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  1. Sometime after 128 AG, Sokka became a chieftain of the Southern Water Tribe. In 158 AG, a group of powerful benders known as the Red Lotus, led by Zaheer, a nonbender at the time, attempted to kidnap Korra, the new Avatar. Sokka, along with Zuko, Tenzin, and Korra's father, Tonraq, thwarted the kidnapping attempt and saved the young Avatar.[33]
  2. Appearances Avatar: The Last Airbender Book One: Water. Since she is the shadowed firebender in the series' opening sequence, Azula pops up at the beginning of every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender.In the show itself, she makes her first appearance in a flashback during 13-year-old Zuko's agni kai (firebending duel) against their father, Firelord Ozai
  3. From the start, Sokka was willing to die defending his tribe, even though he never stood the smallest chance.[10] Despite his obvious cleverness, Sokka sometimes acted silly, if not outright stupid. He occasionally created ridiculous plans that were nearly impossible to carry out. He was also a general victim of slapstick, often being sent flying or getting struck by things. Aunt Wu even stated, "Your future is full of struggle and anguish. Most of it, self-inflicted". When Sokka protested that she did not even read his palm, she remarked "I don't need to. It's written all over your face".[49] His sarcastic and strange behavior could sometimes carry over into important decisions.
  4. Upon approaching Maliq, who awaited them in front of Kanna's hut, they told him that they failed to recover his briefcase. During the conversation, Sokka assumed that Malina and Maliq were married and became embarrassed to find out that they were in fact siblings. With both Katara and Maliq awkwardly staring at him, Sokka decided to stroll into the hut to find Hakoda, only to stand speechless with his sister at the sight of his father kissing Malina.[29]
  5. Toph seems to be more comfortable around Zuko than the others are. Once, she helpfully suggests Zuko try to find the original source of Firebending in order to regain his powers. (" The Firebending Masters.)
  6. g the creature to be the "grossest spirit ever". The spirit insects attacked the group, covering Sokka's arm in such density that he could not even see it anymore. They were eventually saved when Azula shot a lightning bolt away from them all, drawing the moths and the wolf spirit with it.

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Toph would accompany her group to a play about themselves being shown on Ember Island. She takes great pleasure at teasing her friends about how "accurate" their portrayals on stage are, when in reality the portrayals make them all look bad. Toph is inaccurately portrayed by a large man who claims to see by letting out a "sonic wave" through the mouth. Toph, however, is thrilled at her tough guy image. During the play's intermission, Toph talks to Zuko about Zuko's uncle, who Zuko was reminded of by the play. He remembered how he betrayed him and how ashamed he was at his actions. Toph comforted Zuko by telling him how Iroh told her about him and that he had faith that Zuko would find his way. In this way, Toph bonded with Zuko as the other characters had since his defection, she demonstrates her affection by punching him, much like she does with other characters.While Teo, The Duke, and Haru set out to explore the temple, Toph, Sokka, Katara and Aang decide to talk about their future plans, though Aang seems reluctant. They discuss Aang finding a Firebending teacher, but are unable to come up with any viable people. Aang runs off to play in the temple, while the others follow him. They land next to a large fountain, while Aang tries to show them different parts of the Temple, Toph announces that that will have to wait. She points out that Zuko has joined them.After Aang returned from a short meditation session and explained that the town needed to be returned to its natural state, prompting Sokka to ask if that included the destruction of the refinery. With the iron mask the metalbender students had dug up being taken to the beaches by Loban and the Rough Rhinos, Sokka decided to join Satoru on his forklift to retrieve it at Aang's urging; he asked if he could drive, but was rebuffed by the scientist. Metalbenders can also bend liquid metals, such as mercury, though utilize more fluid movements to do so, akin to waterbending. It is also possible to bend liquid metal inside someone's body.[2][3]

She rarely makes the first move, usually waiting for others to strike first and knows how to use her appearance to catch people off guard. Something of a headstrong free spirit, Toph desperately desires to see the world beyond the walls of her home and is frustrated that people assume she is weak because of her blindness Toph still finds him, almost every morning, sitting by the campfire and digging the heels of his hands into his eyes. I'm blind and even I can see that you look like garbage, Toph tells him flatly. Zuko gives a tired, whuffing laugh that makes his body droop, but says nothing. Toph sits down next to him and reaches out to grab his hand Every Episode of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Ranked Between the jokes about Sokka's appetite and the first appearance of Momo, this is a quietly heartbreaking episode. Toph tries to.

In " Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into The Inferno", Toph mistakes Sokka's comment about taking the wheel thinking he was referring to her. By the smile on her face she was gleeful about getting another chance to correct him. But it turns out that Sokka was talking to Suki, and she manages to cover up her intention pretty well. At the end of Sozin's Comet she makes a joke about Sokka's drawing that she thinks everyone looks great.Team Avatar later traveled to Ba Sing Se, but soon after, as Sokka and Katara prepared to return to the South Pole for the first time since the end of the Hundred Year War, Aang received a summons from Zuko, who requested his aid against dark spirit attacks in the Fire Nation. Agreeing to meet up with Aang later, Sokka and Katara took a ship back home.[28] Hawky was Sokka's pet messenger hawk in the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode The Runaway.Although Sokka referred to him as a lazy bird, there was no evidence of that being so, as he delivered all messages requested of him in a decent radius without any training.. History. Sokka bought Hawky in Fire Fountain City with the money Toph had obtained through her scams

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Metalbending is a specialized sub-skill of earthbending that allows an earthbender to ferrokinetically bend processed metal in a similar fashion to bending regular earth. Long regarded an impossible feat, the technique was invented by Toph Beifong to escape from a metal cage in which she was captured and transported by Xin Fu and Master Yu. Since metal is merely earth that has been purified and refined, Toph used her seismic sense to perceive the trace amounts of "unpurified" crude earth still present in the metal, target it, and use it to bend the purified metal itself.[1] After they exit the underground base, they finally meet back with Appa. Katara and Toph both want to leave Ba Sing Se, as they have found Appa and thus have no reason to remain there. On the other hand, Sokka wants to stay to inform the Earth King of all that is taking place within Ba Sing Se, as well as the approaching solar eclipse, as this was their entire reason for heading towards Ba Sing Se in the first place. Aang agrees with him. Ultimately, the others agree to do so, and all four ride Appa back to Ba Sing Se's upper ring, and manage to break into the palace, tearing their way through the Royal Guards despite a strong defense. Book Three: Fire is the third and final season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, an American animated television series created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.The series stars Zach Tyler Eisen, Mae Whitman, Jack DeSena, Jessie Flower, Dante Basco, Dee Bradley Baker, Greg Baldwin, Grey DeLisle and Mark Hamill as the main character voices.. The final season focuses on Aang on his. Navigation Character Wiki Images (256) Forum (7) News Recommended reading Comics Related Pages Friends Enemies Teams Movies Toph appears in 25 issues View all Earth Kingdom Chronicles

