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Someone is using mystery buffs portraying Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Miss Marple, and Mr. Moto to solve a make-believe case to find a murderous embezzler. GUEST STARS: Lynne Randall, Peter Evans, Keone Young, Barry Jenner, David Garrison, Pearl Shear. After a severely injured test pilot is rebuilt with nuclear-powered bionic limbs and implants, he serves as an intelligence agent. The show was revolutionary in its female lead of Laura Holt, a private investigator played by Stephanie Zimbalist. When Laura opens her own detective agency, she finds clients unwilling to hire a woman, so she solves the problem by whipping up a male superior named Remington Steele

Laura and Steele look into the disappearance of some prized breeding pigs from an experimental farm in Iowa. In fact, in the original concept, Remington Steele wasn't even going to exist. Only after NBC insisted on a male lead did creators Michael Gleason and Robert Butler make him flesh.Laura is ready for romance as she goes on a vacation on the French Riviera accompanied by Remington Steele, but old friends needing his help in stealing a dagger distract Steele. GUEST STARS: André Maranne, Jacques Maury, Mark Burns, Marianne Lawrence, Bob Sherman, Claude le Saché.

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A popular author's steamy books mirror her own life, including the murder of her husband. GUEST STARS: Shannon Wilcox, George Morfogen, Richard Cox, Joel Colodner, Lyman Ward An amnesiac Steele has no idea why he's in Ireland or why he regained consciousness in a movie theatre beside a murdered man. Remington Steele & Laura Holt (Didn't like this show because I thought a woman having to hide behind a man just to stay in business was ludicrous and sent a very bad message to girls-pinner). Remington Steele, my all time fav series . Remington Steele - when will I watch it again last time saw it in 198

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Private eye Laura Holt said it in the final scene of the first ``Remington Steele`` episode, and it can be taken as the unofficial motto of a new generation of series built on the premise of. (An ITCHy Story) Eighteen month after their faux wedding upon the fishing trawler in Bonds of Steele, those three words have been said, and Laura and Remington have been cohabitating for eighteen months. After Abigail wins and all expense trip for eight to New York City for the holidays, Laura and Remington's plans for the holiday are hijacked

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Steele re-introduces Laura to the thrill of thievery during a case involving stolen paintings. GUEST STARS: Michael Cornelison, Jeffrey Jones, Susan Bay, Stefan Gierasch, Gillian Eaton, Ernest Harada. A woman from Steele's past arranges for the agency to handle the security on an exhibition at an art museum, and contacts Steele with a desperate plea for help. GUEST STARS: Cassandra Harris, James Laurenson, Christopher Stone, Eve Roberts.

Mr. Steele's plans for a romantic weekend in San Francisco are upset when his imaginary case turns into a real one. But if it doesn’t, “this, hopefully, will leave the audience satisfied,” he declared in an interview. Laura Holt (Zimbalist) is a beautiful young private eye trying to get her business off the ground. Unfortunately, she finds that female P.I.'s don't receive a lot of business, so she invents a male superior for whom she works, and renames her business after him. Suddenly cases come pouring in, but Laura soon finds herself confronted by a handsome thief who calls himself Remington Steele. A man who framed himself so his wife could collect the reward learns he isn't terminally ill and wants Laura and Steele to clear him. Mr. and Mrs. Remington Steele drove through the streets of Los Angeles to the familiar suburban house of Laura Holt-Steele's older sister, Frances Piper. Remington smiled as out of the corner of his eye as he saw Laura shift uncomfortably in her seat

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Two of my favorite shows of all time got me to thinking. Which of the them were a more formidable adversary? In other words if you were a bad guy would you rather go up against Remington Steele, Laura Holt, & Mildred Krebs, etc Or go up against Lee Stetson, Amanda King, Francine Desmond, & Billy Melrose, etc. Please consider all the assets that each had available to them such as vehicles or. A year ago, I saw the trailer for Prodigal Son, a new series on FOX, and loved the premise: the son of a serial killer becomes a profiler while battling his own demons and missing memories. It was one of those ideas I wish I’d thought of. But as we all know, great ideas can… Laura and Remington are hired by three video game creators to find their missing partner, who has apparently disappeared with a large portion of the company's assets and their newest video game. (the very one who's virtues Ms. Holt used to create Remington Steele), has been accused of killing the arrogant young 14 Episode 14 N/A. Laura Holt, a private detective, creates a fictitious boss named Remington Steele when she finds potential clients won't hire a woman. Then a mysterious man shows up and assumes the identify of Remington Steele. Together, Laura and the new Remington Steele solve mysteries while their partnership grows into much more than just a working relationship

