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8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - stream 160 skam playlists including isak x even, evak, and The Weeknd music from your desktop or mobile device skam serija sa prevodom gledaj online , skam serija sa prevodom serije i filmovi - serije-online.com. Serije Online. skam serija sa prevodom. SKAM | Eva & Chris - Or Nah. Michelle King . 3.236.454 views - 3 years ago Skam - Eva and P-Chris kiss, season 3, episode 1. ily bye Song Artist Scene I Feel It Coming The Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) Yousef dancing and lip-syncing in the living room, with Sana watching. Straumnes Sigur Rós Sana looking at pictures of Yousef. No Long Talk Drake (feat. Giggs) The Pepsi Max gang appearing by the bus. U-Rite They. The girls squad facing the Pepsi Max gang, moving over to the girls squad listening to Sana about how to get the money. Closing credits. High quality Skam inspired Postcards by independent artists and designers from around the world. Unique artwork for posting words of wisdom or decorating your wall, fridge or office. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Read >> season 4 from the story skam by -bekind () with 9,656 reads. gay, isakeven, norwegian. So I'm a little cu..

Thursday October 1, 2015 While Jonas and Isak are playing a Trivial Pursuit, Eva is reading a book in the living room. When Isak answers Eva a question and she says she won't join, Jonas whispers that she can't answer. When Eva gives the wrong answer, the boys start laughing. Jonas notices Eva's mood and ask her why she is so pissed, moving over to join her on her couch. Eva shoves him off however, saying she is not pissed but she thinks Trivial Pursuit is boring. Apr 28, 2017 - Explore rebekahrosa82's board William Magnusson on Pinterest. See more ideas about William skam, Noora william and Series movies. Skam Noora And William William Skam Chris And Eva Chris Williams Camila Morrone Bae Tfios Ragnar Best Noora And William Noora Skam Anna And The French Kiss Will Herondale Donna Tartt The. When Jonas asks her what she wants to play instead, Eva says she just wants to read. Jonas insists, and Eva suggests they play 'My ship is loaded with'. When they settle to play the game, Eva starts saying "My ship is loaded with Ingrid." Eva and Jonas exchange a look, before Jonas averts the subject by stating 'my ship is loaded with Erna Sjolberg, Eva's answer from earlier'. Eva doesn't think it's funny and they proceed to play the game with proper answers untill a loud bang interrupts them. Jonas then says that it's not about infedelity or lies, but it's about him not understanding who she is. He says that in middle school she was friends with Sara and Ingrid, and he was dating Ingrid and then Eva wanted to be with him. He says now she has new friends who dig third year guys, and suddenly she wants to be with them all the time. He says Eva just follows what other people think is exciting, and that she doesn't have her own opinion. He asks her what she really likes, and who she really is. Eva starts crying, and Jonas tells her to call him when she has found out. He then gets up and leaves, leaving Eva behind on her own.

Welcome Back Yousef Read on Ao3 Summary:The whole gang celebrates Yousef's return. AND JONAS STILL LOVED EVA, AND, AND, ISAK WAS GAY! -AND CHRIS SAID THE SPIRITS WERE SMOKING CRACK BUT LOOK AT HIM NOW! Even is standing close to Isak, hand resting on Isak's upper back, as he leans in for a kiss. Even seems to expect a long. Chris and Eva : Together Fanfiction. A boy named Christoffer Schistad and a girl named Eva Mohn have known each other for a year or so. They would hook up here and there. Now they are in this love story neither wants to leave. This is their love story. • All rights to the characters... #chrisschistad #evamohn #fanfiction #hermantommeraas #skam Herman Tømmeraas as Christoffer Schistad in SkamThéo Christine as Alexandre Delano in Skam FrancePablo Grant as Samuel Fischer in Druck (Germany)Luca Grispini as Federico Canegallo in Skam Italia (Italy)Pedro Castenada as Jordan Diaz in Skam Austin (US)Gabriel G. Mourreau as Cristian Miralles in Skam España (Spain)Silver van Sprundel as Gijs Hartveld in Skam NL (The Netherlands)Maarten Cop as Luka in wtFOCK (Belgium)Add a photo to this gallery Once in the kitchen, Jonas asks what's wrong. Eva asks what's wrong with them and Jonas says nothing is wrong. Eva then asks why he hasn't replied to her messages and he says he was busy. Eva asks if he's not mad she forgot about dinner last night, and Jonas says he's not. Jonas says he doesn't care, and when Eva asks if he doesn't care, Jonas tells her not to stress about it. They go back and forth with 'good, okay' and Eva then says she'll go. Jonas says she's welcome to stay but Eva says she has lots of stuff to do. Jonas kisses her and says he'll call her, and Eva then leaves. chris and eva skam season 4 I thought that Chris was falling for Eva, but it's ok because Jonas and Eva can live a long life together. Chris and Eva were cute and i wanted it to work, but they were just a really hot hookup Read Uzun bir süreden sonra sezona from the story Skam photos by (h a i l e y) with 245 reads