Sokka and the rest of Team Avatar traveled to the Fire Nation, disguised themselves as Fire Nation citizens, and made necessary preparations for the invasion. Among many things, Sokka and his friends helped students of a Fire Nation school to learn how to have fun and how to express one self; helped the impoverished villagers of Jang Hui, which was being polluted from a nearby Fire Nation Army factory; helped to sanitize the Jang Hui River; and imprisoned Hama the bloodbender. Sokka, feeling that he showed little of no worth to the rest of Team Avatar for not being able to bend, decided to train in the art of the sword with Piandao. When the day of the Invasion of the Fire Nation arrived, Sokka and the rest of the team met with the rest of the invasion force and started to stealthily advance toward the capital via waterbending-powered submarines designed by the mechanist, a design based on Sokka's idea. During the eclipse, the invasion advanced steadily toward the innermost Caldera City, with Aang even reaching the Fire Nation Royal Palace. But it was quickly revealed that the invasion had been anticipated and the Fire Nation counterattacked with giant airships, which destroyed much of the invasion force, with only Team Avatar and a few younger members managing to escape the grim prospect of becoming war prisoners. Toph serves as an Earthbending soldier in the Invasion Force during the Invasion of the Fire Nation When the day begins and the invasion force arrives on the island, she is introduced to Tyro and Haru. She also encounters her former enemies, The Big Bad Hippo and The Boulder. At first she prepares to fight them again, until the Boulder tells her that they are fighting for their kingdom now, rather than for others' entertainment. When the invasion force travels in the Water Tribe Submarines, she feels nauseous and throws up in The Duke's helmet. When the battle began, Toph fights alongside the other soldiers, and most especially with The Boulder and the Hippo, against the Fire Nation. She is seen hurling boulders against Fire Nation guard towers.The Boulder: Earth Bending Wrestler: The Boulder's over his conflicted feelings, and now he's ready to bury you in a rock-a-lanche!Xin Fu, the host of Earth Rumble Six, demands that his money be returned in exchange for Toph and Aang. Katara, Sokka, Master Yu and Toph's father go to the arena and repay all the money. Toph is released, but Aang is kept, as they decide that they'd get more money by turning him over to the Fire Nation. Katara asks for Toph's help in defeating the Earthbenders and rescuing Aang. Toph's father cuts Katara off, claiming once again that his daughter is too weak and blind to do any sort of fighting. Fed up with her father's assumption, Toph agrees to save Aang. Toph displays some amazing bending and easily beats all of the Earth Rumble Six contestants, as well as Xin Fu, much to the amazement of both her father and Master Yu.After asking around, Aang finds her once again at the Bei Fong Estate and tried to explain why he needs an Earthbending teacher, but Toph calls for the guards. Aang flees, but he isn't ready to give up. He returns later, officially visiting the Bei Fong family, and is invited to dinner, where he attempts to talk to Toph's father about her Earthbending and his need for a teacher. Toph tries to silence him since her parents know nothing about her secret life as the Blind Bandit. Tensions run high between Aang and Toph, but they finally reconcile after dinner when she explains about her parents and her ability to "see" through her bending. Their conversation is cut short when they are kidnapped by the members of Earth Rumble Six, because, by "The Boulder's" account, Toph seemed to have lost intentionally, since he did not see Aang Earthbending when Toph fell in the arena.

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Toph is a blind girl who uses Earth Bending to see. She is Aang's Earth, Bending teacher. She is the only, person along ,her family to reveal, their surname. Toph is also a master, Earthbender. When Toph joined Team Avatar, her earthbending capabilities made it obvious that she would be a promising asset for the team. First appearance The Swamp Last appearance: Out of the Past (vision) Voiced by. Jessie Flower (in Avatar: The Last Airbender) Kate Higgins (in The Legend of Korra) OK. Powered by Create your own unique.

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When Avatar: The Last Airbender began airing back in 2005, the concept of bending the elements was a brand new idea that had never been seen before on television, let alone an entire world centered around it. The art and craft of bending may have been a beautifully constructed vision, but the fights between the benders themselves were what really drew the audience in Above all else, Toph is great fun to watch on the screen. She has her vulnerabilities (more on that soon), but she's also funny, in her own way. In her first appearance, she acted tough and witty in an earthbending ring, and she butted heads with Aang at the Beifong estate. RELATED: Legend of Korra: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Amo

The New Avatar is borned In Water Bending,there were two children,who name was Katara and Sokka,Katara has the water bending and Sokka has a boomerang,they find the avatar called Aang,he has a pet called Appa,it can fly,and they travel a the world.(Book 1 As the two exited, Sokka remarked that the store was not the coolest place ever. They caught up with Giya; after Suki introduced them to her, he added that she was a Kyoshi Warrior, confirming their status as the Fire Lord's elite guard. He told the worried girl that Suki could teach her self-defense techniques in the event that they were confronted again. After Suki told Giya the story of the Kyoshi Warriors' founding, Sokka told the seemingly unsure young woman not to underestimate herself. After being told that Giya would rather have some of her friends with her because she was too shy to train alone, the warrior smiled at his girlfriend. He later stood in with Giya and her friends as Suki began instructing them in the Kyoshi Warriors' ways.[24]

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A giant cage appears on Birdcage Walk.Caged within the cage are Luke Cage and Nicolas Cage. Luke Cage is wielding an indestructible shark-diving cage, intent on caging Cage. Cage has the composite abilities of all the roles that Cage has been credited with, and must avoid being caged within Cage's cage.If Cage manages to trap Cage within his cage for 10 seconds or more, Cage automatically wins. Katara is a born Waterbender. She was raised in the Southern Water Tribe, and was the only Waterbender of the group, which gave her trouble, as she was not able to learn and master her skills.. When she first discovered that Aang was The Avatar, the two of them decided to travel to the North Pole to find a Waterbending Master in the Northern Water Tribe

