgi to love her. It's all she has ever wanted from the monolid woman. Yet, Seulgi refuses time and time again, but too bad for Seulgi, Bae Joohyun always got what she wanted, only was it really that. Una lemon Malec un po' fuori dal comune! Nasce da un'idea che pretendeva di essere sviluppata. Spero che vi divertiate a leggerla quanto mi sono divertita a scriverla! I personaggi e le situazioni presenti nelle fanfic di questo sito sono utilizzati senza alcun fine di lucro e nel rispetto dei rispettivi proprietari e copyrights Malec Breaks Up | Shadowhunters Season 3, Episode 18 | SYML - Fear of the Water - Duration: 3:05. Shadowhunters 366,287 views. 3:05. mickey milkovich being a gay disaster for 9 minutes.

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So the project gets finished and is a big success but they keep hanging out even after it’s done, much to Magnus’ delight and Alec’s surprise. They hang out in Magnus’ flat, go to the movies - or fashion shows - together and get coffee at least three times a week.This fanfiction is currently in progress, but I have already grown fond of it. The characters are spot-on, and the tension especially in the first few chapters is soo unbearable and sweet! Ah, sweet, sweet tension of not knowing if the other is into you, too! And as reader it’s just that much more fun, because we already know they’ll end up together ^^ Anyway, I can only recommend that fic, even if the topic seems cheesy – punkbean adds so much emotion and hilarious aspects to it, you just have to read it!!Its Alec’s last year at Hogwarts, and he can’t wait for school to end. But this year is the Triwizard Tournament, so naturally the whole school is buzzing with excitement. Still, Alec doubts this year will be any better than the previous six. But what happens when a certain Slytherin he’s had a crush on finally starts to notice him? Mostly Malec with hints of Sizzy and Clace. AU I which I write short or long gif imagines for Alec Lightwood from sh #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Ver más. Alec is a hot potato. Shadowhunters Serie Cazadores De Sombras Libros Personas Hombres Fotos Malec Shadowhunters Dominic Sherwood Matthew Daddario Alec Lightwood. liz-lemons: every malec scene #40.

Magnus scooted closer to where their bodies were touching, he wrapped his legs around Alec’s waists, swaying his body back and forth and leaning in to place a kiss onto Alec’s lips. Alec is a blind college kid. Magnus is just trying to get his business major to start up his fashion line. A Malec fic you probably never asked for, but here we are anyway!This fanfiction is just one great example of SiriuslyFour’sGirl awesomeness. Really, go on and read all her fics, as I did!! It will be totally worth it. This one in particular is really cool because it somehow manages to reverse the roles without losing authenticity and thereby totally staying true to the characters! Also, Camille is a best friend here, and I’m a sucker for Best-Friend-Camille. Plus, the author seems to know her stuff and already has planned the whole storyline – more chapters to come, my friends!!Magnus slipped his tongue across Alec’s bottom lip, asking to be let in, Alec accepted the invitation. They explored each other’s mouths, moaning into each other’s mouths. Alec leaned away before going back in to place small feather like kiss onto Magnus’s jawline, and his kissed made their way to his neck. Alec bit down on a spot on Magnus’s neck, then sucking and licking over it. Magnus knew he would have a mark there after this but he didn’t care. When Alec was like this it was glorious. Alec seemed to like taking the lead ever so often and that made Magnus enjoy it more. Alec lifted Magnus off his lap and got up, brushing himself off. Magnus did the same. They both had embarrassed looks on their faces. Alec covered his face with his hands. 

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Fanfic stickers featuring millions of original designs created by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available Vocabulary. Lolicon - Relationship between a minor and an adult (Note: When I say minor, I mean minor. The age will surprise many so I'm putting all warnings now because I don't want comments on it later on Suitable for more mature childen, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury. May contain mild coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes

                                                                                     ~*~ Sick Alec: Ch. 7 of 23 of Our Fic. This is a shared fandom blog with Rheann and Liz. We are just two fans of way too many fandoms who like to write and love our fandoms