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Song Artist Scene Siste Gang Bendik Sana peeling carrots. Power of Money Yo Gotti Sana googling for finacial aid. Kiss Me Ed Sheeran When Yousef enters the kitchen while Sana is peeling carrots. Tuesday Burak Yeter (feat. Danielle Sandoval) Sana and Elias making the girls leave their house. Sjeiken 2015 Tix & The Pøssy Project Party at Sana's home It's a Sin Pet Shop Boys Closing credits chris x eva skam skam fanfic chris schistad eva kviig mohn christoffer schistad eva mohn eva x chris lisa teige herman tommeraas. Chriseva oneshot. It had started with Sana pressing the stupid heart button in every single one of his instagram photographs. Then there was the kiss on his Halloween party while she had been heart broken by the. A book full of Eva Mohn and Chris Schistad imagines because they will become the iconic couple of skam. One day you will all thank me for this. requests are always open # chris # chriseva # chrisschistad # chrisxeva # eva # evaandchris # evamohn # evaxchris # ivak # mohn # noora # nooraxwilliam # noorhelm # norway # saetre # sana # schistad. When Jonas asks about it being a dumb choice, she says it was because it made her feel like shit. She says she walked around paranoid all the time thinking there might be something between him and Ingrid. She explains how she thought if he could do something like that to Ingrid, he could do the same thing to her. She asks if he understands, and Jonas nods. Eva says maybe she thought she deserved it, and that she became insecure and desperate, and that his opinion mattered more to her than her own. She states that's not how it's supposed to be. Eva says she has to find out what her own opinion is, and that she has to do that on her own.

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Friday November 4, 2016 Jonas is drinking at a pregame with the boys. Magnus talks about a specific hook-up with a third year at a party at 'Løkka' in the bathroom. He says they didn't fuck because there was no toilet seat which causes for Mahdi and Jonas to react confused. Magnus then realised he should have hooked up with her in some other way, yet continues to tell the story of how he got out through the window. The final episode of the season shows other character's struggles such as Vilde's emotional and financial home situation, Chris' desire to prove himself a worthy boyfriend for Eva, Jonas new relationship with Emma and his old relationship with Eva, Chris struggles to be there for her friends as someone to talk to, Even's self-worth and his perception on his relationship with Isak in which they face homophobic comments, William's struggle under the pressure of his dad to return to London, and Eskild and Linn's prospects upon a future without Noora living at the kollektiv. The season (and series) closes with an Eid-celebration at Sana's house, where they all celebrate their friendships and the love they have spread in the face of hatred. Jonas says he said Eva could bring her friends and during an uncomfortable silence it becomes clear that it's not an easy subject. Jonas goes on to say something, but Eva finishes his sentence implying he meant to say she needs to get new friends. Jonas says it's not what he wanted to say, but Eva states that it's what he's thinking. Jonas admits he doesn't know what the right answer is, and Eva advises him to be completely honest. Agreeing on honesty, Jonas says Eva is the coolest girl he knows, and he calls her pretty, sweet, smart and funny. Jonas says he doesn't know what the problem is, and he smiles at her encouragingly while telling her to get new friends. He finishes by saying anyone who gets to be Eva's friend is really lucky. Eva jokes about how he didn't know what to say, and Jonas claims he nailed his speech. Eva agrees, and then they kiss.

Song Artist Scene Mývatin Dreyma Ikke Snakk Til Meg Merone Sana is crossing the school yard to see the Girl Squad. Sheriffen av Rotterdam Geir Sundstøl Frode Haltli Flashing Islam People and Power Radiodok. BBC En Haters Begravelse Lars Vaular Sana texting Isak if he wants to study with her. September Gabrielle Sana visits Isak and Even at their apartment. Hot N*gga Bobby Shmurda Sana goes through Isak's text with Sara. III. Life: The Biggest Troll (Andrew Auernheimer Childish Gambino Sana watches a conversation betwen Isak and Sara. Closing Credits. Sana mentions how they're the losers at the school and they should acknowledge that. Sana then explains they need to recruit more girls, and to do that they need to gain credibility. Sana's plan includes asking the girls if they know any '97 guys, to which an abscence of replies suggests that they don't.

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Monday September 28, 2015 As they leave for the cabin, Eva posts a picture of her and Jonas, with part of the caption saying 'Fuck you Oslo losers'. Almost 3 hours later she posts a picture saying they have arrived at the cabin and in the evening she posts a cuddly picture of her and Jonas by the lake with the caption reading "#inlove" Pretty pretty please watch it in HD, it's better for your eyes• ----- •Hi! here I am with new vid about chris/eva which is might biggest OTP from Skam... after 4x08 I was hoping to get some. My 30 Day Challenge of SKAM Day 8. Welcome everyone back! Day 8. Favourite OTP+ kiss Clearly my favourite OTP is Jonas and Eva!!! These two were cute and i liked them a lot as. Later on, while Isak is at Even's, Jonas texts him about the pregame but Isak replies to say that he's cancelling the plans. Thursday October 15, 2015 Eva joins the girls and tells them they've been invited to the Penetrators' party. Vilde and Chris are amazed, while Sana and Noora are impressed. When they're planning how to buy the alcohol, Eva says she can take a bottle of wine from her mom. Vilde says she can't take alcohol from her house and then asks if she can share with Eva. Sana interrupts her, saying she talks too much. Sana leaves then and Vilde complains about her, saying she is a complete psycho.

Friday March 18, 2016 Jonas and Elias walk into William's party. Eva tells Jonas he needs to drink and meet girls. Noora then takes off her coat and bag, handing it to Eva before she moves through the apartment. After a few steps, Jonas stops her, and he asks her where she's going, stating she can't leave Eva like that. Noora says it will take two seconds. Skam Fanfiction. Eva, 16 year old girl new to Westwood High School gets taken up by Vilde, captain of her bus as a hot high schoolers that can lead them to partner up with the hottest and baddest bus team out there, the Penetrators. Chris, 18 year old boy also kno... #fiction #highschool #skam #tee Saturday March 26, 2016 Noora is at school at her locker when she spots Jonas and Isabell down the hall. Samuel Fischer – DruckFederico Canegallo – Skam ItaliaJordan Diaz – Skam AustinCristian Miralles – Skam EspañaGijs Hartveld – Skam NLLuka Lemmens – wtFOCKWhen Vilde proceeds to ask Eva if she has a Russ bus already, Vilde gets visibly excited and she tells Eva that it's perfect because they just rented a completely new bus and they really want Eva to join. Eva says she hasn't really started thinking about Russefeiring, to which Vilde clarifies that it is really important to think about it. Vilde adds in 'I don't know what it's like in Trondheim', implying Eva is from there. She says that in Oslo people have to start planning really early if not to end up on a bad bus or becoming a gå-russ (non-russ).