The Metal Clan in Zaofu incorporates metalbending into numerous aspects of life. They have found ways to utilize their bending in the areas of fine arts, such as dancing and sculpting, recreation, with the invention of power disc, and architecture. In addition, the citizens of Zaofu employ a fluid variation of metalbending, as opposed to the more rigid and limited nature used in other parts of the Earth Kingdom.[11] The following day, Sokka readily volunteered to take the first watch over Azula, much to Zuko's worry. He confidently walked over to the Fire Nation princess and threatened her again with his boomerang, though Azula shot the weapon out of his hands with a small lightning bolt, knocking him on his behind. As the princess was quickly overpowered by his friends and tensions calmed down again, he casually stated that it was perhaps better that someone else took the first watch instead of him. Hakoda left along with all of the other men in his tribe to fight the Fire Nation when Sokka was a young boy. Despite his desire to join his father, Sokka was not permitted to accompany the men on the mission and was left behind.[9] As there were no other teenage boys in the tribe, Sokka was the oldest male in the South Pole and, therefore, left as the leader of the tribe. He assumed responsibility for the tribe, haplessly training children to be future warriors, until his sister discovered an Air Nomad named Aang frozen in an iceberg.[9] When he learned that Aang was the Avatar,[10] he was at first skeptical that a child could really save the world. As he and his sister helped Aang on his quest, he began to believe that Aang really was the only hope for peace in the world. Avatar the Last Airbender Archetypes The first thing Toph does is yell Yeah no rules! (Season 2 Lake Laogai) and break down one of the walls in the house they are living in, using Earthbending. loyal, stands up for her beliefs, and will sacrifice for herself for the cause. The first appearance of Azula is in the Episode. Demoralized, Aang takes a break from training with Toph, who insults him for not being able to stop the rock, choosing to work on his waterbending with Katara. He returns to find Toph using his staff as a nutcracker, and he also notices that Sokka is nowhere to be found. He finds Sokka trapped in a crack in the earth and tries airbending him out. When that fails, Sokka asks him to Earthbend, but Aang tells him he cannot, nor can he get Toph because it would be too uncomfortable for him. The Sabertooth moose-lion Sokka was trying to capture earlier returns, closely followed by its mother, who charges at both Aang and Sokka. Aang stands his ground and defeats the mother using his airbending, saving Sokka. Toph, who was silently observing the conflict, half-heartedly congratulates Aang and continues cracking nuts with his staff. Incensed that she callously stood by and did nothing as Sokka's life was in danger, Aang forcefully demands that she return his staff. Toph then says that Aang is thinking like an Earthbender and tells him to try the rock again, which Aang is successfully able to accomplish. After deeming Aang a true Earthbender, Toph drags Sokka out of the hole, finally giving him freedom.

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Toph discovered metalbending by sensing the impurities within the metal of the cage in which she was imprisoned.Over time, Toph greatly increased the range of her metalbending and started to incorporate the technique in her fighting style, as demonstrated when she knocked several Fire Nation guards off a ship from several meters away[13] and trapped a Dai Li agent in a metal column.[14] She also developed the ability to "see" through metal, just as she could with regular earth.[13] Upon arrival at the beach, Sokka threw his boomerang at the rope the Rough Rhinos were using to drag the mask away, saying the Avatar needed it returned while preparing for an attack by Loban's lackeys. He used the weapon to stop an attack from Vachir before giving Satoru his battle club, telling him just to outthink his opponents. After deploying his boomerang to knock the bow and arrow out of Vachir's hands, he attempted to intimidate him by mocking his hand-to-hand fighting abilities. When the archer attempted to throw a punch, the warrior grabbed his wrist and flipped him to the ground. After noticing Satoru hit the forklift's engine to create a back blast and thus throw Kahchi back, Sokka commented that it was the proper way to outthink his foe. When Satoru asked if it worked on bigger opponents, Sokka's attention was called to the rising spirit, General Old Iron. As the spirit grabbed the mask with Loban by its ropes, Sokka and Satoru latched on and were dragged with him. FULL Uncut Aang vs. Fire Lord Ozai Final Battle Avatar: The Last Airbender | NickRewind - Duration: 13:51. NickRewind 7,189,001 view

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  1. Toph Beifong, usually referred to as Toph, was a cute and tomboyishly beautiful Earthbending master and perhaps the most powerful Earthbender of her time, as well as the secondary tritagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender and one of the supporting characters in Book 4 of The Legend of Korra.Blind since birth, Toph was constantly condescended to because of her disability and stature as a little.
  2. To commemorate his legacy, a statue of him holding his boomerang aloft was erected in front of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center.[34]
  3. Toph is the only child of the wealthy Bei Fong family of Gaoling. Born blind, she was sheltered by parents who believed her blindness made her fragile and incapable of looking after herself. They went to extreme measures to protect her, including hiding her existence from the rest of the world. Toph, resenting her parents' treatment, grew up hard and rebellious. At the age of six, she ran away from home into a cave inhabited by Badgermoles. Badgermoles were the first earthbenders and according to Toph, she understood them, and they her, because they were both blind. She learned Earthbending by imitating their movements. Toph learned to "see" through the use of her Earthbending, feeling people and other objects through their vibrations, which she feels through the ground via her bare feet. She also has great hearing. Although her father, Lao Bei Fong, later hired the Earthbender Master Yu to instruct her, he didn't teach her anything other than beginner moves, unaware that she had already become very powerful. She became such a powerful bender that she secretly entered underground Earthbending tournaments as the Blind Bandit, and was actually the champion of Earth Rumble Six, before Aang challenged her. She soon ran away to teach Aang Earthbending, and also to get away from her parents, who were overprotective of her.
  4. Sokka wrote with his right hand, but drew and ate with his left hand. He was possibly ambidextrous, because he was seen painting with his right[57] as well as his left[58] hand. His left-handed art was crude and rudimentary; however, this could just be due to a limited drawing ability.[58]