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This is a nice mixture of different Malec one shots, some smut, some fluff, but all are lovely written. Give it a try. 2º Fanfic sobre Malec-Celos de Magnus Este es el 2º fanfic sobre Malec (Magnus y Alec) de la saga Cazadores de Sombras. También fue colgado en el grupo de Facebook, solo que esta versión es modificada.. Alec couldn’t help but smile back and also couldn’t help his urge to kiss his boyfriend again. Alec leans in, tugging on Magnus’s belt loops and crashes his lips onto the other man’s lips. Magnus moaned into the kiss, tightening his arms around Alec’s neck, pulling his head closer. Alec bit Magnus’s bottom lip, a bit too hard Alec noticed since Magnus let out a small groan from it.  Malec Fic Recommendations 1. Five years later, Alec is forced to deal with the trauma of his past while learning to accept and love himself. Malec, Alec/Jace friendship and Lightwood family dynamics. [ Caution: Character death, angst and lemons. Smut chapters: 6,7,12, 21 and 24 for those who are here for that ;)

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“I was starting to wonder about his state of un-filthiness, after all he was homeless, when the apparition let out a low chuckle in a deep sensual tone. I shivered like a teenage girl, trembling from the inside, and obviously, blushed!” - Alec Lightwood meets an interesting man and wishes to know more about him… although Magnus is homeless. My first A/H story, hope u like it! :DBecause Alec would be awkward and shy and nervous about everything new that they tried and Magnus would be sweet and respectful and reassuring…

This is one of the best OneShot collections you’ll find. Trust me. So far there’s more than 30 chapters of pure fangirl-goodness. *-*“Need help?” He asks the shorter man and walks in, shutting the door behind him. He walks over and scans his eyes over the controls. “What you need help with.” He puts his hands on his hips and smirks. 

“Can’t wait, darling!” Magnus yelled out at Alec and he heard Alec chuckle. He smiled, sat down and folded his hands in his lap, crossing his legs. He started messing with the light controls. Favorite Malec Fanfics #2 It’s crazy how many amazing writers there are in this fandom, that’s why I have found a bunch of new amazing fanfics I wanted to feature in this.

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Prompt: we made out in the light booth “Psssh! Alexander come help me with the lighting.” Magnus said over the intercom from the light booth. He looked down from the glass window and waved at his boyfriend, speaking into the mic once more. “Hurry, please.” He says calmly and he sees Alec coming back from behind stage, and looking up at Magnus. He smiles and gives a thumbs up, walking up to the booth. He peaks his head in the door and smiles, his eyes lighting up. This is a fantastic AU! Everyone is brilliantly English (as it takes place in GB) and Alec is openly gay, a feature I always adore (I mean, coming out stories are fun, too, but it’s refreshing to not have to deal with the emotional struggle. One can focus on more…interesting…things *cough*).  There’s a lot of sexual tension between Magnus and Alec, the rating is totally warranted (so perfect for your smutty side), but it never goes overboard or something. Other characters like Ragnor or Raphael and the usual group are included beautifully and it’s just all around a great pleasure to read! He brought a splash of colour, of life, to him when he sat down next to him with a graphite smudged face when he was fifteen, and after seven years of being his friend, Alec loves him still, falling harder and harder with each passing moment, with every word and look, every fight and every apology, a steepening descent. Malec AU set over seven long years of falling. Malec Fanfiction Fanfiction. Malec Fanfiction --- Magnus and Alec are in high school. Nobody's ever noticed Alec before, until Magnus, the popular boy, takes a sudden interest in him. I own none of the characters, etc. etc. disclaimer disclaimer blah blah I suck at descriptions.. Master Of Misery Tyler - 17 - English - trans guy - bi af - he/him - it's just random hyperfixations at this point I don't know anymore, buckle up shadowhunters malec malec fluff malec smut malec angst malec fanfic malec fanfiction magnus bane alec lightwood saphael saphael fluff saphael smut saphael angst saphael fanfic saphael fanfiction.

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  1. Kakashi. I smiled and kissed him again, pushing my body against his. We were both still standing in the cave, the dimness surrounding us. The storm had stopped for the moment, and the clouds parted enough to allow some moonlight to stream inside the small rocky area. We could hardly notice as we continued to explore more of each others bodies
  2. très bon fanfiction sur un super Malec. j'adore merci beaucoup. Répondre Supprimer. Réponses. Répondre. martange 13 avril 2015 à 15:18. Mais de rien, cependant, ce n'est pas une fan fiction :) C'est écrit par l'auteure elle-même, c'est plutôt un Bonus :) Répondre Supprimer. Réponses
  3. Malec Matthew Daddario Shadowhunters Shadowhunters Tv Show Alec Lightwood Black Tears Aesthetic Gif The Infernal Devices Cassandra Clare Shadow Hunters Read Capitulo 11 T.2 from the story Shadowhunters Begin(Alec Lightwood y tú) by moonlight-darkness with 5,798 reads. jacewayland, aleclightwood, claryfray