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Marlon Langeland as Jonas Vasquez in SkamSylvester Byder as Jonas in Skam (Danish play)Léo Daudin as Yann Cazas in Skam FranceAnselm Bresgott as Jonas Augustin in Druck (Germany)Ludovico Tersigni as Giovanni Garau in Skam Italia (Italy)Till Simon as Marlon Frazier in Skam Austin (US)Tomy Aguilera as Jorge Crespo in Skam España (Spain)Reiky de Valk as Kes Senova in Skam NL (The Netherlands)Nathan Bouts as Jens Stoffels in wtFOCK (Belgium)Add a photo to this gallery Christoffer Schistad, better known as Chris, is a recurring character in the first, second, third and fourth season. He is a former student at Hartvig Nissen, member of The Penetrators and best friend of William Magnusson. tv shows you should watch pt.1: skam, skins, shkola, erkenci kus and more! *beware of spoilers This is a fanfiction dedicated to Chris and Eva, characters from Skam. Since we don't have a lot of information about these two quite yet, I felt like trying to write a fanfiction. Enjoy xx CC: this story comes from my imagination so all the scenarios are mine, but I obviously own zero characters or have any relation to NRK MAHDI: But if Eva doesn't like him and he like Eva, just let it pass. MAGNUS: He has to let it go. ISAK: Yeah, but he's not like he seems. Remember when we had that beeg with Yakuza? All that planning was me and Chris who did and I found he was an alright guy. He was the one who wanted to stand up against the biggest douches in all of Oslo

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Thursday October 7, 2015 Vilde walks up to Eva by the announcement board. Eva introduces Noora and Vilde. When Vilde asks her if she talked to Chris, and Eva replies she hasn't, Vilde states the bus meeting can't go on at Chris' house because her mom is having a wine reception. Vilde explains hers isn't an option either, before asking if they could have it at Eva's. Eva agrees, but asks how many people would be coming. William Skam, Chris And Eva, Noora Skam, Bae, Soap Bubbles, Homo, Love Me Forever, Handsome Boys, Celebrities. ANY TWO PEOPLE TOGETHER BEFORE RHEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEARTTTT UGHHFGGH WHEN THEY HAD THEIR FIRST KISS *this scene* I FREAKINNNGGG CRIEEEJEIEJEDD I LOVE THEM..

[SKAM] Chris×Eva 在一起多好 SKAM; 评论. 羊咩咩的狗 发消息. 对于喜欢的东西 要义无反顾啊 关注 86. 相关推荐 02:37 [SKAM}为了让nooar忘记威廉姆,四美要介绍新的男孩,场面一度难以控制 ps:大佬的哥哥太可了 Evak颁奖典礼kiss Ingrid and Eva used to be best friends when they both attended Grefsen school. Ingrid was Eva's first friend in Oslo, after she moved there from Bergen, and alongside with Sara, they were a trio, until Eva started flirting with Jonas, Ingrid's then-boyfriend. Vilde clarifies Chris is only joking, and asks Eva if she would want to join the bus meeting Friday after school. Eva agrees eventually, and Vilde respons by saying Eva can take her friends friends if she has them. They agree to see eacho ther then, before Chris and Vilde walk on. Saturday October 15, 2016 Jonas and Mahdi walk up to where Isak is at the basketball court. Mahdi states it was real shitty of Isak to betray them. Isak apologises and acts a bit giddy, blaming his behaviour on stress. Mahdi asks stress why, and Isak tries to avoid the subject by saying he will fix a new pre-game. Jonas wants to know why Isak was stressful and Isak says there was stuff with his mom. Mahdi states his mom has been stressed since the day he was born. Jonas, knowing Isak, treads carefully on the subject and asks her how she is, to which Isak replies that she is okay. Jonas exchanges a look with Mahdi. Mahdi then tells Isak to fix a new pregame with the girls, calling it case closed.

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  1. Jonas follows her up and they repeat the argument, with Jonas sticking to the fact that it's about school and saying it's ridiculous that she wants to read his messages. When he asks her why she doesn't trust him, Eva just walks away from him into the bedroom. She lays on the bed, pondering, before she takes her phone where she sees the accepted friend request from Noora.
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Vilde notices Sana clears her throat a couple of times and asks "Is there something" to which Sana replies they're wasting time on toilet paper, and that it's not enough. Vilde says it's important they have an overview. Saturday October 10, 2015 Eva and Jonas are in bed and Jonas is asleep. and tried to open his eyelashes. Jonas groans when Eva touches his face, asking what she's doing. Eva asks if he slept well. Jonas says he didn't, because he had a nightmare. Eva asks about what, and Jonas says she was wearing red clothes, that she was drunk and sang "Tonight it's allowed to be a whore." Friday October 30, 2015 Jonas sends Eva a message with lots of compliments, while she is at the Halloween party with the Penetrators and the Pepsi Max girls.