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Despite her substantial prowess on land, Toph does not perform well in water and on ice. She is not able to swim, and became nauseous when she needed to travel by submarine in "The Day of Black Sun".After Zuko joined their cause, Sokka infiltrated the prison - the Boiling Rock - where his father might be being held with the help of Zuko. Sokka also discovered that his girlfriend, Suki was being held at the prison. He initially decides to escape the prison with Suki, Zuko and other inmates but decides to wait for his father to possibly arrive. Sokka's father, Hakoda did in fact arrive and Sokka formulated a plan of escape with him. The two along with Zuko, Suki and another inmate execute the plan and after a fight with Azula they managed to escape the prison. However Sokka was again separated from his father at the Western Air Temple due to a Fire Nation ambush, with Sokka going with Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko and Suki. During the final battle of the Hundred Year War, Sokka, along with Toph and Suki, were in charge of destroying the Fire Nation airship fleet, a task which they achieved. Afterward, Sokka, along with Toph and Suki, joined together to berate the now fallen Ozai and commented on how impressive Aang looked while fighting. After Ozai was defeated, all the war prisoners were released, and Sokka and Katara were once again reunited with their father. The Dark One was an earthbender, but from Toph's perspective, he needed practice in order to begin learning metalbending. Along with his fellow students, The Dark One was later able to teach himself a basic level of metalbending being able to redirect metal coins in the direction of Kunyo's students After his visit to the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka traveled back to Yu Dao with Aang, Katara, and Toph to visit Suki. Sokka complained about the slow trip and suggested that Aang got some sort of propellant system for Appa. Toph interrupted their conversation, saying that she wanted to stop by her dad's factory in Cranefish Town to check up on some things. Sokka was annoyed at both the detour and the name "Cranefish Town" and came up with "Forklift Town" as an alternative.

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In episode 2.06, The Blind Bandit, Aang and the gang continue their search to find the Avatar an Earthbending master, discovering an unlikely tutor in an Earthbending tournament Font-sizeParagraphHeader 4Header 3Header 2 Quote Link Img Table TweetClean  sizeSMLpositionLCRUDchangeCreditDeletesizeSMpositionLRUDchangetitle 1title 2captiondelete×Edit Image TitleTitle: CancelUpdate×Embed ImageWhat size image should we insert? (This will not affect the original upload) Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? Float Left Float Right CancelInsertGo to LinkUnlinkChange× Link to Comic Vine Content AllWiki    Arcs    Characters    Companies    Concepts    Issues    Locations    Movies    People    Teams    Things    Volumes    Series    EpisodesEditorial    Videos    Articles    Reviews    FeaturesCommunity    Users You can search for any Comic Vine content. This may be a long answer. Fair warning. :ppp I think this fight is more even than people think. But first the mythbusting. https://www.youtube.com/embed/1-UEmFlGF_Q.

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Later that night, Toph explains her secret life to her parents, telling them that she hopes it will not change their opinion of her. Toph's father responds that it does not change his love for her at all, but he has instead realized that he has allowed her too much freedom, and she will henceforth be watched by guards at all times. He also declares the Avatar and his friends unwelcome in his home and forces them to leave.More examples were present in his training with Piandao. Sokka became an advanced swordsman rapidly, besting Piandao's servant, Fat, in just a couple of days. He also managed to gain a firm grasp on blacksmithing in that short time, as he forged his own sword[13] and later a suit of armor for Appa.[39] His unique critical thinking ability came into play often through the training exercises of Piandao. He "stamped his identity" on a page by applying ink to his face and rolling it across the paper after he was informed that he got a little of it on him while thinking. During the rock gardening exercise, he "manipulated the terrain to his advantage" by rolling boulders and relocating moss to make a sort of lounge chair in the shade, thus appealing to his love of relaxation.[13] Despite how widespread metalbending would become over the next 70 years, it is noted that only one out of a hundred earthbenders ever master the art, though metalbending master Suyin Beifong believes the only real limitation in learning the ability are the ones a person places on themselves. When Suyin first taught Korra metalbending, she got her to feel the fine pieces of earth inside a metal meteorite sculpture.[19] Sokka and Katara soon arrived home and were shocked to see that their village had been transformed into a bustling city. Spotted by Aunt Ashuna, Sokka got to taste her seal jerky once more before being hailed as heroes by the entire tribe. Kanna appeared soon after, prompting her grandchildren to embrace her, before learning that she and Pakku had married. Upon learning that Pakku had started a school for waterbenders, Sokka offered to provide his so-called "motivational bending". For thousands of years, earthbenders were not able to manipulate processed earth. During the Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation exploited this inability to detain captive earthbenders, such as when they forced earthbenders to work on a metallic prison rig in the middle of the ocean,[4] and locked King Bumi in a suspended metal cage following the takeover of Omashu.[5] Other nations used the same tactic, such as when Xin Fu and the Earth Rumble VI fighters captured Toph and Aang in metal cages and suspended them in the air, a situation impossible to escape from through the use of conventional earthbending.[6]

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  1. When Sokka noticed Toph's students still were unable to metalbend, he offered to help them by being a "motivational bender". He began giving them a speech about metal and trying to make them bend metal coins, but unsuccessfully. After another disastrous attempt to inspire the three pupils by making them get emotional and scaring them with a metal monster Sokka made Toph bend, the earthbending instructor told her friend about her feeling of failure as she was expecting her students to become something they were not. The day of the battle, Sokka observed how Toph was surrendering at Kunyo and his students' arrival but was stopped by Ho Tun, Penga, and The Dark One, who demonstrated their ability to metalbend and defeated the firebending team with metal coins thrown by the Water Tribe warrior. He, impressed, congratulated the team for their successful result that lead to their final consolidation as metalbending students.[21]
  2. Toph is brutally honest when criticizing others. She is vocal about her opinions on others regardless of status (the Avatar, Aang, or age (Iroh). Her occasional spoiled attitude or aloofness may be related to her being the only child of one of the richest families in the Earth Kingdom. Thanks to her time as a competitor and champion of the Earthbending tournaments (in " The Blind Bandit ), she is an expert in verbally taunting and insulting her opponents, and on occasion her friends (particularly non-bender Sokka). She reveals to Katara that, being unable to see what she looks like, she doesn't feel the need to fuss over her appearance. However, despite her many quirks, Toph has shown that she is a quick learner, and her courage and loyalty to her new friends seems very stable.
  3. If Toph and Zuko work as a team like he and Azula did against Katara and Aang, being airborne shouldn't be a problem for Toph because she could just switch with Zuko. That doesn't make logical sense
  4. Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005 - 2008) Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008) Tv Series Superhero Class The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character
  5. iature version of the upper ring of Ba Sing Se in rich detail. Her ability to sense vibrations in it is not mentioned.
  6. d getting the short end of the deal. He gave Zuko a blanket as well when the firebender requested one, before taking his leave to the forest in order to empty his bladder.[23]
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Aang loses Toph, and thus sees her in the swamp. From the point the Melon Lord took over her body, they were no longer traveling with the late Toph Beifong, but rather the Melon Lord, an imitator the ilk of Koh the Face-Stealer. Alternatively, the Melon Lord is Koh. It wouldn't be the first time a spirit had multiple names The next day, Toph rejoins the group unable to walk because of her burned feet. While Katara attempts to heal her, Toph explains that she went to see Zuko last night and he burned her feet. While the others immediately suggest attacking Zuko, Toph tries to tell them that it was an accident and that they should just invite him back as a prisoner.