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This story is no fluffy-candy-cane-christmas-ficlet, I tell you that. Tissues might be needed at some point. But it’s SO WORTH IT. The characters are so real, they might as well be your real-life-friends: you LIVE their pain. It’s scary and extremely brilliant. Everyone should’ve read this. And, spoiler-alert: there’s a Happy End ;) It’s Alec’s 21st birthday and he has a decision to make - live his natural life and die with his family, or live forever with Magnus? Seven-Shot.Magnus as a florist! And Alec is allergic to some of his many plants…that has to be the cause of some tension…but relax, not just bad one ;) Lovely written and always worth a read! Malec Fanfiction - One-Shot . Title: Next time Author: mermaidprincesa (also known as GoldenTruth813) Warning: Slash. PWP. First Time Sex. Romance. Characters: Magnus/Alec Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Cassandra Clare. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended

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Magnus couldn’t help himself from moaning and grinding up against his boyfriend’s stomach, tangling his hands in his black hair. Alec placed a few more kisses on his neck and made his way back up to his lips. They locked lips again and Alec let out a small laugh.  Here are some Malec fanfiction recommendations. Since this thing has grown to have so so many stories, I will mark my absolute faves from now on - those stories, marked with , are my all-time faves, that are so incredible I re-read them multiple times. So check these! UPDATE: I will, from now on, check on the WIPs within this list - I'll take down stories that haven't been updated in a. Everyone has to know at least one fic where they “normal” communication is somehow made harder, because that’s just interesting and makes the whole story more fun ^^ Also, Alec is really confident here, because, you know, he has to walk around on his own and stuff. Plus, he has an adorable dog to guide him around!! It’s a must read. Based off of the tumblr AU prompt “I’m a pizza delivery person and I just delivered a pizza to someone in the middle of a satanic ritual and they gave me their number???”You probably already know about this fanfic. It’s kind of famous in the fandom right now. For a very good reason. You need to read this! It will give you all the feels. Don’t be taken back by the hockey part of it, even if you’re not interested in that sport you are still going to enjoy reading the story without getting bored. Rating: Explicit

This fic doesn’t have many chapters yet, but it is promising already! Yeah, the big age gap is weird, but while reading it you don’t really think about it because it’s Magnus and Alec and they are displayed very, very cutely and awesome ;) Artemis has many other great Malec-Fanfictions, too, so go check her out if you’re bored or can’t sleep in the middle of the night ^^ My list of fan fiction for people who don't read fan fiction has what I consider to be the best of the best in many fandoms. He Says He is an Experimental Theologian and A Blinking Light up on the Clouded Mountain [Welcome to Night Vale/His Dark Materials] - T - A re-telling of the Welcome to Night Vale story as if it were set in Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials universe There are only 2 chapters so far but I love it. The AU where Alec and Isabelle are actors that became famous for their roles in the show “Hunters” and Magnus is a rockstar. The order I post this in is of no relevance, really. I just write them down as they come to me ^^ And since my mind does weird stuff occassionally, you’d better not try to find some pattern or logic behind it. Because there isn’t any. Trust me.

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  1. Also a fan of…..Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks, Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn, Blue, Alec’s Secret (this fic is so fucking hot), i will let the wind go quietly(Coffee Shop AU) , and make this feel real (Arranged Marriage AU).
  2. Alec’s boyfriend lives across the floor from Magnus. That’s how Magnus and Alec meet and quickly become friends. And they might have feelings for each other that are more than friendship… we’ll have to see…
  3. fanfics I'm an 20-years-old girl who is currently studying nursing and that loves reading book and fanfics, so I have made this blog to post here link to the best fanfics that I love. As
  4. shadowhunters malec malec smut malec fanfic clizzy clizzy smut clizzy fanfic magnus bane alec lightwood clary morgenstern clary fairchild clary fray izzy lightwood isabelle lightwood we don't really work in class saphael saphael smut saphael fanfic simon lewis raphael santiago jimon jimon smut jimon fanfic jace morgenstern jace lightwood jace.
  5. História Nerd (Malec Lemon) - História escrita por BaneStan88 - Magnus está tentando fazer o namorado tirar os olhos da tela do videogame e, para isso, usa táticas.
  6. I kinda like those stories that deal with this Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic. Though I don’t have any idea where it comes from, it makes things VERY interesting and in most cases, incredibly smutty. Not in this one! And that’s what I like about it – you expect the usual “Omega falls for hot Alpha”-charade, but not happening here! Alec really struggles and goes through a lot (and there’s more to come!) and it’s not everything sunshine and rainbows. It’s fantastic how this story is able to create a slowly building relationship, has in-depth characters that you can actually understand and still deal with the A/B/O-dynamic. It’s an amazing and fantastic mix!
  7. What really happened in episode 13 when Alec and Magnus went to “check the perimeter”.