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  1. Monday November 16, 2015 Jonas is in the schoolyard, talking to Elias and Isak. Eva arrives, but Jonas ignores her. When Elias tells him she's there, the boys just go inside instead.
  2. Sunday October 2, 2016 (1.05AM) In the first episode of Season 3 Eva hosts a party at her house. She is seen making out with Christoffer Schistad and get briefly interupted by vilde who points out the first year girls.
  3. Wednesday October 21, 2015 Eva and Jonas are making out at school when Noora walks up to them. She greets Eva, and Eva introduces Noora and Jonas to each other, after Noora made a comment about Jonas and Eva being on good terms again. Noora then says they have to go to the appointment with the school doctor, and Eva asks about Vilde to which Noora replies she will meet them there. Jonas asks why they're going to the school doctor, and Noora states they're helping a friend to get laid. Jonas frowns a bit, and wishes them luck.
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  5. Vilde clarifies Chris is only joking, and asks Eva if she would want to join the bus meeting Friday after school. Eva agrees eventually, and Vilde respons by saying Eva can take her friends friends if she has them. They agree to see eacho ther then, before Chris and Vilde walk on. Once they're gone, Eva asks 'What is it' when Jonas and Isak start laughing. Jonas explains what Chris was doing.
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The boys then turn to Isak, asking what is up with Kosegruppa. Isak says they should come and that he's hosting. Mahdi says the gate to paradise was wide open and Isak talks about Kosegruppa. Isak then looks at them and deadpans that they should start getting chicks themselves. Magnus curses that the world is unfair, and suggests they ditch Isak to go to the other party. Thursday September 24, 2016 Jonas and Eva are on their way to school and Jonas talks about someone and how he thinks that nobody likes him. Eva interrupts him, asking if they can go to the revue party together. Jonas asks why and Eva explains that the whole school is going, and that they are first years. Jonas echoes her in a mocking way when she recites Argentina, but eventually agrees. Jonas then looks over at Isak encouragingly and Isak gathers his courage again. He then asks the boys if they remember the guy who came up to them when they were watching the dance girls. He takes a while, but then says they had a thing. Magnus parrots him, and then blurts out the question 'What the fuck, are you gay?'. Isak says he isn't gay, right away. He then says he maybe is a little gay but that he's not keen on them or all the guys all the time. Magnus says he hooks up with girls all the time, and Mahdi picks in saying he could be pansexual. Magnus asks what that is, and Mahdi they get into a pansexual/bisexual debate. Jonas then says regardless of it, Isak is hosting the pregame. Magnus says they might get more games now that Isak is 'fag' and Isak counters by saying it doesn't mean he has more game. Tuesday December 6, 2016 Jonas and Mahdi are in the cafeteria when Isak walks up to them. Jonas asks him what's up with him not being at school and Isak replies saying he is a little down because Even lost it. Jonas asks what he did, so Isak tells him he went outside naked in the middle of the night and that he is apparently bipolar. Magnus then joins them saying his mom is also bipolar. Isak asks if Magnus also has a crazy mom, and Magnus states she is not crazy, but bipolar. Jonas has gray eyes and curly dark brown hair, and a somewhat darker complexion than his friends. He has very thick eyebrows. He is of average built and height. He's skinny and good-looking.

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This page contains information about original Skam, similarities, and differences between it and Skam España, etc. Skam (English: Shame) is a Norwegian teen drama web series about the daily life of teenagers at the Hartvig Nissen School, in Oslo. Each season has a new main character. Content (Clips, social media posts, texts) was published in real-time on the website daily. Original Skam has. 【Skam外网剪辑大手7】the infinite(2分23秒开始台词和bgm简直犯规 (ಥ﹏ಥ ) 我是碗安静的芋圆 21.2万播放 · 1556弹 Friday October 8, 2015 At the bus meeting Vilde passes around pastries when she explains how their bus will have a big advantage because they already purchased 40.000 kroner worth of toilet paper with the credit card of another bus. Tuesday October 13, 2015 Eva, Jonas and Isak are on the bus home. Isak asks who Julian Dahl on instagram is, saying he stalks him. Jonas asks if they'll go to hers, and when Eva says they should go to his instead, Jonas informs Isak that Eva doesn't want to tell her mom they're together. When Isak asks why, Jonas says "She's embarrassed of me." which Eva denies. She says she just doesn't want them to meet when he's lying in her bed. Eva starts texting Christoffer Schistad while Jonas talks about having dinner with her mom. Eva agrees that they'll have dinner, and Jonas asks when. After not replying for a while, messaging Chris, Eva agrees on Friday. When Eva mentions texting 'Vilde', Jonas explains she's the bus boss. Isak wonders since when Eva is on a bus. Jonas says she is, and that it's fucked up. WHen Isak says she thought that herself last week, Eva says maybe she changed her mind. Main article: Eva and Jonas Eva and Jonas started dating before the start of the series. As revealed in Season 1, their relationship started with Jonas cheating on Ingrid with Eva. Later on, in upper secondary school, they continued their relationship. Despite appearing very happy and in love, Eva is suspicious of Jonas when she sees a text message from Ingrid at the cabin. Their relationship continues but secrets between the two of them start to weigh, especially on Eva when she kisses Christoffer Schistad at the Halloween party. Eventually they break up with Eva choosing to put herself first. In Season 2 they seem to have a good continuation of their friendship, with Eva helping Jonas with his love life. However soon after Eva is seen upset because Jonas didn't tell her he was dating Isabell, stating they were still friends and he should've told her. By the end of Season 2 and leading into Season 3 they remain amicable and they stay in touch through their mutual friends.

