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The Waterman Hémisphère is a pen introduced in 1994 by the French pen company, Waterman.. The Hémisphère is a light pen that has a cigar shaped barrel with a beveled top and usual Waterman clip. It comes in many colours (metallic, blue, green, red, cognac), a lacquer finish, or a brushed chrome or gold finish. The clip comes in chrome or 24-karat gold finish A lightweight fountain pen with a contemporary design, styled with a matte black lacquer finish and chrome plated accents.Man, it’s exactly that. A very nice pen for a rather big price (in it’s category, mind!). And just as you, I have had one for about two and a half years. However, the nastiest thing happend to me… I lost it outside. And I couldn’t find it anymore. So whoever foud it (and I sure hope someone did), I wish you all the happiness in the world with it. I truely do. So that being that, after a week of mourning, I bought another one. It just arrived and I’m glad to say, welcome to the family! Shop. Showing 1-27 of 56 results. Waterman® Allure Ballpoint Pen (Black CT) Price from: $14.95 (We will beat any advertised price!) Compare. Waterman® Allure Ballpoint Pen (Blue CT) Waterman® Hemisphere Rollerball Pen (Stainless Steel GT) Price from: $57.80 (We will beat any advertised price!) Compare

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A smooth writing rollerball pen with a traditional black lacquer finish and 23K gold plated appointments. Staples Is Helping Businesses Of All Sizes Be More Productive, Connected And Inspired. Staples Provides Custom Solutions To Help Organizations Achieve Their Goals Waterman Hemisphere An elegant, slim pen, the Hémisphère prizes practicality while keeping an eye firmly on style, too. Available in a range of contemporary finishes, it's an everyday pen for a modern lifestyle - pure grace from Waterman A classically designed fountain pen with a modern twist, finished with a matte black lacquer and gold plated trims.A slim-line mechanical pencil with a modern appearance, rendered with a matte black lacquer finish and chrome trims.

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An attractive rollerball pen with a fashionable matte black lacquer finish and 23K gold plated features. Shop Waterman Pens online at David Jones. Free & fast shipping available, or choose to click & collect at our stores

This is my third Waterman Hemisphere rollerball pen. I keep buying them in different finishes because this pen's slim profile (8mm diameter grip) and relatively light weight (22 percent lighter than my Parker IM rollerballs) make it feel very comfortable in my hand, and I really like the pen's classic looks and capped body style Comfort-wise, the Waterman Hemisphere is a thin pen. I shan’t drone on about measurements, but by modern standards it would be considered lithe. Not an issue, as it doesn’t feature any weird tapering or ergonomic swedges so you can adjust your grip as needed. Needless to say, it can also be posted. It’s balance point is solid- no real biases in the hand. It just feels sturdy and practical, albeit a smidgen thin. Waterman Fountain Pens, Waterman Rollerball Pens, Waterman pens, Waterman pencils, Waterman inks, cartridges and Waterman refills. www.watermanshop.eu +48 22 100 67 63 Fountain Pens HEMISPHERE (35) Fountain Pens PERSPECTIVE (5) Price €0 - €50. €41 - €100 . €101 - €200. €201 - €1000 Gifts. For Her. Got the exact same model today! Unfortunately it keeps skipping on the first stroke. I’m waiting to get a converter so that I can give it a good flush.

Waterman Allure red Fountain Pen single wooden box Black Single Maroon. Code: 2068196_C1B. Waterman Allure black mat CT Fountain Pen single wooden box Black Single Maroon. Code: 2042967_M1T. Waterman Hemisphere 2018 Bright Blue CT Fountain Pen in single wooden box Mahogany Single Turquoise. Code: 2100326_M1T Huge range in stock from £31 & nib sizes available. Add our engraving servic Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel with Golden Trim, Rollerball Pen with Fine Black refill (S0920350) 4.2 out of 5 stars 63. $85.78. Waterman Rollerball Pen Refill, Fine Point, Black Ink (540951PP) 4.2 out of 5 stars 201. $137.40. Next. Customer Questions & Answer Waterman Hemisphere Matte Black Chrome Trim Ball Pen. $119.95. Waterman Hemisphere Matte Black Chrome Trim Fountain Pen. $149.95. Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel Gold Ball Pen. $99.95. Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen . $129.95 Waterman Hemisphere.

Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe Blue Wave Ballpoint Pen. Item: AP17248. Price: $126.00 Now $100.00. Waterman Hemisphere Comet Red Rollerball Pen. Item: AP17255. Price: $104.00 Now $83.00. Waterman Hemisphere Comet Red Ballpoint Pen. Item: AP17258. Price: $92.00 Now $73.00. Waterman Hemisphere Bright Blue Rollerball Pen. I know that if I lost my Hemisphere, I would buy another almost immediately, but that’s me and you’re you (hopefully). In tough times like this, I am extremely glad I made the choice to abscond from any reviewing standards, as attributing a number out of 10 for this pen would leave me in a frenzied state.

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  1. Its the ever WORST fountain pen….its ink always get overflow irrespective of POSITION in which u keep the pen. Every time putoff the cap to use the pen.its find full of ink…nd evry tim gv embrassing feeling.
  2. As for the clip, it’s pretty in a very Waterman’ish sorta way. It’s not roughly stamped out, but rather, feels quite solid and high end. Very similar (once again) to all Waterman offerings I have handled.
  3. The Waterman Hemisphere range are reliable and solidly built (I use both the roller ball and the fountain pen variants). The fact that the main body of the pen is a sturdy metal adds much needed weight and also means that you don't necessarily need the lid on rear of the pen to balance out the weight
  4. Add some sophistication to your writing with this stylish Hemisphere ballpoint pen, featuring a gloss black finish and 23K gold plated trims.
  5. waterman hemisphere green marble ballpoint pen new in box. this pen is a real beauty. the combination of green and gold is just super . the pen is much nicer in real life , the picture does no justice to the pen. we will gladly ship this out of the usa . we also have the matching pencil listed
  6. With its 23-carat gold-plated trim and black lacquer, the Waterman Hemisphere Black/Gold Rollerball Pen is the true definition of luxury. These fine rollerball pens utilize black ink and a fine point for a quality writing experience. Waterman engraves a signature logo on all fine point pens. This pen is sold individually in a premium gift-ready.
  7. A beautifully crafted fountain and ballpoint pen set with a brushed stainless steel finish and 23K gold plated appointments.

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Our engraved waterman pens make a fantastic gift, especially for big milestone celebrations. If you're looking for a personalised waterman graduate pen, we recommend the understated Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen with a Black & Chrome trim or the stainless steel Waterman Privee Fountain Pen - to get a personalised Waterman pen, just look. Well, the Platinum has a luster in the flesh that is quite beautiful but yes, admittedly the brass body of the Hemisphere does lend itself to a more substantial/higher quality feel than plastic/resin pens.

Subscribe to Scribble Jot's Email NewsletterIf you like Scribble Jot posts and would like to be emailed whenever I publish a new article or review to this blog, fill in the form below and hit the subscribe button.Scribble Jot is a fountain pen, papeterie, and stationery blog by Thomas Xavier. Features both reviews and guides.Relative to price, it’s way too expensive. For $20 more you can import a Platinum #3776 from Japan with a more expensive nib (and varied nib options) and objectively superior styling in terms of the appearance of value. Which leads us to a weird thing to consider: can a pen be valuable because you love it? If that’s the case then yes, the Hemisphere is superb value. If you think a pen can only be valuable relative to the cost of materials and construction, it’s really not worth it.

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  1. Waterman Fountain Pen Nibs. Replacement fountain pen nibs for Waterman pens, including the Carene, the Hemisphere, the Expert and all of the other Waterman models. Each waterman nib is engraved with their logo, and supplied as an entire nib section including the finger grip. They are all made from different materials and finishes and will only.
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  3. Waterman Hemisphere BALLPOINT PEN BRAND NEW IN BOX !! 1971674 WE WILL GLADLY SHIP THIS OUT OF THE USA THIS IS JUST A SUPER GIFT TO GIVE TO ANYONE , EVEN YOURSELF . 00064. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling
  4. The Waterman Hemisphere is emblematic of the Parisian finesse and refinement. This stainless steel ballpoint pen, accented by 23 karat gold appointment, stands as a handsome expression of professionalism and..
  5. Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen - Amazon / eBay. Quality is a very difficult adjective to properly convey across a screen. All pens look decent enough when photographed under proper lighting with the right angles, etc.; but the feel of quality is something the Waterman Hemisphere excels at for an entry (yet mid-end, more on this later) price.