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The detectives try to find out which one of an amnesiac's five wives is trying to kill him. GUEST STARS: Fred McCarren, Monique van de Ven, Delta Burke, Jane Kaczmarek, Carole Ita White, Clara Perryman, Sam Anderson. @Jake, it was interesting re-watching some of the eps – I had forgotten that, very very gradually, Steele was actually learning some things about detecting from Laura! I thought it was great that she was teaching him rather than the other way around. Si hay una serie que, en gran parte, definió lo que hoy se conoce como tensión sexual no resuelta en televisión, ésa fue 'Remington Steele'.Emitida por la NBC entre 1982 y 1987, seguía a Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), una detective privada que no consigue clientes por ser mujer y que crea a un jefe ficticio, Remington Steele, para que le resulte más fácil sortear esos prejuicios y. Welcome to Fiction Cove! This is my blog for my Remington Steele Fan Fiction. Any Remington Steele connoisseur will tell you that the series had a unique chemistry, an air of mystery that made it one of the most popular shows of the 80's

Besides Laura Holt and Remington Steele, the first season contained two characters who would become one character in subsequent seasons: Murphy Michaels (James Read) and Bernice Foxe (Janet DeMay). Murphy was a colleague of Laura's at a previous agency Laura searches for a vanished artist whose works have suddenly appreciated in value, for both her husband and the owner of an art gallery. STARS: Phil Rubenstein, Marilyn Jones, Reid Smith. Remington Steele's premise is that Laura Holt, a licensed private investigator played by Stephanie Zimbalist, opened a detective agency under her own name, but found potential clients refused to hire a woman, no matter how qualified A woman from Steele's past asks him to help her steal a valuable painting that Laura has already agreed to protect (and that he had stolen once already), while Laura also has to deal with her visiting mother. GUEST STARS: Beverly Garland, Cassandra Harris, James Blendick, Peter MacLean, Kurt Christian, Benjamin Slack, Ben Mittleman

A Steele's Got to Do What a Steele's Got to Do - Laura and Remington try to locate a stolen ring. In response to the Written in Steele Springboard Lab Results. Holt Tight & Snug Steele - Two-fanfics-in-one in response to two different Written in Steele springboards a private investigator played by Stephanie Zimbalist in the series Remington Steele, invented the title character as a fictitious male superior. She saw this as a way to avoid sexual discrimination because a female private investigator seemed so...feminine. Her former employers, Havenhurst Security, where she had apprenticed, are now believed to have actually forced her into staging the ruse. The detectives pose as a bickering couple while investigating attempts on a divorce attorney's life. GUEST STARS: Mark Hutter, Susan Kellermann, Linda Carlson, Caren Kaye, Alexandra Borrie, Mary Joan Negro. Remington Steele is a TV detective series about a woman named Laura Holt who is a licensed private detective. Unfortunately, because she is a woman she cannot get potential clients to take her seriously when she opens a detective agency under her own name. In order to get clients, she creates new agency with a male boss she calls Remington Steele Laura's former flame asks her help when he discovers a corpse in the trunk of his car, a corpse that keeps returning as they check out a winery he's involved with. The corpse is the Abbot of St. Costello's Monastery!

@Pop Culture Nerd – you are so right about that – if Steele had been dominating, he would have been much less interesting all around. A wealthy mystery man named Charlie runs a detective agency via a speakerphone and his personal assistant, John Bosley. His detectives are three beautiful women, who end up in a variety of difficult situations. “You can never make it too easy for them,” he explained. “Once you make it too easy, it really does become ‘Hart to Hart’ or Nick and Nora (of ‘The Thin Man’). It’s still got to be a rocky road. There may be a safe port in a storm, but there will be a lot of choppy waves before they get there.” RS~Remington Steele & Laura Holt: Highway Don't Care - Duration: 4:34. Remington Steele 379 views. 4:34. More Time - A Remington Steele Tribute - Duration: 4:29. ducainefan1 30,922 views Their phony marriage faces a real test when a woman from Steele's past shows up, pretending to be married to him, and the archaeologist from Mexico returns, this time as an immigration officer. In London, Tony blackmails Steele into delivering a dangerous package, while Laura delves into Shannon's past.