Jonas then complains about Russetiden, saying that he doesn't understand it and that it's capitalist. Eva interrupts him with "blablabla" ad then tells Jonas Sana suggested dumping him. He asks if she did, and Eva says yes to which Jonas scoffs. He claims Eva wouldn't manage without him for a minute. He repeatedly claims she couldn't, before he leans in to kiss her. Penetrator Chris then walks by them and greets Eva, which confuses Sana since Eva claimed she didn't know any '97 guys. Sana explains Chris is on a bus with William, and Vilde gets excited. When Eva asks who he is, Vilde wonders if she really doesn't know about him. She then explains William is the most handsome and coolest guy in all of third year. Sana points him out across the schoolyard, where he is walking with his friends. High quality Skam inspired Spiral Notebooks by independent artists and designers from around the world. Your secrets and dreams written in ink, or drawn in pencil, and hidden behind your favorite art. Notebooks on Redbubble are so very versatile and lucky for you they're available in a ruled or graph 90gsm paper. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Eva then notices Sana throwing a drink at the Pepsi Max girls and she walks after her. The other girls follow and Vilde, who was making out with William, follows after them.

chris schistad herman tømmeraas skam cute cute boys drama gif omfg i love him kiss me series chris and eva eva skam chris skam smile his smile hot handsome Skam black and white. 2,839 notes. Reblog. hermantommeraasitaliansource . Follow. Unfollow. herman tommeraas herman. SKAM 【eva X chris 吻戏cut】 关注 4079. 相关推荐 09:50. 妖女迷行 医生和波的kiss全集 ALL Bo Lauren Kisses(Doccubus)_标清.

Chris and Iben are in a relationship before the start of season 1, but she's introduced as Chris girlfriend after some episodes. She appears for the first time, after Eva and Chris's first kiss and she cames into the them a few seconds later the fact. When the rumors about the two comes out, Iben and Chris break up and she starts to bullying Eva Kiki Machwitz – DruckSilvia Mirabella – Skam ItaliaKelsey Russell – Skam AustinViri Goméz – Skam EspañaEngel Beekman – Skam NLAmber Snoeckx – wtFOCKFriday November 20, 2015 Jonas doesn't answer Eva when she rings his doorbell because he was skating by himself in the skatepark. Eva finds him there, so they sit down to talk. Jonas says he's listening, and Eva starts off by saying she didn't hook up with Chris because she liked him, and that she never did. She says she did it because she thought he and Ingrid were together. Jonas asks her if that's her explanation. Jonas calls it ironic because he took so much shit from her accusing him of cheating while it was her who was unfaithful, which he had to find out from Elias. Wednesday November 23, 2016 Jonas and Isak are walking around at the school talking about Ikea furniture when two girls walk by and greet Isak. Jonas asks him if he knows them but Isak says he doesn't. They then enter the classroom where Magnus and Mahdi are jamming to a song. Jonas announced Isak will be hosting a pregame on Friday. Magnus says he's in, and when Mahdi doesn't answer right away, Isak promises he won't get violent again which causes Mahdi to smile.

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  1. Sunday October 2, 2016 Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus are talking in the bathroom at a party about which girls are fuckable. Isak mentions there is a particular girl and the boys discuss his chances with her. Then they talk about who would hide the stash, and they decide Isak would take it. Emma, the girl they were talking about earlier, enters the bathroom with another girl. Isak and Emma then start making up. The cops then arrive at the party, and Jonas leaves with Isak in the latter's bike.
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  3. Monday March 7, 2016 Noora is by her locker when two girls approach her, asking if she knows Jonas. When Noora says she does, the girls ask if he is together with someone. Noora says he doesnt think he is. The girls then ask about Eva, and Noora states she is not his girlfriend. The girls walk off.
  4. All of Skam, the original Norwegian series. All four seasons in one place. All in the original HD quality, and with improved English subtitles. Questions? -> skamenglishsubs@tumblr. Skam, Season 3, Episode 1, English Subtitles. Skam, Season 2, Episode 1, English Subtitles. Skam, Season 1, Episode 1, English Subtitles. SKAM, Season 1 Trailer
  5. SKAM S3E07 — ENGLISH. Skam, Season 2, Episode 10, English Subtitles. Skam, Season 3, Episode 4, English Subtitles. Skam, Season 2, Episode 7, English Subtitles. Skam, Season 4, Episode 2, English Subtitles. Qasem Soleimani. What Is Happening With Iran? Pompeo driving force behind Soleimani strike: expert. AS Dianggap Siap Hadapi Konsekuensi.
  6. The next Monday Eva is at school and she arrives in Spanish class. She spots Noora sitting by the window, and intends to take the seat next to her until a guy pops up and sits next to Noora instead. Eva goes to sit on the front desk in the middle of the classroom. After Noora decides she doesn't want to sit next to the guy, she changes seats to sit next to Eva.

Magnus then asks when gays have sex who is the man and who is the woman. Jonas and Mahdi groan, and Isak counters with a diss saying he as going to ask the same thing about him when he has sex. The boys all laugh, and Isak doubles the dis saying he remembers Magnus doesn't have sex. Magnus says he was honestly just wondering. Although Eva and Sana did not have the best start, as Sana asked Eva to break up with her then-boyfriend Jonas, to hook up with one of the third year students, they eventually became better friends during the seasons. Chris and Eva could. Chris, as we've seen, has made progress, but someone can't go to cheating on his girlfriend 7+ times to I want a real relationship 100% in about a year. He still has growing up to do, but it could work. Chris was willing to meet her mom, and Jonas wasn't, which is another nice break of a parallel Eva stands by as Vilde says she doesn't want Sana in their group. When Noora comments she will join if Sana does, Vilde walks off and Eva smiles at Noora.