Alec always felt invisible, an outsider watching from the sidelines. Then he meets Magnus, a street painter who lives his dream in a world of color. “It just takes one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special.” AU-AH, Malec. Inspired by the movie The Giant Mechanical Man. (OneShot)Alec is almost a typical teenager, except that he has a three years old son. He tries to keep it in a secret in a new school, where he meets Magnus, with whom he falls in love with. When it will be out, his life will start to fall apart, especially, when the mother of his child comes back. Will he be able to keep his son with him, and give him a family? Will Magnus stay with him?This sounds like a rom-com, and it’s like a rom-com, at least in most points. There are some very serious topics, but overall the funny and/or fluffy parts outweigh the heaviness. Magnus and Alec who are just teenagers after all are very well written (not like adults, but as teenagers, seeing as they ARE teens), and for the heart that yearns for sweetness while having a great storyline, this is the right story ;)Alec is the leader of the institute and needs Magnus’ help. They become friends but both wish there could be more… This is the epitome of  a slow burn fic, but I love it so much! There is fluff, there is angst…. basically everything you need for a great fic.

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  1. Despite the serious topic, very hilarious story. Just picture this: half naked Alec shouting nonsense at pedestrians. Yes. Yes. Read it.
  2. He is about to stand up and leave to his own dorm room when he hears his name being shouted in a breathless voice. Looking up he sees Magnus running towards him, face flushed and sweaty. Confused he remains sitting. Magnus starts to apologize again, stammering and practically falling all over himself to explain that what he saw was wrong, that Camille kissed him and that he doesn’t want anything to do with her, that its her fault and that nothing is between them. And Alec just frowns and asks him why he’s explaining himself, it isn’t anything bad to kiss your girlfriend after all.
  3. All Magnus wanted was the cute blue-eyed man’s phone number. All Alec wanted was to be able to breathe. AU/AH
  4. So Alec is happily crushing in secret, something only his sister knows, never daring to even fantasize about a real relationship with the older man. That is of course until a sneaky Isabelle proposes Alec to be a model for Magnus’ latest fashion project.
  5. I somehow really like this one. For once, firefighter Alec is a bit hot, and Magnus is a very interesting character in this one. Moreover, you never really know what happens next while you’re waiting in agony for certain things TO finally happen…perfect balance in my opinion.
  6. AU Malec fic. Alec is a 15 year old boy, newly out to his family, lead singer in a band with early admission to high school and some seriously confused emotions thanks to a beautiful stranger he met one night in an alleyway. This strangers name? Magnus Bane. 26 years old, drives an epic car, the epitome of sex and amazing in every way. How will it all figure itself out?
  7. I’ve been wanting to add my favorite Malec fics to my tumblr for a LONG time, but I’ve somehow never gotten round to do it… *cough* too lazy *cough* But now I’m doing it, FINALLY.

This is an AU, OOC Malec story. Alec Lightwood is a college freshman who happens to be on the cheer squad. As he acclimates to college life and making new friends, a sexy basketball player catches his eye. When they are forced into close proximity, will it be the beginning of something great, or something that will drive Alec insane? Notes First Kiss: A Malec Fanfic! @perfectlyimperfect996 Prompt: Are you still writing prompts? If you are. Can you write about Malec first kiss? - please (As based on the kiss sneak peek we got in the promo) (These characters are from Shadowhunters a show on Freeform based on Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series! Cassandra Clare shares unedited Clary and Jace cave scene from. Apr 10, 2020 Cassandra Clare shares unedited Clary and Jace cave scene from 'City of Heavenly Fire' Okay, so basically this is just the Jace and Clary cave scene ( yes, I love how it doesn't seem pornographic, like fanfiction lemons What is THE DIRTIEST fanfiction story you've read? My friend has THE BEST poker face. You can whisper as many dirty things as you want into her ear and she will not even crack a smile, let alone laugh. My friend and I are trying to find the dirtiest story imaginable to see if that will crack her. =D