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Incidentally, there are some episodes of the show that can be streamed for free online, if one doesn’t want to commit to a set of DVDs.A loser asks the agency to help him, but his alibi witness is found dead in Steele's apartment and his lawyer seems more interested in Laura than in the case, which for once forces Steele and Murphy to work together. GUEST STARS: Andrew Bloch, Barry Van Dyke, Raymond Singer, Ilene Graff, Lora Staley, Ernest Emling Am I too much of a nerd to say that Pierce turned down/didn’t get the James Bond more because his wife was dying from breast cancer than b/c of RS (though that too was a factor)? Bronsnan didn’t want to be away from her and his sons for as long as the 007 shoot was going to take while she was going through that.

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  1. gton fan and a huge fan of Hart to Hart. Both so much fun.
  2. gton Steele himself, until the role is filled. Line-of-Sight Alias: Laura Holt combined a Re
  3. gton Steele. In this '80s series, gumshoe-for-hire Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) accepts a new partner -- against her better judgment -- when a mystery man (Brosnan) assumes the identity of her titular, fictitious boss
  4. Laura and Steele accept the invitation of an eccentric millionaire to compete in finding a missing journalist but the game soon turns deadly.

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  1. gton Steele returned for a fifth season. Well, sorta...
  2. gton Steele, the reboot . follows Olivia Holt, the daughter of Re
  3. gton Steele was a fraud. Episodes in the first season set in motion the slow evolution of the romantic relationship between Laura and Mr. Steele.
  4. I just discovered this show last year. I remember it being on during the eighties but somehow I never got around to watching it even though I loved Moonlighting. After watching a season and a half through Netflix, and then through season three on Hulu, I just bought the complete DVD set outright.
  5. A prospector's journal stolen during a party leads Laura and Steele on a wild gold hunt through the desert.
  6. Laura and Steele try to learn how and why a woman's name and phone number came to be printed in a steamy sex-magazine. GUEST STARS: Pippa Scott, Bill Morey, Ellen Regan, John Bedford Lloyd, Ellen Tobie, Andrea Moar.
  7. Laura and Steele come back from a weekend trip and discover that everyone thinks they have been murdered. The motive is as puzzling as the suspects, which include Mildred, a nun, a loan shark, and ...

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Now that the NBC series has been revived for at least six episodes, Gleason says he isn’t taking any chances on it being axed again after that. “The audience will not be left high and dry at the end of the six hours,” he vows.The servants of the wealthy Wellingtons hire Laura and Steele to find out who killed the former butler, who had planned on publishing his memoirs. Remington Steele Laura Holtová má detektivní kancelář, bohužel žádní seriózní zákazníci si nechtějí jako detektiva najmout ženu. Nezbude jí tedy než vymyslet si šéfa, kterému dá jméno Remington Steele

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The sexual chemistry between Laura Holt and Remington Steele was the driving force of the show but it had so many other plus points too. The first episode (License To Steele) sets the tone which future shows followed: an exciting mystery, tight plotting, fine script, a stylish feel and explosive sexual tension between the two protagonists attempt is made to run the detective down by a car. However, the murder attempt fails, Remington survives with a broken leg and superficial injuries. Millicent also betrays the villainous publisher and murders him. A wheel chair bound Steele goes with Millicent to an arena where heroine, Laura Holt, is being pursued by the other crook When the curtain dropped at the end of the show’s fourth season, Remington and Laura had been married--bogusly, it turned out--in order to keep him from being deported. In the new installments, which will appear at an as yet unspecified time later in the season, they will continue to maintain the appearance of being married, Gleason said. I love it because it fought to be not like conventional television. Not many shows take risks and enjoy the hell out of it. I do enjoy Remington Steele cause of its more laid back and procedural like. And I do find Laura Holt very smart and attractive she can be uptight but given her position and how hard she fought for it I really admire her Gleason, who created the detective series with Robert Butler, said that he doesn’t want to spoil the story by revealing what will happen. But he did say that the characters played by Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist, after four years of flirting, finally will consummate their love affair this season.


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  1. g and had wonderful comedic ti
  2. Laura's sister finds a dead body on her kitchen floor and asks for help from a reluctant Laura and Steele.
  3. gton Steele; included are the many film references made throughout the series.
  4. gton Steele Investigations for the last 3.5 years, and Forged Steele, in.