Eva and Vilde met each other at the revue party in the beginning of the first school year. Eva noticed that Vilde was crying in the bathroom, and Eva asked if she could do anything for her. When they met again after the fall break, Vilde asked Eva to join the Russ-bus, alongside with Chris, an if they could do the "Bus meeting" at her house. In Season 1, Eva has long, wavy auburn hair. From Season 2 onward, her hair is a bit longer than her shoulders. She has fair skin and grey eyes. She is of average build and height. Her style is casual with vans, plaid or jean shirts, big scarfs and beanies. Jonas then thinks for a bit, while Isak is visibly more relaxed now. When he asks Isak if it's the guy from Vilde's revue group, Isak says yes. Jonas asks about his name, and Isak replies that it's 'Even'. Jonas says he's a good looking guy. He wonders what else he's supposed to say and Isak says he doesn't know himself. Magnus then asks where Even is, and Isak replies he's at home, he guesses. Magnus then clarifies that he meant in his head: if he's stoked or depressed. Isak says he hasn't talked to him, because it has all ben bullshit from his part because he was manic this whole time. Magnus explains that when his mom is manic he doesn't have contact with her, but he points out Isak has had plenty of contact with Even. Isak then says Sonja, Even's ex girlfriend, told him. Magnus is surprised, asking Isak if he thinks he should trust his ex saying he doesn't have feelings for him. Magnus jokes that's very smart logic, and suggest asking Even how he feels when he calmed down. Jonas says he's pretty cool, and Magnus jokingly asks if he only realised now. High quality Skam gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours

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  1. Tuesday September 29, 2015 On tuesday morning Eva and Jonas are in bed making out, when Isak walks in on them. Jonas jokingly agrees with Eva when she suggests sending him home, before they hear Isak singing 'Lonely'. In the afternoon she posts a video of Jonas losing at monopoly. Around dinnertime, a picture appears of Isak and Jonas in aprons. In the caption, Eva jokingly asks who looks best.
  2. Chris and Eva Read Uzun bir süreden sonra sezona from the story Skam photos by (h a i l e y) with 245 reads. Eva and Chis are so damn HOT together. Leia Zła dziewczyna, da história The Wrong Man They are meant for each other Leia Zła dziewczyna, da história The Wrong Man||Chris & Eva, de Paulen2103, que tem 944 leituras. funfiction, skam.
  3. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Skam Chris animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>
  4. Monday October 12, 2015 Eva is walking onto the schoolyard reading a text from her mom asking about a bad grade she noticed. Then Vilde calls for her, saying she doesn't think Sana fits their bus group. Eva says she's being a bit strict. They are interrupted by Sana and Chris who walk up to them.

Sana is seen juggling all these parts of her life until they all clash together on one day. She faces the aftermath of an altercation between her brother and his friends versus Jonas, Mahdi, Magnus, Even and Isak, who gets hurt during it. Pressured by her desire to fit into Norwegian culture more, Sana gathers evidence of Sara's malicious habits and creates an Instagram hate-account, the repercussions of which also affect her friends. Things get cleared up as Sana confesses, and Noora is revealed to have tried to get Yousef and Sana together. Sana admits to her mom that she likes Yousef and goes on a date with him. Russ bus party, Chris and Eva go to the back of the bus to hook up but are interrupted by a phone call from Isak who was letting Chris know the Yakuza guys had arrived. 22.05.2016 Eva has talked to Penetrator Chris and he said he went to London, his father apparently lives there 25.05.201 Tuesday October 6, 2015 Around lunch, Jonas and Isak are discussing the word 'culturally' while hanging out with Eva in the corridor. When Vilde and Chris approach Eva, Jonas observes the interaction. As Vilde talks to Eva, Jonas notices Chris looking at Isak. Throughout Vilde's speech about the importance of Russ time, Chris makes eye contact with Jonas and Isak while licking her ice-cream spoon. Once Vilde and Chris are out of sight, Jonas and Isak start laughing. When Eva asks them what's going on, Jonas explains to her what Chris was doing. Thursday December 10, 2015 Jonas is talking with his sister. Eva sees them and decides to call him to ask him how he's doing. He says things are going good. She asks what he's doing, and Jonas replies "Just Christmas stress." His sister then makes a comment, and Eva asks who that was. Jonas answers saying it was his sister, and that he swears. Eva says she believes him, and she then reminds him what he told her about calling him when she found out who she is. She asks if he wants to meet, and Eva jokes he is probably now going to smoke now, so she tells him to come tomorrow morning. Jonas ends the call, and Eva smiles at him from where she's standing at a distance. I already told you Chris I'm done. Eva said taking back her wrist. I just want to talk to you Eva, please just let me explain. His voice full of desperation. Why don't you just talk to Ingrid. She said walking away. Please Eva. With that Chris was able to lead her to a secluded part of the party. He didn't say anything, he only looked.

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She also said that she's sometimes addressed as Eva, which is okay when it's just accidental, and talked about her great love for avocados (among other things she owns avocado patterned pajamas). She also talked about how weird it was to see the trailer for French SKAM, and wanting to have some distance to the character Eva Eva then states that it was him who lied to her first, saying he wasn't with Ingrid but he was. She explains again that she hooked up with Chris because she was hurt, and that it never would have happened had Jonas not lied to her first. Jonas then asks if it's his fautl then, and Eva says that's not what she meant. Eva says she's trying to explain why she did it, saying she fucked up. She apologizes and she says she wishes she never did it. She then tells him she loves him, and Jonas looks over at her. He then asks her why she cheated just because she thought he was doing so. Eva apologizes again. The boys react in surprise and Magnus proposes they meet Even. Isak immediately says no, and says he's not fucking around telling them to go out. He tells them to have the party outside and take the back door or they'll bump into him. The boys make their way to the back door as Isak gets their shoes.