Waterman Hemisphere Pens and Pen Sets. Exemplifying the confidence of a Parisian, a personalized Waterman Hemisphere is a pen for the everyday writer who will never be disappointed by blotty ink flow or shabby craftsmanship A luxurious rollerball pen with a lightweight structure, showcasing a satin matte black lacquer finish and chrome plated fittings.An exquisite twist-action ballpoint pen with a luxurious matte black lacquer finish and 23K gold plated trims.The Hemisphere’s styling is a blend of avant garde and art deco. It works, and I dig it. That being said, the aesthetics might suit me, but repulse others. Regardless of your visual biases, it’s nicely finished if perhaps a bit flashy, but the again the whole pen is understated bling (23k gold plating and hard angles/big bands, etc).Thanks for the compliment Niels, I am sure whoever has your Hemisphere is over the moon. 😉 Sucks to lose pens, its why I rarely take my babies out of the house and when I do, I use a pen kimono and keep ’em in a bag.

I enjoyed your review. Very helpful. I am no pen maven, but this pens seems good. But I like a heavier, thicker pen that the Hemisphere. any suggestions for a good one under $100?Quality is a very difficult adjective to properly convey across a screen. All pens look decent enough when photographed under proper lighting with the right angles, etc.; but the feel of quality is something the Waterman Hemisphere excels at for an entry (yet mid-end, more on this later) price point. The fabrication is made in France with a level of detail that you just won’t find in cheaper pens when it comes to the fit, and trust me, I own a metric ton of the stuff (damn you, eBay!).

In the a similar vein, the Waterman Carene can often be found sub $100 when on sale. Its definitely on the heavier side of things thanks to its brass & lacquered body. I would also consider taking a look at Jinhao, Duke & other Chinese fountain pens as they often have a heavier build. The issue with Western brands are the options sub 100 bucks. You will either be buying derivative garbage (Modern Parker) or something injection molded and thus very light.You’ve nailed it! I keep going back to it, a fantastice everyday pen. Pricey but good quality. And, it always works!

In this video I review my Waterman Hémisphère fountain pen (and, in less detail, the Hémisphère ballpoint pen). Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen - Duration: 2:45. PenChalet 24,721 views. 2:45 The Waterman Hemisphere has been a bestseller for over a decade - a favorite in fine writing and gifts for men and women around the globe. The Hemisphere Essential Ballpoint Pens are slim, sophisticated and. That said, it is steel, but then again, I prefer it to the vastly more expensive 18k gold Carene or Exception nibs that I also own. It has a very distinct character unlike the Carene, which is just a nail; a very nice nail, but a nail nonetheless.A classically designed rollerball pen of impeccable quality, with a gloss black finish and chrome highlights.Interesting, I never experienced that at all. Did you try contacting Waterman? Sounds like their is a sealing issue here, or perhaps the feed is too generous?

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Hémisphère Separate yourself from the crowd with the fashionable Hemisphere collection. Inspired by a carefully curated selection of up-to-date colours, metallic effects, beautiful lacquers and patterns to convey Parisian self-assurance, whenever on display Months of hand wringing and still no real conclusion, yet again I will say that this is a frustrating pen to review. It flies in the face of conventional wisdom when it comes to value. It’s super nice, but totally overpriced when it comes to materials. But then again it feels worth the price. Eugh.Cheers Jon, glad someone else sees this little tyke the same way I do! I love the 3776- insane value- even compared to the Chinese imports!

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  1. imalism. This pen is an incredibly elegant writing instrument available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens
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  3. No matter how you look at the Hemisphere, it’s a tough sale. It’s too small to be a flashy/pretty (in a masculine way) contract signer and its too basic to be an art pen. So where does it fit? Sixty bucks for a steel nib, lacquered brass body and a plastic section. Admittedly, all made in France with very crisp precision compared to the Chinese stuff that I have handled.
  4. A distinguished ballpoint pen with a high-quality traditional design, featuring a gloss black lacquer finish and chrome plated trims.
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