One day, at the location of the gang's house in Ba Sing Se, the whole group busily cleaning themselves up for the day aside from Toph who has yet to wake up. When Katara wakes her, Toph presents herself with her hair a mess and her body covered in dust (or, "a healthy coating of Earth!") considering herself ready. Katara suggests they have a "Girl's Day Out," and takes her to the Fancy Lady Day Spa. Toph agrees, as long as they don't touch her feet. This request is denied and Toph sends one of the attendants through the wall during a pedicure. The girls then take a mud bath where Toph uses her Earthbending to make creepy faces with the mud and scare away the attendant. The two then relax in a sauna, using their Bending to both feed the fire and create the steam.The gang find themselves confronted by Long Feng and several Dai Li agents. A battle quickly breaks out. Toph shows the true mastery of Earthbending when she incredibly takes down several Dai Li agents. Long Feng escapes, with Aang and Jet in hot pursuit. After dealing a grievous blow to Jet, Long Feng escapes as the others enter the chamber. Katara tries to heal Jet and realizes just how badly he was injured. Longshot, speaking for the first time in the series, tells Aang and his group that they should go and find Appa, and leave Jet to Smellerbee and himself. Jet tries to assure Katara that he'll be fine, but as they leave, Toph sorrowfully says that Jet was lying. Jet eventually dies from his injuries. Toph Beifong (Chinese: 北方拓芙; pinyin: Běifāng Tuòfú) is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series.. Toph is an extremely talented and masterful earthbender—i.e., she has the ability to telekinetically. Outside of the palace, Sokka and Toph soon see General How, but before they can say anything, the Dai Li place him under house arrest. At that very moment, every general is arrested. The two make it into the Throne Room, and they reveal to the Earth King that the girls are not Kyoshi Warriors. Upon seeking Sokka, Ty Lee starts to flirt with him, but he says that he is involved with Suki. Ty Lee does not know who Suki is, which exposes them and Toph throws her to the side with some rocks. Mai, realizing that their identities were exposed, threw a hail of ornate shurikens at Toph, who blocked them with a wall of earth. Ty Lee begins to “fight” Sokka. However, the fighting is in vain, as Azula soon has the King at flame-point. Sokka and Toph give up immediately, and are soon disabled by Ty Lee.

A week later, Sokka traveled to the Fire Nation Royal Palace together with Aang and Katara upon Zuko's inquiry. Upon arrival, they were delightfully surprised when they discovered Iroh there as well. Zuko explained that Iroh was there to act as interim Fire Lord while he would be gone, looking for Ursa, a journey on which he invited them all to accompany him. However, the amicable atmosphere quickly changed when Azula emerged from behind Zuko. Katara attacked the princess, with Aang and Sokka preparing to do the same. While Aang warned Azula to stay back as he did not want to hurt her, Sokka made it clear that he did not share the same sentiment, though his threat was met with laughter, as Azula did not perceive his boomerang as a danger. Before the conflict could escalate any further, they were halted by Suki and Ty Lee, who implored them to let Zuko explain the situation. While the Fire Lord did so, Sokka passionately reunited with Suki. As Zuko mentioned, however, that Azula was to come with them, Sokka called him out to be a "bad decision lord", though later complied regardless. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work Toph gets mad at some earthbenders for not giving Aang so she has a fight. Will she win or lose? The Life of Avatar Wan: The First Avatar Explained (Avatar the Last Airbender) - Duration: 16:58

RELATED: Avatar: the Last Airbender: 10 Things From the Pilot You Missed. As an airbender monk and a good-natured kid, Aang is quite the Goat, and to him, fighting is a last resort, not a sport or a way of life. He'd much rather open a dialogue first and understand another person's point of view. That's essential for a good avatar Late in season 3 of Avatar: the Last Airbender, Toph and Zuko only spent a few minutes alone together - and it's just as well.. Zuko is, without a doubt, the most complex and dynamic character in the show, and his goals, attitude, motivation and relationships to other people all change a great deal Riding the Earth rail, the group finally enters Ba Sing Se. Sokka is confident that they will easily find Appa, but the city is bigger than they imagined... much bigger. Soon after they arrive, Toph and her friends are met by Joo Dee, a cheerful, incessantly-smiling woman assigned to guide them around the city. As a reward for protecting Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation attack, Toph, Katara, Sokka and Aang are given a house in the city's upper ring. Toph Beifong is a character from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. Toph is the daughter of Lao and Poppy Beifong and is from a wealthy family. Toph is a blind earthbender who can see with her feet and the inventor of metalbending. She is also the mother of Lin Beifong and Suyin Beifong and the former chief of police in Republic City This changed during the spring of 100 AG, however, when Toph Beifong was incarcerated in a metal cage by Xin Fu and her former teacher, Master Yu.[7] While being transported back to Gaoling, Toph realized that metal was only a form of processed earth and began to meditate in her prison until she was able to feel the trace amounts of earth in the metal. By utilizing these remaining fragments, she metalbent for the first time, allowing her escape while also imprisoning her captors inside the cage.[1] From then on, she continued to practice and refine the technique, making it a vital asset to winning the Hundred Year War.[8]

The Boulder: Earth Bending Wrestler: The Boulder feels conflicted about fighting a young, blind girl.The episode begins with Sokka and Aang both hurrying back to Ba Sing Se on Appa; as they fly along, they spot Toph, who is trying to get back to the Palace as quickly as she can. They pick her up and fly to Ba Sing Se, trying quickly to get there to see if Katara is all right. When asked if he had mastered the Avatar State, Aang lies to the others, saying that he has.ulling a cart carrying Master Yu and Xin Fu as well as Toph, who is trapped within a huge metal box. The two up front are arguing about which way to go in order to back to the Bei Fong estate, Toph's home, when Toph yells at the two to stop arguing and let her out to go to the bathroom. Master Yu starts to get up to let her out, but Xin Fu sharply pulls him back from the action, noticing the obvious trick where his companion does not. Toph pounds against the cage she is in, only infuriating Xin Fu more, who tells her that no matter how good an Earthbender she thinks she may be, there is no way that she can bend the metal. Toph continues bashing her hands into the metal walls of her coffin. Her blows send out vibrations, allowing her to sense the fragments of Earth contained within the metal. Toph reaches out for the fragments, and continues stubbornly beating against the coffin, eventually leaving a good-sized dent in the center. She cheers, and congratulates herself for her discovery, before continuing her assault on the coffin's walls.As Aang, Toph, and Katara jumped into action, Sokka stayed behind with Lao and a few security guards. Lao askde if he was going to help, and Sokka answered that he liked to let the benders duke it out in these situations. At that moment, an earthbender was thrown against the wall behind them, telling them to get out of the way and that this fight was not fit for them. Toph rushed toward them, bending a rock at the man and realized the building was collapsing. Aang realized there was no hope for saving the building and flew in to grab Toph just as the building imploded. Sokka was protected behind Katara's ice wall.