Jonas then asks what the thing is between them, and Isak says he doesn't know and that he doesn't understand shit because he is a back and forth kind of guy. Isak adds that he has a girlfriend. Jonas' phone then rings, and when Isak grabs in his pocket he finds a drawing by Even. He opens the piece of paper which has two sides, one of which is a drawing of Isak eating cheese toastie without cardamom, and the other one of the two of them together eating cheese toastie with cardamom at the same time in a different place in the universe. SEASON 4 - (Part 2) Ep.9. SEASON 4 - (Part 1) Ep.9. SEASON 4 - EP 6. SEASON 2 - Ep 1. SEASON 1 - EP 1 Eva in the title card for a clip in 103Eva in the title card for a clip in 107Eva in the title card for a clip in 108Add a photo to this gallery

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Saturday November 14, 2015 Eva is in her room trying to call Jonas, but he doesn't pick up. She texts him, asking him to answer. Jonas then replies, saying he doesn't hink they should talk now. Eva texts back that he has to let her explain. Jonas replies saying if they talk now he might say things he'll regret. He suggests he calls her when he's ready to hear her explanation on why she chose to fuck things up between them. Isak then spots Even inside at the party, and he asks the guys to let him in because he knows Emma. He says the guys will wait outside, and the guy by the door agrees he gets a minute. Inside he sees Even kissing Sonja and hurridly gets out of the house. Outside, Mahdi teases him about the family get-together again and Isak shoves him, before Jonas steps in asking whats up with Isak. Isak walks off.

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Once Eva has cooked dinner she calls for the guys. When they don't reply for a while she goes outside, looking for them, which is when Jonas scares her from behind the wall. Eva comments saying it's not funny, before they head inside for dinner. When Jonas offers for her to plate him up, Eva says he is able to do it himself. When Jonas asks her why she is so pissed all the time, Eva says it's because he's behaving like a jerk. Jonas asks her what he did (to be called a jerk) to which Eva argues he invited people over to a cabin trip that was supposed to be just the two of them, and that he completely changes personalities when Elias is around. Finally she adds he is texting Ingrid behind her back. Good evening, this question is directed to anyone who have seen both Skam and Skins. I have just seen for the first time in my life the first episode of Skam Norway and my interest was caught by the scene where Eva, in order to help a girl who is crying in the bathroom, goes around the party looking for Chris but the guy she found turns out being the wrong person Wednesday November 11, 2015 Jonas knocks on Eva's window, while Eva was about to call Chris to tell him to keep everything that happened between them a secret. Jonas asks her what she is doing, and Eva lies and says she was reading. Eva's phone then rings, and she says she was reading Elle. Jonas asks if she's not going to answer the call. She picks up the phone from Chris, and pretends it's her mom by saying she can't talk because she has a visitor. Jonas then points out Eva said she had a 'visitor' ans asks if she hasn't told her mom yet that they were together. Eva counters saying he had the chance to meet her but chose to smoke marijuana with Ingrid's brother. Jonas laughs, and when Eva asks what it is, Jonas says it's sweet that she calls it marijuana. Friday November 18, 2016 Jonas is outside by his bike when Isak walks up to him and asks him if he has plans for tonight. Jonas says he's staying home to watch a movie. Isak invites him for kebab, saying he'll pay, and Jonas states 'who can say no to kebab'. They get kebab and then Jonas grabs his bike as they walk to a park. Jonas talks about someone vomiting at a party. As a silence settles, Isak gathers up his courage and says "You know that thing about me being a bit weird lately?" and Jonas nods. Isak continues by saying "It's because of a person I like." Jonas waits in Eva's doorstep for her to come back from the party. When she arrives, he comments on her costume and then says he can't handle them breaking up. He admits that he was at Ingrid's house but not because they had a thing, but because Ingrid's brother is a dealer. Eva is kind of mad he got into marijuana, and she thinks it is as bad as heroin. Jonas then explains Ingrid showed up at her own place when Jonas was with her brother. He says he couldn't say anything to Eva because Ingrid lives there. Also, he didn't tell her about it because she knew how she would react. But he clarifies there is nothing between him and Ingrid and that there will never be anything again. He admits it was dumb of him to lie, but that it hurt that she thought there was something between them. He says he trusts her 100% and says she should trust him too. He says he would never do anything that could destroy them, because it's them. Eva looks at him and nods, and then she leans on his shoulder. Jonas tells her not to cry, but Eva just has a guilty look on her face.


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ranking all versions of skam so far ⭐ maybe because the actors date irl. also i love the change that they made with chris, she looks so cute! are some changes. i feel that they made amira (sana) more friendly and that the relationship between hanna and jonas (eva and jonas) is better than the og. 3- skam austi Thanks for watching. If you like the video share it and give me like. Subscribe for more videos. Hope you enjoyed the video. Subscribe! (if you want to) ^_^ Follow my social media: Twitter: queenM. Eva's not the first to see one, but she is the first to kiss one. Or where fairies have been lured to the edge of the sand by beautiful voices and alluring faces for hundreds of years. Fairies have then been subsequently pulled beneath the murky water, drowned, and eaten, or so the stories go Song Artist Scene Straumnes Sigur Ros Pretty Hurts Beyoncé Vilde putting on her make-up. Love, Lay Me Blind The White Birch Vilde tells her mother that she's going out with her friends. Last Party Mika Beginning of the final clip Lover, Where Do You Live? Highasakite Jonas wipes food off Eva's cheek. Peace Train Cat Stevens Closing credits