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Magnus freezes and just stares at him for almost a whole minute. Camille isn’t my girlfriend, he says confused and starts to sound even more distressed. Camille isn’t my girlfriend, you should know that, he says and Alec just blinks. He thought they were together all this time, he thought they just were on & off the whole time. And Magnus let’s out an almost disgusted laugh but then his shoulders sag and he blushes and just says: Lemons and torture! Tags: #alec lightwood #the mortal instruments fanfiction #malec #malec fanfiction #kidnapping #mini masterlist #anonymous #answered kaffeeaddictandproud liked thi

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TMI Malec fanfic A Malec (Magnus/Alec) fan fiction from The Mortal Instruments. I've no idea what's going to happen, let's kind of go with it, shall we? :) I do not own any of the characters in this. It is a fan fiction, the characters belong to Cassandra Clare but the rest of the intellectual property is mine Fanfiction. Links to some of the most amazing and my favorite fanfictions :) KLAINE: A CD To Remember by RedtheWriter. Rated: K+. Romance. Chapters: 1. Words: 425. COMPLETE. Summary: Kurt and Blaine are now out of highschool and college and both are recording artists. Blaine records a certain song on CD for his boyfriend. A Collection Of Klaine. Good writing plus great topic: Alec being sick! Because who doesn’t like that, really. And their banter in this story is just heavenly :D It’s one of my all-time-favorites!This is one of those lovely fake relationship AU’s which despite them being a cliché are really really good. Alec works for his father’s company and Magnus is working in the law department of said company. When the Lightwood family leaves for a family trip, Alec doesn’t want to be the only one that doesn’t bring a s/o, so he asks Magnus to be his fake boyfriend for the duration of the trip… and so the story unfolds. Give it a try, if you’re as into those AU’s as I am. A Malec fic you probably never asked for, but here we are anyway! A work in progress. Everyone has to know at least one fic where they normal communication is somehow made harder, because that's just interesting and makes the whole story more fun ^^ Also, Alec is really confident here, because, you know, he has to walk around on his own.

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Alec and Magnus have both been dancing around the idea of having a soulmate–when their worlds collide, will that change? “Woah dudes, could you stop the making out. Everyone can HEAR you!” Jace runs his fingers through his golden hair, shaking his head then crossing his arms. “Disappointing, slacking on the job guys. Good job.” He smirked, his sarcasm showing. 

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  1. A cute OneShot about Alec truly finding to himself and BEING himself. All with the help of Magnus, who helps him to get another perspective on life…makes you think somewhat, but all in all it’s very sweet ;)
  2. Señores del inframundo 2: El beso más oscuro New! Por Chloe_moony Clasificación: Solo Mayores de Edad • 0 Comentarios Resumen: Señores del Inframundo: El beso más oscuro . Aunque contaba siglos de existencia, Sakura, la diosa de la Anarquía, no había conocido el placer.Hasta Sasuke, la encarnación de la Muerte, un guerrero condenado a llevar a las almas al Más Allá durante toda la.
  3. malec malec fanfiction malec fic fic magnus bane alec lightwood izzy lightwood isabelle lightwood shadowhunters idk i was feelin the need for some sibling love man magnus x alec my writing drabble 1,876 note
  4. Alec, the eldest of the Lightwood children had been formed to be the perfect alpha. An alpha was suppose to protect those younger and weaker than them. Of course, the young boy had no objections to learning the ways of his parents. Alec did everything in his power to learn and conform to his parents wishes.
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The Most Smutty Fanfics You Will Ever Read (At Least In My Opinion) ANYTHING by Smutgasm. Literally any one of her stories. She writes by FAR some of the smuttiest things I've ever read. Here is the.. It took a moment for me to figure out what he was doing but I finally got it. ‘Eye can knot ear you.’ ‘I cannot hear you.’ Oh god, I thought. He’s deaf… AU/AH