Laura and Steele return from the East to find reports of their murder on the news and Mildred arrested for the crime. Remington Steele: Laura Holt's Loft The 1980s TV show Remington Steele was quite ahead of its time in more than one way. Years before the boom in the Downtown Los Angeles loft market, Laura Holt (played by the very talented Stephanie Zimbalist) was a resident of the area's Arts District Laura races with Scotland Yard to locate Steele, who has become involved in murder while searching for a man with a clue to his past. Steele masquerades as an assassin hired by Daniel Chalmers to kill the Earl of Claridge. However, evidence indicates that the Earl is Steele's own father. Great post, Victoria. Growing up in the 80s, I loved this show. Of course, a big part of it was Bronsan’s charm, but you really put your finger on what made the show so interesting. Laura Holt was a great character and Zimbalist played her with such pluck. She was really the eyes through which the rest of us observed Steel. And, of course, the central irony of the show was that she was the real detective.Mildred's nephew comes to her for some help in hiding the body a hit man needs to confirm his contract with his employers.

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Leaving there she started Laura Holt Agency, dissolving that company when she hit upon the plan to invent a decidedly masculine superior. The Remington Steele Agency was becoming well known after 2 1/2 years of hard work on her part before the appearance of The Stranger who would become Steele Private investigator Laura Holt has a problem: no one appears interested in hiring a female private eye. Her solution? She invents a boss named Remington Steele, changes her agency name to Remington Steele Detective Agency and suddenly she has more cases than she can handle. But then something she didn't plan on ever having to deal with shows up at her door: Remington Steele in the flesh

Season 2 (1983–84)edit

Pierce Brosnan prepped for his future role as the suave 007 in this glamorous 1980s comedy-drama, following the misadventures of private eye Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) and Remington Steele (Brosnan), the con man she calls her partner After preventing a man from committing suicide, Steele tries to find out who had tricked the man into stealing over two million dollars. GUEST STARS: John Doolittle, Gina Gallego, Richard Kuss, Patsy Pease. Is Tiger King for me? I’m glad you asked! Watching Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is a decision everyone must make for him/herself. There is no hard scientific data to determine when you’re ready to let Tiger King happen to you, so that’s why I put this quick-start guide together. My hope is…

Stephanie Zimbalist será recordada por encarnar a la detective Laura Holt en una de las series míticas de mediados de los 80 Remington Steele, a la que acompañaba el que era su jefe imaginario y socio, personaje que interpretó Pierce Brosnan, por entonces todo un desconocido, conformando así una de las parejas televisivas del momento y que consiguieron atrapar a millones de. Loved this show, too! I was in the right place to sigh, and frequently. Hit me right in the smart-responsible-girls-can-TOO- get-sexy guys. SZ was hardly a troll, I admit, but she was so driven that she could be a pill at times. I liked the way he loosened her up and the way she kept him living up to the man she’d invented. I’m with Laura and PCN- this formula gets me. Where’s my new one? Don’t say Chuck- seems different to me.At the same time, however, the show’s premise is rooted in their friction--hence the introduction of Scalia’s character. Remington Steele visas dagtid på TV4 Guld. Serien handlar om privatdetektiven Laura Holt vars detektivbyrå Laura Holt Investigations inte fick några uppdrag, eftersom ingen trodde att en kvinna kunde vara privatdetektiv. Därför ändrade hon byråns namn och hittade på en fiktiv ägare till byrån, Remington Steele, för att få några. Gleason said that he isn’t worried that Brosnan’s letdown will affect his performance on the TV series. “I have to think that, while he’s obviously disappointed, when he steps in front of the camera he’s going to be the same professional he’s been for four years and be Remington Steele.”

Season 3 (1984–85)edit

Steele poses as an insomniac in order to find a murderer in a sleep disorder clinic. Paul Reiser guest stars. Quick Answer: In the Season 2 premiere of the 1980s detective show Remington Steele, Doris Roberts' character Mildred Krebs is introduced as an IRS agent who is auditing Detective Steele.During the episode, Steele flees the country, and, with the help of his coworker Laura Holt, kidnaps Krebs and ties her up. Despite Steele's behavior, by the end of the episode Krebs not only assists Steele. Never choppier, though, than when NBC canceled the show last May. After finishing 27th among all prime-time series the previous year, it fell to 51st last season. Gleason knew the ratings were off but believed the show would be picked up anyway, since he felt the decline was due at least in part to a midseason move from Tuesday to Saturday night.One of the phony Santas from the ill-fated Christmas party (in episode No. 75, "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele") returns to persuade a witness not to testify against him. In the series pilot episode, Laura becomes shocked when her boss comes to life. Pierce Brosnan plays a con-man with a secretive past and joins Laura in her adventures as Remington Steele. Joining Holt and Steele for the ride is Mildred Krebs (Doris Roberts). For more details check out DVD Talk's reviews of season one, season two, and season three