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Vilde continues her speech saying how Russ isn't just about Russ time but also about being social and unity. At Vilde's request, Chris pitches in explaining to Eva how Russ is to be compared with a sect: once you're in, you can't get out, and she proceds to explain that there is a collective suicide in Tryvann on the 17th of May (the National Day) in their graduating year, 2018. This amuses Eva. Wattpad Beautiful Boys Pretty Boys Chris And Eva Skam Aesthetic Fan Gif Camila Morrone Unhappy Marriage Flower Boys. Even And Isak Henrik Holm Skam Romantic Kiss Gif Skam Isak Isaak Men Kissing Cute Gay Couples Boys Like Homo. Give this man a shield. Alt er love. Pool scene in SKAM. Olivia Stark Reference

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Tuesday October 6, 2015 The next day around lunch Eva is hanging out in the corridor with Jonas and Isak when Vilde and Chris walk by. Vilde thanks Eva for last time (at the revue fest). She introduces herself, saying she doesn't remember greeting Eva properly because she was a little out of it. Eva says it was nothing. Back at school Eva befriends Noora in her Spanish class. They and Sana gets invited by Vilde and Chris to join them in getting a bus for the graduation celebration when they become russ in three years. Director: Julie Andem | Stars: Lisa Teige, Marlon Langeland, Tarjei Sandvik Moe, Josefine Frida Pettersen. Votes: 34

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Directed by Julie Andem. With Lisa Teige, Josefine Frida Pettersen, Ulrikke Falch, Iman Meskini. Vilde reveals that she thinks she may be pregnant. William continues to flirt with Noora. Isak and Eva talk out, and Eva decides to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Jonas Mahdi then asks what's happening tonight, and Jonas said he put on a shirt saying they have to find a place, and Mahdi compliments him on it. Magnus gets in touch with Mathias, a friend from Handels, and gets them to a party hosted by Emma. Magnus says Isak can get them in, and Isak explains she hates him. Mahdi and Magnus try to convince him to try get them in regardless. The boys leave for the party, although Isak is not convinced. Friday November 13, 2015 Jonas walking hand-in-hand across the schoolyard with Eva, when he says he has to leave for Norwegian. They kiss, and Eva doesn't want him to leave but Jonas insists that he has to.

Tuesday September 22, 2015 Jonas is reading his essay to Eva in the courtyard, asking her opinion on it. He explains why he wrote certain things the way he did when she mentions them. Then, he notices how Eva gets distracted by the Pepsi Max girls walking by. He tries to make Eva feel better and leans in for a kiss, but they get interrupted by Isak. They discuss the grade they got, which Eva deflects upon, and Jonas agrees with Isak's logic that he will find out anyways because of the fact that Jonas tells Isak anything. Once Eva admits her grade, Isak tells Jonas it's time to head to Elias. Although Eva lives with her mother, her mother is always traveling, and due to that, they barely see each other. During the first season, while Eva was dating Jonas, Eva's mother wanted to invite Jonas over for a dinner, to get to know him. However something would always get in the way. Song Artist Scene Straumnes Sigur Røs HUMBLE. Kendrick Lamar Sana playing basketball alone. Now and Later Sage the Gemini Beginning of the karaoke event at the bar. Imagine (Instrumental) Lars Andreas Aspesæter Even singing karaoke while Isak and everyone else joins in. New Level A$AP Ferg (feat. Future) Sana walks outside to see the Boy Squad and Balloon Squad fighting. Iconography Andre Bratten Sana washes Isak's blood off her hands. Love Will Tear Us Apart Susanna and the Magical Orchestra Sana waits for the Pepsi Max girls that talking about her to leave the bathroom and later sees Yousef and Noora kissing Everywhere You Go Mari Kvien Brunvoll Closing credits.

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Marti coming out to Gio in Skam Italia season 2. Elliott and Lucas' first kiss in the rain then laying in bed the next morning talking about parallel universes. (I'm not a huge fan of France and Elu is my least favorite of the Evak remakes so far, however their first kiss was a million times more intense and romantic than OG and Italia Song Artist Scene Håper du har Plass Cezinando Sana goes through her old photos of the girls. Havana Kjartan Lauritzen Eva's birthday party. Don't Worry (Maria Helena Remix) Madcon (feat. Ray Dalton) Everyone dancing at Eva's birthday. Our Youth Sonny Alven (feat. Emmy) Sana and Noora talking on the bench together. Into the Woods Fay Wildhagen Sana reading the text message conversation between Noora and Yousef. Who Gon Stop Me Jay-Z (feat. Kanye West and Mr Hudson William and P-Chris arriving at the party. We're Back DMX (feat. Eve and Jadakiss) Closing Credits When Vilde asks her if she talked to Chris, and Eva replies she hasn't, Vilde states the bus meeting can't go on at Chris' house because her mom is having a wine reception. Vilde explains hers isn't an option either, before asking if they could have it at Eva's. Eva agrees, but asks how many people would be coming. He appears like a secure person who knows exactly what he wants. He's extremely friendly to everyone he's interested in, but he can also turn into a bad tempered guy, inclines to fight and disputes. He seems to be selfish and egocentric most of the time, but he also knows how to care about people who are important in his life. Monday April 18, 2016 Jonas was beaten up by a guy, and the girls are at the gym looking at pictures of him. Eva claims it's her fault because Jonas started fighting with the guy because of her. Eva explains the guy isn't with Yakuza, but he's friends with a lot of them. She says the Yakuza guys just want to beat people up.

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