Known as the "Blind Bandit", she mastered Earthbending through her own style and developed a tough-guy personality, becoming infamous by winning underground Earthbending tournaments behind her parents' backs. Uninterested at first, she chooses to leave behind her old life and travel with Avatar Aang and friends to be his Earthbending teacher. Toph's mastery over earth, especially with Metalbending, as well as her unique personality, proved her to be an invaluable addition to the Avatar's group.The next day he had to help his sister put out fires started by Azula before heading into town. After watching a performance of Love amongst the Dragons the group was invited back to the director Noren's home for lunch. Sokka pretended they were a theater history group to help uncover more information about Ursa. Eventually questioning led the group to the Forgetful Valley.

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  1. Toph's eagerness to prove that she can be independent has led to some initial difficulties with Aang and his friends. Toph insists that she can "carry her own weight", and often mistakes a simple friendly gesture as an act of pity for her blindness. Her encounter with Iroh, however, has taught her that Aang, Katara, and Sokka care for her because they are friends, not because her disability makes them feel obligated to do so.
  2. Outside, Toph quickly joins the Invasion Force's escape, until they are cut off when the Fire Nation Airships destroy the submarines. While the bulk of the Invasion Force is captured, Toph, the gang and Teo, Haru and the Duke escape, to the Western Air Temple. (" The Day of Black Sun, Part 2: The Eclipse")
  3. After Zuko is crowned Fire Lord and the War ends, Toph joins the gang at Iroh's tea shop in Ba Sing Se where they celebrate their victory. When everyone is complaining about Sokka's drawing she jokingly says that she thinks they all look great causing everyone to laugh, which is ironic because Toph can not see what they look like.
  4. or tribe that lived in the remains of the Southern Water Tribe's ruined capital, Sokka was raised from a young age to be a warrior and possessed much knowledge of Water Tribe weapons and tactics. When he was ten, Sokka witnessed one of the last major Fire Nation raids on his tribe, during which his mother was targeted and killed, leaving him with great hatred for the Fire Nation.[15]
  5. When first introduced, Toph brought a totally new personality to the group. Unlike the nurturing Katara, flighty Aang or gruff but goofy Sokka, Toph is fiercely independent, sarcastic, direct, brutally frank, and confrontational. She appears to have the same carefree and adventurous personality as Aang, and she is very tomboyish in the way she acts and dresses - a contrast to the delicate doll her parents see her as. However, unlike Aang, who avoids fighting whenever possible, Toph loves battling and takes great pride in her Earthbending skills. She appears eager to prove that she is as strong as anyone who can see.

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  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 2) : Aang first sees a vision of Toph in episode # 4 The Swamp and he meets her in person in episode # 6 The Blind Bandit . Asked in Video Game
  2. Toph not only sits atop the list of Earthbenders in the Avatar universe, she arguably sits atop the list of all benders - period. The Blind Bandit was the greatest addition to the series and we only wish that we'd gotten to see more of her as her confident, brassy attitude combined with her superhuman bending abilities created one of the.
  3. r/AvatarMemes: A subreddit for memes and other humor related to the Avatar franchise. Jokes based on ATLA, LoK, etc. are welcome. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts When Toph first joined the gang Katara could breathe wrong and Toph would NOT be having it
  4. During his travels with Aang, Sokka improved his skills significantly, and had evolved into a skilled fighter with a sword forged from meteorite,[13] a true leader,[19] and a cunning strategic planner.[12]
  5. ded at first, but that was because he wanted to protect himself and those he loved. Not long after he started traveling with the Avatar, Sokka began to change, even to the extent that he humbly apologized to Suki.[46] As the series progressed, he became more optimistic. He liked to keep smiles on his friends' faces using his wit, sarcastic humor, and overall eccentricity. Sokka was an underdog. He was constantly the one who got beaten upon.[47] Most of his plans failed miserably;[48] however, he bravely kept fighting.
  6. For an inhabitant of a world heavily supported by the mystic art of bending, Sokka showed a remarkable proclivity toward science. He was adept at creating weapons from a variety of materials, and learned how to construct amateur explosives from his father, which he once used to simulate firebending.[37] In another instance, Sokka used trickery and optical illusions to help his sister Katara fake the ability to earthbend.[61]
  7. Toph: You guys get to go wherever you want, no one telling you what to do... That's the life. It's just not my life.