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  1. gton is champagne, he’s beer. Where Re
  2. gton Steele's chic private detective Laura Holt would wear if she were real. Laura is ambitious, lives on the west coast, runs her own business and must account for every penny
  3. The resolution provided by the sixth episode won’t come in the form of a “final episode,” however, since Gleason and other executives at MTM Enterprises hope NBC will decide to order additional installments as the season progresses.
  4. gton Steele, starring Stephanie Zimbalist as Laura Holt, the gutsy female P.I., and Pierce Brosnan as Re
  5. Interesting. I only vaguely remember this show. (I rarely got access to a TV in the 80s.) I’d like to hope the opening gambit is dated, though. I’d like to hope a woman could stick “Laura” on the door (as opposed to Kinsey or V.I.) and get people to knock now. Then again, PJ Parrish still has people who won’t read the books when they find out sisters wrote them instead of a “dude.”

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  1. gton Steele Investigations, it commenced to draw clients from all walks of life and more money than Holt had ever earned before. Most of it, though, seemed to go towards furthering the ruse of Re
  2. Mulch's latest brainstorm to franchise the agency gets an unfortunate investigator killed by an angry client.
  3. gton was that Zimbalist's character, Laura Holt, is a crack private investigator. But she's hampered by the reality that potential clients shy away from a female PI
  4. gton Steele, a mystery/comedy that focused on Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), a female private eye who did all the research and apprenticed her way into excellence in her field
  5. or crush on Brosnan, but not because of his looks. Steele’s clumsiness and cluelessness when it came to detecting (at least in the beginning) was endearing. Oddly enough, when Brosnan became Bond and was all suave with the babes, I lost interest.
  6. gton Steele. Pierce Brosnan's breakthough role in Hollywood was essentially a 94-episode audition for 007. The handsome British star was perfectly cast as the title character in Re

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Remington Steele. Crime novels and detective stories have their own entertaining aspect and when it is about the famous fictional detective Remington Steele, people are surely going to spend time watching the series. Remington Steele is actually a television series starring Stephanie Zimbalist and Peirce Brosnan as private eye detective and a professional thief, respectively Get the IMDb AppView Full SiteHelpSite IndexIMDbProBox Office MojoIMDb DeveloperPress RoomAdvertisingJobsConditions of UsePrivacy PolicyInterest-Based Ads© 1990-2020 by IMDb.com, Inc.

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Directed by Kevin Connor. With Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan, Doris Roberts, Barbara Cason. Someone is trying sabotage R.J. Stonewell's aviation company. She hires Remington Steele Investigations, but R.J.'s mysterious rival is so intent on ruining her company. Laura's home is bombed in an attempt to kill her and stop the investigation Now, Deadline reports that the re-booted show will follow Olivia Holt, the daughter of Steele and Laura Holt, as she reopens her parents' famed detective agency, 30 years after the end of Remington Steele. The original show, which aired from 1982 to 1987 on NBC, was a huge hit Remington Steele (TV Series) is a TV Series directed by Michael Gleason (Creator), Robert Butler (Creator), with Pierce Brosnan, Stephanie Zimbalist, Doris Roberts, James Read,. Year: 1982. Original title: Remington Steele (TV Series). Synopsis: TV Series (1982-1987). 5 Seasons. 94 Episodes. When Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), a beautiful young private detective begins her own. Laura and Steele try to protect two singing-telegram girls who witnessed a murder while they also hunt for the killers.

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RS~Remington Steele & Laura Holt: My Life Would Suck Without You - Duration: 3:39. Remington Steele 8,549 views. 3:39. RS~Remington Steele & Laura Holt: Take Your Time - Duration: 3:59 Laura and Steele go undercover at a self-improvement spa to find out why there have been a series of mysterious accidents. Murphy's college homecoming is marred by a murder that awakens memories of a bombing on campus ten years before. GUEST STARS: Annie Potts, Todd Susman, Allyce Beasley, Tony Plana. Stylish sleuthing involving the title character and his PI partner, Laura Holt, who team up after she invents a boss, `Remington Steele,' to lure clients who might be otherwise reluctant to hire a. A lone crimefighter battles the forces of evil with the help of a virtually indestructible and artificially intelligent supercar.