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Izzy has convinced Alec that he needs to go see the world, but while in New York he starts to feel lonely and homesick, and that’s when he meets the glamorous Magnus Bane. Realizing that despite his glamorous lifestyle, Bane is lonely, Alec decides to stay with him for a while. (Izzy is Alec’s older sister in this one, since she owns a pub back home) Malec scenes with pages from the books. doritophysique:. CITY OF BONES • 222, 223 • 231 • 235 • 243 • 256. CITY OF ASHES • 222, 223 • 262, 26 UPDATE: I will, from now on, check on the WIPs within this list - I’ll take down stories that haven’t been updated in a year, because those run a high risk of being discontinued. Furthermore I marked fics that run dangerously close to that mark, and will probably be removed soon. Cute. Awesome. Amazing. Whatever you want to call it. This was super good and really most of the time fanfic writers have a good idea, but just aren't good at writing it down. You are the opposite. You can have a good story plot, and still write it down and it can make sense. And not once did I find a single typo Rating: Teen And Up Audiences                        

Malec stickers featuring millions of original designs created by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available Category People & Blogs; Song Or Nah (feat. The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa) [The Weeknd Remix] Artist Ty Dolla $ign; Album Slow Jam, Vol.

As you may have already figured, a Mermaid!AU. A great one, too. Because everything may10baby writes is great, let’s face it. Jace & Alec Fanfiction (by me) Alec, what - But Alec just walked past him, telling himself not to cry even though he almost could feel his heart break. He could hear Isabelle asking Jace from.. This story also is nothing for light-heartened people. Very dark and serious topics are dealt with here. But it’s so real and tangible you just want to read on and on. You really FEEL Alec. Every story which accomplishes such a thing is a must for this list! Plus, the sequel’s up now, and it’s already very promising! This story seems to be a bit weird at first (Magnus the legal guardian of Alec? How? Why? Is it okay for them to fall in love still??), but you get sucked in so quickly and wholeheartedly it really doesn’t matter anymore after a few chapters. The story is just too intense and rollercoaster-y (drama’s basically after every corner you turn. Even if you wouldn’t ever think of it) to care about anything else. But the characters and their backgrounds never get lost – all in all, it’s just the perfect example of a brilliant fanfic ;)

Born to Endless Night book. Read 1,670 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Simon, like the rest of the Academy, is stunned when a nav.. A supercute AU where Alec’s deaf and Magnus a bartender. Everything is told from Magnus POV, which is always a plus (at least for me). Alec  is really really cute in this story (as is Magnus, and together it’s like the epitome of fluff and all good things at times). Sadly, this story isn’t finished (but hasn’t been updated in like 2 years), but the last chapter can count as an end, too. So it’s totally worth reading!!Here are some Malec fanfiction recommendations. Since this thing has grown to have so so many stories, I will mark my absolute faves from now on - those stories, marked with 💙, are my all-time faves, that are so incredible I re-read them multiple times. So check these!The AU where Magnus owns a dance studio next to a Mixed Martial Arts studio which belongs to the Lightwood family. Alec is a fighter. At first Magnus is annoyed by his neighbours but that changes quickly… there are quite a few bumps along the road that they have to work through.When Alec was 13, he stopped speaking for almost a year. Five years later, Alec is forced to deal with the trauma of his past while learning to accept and love himself. Malec, Alec/Jace friendship and Lightwood family dynamics. (Kind of AU but still Shadowhunters)

And finally it is here! My new OLICITY fanfiction 'Broken Arrows'!!! Enjoy! 'After five years missing in Australia, Oliver Queen is coming back to Starling City with no memories of his previous life. How will his family react to this new Oliver? And more importantly, will he remember the love of his life, the woman he meant to marry five years ago? OLICITY. SMUT. ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE. HEA. The Vanished FanFic Archive Every year, it seems that more of the great fanfic classics lose their home. In some cases, the author had the foresight to post copies to several sites, but in some very notable cases, the story just vanishes... lost to all but those with dedication and the right skills

Fanfiction websites are a great tool for budding writers to easily showcase their talent to a large audience at once, share their creativity, and get reviews from like-minded people. Penlighten gives you a list of 13 most popular fanfiction websites I write fanfics for the page artificialsqueens.tumblr.com, under the name ScarletS~ I am known for my Rajila fics I ALSO write Malec fanfiction from TMI :) Feel free to send in writing prompts please! The Malec Drabble Alphabet by @radientwings . A beautiful collection of (mostly) fluffy Malec drabbles that are just too cute and beautifully written to not read. Rating: Teen And Up Audiences . In the Sin Bin by @otppurefuckingmagic. You probably already know about this fanfic. It's kind of famous in the fandom right now