Toph would go on to travel the Earth Kingdom and recruit earthbenders for her academy to teach them metalbending. Once Aang and Zuko had setup Republic City Toph would go on to become the chief of police and have her metal benders trained as the police force, She would serve dutifully for years and a statue of her was erected in front of the police headquarters in her honor. Toph would have a daughter Lin Beifong would would also become the chief of police for Republic City.A full year later, Toph was fully capable of bending metal she was not in contact with. For example, when a firebending teacher invaded her academy, she demonstrated her ability by effortlessly bending a metal weapon around his head that was a few feet away from her.[16] She stated that as long as someone was close enough to see the metal, she could bend it. She demonstrated this by metalbending screws and bolts from a distance to unscrew the wheels of Fire Nation tanks.[17] In her later life, she came to possess abilities such as being able to control cables from her armor, and being able to put on her armor, which appears to only be put on through metalbending.[18] When Lao subsequently ordered the Rough Rhinos to escort Team Avatar off the refinery's premises, Sokka was skeptical of the intention of the others to fight all the guards, noting that they all looked like strong men. He did not hesitate to help out, though, and used his machete to take a swing at Colonel Mongke. After the firebender deflected his blow on his chest plate and tried to blast him with fire, Sokka switched tactics and ran away. He dragged Katara, who was fighting two Rough Rhinos herself, along with him, prompting the three men to chase them. By dodging the charge at the last minute, Sokka had lured the guards to run down the fence and take to fight to the riverside, where he pointed Katara to the closeness of the water, which she used to quickly encase the Rough Rhinos in ice. Sokka approached Yeh-Lu, who was holding a burning grenade, and started to taunt him, taking his time to get rid of the explosive. He failed to extinguish the wick, however, leaving him to toss the explosive away. As it detonated near the river, Sokka angrily turned to Yeh-Lu, outing his disbelief over the destructive power of the explosive and that it had been intended to be used against him. Suki is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, a group of all-female fighters established by an earthbending predecessor of Aang's (Kyoshi). Suki has no bending abilities herself, but she is a skilled.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender was an extremely popular series and one that created dozens upon dozens of fan theories. So many that we can actually make a list talking about individual characters. For example, Toph was introduced later in the series (relatively speaking), yet she had several fan theories focused on her and her alone.The crazier part is how many fan theories about her actually. By the age of forty-three, Sokka served as the Southern Water Tribe representative on the United Republic Council as well as the Council's chairman. In his function as spokesman, Sokka sentenced Yakone, with consensus from the rest of the Council, to life in prison for his crimes. In response, Yakone bloodbent him and everyone else inside the City Hall courtroom.[14]

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When the Fire Nation attacks the Western Air Temple, Toph's Earthbending proves essential in saving her friends and allies as they escape through the ruins. (" The Southern Raiders") Pages with script errors. Hercules (Disney character) Son Goku (Dragon Ball) Brian Griffin; Mickey Mous In order to save Toph and the others who were trapped in the mine, Sokka got Team Beifong to help him.While training to be a soldier for the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka became proficient in a variety of weapons, the most noticeable being his trademark boomerang, with which he has shown impressive accuracy, even from a blindspot by determining the enemy's line of fire. His arsenal also included clubs,[10] a machete,[65] spears,[10] and a meteorite iron sword,[13] though he lost this during the battle at Wulong Forest defending himself and Toph from firebenders.[57]

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Sokka is a Water Tribe warrior and the leader and tactician of Team Avatar. Although he lacks bending abilities, he still possesses a multitude of skills, and has become a valuable asset to the team. Aang found Sokka while looking for Katara. He was arguing with Katara about who should wash their clothes, to which he said he should not because he was a man, therefore, it was not his job Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved.When their ship finally arrived at the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka woke Katara from her bittersweet dream. Upon disembarking, they spotted a bunch of kids sliding down a slope on otter penguins, reminding Katara of when they first met Aang, to which Sokka claimed she thought him to be a Fire Nation spy. Soon after, they went penguin sledding themselves, only to slide right into a construction site. After conversing with a group of kids who snowballed Sokka in the face, they are accosted by a trio of construction workers who admonished the children for trespassing. The two waterbenders refused Katara's suggestion of peace and attacked but were defeated by her superior waterbending, much to Sokka's amusement. Aaaaannd.. That's it. Lin's dad is some guy named Kanto (Toph pronounced it Kahn-Toe). No more info (yet). Toph has a second daughter, Suyin Beifong, half-sister of Lin, and we still don't know who Su's father is. Toph probably had multiple husbands/lovers. Let's wait for the writers to reveal more

In the upper ring, Aang and his group are finally taken to their new house. When a possible audience with the Earth King is finally mentioned, it is revealed that they will have to wait at least a month. It soon becomes apparent that within the walls of the city, no one wants to talk or even think about the war raging in the rest of the world. Even Aang's attempts to find Appa bears no fruit as no one seems willing to divulge any information to them, thanks to some meaningful glances from Joo Dee. Along the way they also see members of the Dai Li — elite guards who safeguard Ba Sing Se's culture and society. Life History:you are Toph's older sister,you are her half sister your mother was a fire bender though your father didn't know,she later died and he remarried,you like having a new little sister, you ran away from your family for a reason you only know you left toph when she only 8 and you where only 11,you knew all along that she was a cable. Highly purified metals: Metalbending relies on bending the residue earth particles inside the metal. When the metal is highly purified, however, such as platinum, there are no or not enough particles left to bend, rendering the material impervious to the technique. Hiroshi Sato took advantage of this weakness to construct his mecha tanks out of platinum to counter any effective resistance from the Metalbending Police Force.[21] Kuvira later did the same with her enormous mecha suit.[22]

The film The Last Airbender is based on the first season of Avatar, or, as the fans know it, Book 1: Water. Toph doesn't appear in the animated series until Book 2: Earth. However, the Airbender films will be a trilogy with one film for each season of the series, so you can expect Toph in the second film The Earth King arrives at the outer wall, and is shocked to see the remains of the Fire Nation's drill leading right up to and through Ba Sing Se's outer wall. Long Feng is then arrested. After the group splits up Toph gets a letter that tells her to meet her mother. She enters an upper-ring building that she finds empty. She goes in, but only suspects trickery at the last minute, and is captured in a metal coffin. Master Yu and Xin Fu emerge from the shadows, and prepare to return Toph to the Bei Fong family so that they may retrieve their reward.

After the arrival of the Mother of Faces, he tried to prevent Azula's escape after she learned about her mother's new identity. He went after her, along with Zuko, taking a shortcut back to Noren's home. While Zuko went inside he stayed outside to defend the home. Eventually he ended up crashing through the roof of the home while battling Azula. After the battle he reunited with Katara and Aang, questioning Azula's motives for leaving the letter behind. Toph makes her first appearance in Aang's vision, although he does not recognize her. ("The Swamp") Aang recognizes her during Earth Rumble Six, realizing that she was in his vision and is perhaps the Earthbending teacher he has been searching for. Aang finds an opportunity to speak with her when the tournament host Xin Fu asks for a volunteer to challenge the champion of the tournament, but while Aang attempts to talk to Toph, she assumes he is only there to fight her and keeps attacking him. Finally, Aang overtakes her by using his airbending ability, which Toph cannot sense due to her blindness. Upset at losing, Toph leaves the arena without ever giving Aang a chance to explain who he is and why he is searching for her.Not long after she joins the group, she starts a feud with Katara. As the group sets up camp, Katara notices that Toph is slumping lazily against a rock. Katara informs her that they usually divide the work among the group, implying she would like Toph to help them set up camp. Toph tells her not to worry, as she feels she can carry her own weight, suddenly Earthbending a triangular, earthen, makeshift tent with two slabs of stone. Katara rephrases her last statement, telling her that they all have a job to do, including Momo, who then appears on her shoulder with berries. Toph refutes that she does not feel she has to help anyone else because no one needs to help her. Katara attempts once more to suggest to Toph that she help out, but all it does is further irritate her. Katara finally gives up and walks back to their campsite. Later on, Katara tries to reconcile with Toph for the previous argument, apologizing and noting that she thinks that they're all just a little tired and getting on each others' nerves. Toph, rather than sharing the blame and accepting her overture, simply agrees that she does seem a bit too tired and lays down to sleep. Katara, though clearly incensed by the insulting retort, brings herself to half-heartedly tell Toph goodnight and walks back to her own tent. Azula, a fan-favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender, is deliciously evil. Here are some of the most disturbing things about her. Princess Azula of the Fire Nation has been a favorite among fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender since her introduction. While she may not have a fanbase as large as characters like Zuko, Sokka, Toph, or. Sep 17, 2012 - First Appearance/Last Appearance -- Toph [GIF] Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times