Red Holt Steele Air date: Sep 27, 1983 Laura investigates the corporate skulduggery undermining a widow's battle to keep her husband's aircraft company aloft In a merciless fashion, this episode sets up Laura Holt's central (feminist) problem: that she is a genius entrepreneurial private eye going completely unrecognized and unsought-after just because she is a woman. Unrecognized, that is, until she creates a fake, perfect boss called Remington Steele. Then her cases come rolling in Laura and Steele get lots of advice and help when they investigate the embezzlement of a mystery-writers guild's treasury.

Laura has her hands full trying to discover why an accountant at a huge corporation was killed. However, Steele's desire to quickly wed a call girl (Nancy Everhard) so as to avoid being deported distracts Laura from her murder investigation. Steele eventually ends up marrying Laura herself (this episode was supposed to be the series's finale). Victoria Janssen is the author of three erotic novels and numerous short stories.  Her latest novel is The Duke and The Pirate Queen from Harlequin Spice.  Follow her on Twitter:  @victoriajanssen or find out more at victoriajanssen.com. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. All of these tensions deepen the meaning of even their most genial banter.  In any romance, learning to trust the other person is a key element.  In their romance, it isn’t just romantic trust at stake.  For Laura, the question of trust is one that defines her deepest beliefs and her hardwon career; for Steele, it’s tied to his desire for redemption. 

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I think now it’s pretty commonplace to have a female PI – and I am sure there were some in the 1980s as well. But I do think that they might have had trouble getting clients. Private Investigator Laura Holt had trouble obtaining clients. A female private investigator seemed too feminine for some. So she invented a superior and suddenly there were cases around the block. She managed to juggle the fictitious Remington Steele's whereabouts so no one could actually meet him, given he didn't exist A mysterious baby plays a central part in a case involving gangsters and professional boxing that draws upon Steele's past as "The Kilkenny Kid". Steele is heard to sing softly "Oh, me name is MacNamara, I'm the leader of the band". GUEST STARS: Bert Remsen, Paul Stewart, Ken Foree, Julie Carmen, George McDaniel, Len Lesser.

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Murphy Michaels: Laura, we made a rule: if a client insists on dealing directly with Remington Steele, we pass. Laura Holt: Gordon Hunter is creating a media event - television, newspapers, People magazine for God's sake. Whoever provides security for the gems gets kissed by the same spotlight. The publicity is worth its weight in clients The detectives try to find a kidnapped heiress with the help of her twin sister. GUEST STARS: Stephen Elliott, Ann Dusenberry, Joanna Barnes, Thomas Hill, Judith Chapman, Ian Wolfe. Laura protects a photographer (Kenneth Mars) and his files from angry clients and the FBI even after her doctored photo appears in a porno magazine. Guest star: Nana Visitor (near the end of the episode) I love this show, have all the DVDs and have re-watched them several times. I agree that the episodes hold up. Laura was an inspiration to me as a teenager in the ’80s. I wanted a VW Rabbit and started wearing hats. Her smarts, her spunk, her hair–what’s not to like?

Remington Steele is best known for launching the career of Pierce Brosnan. Remington Steele ' s premise is that Laura Holt, a licensed private detective played by Stephanie Zimbalist, opened a detective agency under her own name but found that potential clients refused to hire a woman, however qualified. To solve the problem, Laura invents a. I LOVE REMINGTON STEELE! Please comment on my videos & my channel. If you have a song you think would go well with Mr. Steele & Ms. Holt, please leave a requ.. My Fanfic: All original content of my stories ©1985-2017 by Nancy Eddy. The characters of Remington Steele, Laura Holt, et al, are used without permission. I make no attempt to copyright these characters, and I am not making a dime from them. So PLEASE don't sue me The Story: Laura Holt is in love with a con-man without a past and without a name. Remington Steele (for that is the name she lent to the man without a name) is a man who is crazy in love with Laura but can't commit to her because of his past .Steele and Laura's relationship is quite complicated