Project Cockblock: A Malec Smut One-Shot Hey, Magnus. Alec called as he let himself into the warlock's apartment. He had just finished paroling with Jace and came over still dressed out in his Shadowhunter gear This will (maybe forever) be a work in progress, since there are TONS of crazy good stuff out there and I want to share all of that with you. Not just a few ;) I mean, the more the merrier (and it’s better for you, too, admit it, you want as much Malec as you can get ^^). When traveling in the vast, anonymous, lawless expanse known as the Internet, it's a given that you're going to run into some weird shit. Maybe none of it is weirder than the world of erotic fanfiction. This is where fans lovingly write up tales of, say, Lego

Include ? Include Ratings . Mature (49) Explicit (35) Teen And Up Audiences (15) Not Rated (7) General Audiences (2) Include Warnings . Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (66 Sounds kind of lame because we’ve all read those embarrassing Truth-or-Dare stories before, but this really is something different. With lots of heart and fun and also serious topics. What I like in particular are the long passages where it’s only dialouge, that kind of thing always gets me ^^Alec and Magnus are roommates in college. Alec has kind of a thing for Magnus but he seems to be a total jerk. Malec College AU.“Darling, we can’t get much closer than this.” Magnus nips Alec’s bottom lip and pulls away, playing with a piece of his boyfriend’s black locks. Alec rolled his eyes as Magnus pulled away and groaned. “Dammit Magnus.” Alec closes his eyes and sighs, flustered from the kiss. He saw Magnus looking up at him with those loving eyes, him stroking Alec’s jawline, his lips curled into a small smile. 

Thank you so much for your recommendations, definetely will be checking them out! Another one I really enjoined was this one: What are we? It’s a fake relationship AU, but despite it being a cliché, it’s really good! The Scenario: The story opens with U.S. president Barack Obama strolling out into the White House garden to masturbate with a bottle of beer and somehow missing the opportunity to make the stimulus package joke that all of us were expecting:. One hand under his head, he slowly begins stroking his penis. (...) he takes the cold beer bottle and places it sideways under his balls, letting the.

Draco Harry Potter Harry Potter Ships Harry Potter Universal Harry Potter Memes Draco Malfoy Fan Art Draco Malfoy Memes Draco Malfoy Fanfiction Drarry Fanfiction Malec 249 Likes, 3 Comments - @drarry_slash on Instagram: Cr: banana.ge.g Attention! Pafoof uploaded a new, great story with a Trans!Magnus and an outed Alec, Michael Wayland is included and so much more! The first few chapters already are SO SO great, you have to check it out! ;) ONE-SHOTS. A Drink Too Many Malec AU- drunk!Alec, bartender!Magnus, rated T Summary: In which Alec gets a little too drunk, is hit-on by a creepy stranger, and another stranger steps in to save his drunken ass. Scar Tissue Malec AU- streetfighter!Alec, human!Magnus, contains smut, rated M Summary: Proceeding a fight, Alec feels unusually dejected and so he visits the one person he knows can. Género: Fanfic, Alec lightwood, Cazadores de sombras, Fanfiction, Magnus Bane, Malec, One shots, Shadowhunters, Wattys 2016 ⚠Si eres homofóbico no leas la historia.⚠ Lee Donghyuck (1) Lemmon (2) Lemon (15) Leto (1) LGBT (4).

He manages to get some distance between the studio and him and collapses on a bench. He pushes his palms against his eyes to stop himself from doing something stupid like cry in public. Why is he even so hurt? He HAS known about Magnus’ and Camille’s relationship, so why is he so surprised to have seen them like this? They are a couple after all. Couples kiss. And yet it hurts so much. But its not Magnus’ fault, so it wouldn’t be fair to blaime him for anything so Alec just needs to suck it up.Alec and Magnus are neighbours that slowly start falling in love with each other. They have a few misunderstandings to solve but in the end everyone is happy. Like really happy (Simon, Clary, Jace and Isabelle all have a rather big part in this story too). Fanfic / Fanfiction Ascend Fanfic / Fanfiction Pleasure Comes From Pain Ele era forte, invencível, destemido, Jace foi treinado para vencer, ser o melhor Clary Fray uma adolescente de 17 com um talento impressionante com tudo o que Jace Herondale · Lemon · Magia · Magnus · Magnus Bane · Malec · Romance. www. Oneshot-Human Malec: songfic: Ed Sheeran's The A Team; Alec is a prostitute with nothing to live for, until Magnus finds him on the street. K for language and sexual themes. Fluff Inside the Devil's Den (MALEC Fanfic) [The Mortal Instruments MALEC FANFIC] ALL HUMAN. The London Institute was bombarded by the Downworld Empire Mafia that started the war between the the mafia and the Clave. Three years later, the Downworld Empire Mafia was on the move again, this time they threaten to attack the U.S.A Institutes