At the palace, Toph and her friends finally reach the Earth King's throne room, where they are encountered by Long Feng and many Dai Li, who stand before the Earth King as a last defense. Aang goes on to explain the various events going on that the Earth King is unaware of: a war outside Ba Sing Se's walls, Long Feng and the Dai Li's conspiracy, the imprisonment of Appa, and the brainwashing of Jet and countless other individuals. They decide to show the Earth King the outer wall, which was earlier penetrated by the Fire Nation's drill, but the King has had enough, and decides to return to the palace. Sokka quickly convinces him to continue the investigation, however, by letting him ride on Appa.Sometime later, Sokka and Suki visited Seashell San's House of Shells in a Fire Nation marketplace, telling Suki that he had wanted to collect seashells since he was a little boy. He compared the sounds in the shells to a "teeny-tiny" Aang airbending and asked San how much they were worth. Being told they were worth fifteen ban for one but at a special of two for thirty, he grew excited, but quickly realized what the vendor was doing and grew annoyed. Suki called the warrior a goof, but he asked if she meant "handsome warrior with formidable biceps". After a girl, Giya, entered the store and San discouraged her from buying shells because she appeared to be a fake collector, Suki confronted him and his assistant, Jojan. Sokka tried to warn the men to not put their hands on her, unfazed by the vendor's order for the couple to leave. As Suki began taking down the men, Sokka asked if she needed help; he was told sweetly she did not though was thanked for the offer and kissed on the cheek. After the men were defeated, the couple left, with Sokka warning them their shells had been set on fire by San's firebending because of the lacquer that was on them. Toph later bent the rudder of an airship, causing it to spiral and collide with the other ships. When doing so, she took noticeably more time and concentration than if she had been required to do so with orthodox forms of earthbending.[15] Hawky was Sokka's pet messenger hawk. Although Sokka referred to him as a lazy bird, there was no evidence of that being so, as he delivered all messages requested of him in a decent radius without any training. Hawky had something of a short-lived rivalry with Momo, as the two frequently got into fights. Though a new addition to the group, he seemed loyal to Sokka and apparently understood. Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Rift Part 1 (Avatar - The Last Airbender) The cover doesn't include him and the first dialogue is pretty much saying that he is not going to make an appearance. Even though I'm a major Zuko fan, I understand considering The Search focused on him and his relationships. But, that doesn't mean it can't still be.

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Her name is Toph Beifong, a blind, 12 year old girl who is tougher than she looks. When they meet, Toph is at first reluctant, because her parents don't know how good of a bender she is. After her parents discover her secret life, she decides that she wants to join the Avatar gang to help him master earthbending As of the episode " The Guru", Toph is the first and only known character with the ability to bend metal. Metal is derived from ore, which is found in the earth. In the episode, while Toph is seen concentrating in her iron prison, Guru Pathik explains to Aang in a parallel scene that "Metal is just a part of Earth that has been purified and refined." Because of Toph's ability to feel the vibrations in earth, she is able to locate the impurities (the small fragments of earth) in metal and manipulate them to "bend" the metal portion. As of the end of Book Two, Toph is the only known Earthbender with the ability to bend metal. View all (256) images Appears in 43 episodes View all Avatar: The Last Airbender 34 appearances Penga was one of the first students of the Beifong Metalbending Academy and the second female metalbender in history. Born into a wealthy noble family in Yu Dao, she became very spoiled. Penga found joy in buying shoes and frequently ordered her servants to take her to the marketplace. During a shopping trip in 101 AG, Penga had a large tantrum and inadvertently moved Toph's bracelet ever so. Avatar Aang (Chinese: 安昂; pinyin: Ān'áng) (voiced by Mitchel Musso in the unaired pilot, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen in Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by D. B. Sweeney in The Legend of Korra, and portrayed by Noah Ringer in The Last Airbender) is the protagonist of the original series and the current Avatar, a cyclically reincarnating being who maintains world balance

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By the time she, Sokka, and Suki set out to destroy Phoenix King Ozai's airship fleet, she controlled her metalbending more fluidly. She could easily tear a metal door off its hinges to fabricate herself a suit of armor and was able to manipulate the metal plating in the command bay of the airship from a short distance to pin her opponents against the walls. Toph was also able to metalbend the ship's floor upward to block a comet-charged fire blast just as a traditional earthbender would block attacks using a rock barrier. Her fine control over the art also allowed her to climb upside down along the metal ceiling of the airship while in her metal armor.[8] Training himself from a young age to be a warrior capable of defending his village, Sokka was always reasonably adept in a physical fight though initially unrefined and preferring to use weapons. After being humiliated by Suki in front of the Kyoshi Warriors, he humbled himself and requested to be trained by her. In a reasonably short period of time, Sokka improved enough to be able to physically defend himself from Suki and knock her on the ground in a friendly sparring session.[46] He continued to improve his skills to the point where he proved competent enough to dodge Ty Lee's attacks[62] and best Vachir in close combat, despite the latter's claims of being formally trained.[27] After the war Sokka was also seen joining Suki's group sessions in the art of Chi Blocking, although he never was shown using the skill in actual combat, at a later point sarcastically quipping he was a "ranged chi blocker" before using his boomerang. Within the series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, Toph is only shown as being a teenager and an old woman.The comics are the only place you can find Toph during her prime years. In this fan art created by dandonfuga on DeviantArt, Toph is easily in her early twenties and is looking more stunning than ever

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