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Early in the 1980s, it was unusual to find a character like Laura Holt on network television.  Laura was her own woman, responsible for her own destiny.  True, the show also focused heavily on the romance between Laura and con man “Remington Steele,” but even when Steele took the lead in their relationship, Laura always kept her hardheaded approach to investigating.  It’s often described as a forerunner of Moonlighting, but despite the brilliance of that show’s dialogue, I confess I still prefer Remington Steele.  To me, it’s less stylized and more groundbreaking than its successor, especially in the matter of the romance.  It’s still the role for which I remember Stephanie Zimbalist best. Lindanny: Linda and Danny Reagan, Blue Bloods, my top OTP Remaura: Remington Steele and Laura Holt, Remington Steele Kristanna: Anna of Arendelle and Kristoff Björgman, Frozen franchise. My top animated ship. Eugenzel: Eugene Fitzgerbet and Rapunzel, Tangled franchise Hiccstrid: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Astrid Hofferson Haddock, How To Train Your Dragon Franchis Gleason hopes the introduction of a romantic triangle will breathe new life into the show, which he conceded was sometimes “treading water” last year as the creative team struggled for ways to keep the characters apart.At the start of the second season, IRS agent Mildred Krebs joins the agency, having tired of trying to nail Steele on non-payment of taxes (it's hard to tax a guy who doesn't exist). Bits and pieces of his past continued to bubble to the surface. It turns out he has a mentor of sorts, Daniel Chalmers, an older conman, who pops up at inconvenient times (played by Stephanie Zimbalist's real life dad, Efram Zimbalist, Jr.). Immigration tries to deport him. Old girlfriends (always in trouble) turn up with alarming frequency. Rumours of criminal acts are whispered. Fun stuff.

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Jul 31, 2017 - Channel her style, mon ami. See more ideas about Stephanie zimbalist, Pierce brosnan and Actor The villain (Guy Boyd) from the episode "Steele Framed" (No. 27) reappears and promises that Laura and Steele will die within an hour. GUEST STARS: Guy Boyd, Quinn Cummings, Michael Fairman, Peter Jason. The agency Christmas party is interrupted by three gun-wielding Santas who take everyone hostage and threaten to blow up the building. In this two-part episode, Steele and Laura go after diamond smugglers in Acapulco. Associate detective Murphy Michaels and secretary Bernice Fox have left the agency, while Mildred Krebs (Doris Roberts), previously an IRS agent hot on Steele's tail, ends up teaming with Laura and Steele. GUEST STARS: Vincent Baggetta, Ray Girardin, Jack Blessing, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., David Warner. The baseline story is complicated, but fortunately, the show's writers repeatedly revisit the tale of how the Remington Steele detective agency was formed: Private investigator, Laura Holt (played by Stephanie Zimbalist), starts an agency and can't get clients because she is a woman

Remington Steele (1982-1987) was an American television series, airing on NBC, about a female private detective partnered with a former thief who assumes the role of a fictitious detective in the business On the detective drama REMINGTON STEELE/NBC/1982-87, Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) opened a detective agency, but it was not very successful. It seemed her potential clients wanted a macho male detective to do their work. To battle such prejudice, she invented a fictitious male superior named Remington Steele, deriving his name from a typewriter and When Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), a beautiful young private detective begins her own business (Laura Holt investigations), she soon discovers that no one is willing to hire a female detective.In an attempt to attract clients, Laura creates a mythical boss named Remington Steele, renames her company (Remington Steele Investigations), and suddenly business is booming A former Interpol agent turned murderer (Tom Baker) murders a current Interpol agent and takes Mildred as his hostage. Later, the former Interpol agent threatens to kill Mildred and arrest a world famous thief, but Steele stops the former agent by kicking his gun away and the police take the former Interpol Agent to jail. GUEST STARS: J. D. Cannon, Tom Baker, Nita Talbot, Sarah Marshall, Doris Belack, Freddie Weber, Paddi Edwards. Film reference: Old Yeller. When Remington Steele was canceled at the end of last season, executive producer Michael Gleason was as surprised as anyone and shared viewers' frustration that the long-running courtship.

Pierce Brosnan Files: Remington Steele: Production Notes

Eventually Steele became a considerable investigator in his own right, relying less on his knowledge of movies and more on the experience he'd gained with Laura. ''Remington Steele'' made a lasting star of Creator/PierceBrosnan and won him the role of Film/JamesBond. (Not Not without some controversy, though Remington Steele DRAMA Laura Holt, a female private investigator, invents a mythical male boss for her clients who don't believe a woman can achieve top results To find out why a client committed suicide, Laura and Steele go undercover to an island party, where people are being murdered one by one. GUEST STARS: Lynne Randall, Paul Hecht, Bruce Kirby, Brandis Kemp, Diane Stilwell.