Magnus immediately jumps on the idea, because lets be real, Alec’s body and height are devine. The boy doesn’t really have much of a choice after that. And surprisingly, they get along great. Magnus is a far nicer and down to earth person than Alec ever imagined and the older is just incredibly charmed by Alec’s shy grin and big heart and sense of responsibility. Wednesday 11.12.14 Kelpie Alec Lightwood, Clace, Clace fanfic, Clace fanfiction, Clary and jace, Clary Morgenstern, Isabelle Lightwood, Jace Herondale, Kelpie Fanfiction, Magnus Bane, malec fanfic, Malec fanfiction, Simon Lewis, The Institute, The Mortal Instruments, tmi fanfic, tmi fanfiction 2 Comments Story Spotlight: Battle of the Band Make Out Sessions. (Malec) Prompt: we made out in the light booth Psssh! Alexander come help me with the lighting. Magnus said over the intercom from the light booth. magnus bane, alec lightwood, malec fanfiction, fanfiction, tmi, the mortal instruments, fanfic, jace wayland, Jace Herondale, . youngnurse2017 liked this . ship.

So everything is great between them and they soon become the best of friends. Well, the crush still remains somewhere in the back of Alec’s mind, hope slowly churning and flickering to life. But for now he’s just glad to have found such an amazing person to call his friend. Vapo and responsibility. Responsibility is the foundation for Vapo Group's operations. We use natural raw materials to produce growing media, heat, energy and new innovations that promote sustainable development An alternate ending of episode 1x12 Malec and moving into episode 1x13 Morning Star. It isn't just the cup that's stolen from the institute on the night of the wedding. Valentine has plans to reunite his family, whatever the cost, and Alec just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time This blog is dedicated to bringing fanfiction to the Shadowhunter Chronicles (TMI, TID, TDA, and TLH) fandom. Think of it as an organized fanfiction library/catalogue and a resource for both fanfiction readers and authors

The AU where Alec is a cop and Magnus a forensics expert. They start working together and feeling all the feels for each other. It’s more about their building relationship than the whole criminal investigations part so don’t be scared to give it a go!                                                                              “But Alexander.” Magnus moves closer and climbs onto Alec’s lap, cradling him. “I want to kiss you.” He purrs before leaning in and placing a feather light kiss on his boyfriend’s neck, he wraps his arms around the other man’s neck. “But- We could get in trouble, Magnus.” Alec said with a serious tone but couldn’t help himself from smiling a bit and a light blush appearing on his cheek from Magnus’s kiss. Alec Lightwood is sick of being the family disappointment. When his father tells him that they have an upcoming family get-together, he decides that the best way to impress people will be to have a boyfriend. Now he just has to find somebody willing to pretend with him.

Malec lemons galore in later chapters. Submission from @blackyroseangel. This is a long fic and even has it's own tumblr for all the extra stuff like pictures and playlists Oh, yet another of about a gazillion Soulmate-AU’s. But don’t we all secretly love and adore them? Well, I certainly do, and this one is a particularly cute example! It doesn’t hurt that Alec is confused as hell, Magnus is hot and also famous as hell, and the Lightwoods all in all are just awesome as hell. ^^ The story is just about to pick up plotwise, but I’ve already started to like the characters and how they are displayed and it’s overall just a pleasure to read this fanfic ;) So I recommend it wholeheartedly! Because I Love You - Malec Fanfiction. 884 likes. A page for my Malec fanfiction, it will be updated chapter by chapter every Sunday Mine would have to be xNamikazeKyuubix's Naruto: Down The Rabbit Hole.Not only is it well-written and features Supreme Waifu Kaguya Otsutsuki, but its also the first lemon I've read that I didn't close it halfway out of disgust and / or a lack of plot or terrible grammar

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