Remington Steele TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes andStephanie Zimbalist as Laura Holt in Remington Steele

I loved this show. I think I had a thing for shows of its type, though, since both Moonlighting and Scarecrow and Mrs. King also top my list of faves!Steele tries to help a street-wise kid who picks his pocket and grabs evidence that a loan shark will do anything to retrieve.

Laura and Steele are hired to protect a professional wrestler who has been receiving death threats and having mysterious "accidents." Laura's former boss is murdered during a reunion of her former colleagues. GUEST STARS: Carlene Watkins, Philip Charles MacKinzie, Arthur Rosenberg, Jeff Pomerantz

I also love this show. It’s such a great premise, and it was really fun to watch. I have the DVDs. @Kiersten – the Ireland shows were fabulous and you aren’t a nerd!Let’s be very clear here: Joe Goldberg is a bad guy. It doesn’t matter that he’s really good-looking, as played by Penn Badgley in what one could say is the natural evolution of his career from playing part-time creeper Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl, another show adapted from a popular book series. Full disclosure: I… A Remington Steele egy amerikai televíziós sorozat, amely 1982-től 1987-ig futott, Pierce Brosnan és Stephanie Zimbalist főszereplésével. A sorozat egy csalóból lett magánnyomozóról szól, aki a sok közös kaland során teljesen beleszeret Laura Holt magánnyomozónőbe. Egyébként ő az iroda tényleges vezetője, bár papíron Steele a főnöke

Remington Steele was a popular show that ran for five seasons, from 1982 to 1987, and it's probably best known for introducing the world to the magnificence of Pierce Brosnan.Brosnan's casting has assured the legacy of Remington, but that shouldn't be what audiences know about it.What's notable is its female lead, Laura Holt, played beautifully by Stephanie Zimbalist A client who hired Remington Steele Investigations to protect a shipment of rare jewels insisted that Steele himself oversee the operation. Pierce's shady character, who was hanging around looking for profitable opportunities, well-knowingly steps into the role of Remington Steele against Laura Holt's wishes. The gems involved, the royal lavulite, had recently been discovered. This episode was shot after the original pilot, to offer details on the backstory. GUEST STARS: Joseph Hacker, Phil Casnoff, Robert Darnell, John Francis Story: Remington Steele has tried everything to prove that his love for Laura Holt is true and pure. The problem? She doesn't believe him. So he asks her, What Do I Have To Do to prove my love? Note: Watch this video before the response video Laura Holt: I've Got To Be Certain Mr. Steele. Song: What Do I Have To Do Singer: Kylie Minogu Remington Steele and Laura Holt, the assistant announced, then discretely left the room. In his chair, where he remained sitting through the introductions, Hayes threw out his hands to either side of him, laughing and grinning widely at Laura. Laura Holt! he repeated her name, enthusiastically as he stood and walked around the desk to stand. Series Description. Remington Steele was 60 minute crime drama series on NBC about an attractive, intelligent woman who opens her own detective agency and finds that no customers will hire a female detective. In order to fix her problem, she renamed her agency from Laura Holt Investigations to Remington Steele Investigations and told everyone that she works for a mythical Mr. Steele

Stephanie Zimbalist Web Page, with Picture Gallery, Biography, Sounds, Articles, Filmography and Links. She is best known as Laura Holt on the 80s tv-series Remington Steele. Eine deutschsprachige Version ist auch vorhanden I LOVED this show, especially when they were in Ireland and RS’s past would loom and endanger them. Such good stuff. Laura Holt was a true trailblazer in TV at that time & while I loved me some Moonlighting, totally prefer RS.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Remington Steele - V. 1 (VHS, 1993) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Remington Steele. Background: If I've learned one thing in life, it's you can never go back. Stephanie Zimbalist For TV viewers of the 1980s, Stephanie Zimbalist was famous as private detective Laura Holt in the series Remington Steele (1982-1987), where she costarred opposite Pierce Brosnan That about sums up rookie private eye LAURA HOLT''s original plan. Invent a male superior to attract clients to her fledgling detective agency. Until a mysterious, albeit charming con artist shows up, claiming he is REMINGTON STEELE.

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